Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sergeant Erskine Carson, Co. I., 73rd., Ohio Infantry.

Ohio State Records.
Erskine Carson, Commissary Sergeant, age 23, Enlisted November 7, 1861, for 3, years.  Promoted from Sergeant Co. I., August 5, 1862.  Discharged October 29, 1862, for wounds received August 30, 1862, in battle of Second Bull Run, Virginia.
The wounding of Erskine Carson, I found very interesting in that he tells how he was wounded in battle and what happened to him will in the hospital.  I would liked to have copied the information but I was unable to do so, so I copied the pages from the files of the Surgeon General Office.
Erskine Carson case number is 651.  Those who would like to copy this information for their records may do so without asking. Push picture to enlarge.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Andrew Y. Austin, 23rd., Ohio Infantry.

Ohio State Records.

Andrew Y. Austin, Captain, Co. F., 23rd., Ohio Infantry.  Enlisted August, 1861, Age 23, for three years.  Promoted from 1st., Lieutenant Co. A., July 1, 1864.  Died September 8, 1864, of wounds received September 3, 1864, in battle of Berryville, Virginia.

Files from Surgeon General.

Andrew Y. Austin, Captain, 23rd., Ohio Infantry, Co. F.,  Date of injury; September 3, 1864.  Nature of injury; Shot fracture of the neck of the right humerus.  Date of operation; September 4, 1864.  Operation; Amputation of arm at shoulder joint.  Result; Died September 5, 1864.

Wounded Pennsylvania Soldiers.

This information was put together from the files of the Surgeon General Office.

1. Joseph S. Deyolia, 76th., Pennsylvania Infantry, Co. A., Private, Age 32, Mustered in August 27, 1861.  Wounded at Drury's Bluff, May 16, 1864.  Wounded in left thigh and knee, died June 1, 1864, of Gangrene.  Buried at Point Lookout, Maryland.

2. Abraham Kending, Private, 97th., Pennsylvania Infantry, Co. B., Mustered in March 15, 1864.  Wounded at Bermuda Hundred, May 18, 1864, Age  31.  Wounded in right left thigh, died of exhaustion, June 4, 1864.

3. John Merkel, Private, Co. A., 4th., Pennsylvania Cavalry, Age 30, thrown from his horse in September of 1862, falling onto a tree stump.  Discharged from service February 7, 1863.

4. William Blair, Corporal, Co. F., 63rd., Pennsylvania Infantry, Mustered in August 1, 1861, Age 26, Flesh wound by a conoidal ball, at Spottsylvania, May 12, 1864, wound became infected and died June 30, 1864.

5. Richard B. Seybert, Private, Co. H., 11th., Pennsylvania Infantry.  Wounded at Second Bull Run, August 30, 1862.  Had converted his tin cup into a pail, by putting a hoop of sixteenth of an inch iron wire to it and slinging it to the right side of his belt.  A conoidal musket ball struck the wire, twisting it and entered the abdominal walls.  He was returned to duty January , 1863.  His age was 26, years.  Pension was last paid March 2, 1872.

6. Warr'n D. Wikel, Private, Mustered in February 4, 1864, Co. D., 20th., Pennsylvania Cavalry, Age 18, wounded in left side of the abdomen, at Piedmont, June 5, 1864.  He was left on the field.  On September 1, 1864, he was paroled and placed on the flag of trpce steamer New York, and taken to Annapolis.  On October 14, 1864, at Mower Hospital, Philadelphia, he was discharged from the service.  On February 26, 11870, he was asking for a increase in his pension, in April 1873, the pension was still unadudicated..

7. Robert Johnson, private, mustered I August 16, 1862, Co. B., 138th., Pennsylvania Infantry, age 20.  Wounded at Mine Run, November 27, 1863.  A conoidal ball entered one inch to the right of the xiphoid appendage, passed downward and forward and lodged at the anterior third of the ninth rib.  Died December 20, 1963.

8. Matthew G. Allegar or Alleger, Corporal, mustered in August 31, 1863, age 23, at being wounded at Gettysburg, July 1, 1863.  Wound minie ball entered the abdomen and passing through the liver and gallbladder.  Died August 6, 1863.

9. John Green, private, mustered in August 16, 1862, Co. H., 148th., Pennsylvania Infantry.  Wounded at Gettysburg July 2, 1863.  Wound ball entered and fracturing the eight rib, ending one inch in the liver.  Died August 15, 1863.

10. Peter Fallenstein, Sergeant, muster in August 21, 1861, Co. F., 96th., Pennsylvania Infantry.  Age 28, at the time of being wounded at Winchester, September 19, 1864.  Wound ball through the liver.  He was returned to duty January 26, and mustered out of service June 29, 1865.  Pension last paid September 4, 1872..

11. Joseph S. Fry, Corporal, mustered in February 23, 1864, Co. B. & K., 14th., Pennsylvania Cavalry.  Wounded at Milwood, December 17, 1864, by a conoidal ball, entered to the right of the spine, wounding the lung and liver.  On May 31, 1865, he was discharged from the service.  Pension was paid to March 4, 1873.

12.  George P. Deichler, Lieutenant, mustered in August 29, 1861, Co. I., 69th., Pennsylvania Infantry, being 22 years at the time of being wounded by a conoidal musket ball at Hatcher's Run, Virginia, March 25, 1865, ball passing through the colon.

13. Jeremiah Labar, private, mustered in July 6, 1861, Co. E., 28th., Pennsylvania Infantry, was accidentally wounded by a falling comrade at Leesburg, March 12, 1862.  "Gunshot wound of the right side, ball passing through the liver".  Discharged from the service September 29, 1862, and pensioned.  In June 1866, pension was increased from eight to twenty dollars per month.  Died June 12, 1867.

14. Philip Hill, private, mustered in August 17, 1861, Co. C., 46th., Pennsylvania Infantry.  Wounded at Cedar Mountain, August 9, 1862.  Ball entered the right natis and passed into the abdominal cavity.  Discharged from the service November 14, 1862, name is not on the pension list.

15. Warren Post, private, Co. G., 84th., Pennsylvania Infantry, age 18, at the time of being wounded.  Received a wound of the abdomen at Port Republie, June 9, 1862.  Discharged from service November 20, 1862, not a pensioner.

16. Charles Upjohn, Sergeant, mustered in September 11, 1862, Co. E., 191st., Pennsylvania Infantry.  Age 21, at the time of being wounded at Laurel Hill, Spottsyvania, May 12, 1864.  "Shot wound of the right thigh and scrotum".  Returned to duty April 14, 1865.  Discharged from service May 30, 1865, and pensioned.  Died July 3, 1873.

17. George M. Oberly, private, mustered in August 11, 1862, Co. D., 129th., Pennsylvania Infantry.  Wounded at Chancelloasville, May 3, 1863.  "Gunshot wound of the pelvis".   Returned to duty June 3, 1863.  Pension paid June 4, 1873.

18.  J. Williams, private, Co. A., 6th., Pennsylvania Cavalry, age 26, while in a state of intoxication resisted arrest and attempted to use violence, and one man of the provost guard stabbed him with his sword, in the upper left arm.  On October 16, 1862, he was ordered to report to duty.

19. Philip Smith, Sergeant, mustered in 1861, Co. E., 84th., Pennsylvania Infantry, 33 years at the time of being wounded, at South Side Railroad, September 30, 1864.  "Gunshot flesh wound of the right arm."  Died of exhaustion, November 22, 1864.

20. Walter Sobbee, private, mustered in September 4, 1861, Co. G., 61st., Pennsylvania Infantry, age 29, at the time of being wounded near Fort Stevens, July 12, 1864.  "Shot flesh wound of the right arm, by a minie ball."  Discharged from service November 10, 1864.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Timothy E. Gay, 9th., Ohio, Cavalry.

Ohio State Records.

Timothy E. Gay, Private, Age 18, Enlisted in the 9th., Ohio, Cavalry Co. H., August 21, 1863, for three years.  Wounded at Floreoce, Ala., discharged November 25, 1865, at camp Dennison, Ohio, on Surgeon's Certificate of disability.

Files of the Surgeon General.

Timothy E. Gay, Co. H., 9th., Ohio Cavalry, Age 19, was shot in the left thigh while on guard duty, at Cypress Creek, April 22, 1864.  "Wound was the result of an accident".  The missile a carbine ball, entering the knee joint.  The upper third of the femur was amputated.  He was furnished with an artificial limb seven months after the injury, by the firm of Douglas Bly.  On November 17, 1864, he was discharge from the service and pensioned.  His pension was paid on September 4, 1879.

Charles Crandall, 2nd., N. Y. H. Artillery..

New York State Records.

CRANDALL, CHARLES.—Age, 18 years., Enlisted, December 29,1863, at Herkimer; mustered in as private, Co. K, January 7, 1864, to serve three years; discharged, December 12, 1864, at Carver General Hospital, Washington, D. C, of wounds received in action, May 19,1864, at Spottsylvania, Va.

Files of the Surgeon General.

Charles Crandall, Private, Co. K., 2nd., New York Artillery, Age 18 years, was wounded in the left foot, at Spottsylvania, May 18, 1864 and entered Carver Hospital at Washington six days afterwards.  "Wound was caused by a musket ball".  On May 29, 1864, a partial amputation of the foot.  September 30, 1864, the wound was entirely healed, but was still unable to stand on it.  He was discharged from the service December 12, 1864, and pensioned.  He died May 12, 1867.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Alexander Rutter, 100th., Pennsylvania Infantry.

Alexander Rutter, was mustered in the 100t., Pennsylvania infantry, Co. C., as a private, February 29, 1864, for three years.  Wounded at Bethesda Church, June 2, 1864, Age 20.  "A shot fracture of the right leg by a minie ball.  The leg was amputated and later he was transferred to Judiciary Square Hospital, where he was furnished with a artificial limb, by the Jewett's Patent Leg Company.  He was discharged from the service May 4, 1865, and pensioned.  His pension was paid June 4, 1880.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Daniel S. Crawford, 47th., Pennsylvania Infantry.

Daniel S. Crawford.

Birth: May 24, 1844, Mount Bethel, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.
Death: Feb. 16, 1881, West Point, Cuming County, Nebraska.

Wife: Emmeline Wolfe Crawford (1846 - 1935).

Children: Mary Crawford (1872 - 1974), Newton W. Crawford (1873 - 1948).

Burial: Mount Hope Cemetery, West Point, Cuming County, Nebraska.

Files of the Surgeon General.

Daniel S. Crawford, Enlisted July 1, 1864, mustered in the same, as a private, Co. A. 47th., Pennsylvania infantry, age 20.  Was wounded at Cesar Creek, October 19, 1864.  He had received a shot of the right leg of the lower third which a amputation was performed.  He was sent to Jarvis Hospital where he was discharged from the service May 31, 1865.  He was afterwards supplied with a "Palmer", artificial leg.  His pension was paid June 4, 1880.