Friday, November 11, 2011

Lieutenant Colonel Richard G. Ward's Dog Tag.

I usually find my projects by key words like House, Horse, Child and so on.  I never thought of ( Dog Tags ), until a Mr. Chris Knoblauch sent me a picture of one of his.  Now I've been doing this for many years and read thousands of documents and not once did I read anything about Dog Tags.  So I decided to see what I could find on them.  I was surprised too find so many web sites on the subject.  I knew the army started issuing them a little before WWI., and that's about all I knew about them.  But I should have known better.  The soldier was always afraid of not being identified after being wounded or killed.  I should have known with our American ingenuity a soldier would come with sometnig to speak for him when he could no longer do so for himself.

1st, Kansas Colored Infantry--New organization--79th., United States Colored Infantry.

Richard G. Ward
Sept. 22, 1834--Dec. 31, 1906.

First Kansas Colored Infantry Co. A.

Captain, Ward Richard G., residence Richmond, Ind., Enlisted Jan. 13, 1863. Promted Marjor May 2, 1863.

Provided by Chris Knoblauch.

Field & Staff.

Lt. Colonel, Ward Richard G., residence Richmond, Ind., Mustered in April 22, 1865. Mustered out with regiment Oct. 1, 1865.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Indian Names From Oklahoma.

This page is to give you a little lead into your family.  This information was taken from the ( Land Deeds ), of Oklahomia.  These names are not in order.  I know some of you are thinking what is so important about land deeds.  Well one can learn a lot from these deeds like their former husband name and their true Indian name and in some cases some of the heirs.  Like I said this page is to give you a little lead.  Here you will find a name or names, State which of couse is Ok., a time line and county and some times more. 

Note. There will be no land information.

1. Clara Bohannon, Pottawatomie, formerly Clara E. Birdie Bernard, Issued date 1910.

2. Caw-Coush, Gun, Cheyenne and Arapaho, Iussed date 1892.

3. Mush-ah-Du-Nee, Bettie Gun.

4. Buffalo Road & Red Hair, Cheyenne and Arapaho

5. Ida Blue Jacket, Eastern Shawnee, Ottawa Conuty.

The following surname is Buffalo, there are three pages of records on them, to many to put here.  But I have given a few from the first page.  If you think you had a Buffalo ancestor in Ok., you can request a look up.

6. Lizzie Delodge L. S. Buffalo, Issued date 1926, Noble County.

7. Cathrine Buffalo, formerly Cathrine Mc Henry, Issued date 1911, Beaver County.

8. Cedric L. S. Buffalo, Ponca reservation, Issued date 1923, Noble County.

9. Eliza J. Buffalo, Pawnee, Issued date 1893, Pawnee County.

10. Bob Tail-Wolf, Issued date 1926, Blaine County.

11. James Carter or Shoey-To-Ty, Wichita, Issued date 123, Caddo County.

12. Joseph Carter or Shoey-Pe-Cho-Quah, Sac or Fox indian, Issued date 1916, Payne County.

13. Fast Runner Carter or Ti-Yone-Ah, Caddo tribe, Issued date 1965, Caddo County.

14. Corman P. Carter or An-Nus-Sa, Issued date 1917, Caddo County.

15. Pox-Nose, Issued date 1930, Blaine County.

16. Twin-Woman, Issued date 1929, Custer County.

17. One Man, Issued date 1919, Blaine County.

18. Flying Woman ( Wolf Trunk ). Issued date 1921, Blaine County.

19. Richard Yellow Berry, Issued date 1928, Noble County.

20. William G. Foster or Ah-Pe-Tock, Sac or Fox indian, Issued date 1916, Lincoln County.

21. Pearl Frazier formerly Pearl Shook, Roy Shook and Iva Jane Shook, Orphan children of Matilda Shook, Issued date 1911, Pawnee County.

22. Edward Fox or Mah-Than-Pea-Se-Ca and Bertha Fox or SE-Co-Nah-Pea-Ca, Issued date 1922, Pottawatomie County.

23. Katie Good Fox, heir of Nora Hawk Chief, Pawnee Sioux Indian, Issued date 1921, Pawnee County.

24. Cora Rushing Fox, Pawnee Indian, Issued date 1727, Pawnee County.

25. Hinda Green or Waw-Tog-Ra-Me, Otoe reservation, Issued date 1900, Noble County.

26. James White Horse, Issued date 1943, Cotton County.

27. Albert Horse or Ho-Koy, Issued date 1924, Caddo County.

28. Monroe Horse or Tsa-To-Ke, Kiowa, Issued date 1908, Cotton County.

29. Clyde Bear Robe, Issued date 1826, Canadian County.

30. Bever Skin, Issued date 1926, Blaine County.

31. Sitting Woman, Issued date 1923, Canadian County.

32. Sampson Kelly heir to Mrs. Wolf Feathers, Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indian, Canadian County.

33. Sampson Kelly heir to Flying Woman, Issued date 1922, Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indian, Canadian County.
34. Sampson Kelly heir to White Woman Issued date 1915, Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indian, Canadian County.
35. Leonard Big White Wolfe, Ponca Indian, Issued date 1926, Noble County.

36. Willie Left Hand, Wichita reservation, Issued date 1938, Caddo County.

37. Philp Lee or Aw-Saw-We-Kol-Ah, Sac and Fox Indian, Issued date 1908, Pottawatomie County.

38. Coming On Horseback, Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indian, Issued 1931, Blaine County.

39. Lucy B. Lightfoot formerly Lucy B. Dutton, Issued date 1910, Woodward County.

40. Lone Bear, Issued date 1920, Blaine County.

41. Standing Against Wind, Issued date 1920, Blaine County.

42. Maud Moses formerly Maud New Rider, heir to Benjamin Marshall a Pawnee Indian, Issued date 1917, Payne County.

43.  Edith Buttler formerly Edith Mason ( She-Sho-No-Quah ), A Sac and Fox Indian, Issued date 1916, Payne County.

44. Frank Mason or He-She-Ta, Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indian, Issued date 1892, Canadian County.

45. James Mason a Pawnee Indian Issued date 137, Pawnee County.

46. James Little Sun, Issued date, 1937, Pawnee County.

47. Lida Walking Sun, Issued date 1918, Payne County.

48. Stella Nelson formerly Stella Haley, heir of Kate May Poaroe, a citizen Pottawatomie Indian, Issued date 1921, Cleveland county.

49. Hoarse Voice, Issued date 1921, Kingfisher County.

50. Man Riding on Cloud, Issued date 1916, Blaine County.

51. Annie Perry Tohee formerly Annie Perry, heir of Townsend and Indian of the Iowa reservation, Issued date 1918, Payne County.

52. Crook Nose ( Bertha Happy ), Issued date 1925, Roger Mills County.

53. Anna Sampson or Kin-Wah-Pe-A-Se, Shawnee tribe, Issued date 1892, Pottawaomie County.

54. Crooked Woman Hoffman, Issued date 1917, Dewey County.

55. Lump Nose, Issued date 1921, Canadian County.

56. Glennie Walker or Mesh-Go-Ah, Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indian, Issued date 1892, Kingfisher County.

57. Ida Walker formerly Ida White Bear or Wa-Co-Ok, a Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indian, Issued date 1909, Canadian County.

58. Annie Julia Mow-Wat, Issued date 1926, Tillman County.

59. Fan Man ( Russell Tall Bull ), Issued date 1936, Dewey County.

60. James Waters heir of Edgar White Mule, Issued date 1959, Noble County.

61. Violet Waters formerly Violet Wild Bird, a Otoe and Missouria Indian, Issued date 1923, Noble County.

62. Fannie Black Eagle, Issued date 1957, Pawnee County.

63. Frank Bear Chief, Pawnee Indian Issued date 1918, Pawnee.

64. Lucy Gilmore formerly Lucy West, heir of Anna Bear Chief a Pawnee Indian, Issued date 1920, Pawnee County.

65. Mary Young or Ken-Wen-Keuh-So, a Seneca Indian, Issued date 1892, Ottawa County.

66. Fannie Black Eagle, a Pawnee Indian, Issued date 1924, Pawnee County.