Saturday, September 26, 2015

Albert G. Barney.

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Albert G Barney.

Birth: Unknown.
Death: Jul. 29, 1864.

Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Battle Creek, Calhoun County, Michigan.

Michigan Twentieth infantry, Co. C. 

Albert G. Barney, Bedford. Enlisted in company C, Twentieth Infantry, as Sergeant, Aug. 9, 1862, at Battle Creek, for 3 years, age 18. Mustered Aug. 16, 1862. First Sergeant Feb. 24, 1863. Sergeant Major May 1, 1863. Acting Lieutenant from Dec., 1863, to May, 1864.  Commissioned First Lieutenant, company C, May 12, 1864. Died  July 29, 1864, at Battle Creek, Mich., of wounds received in action  June 2, 1864.

Calhoun County History, Michigan.

Albert G. Barney, of Bedford, sergeant major, at the organization was commissioner first lieutenant May 12, .1864. He received a wound in the engagement at Bethesda Church, Virginia, June 2, 1864, from which he died at home the 29th of the following month.

Author.  I Believe he was born in 1844 an his parents were Milton and Nancy Barney.  I read many Calhoun county histories and although there were many Barney's in them little was said about their wife's or children.  Be cause of this I couldn't make a connection.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Alfred U or V. Bannard, Illinois.

Alfred U. or V. Bannard, was born about 1832 England, his wife Anna was born about 1840, Scotland.  Its not known when they came to America.  They had three  daughters; Edith U., Susana A., and Maggie Bannard.

They lived in Champaign County, Illinois, in the town of Champaign. When they came is not known, but they lived there at lest from 1878- 1880, after that I couldn't find any records.  While in Champain Mr. Bannard was in the business of Wholesale and Retail Grocer.

His business was on the north west corner of Church and Neil.  They lived on the south west corner of University and Prairie.  What they did after leaving Champaign is not known.  But in 1910, they were living in Oregon.  Their daughter Edith U. Bannard is buried there.  I couldn't find any other family burials.

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Lake Captains of Cleveland Ohio.

Some of your families may have story's that one of your ancestors was a captain, but your not sure where it was.  All these Captain's sailed on lake Erie.  I don't have any information on these names.  However you have the State, city and about where he was sailing and a time line.  


G. Knight.
James H. Pellett.


William Case.
Alfred Davis.
Charles Deott.
Thomas Dowling.
Ezra Honeywell.
M. C. Malcom
Joseph Moffit.
Smith Moore.
Julius Morgan.
J. H. Pellett.
J. V. Thomas.
C. B. Tower.
George H. Tower.
William H. Weaver.
James Whitworth.


John Becker.
John Brown.
John Kirby.


Joseph Colwell.
Stephen Lampoh.
Joseph Mallory.
John D. Mullen.
Joseph D. Taylor.


David Becker.
William McNally.
Lyman B. Waterbury or Waterburg.


George Bessant.
William Cumming.
Robert Harrington.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Luke Cunningham, Indiana.

Luke Cunningham.

Birth: 1860, Paterson, Passaic County, New Jersey.
Death: May 22, 1905. La Porte County, Indiana.

Parents: Michael & Nancy Cunningham

Wife: Rosetta (Rose) Cunningham.

Married 1887.

Children: Maggie M., Aleneda, Earl Cunningham.

Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Michigan City, La Porte County, Indiana.

In 1893-4, he was working as a Dock Wolloper which was a casual laborer on docks or wharves..

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Indiana North State Prison.

This will not be a history of the prison. There is all kinds of information easily found on the internet.  But what is not easily found is the workers of the prison.  On this post you will find a list of the workers.

Indiana North State Prison.
Maryland City, La Porte, County, Indiana.
James W. French, Prison Warden
Birth: Unknown.
Death: Unknown.
Wife: Mary S. Stewart, (1858- 1895.)
Children: Louis, Mary French.
Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Michigan City, La Porte County, Indiana.
Thomas E. Donnelly, Prison Deputy, Warden.
Patrick W. Driscall, Prison Clark.
Robert H. Calvert, Prison Physician.
W. H. Xander, Prison Chaplain.
Luke M. Flemming,  Prison Steward.
Uriah M. Ballinger, Prison Guard.
William E. Drumb, Prison Guard.
William Fowler, Prison Guard.
Alexander W. French, Prison Guard.
Benjamin Hough, Prison Guard.
George W. Kirby, Prison Guard.
John McCrary, Prison Guard.
Andrew Magovern, Prison Foreman.
John Minnimen, Prison Guard.
George Patterson, Prison Guard.
William Schoenemann, Prison Guard.
Benjamin Spencer, Prison Worker.
William H. Storm, Prison, Prison Guard.