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Navy Ships At Foreign Stations

If you had an ancestor in the navy and needed to know what foreign station he was at then this may be the page for you. The men on this list are officers only, but if your ancestor was not you can still find out by knowing the name of the ship and it’s captain, the year is 1834.

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List of vessels attach to the several foreign stations and the officers to each vessels.

Note. There will be added information on most of these names just ask.


Ship-of-the-line Delaware:

Captain, Henry E. Ballard.

Lieutenants, Thomas W. Wyman, Franklin Buchanan, George A. Magruder, Thomas O. Selfridge, A. E. Downes, Sidney Smith Lee, Andrew H. Foot, Junius J. Boyle.

Surgeon, Stephen Rapalje.

Assistant surgeons, John O. Spencer, Lewis Wolfley, N. O. Barrabiuo.

Purser, Francis A. Thornton.

Chaplain, Charles Samuel Stewart.

Sailingmaster, Frederick W. Moores.

Secondmaster, Robert B. Hitchcock.

Passedmidshipmen, Timothy A. Hunt, James S. Palmer, John P. Gillis, Samuel T. Gillet, William A. Wurts, Oliver S. Glisson, James T. McDonough.

Midshipmen, James F. Armstrong, Richard Bache, jr., Wm. B. Beverley, Henry L. Chipman, John Contee, Henry Eld, James M. Frailey, A F. V. Gray, William H.
B. Johnson, D. Lynch, Wm. E. Le Roy, Thomas W. Magruder, Peter U Murphy, Richard D. McDonald, Jno. S. Neville, Matthew S. Pitcher, Ferdinand Pepin, Charles Richardson, John B. Randolph, Richard Wainwright, Maxwell Woodhull, Wm. A. Wayne, S. A. Washington.

Boatswain, Thomas Ring.

Gunner, Asa Curtis.

Sailmaker, James Davis.

Marine officers:

Captain, John Harris.

Lieutenants, William E. Stark, T. M. W. Young.

Frigate United States:

Captain, John B. Nicholson.

Lieutenants, William E. McKenny, Jno. S. Chauncey, Edmund Byrne.

Fleet surgeon, William Turk.

Assistant surgeons, John V. Smith, Robert M. Baltzer.

Purser, John N. Todd.

Chaplain, George Jones.

Acting master, Passed Midshipman, Thos. Turner.

Passed midshipman, Simon B. Bissell.

Midshipmen Joseph H. Adams, Charles A. Auze, Nathaniel G. Bay, Francis E. Barry, George Colvocoressis, Thomas W. Cumming, James L. Heap, Richard L. Love, Allen McLane, David D. Porte, Wm. B. Renshaw, Woodhull S. Schneck, Richard Tillotson.

Boatswain, George Blanchard.

Gunner, Samuel G. City.

Carpenter, Patrick Dee.

Sailmaker, Jno. Beggs.

Marine officers:

Lieutenants, Benjamin Macomber, Francis C. Hall, William Lang.

Frigate Constellation:

Captain, George C. Read.

Lieutenants, John Rudd, David R. Stewart, A. K. Long, Neil M. Howison.

Surgeon, Mordecai Morgan.

Assistant surgeons, John C. Mercer, Samuel C. Lawrason.

Purser, Josiah Colston.

Chaplain, Walter Colton.

Passed midshipmen, Geo. M. Hooe, acting master; H. G. Myers.

Midshipmen, Thomas A. Budd, William L. Herndon, Henry H. Lewis, J. R. M. Mullany, Wm. Ross Postell, Fabius Stanley, Richard S. Trapier, George Wickham, James C. Williamson.

Boatswain, William Brown.

Gunner, Henry Keeling.

Sailmaker, Benjamin Crow.

Sloop John Adams:

Master commandant, P. F. Voorhees.

Lieutenants, Thomas Pettigru, Edmund Byrne, Charles H. McBlair, Neil M. Howison.

Surgeon, G. R. B. Horner.

Assistant surgeon, J. Vaughan Smith.

Purser, Edward T. Dunn.

Acting sailingmaster Passed Midshipman, James F. Schenck.

Midshipmen, Franklin Anderson, Nathaniel G. Bay, Clarence Watkins, Francis E. Barry, Wm. G. Ringgold, James H North, Robert H. Pegram, F. V. Delberghe, Wm. L. Herndon, James Anderson.

Boatswain, William Waters.

Acting gunner, David Taggert.

Acting carpenter, Daniel Baine.

Acting sail maker, Maddison Wheeden.

The following were recently ordered to report for duty in the squadron:

Lieutenants, Lloyd B. Newell, John T. Jenkins, John A. Davis.

By recent changes it is not known to what vessel’s the following are attached.

Midshipmen, Carlisle P. Patterson, E. T. Shubrick, Richard L. Tilghman, J. A. Underwood, John W. D. Ford, Edmund C. Kennedy, Richard M. Harvey, John O. Wilson, Win. S. Williamson, John. A. Jarvis.

Schooner Shark:

Lieutenant commanding, H. Paulding.

Lieutenants, William G. Woolsey, Charles H. Jackson, James T. Homans, John G. Rodgers.

Assistant surgeon, Edward H. Freeland.

Purser, Andrew Mc D. Jackson.

Passed midshipmen, John J. Glasson, acting master; A. Griffith, Wm. W. Bleecker, James R. Sully, Ferdinand Piper.

Midshipman, James Riddle.


Sloop Vandalia.

Master commandant, Thomas T. Webb.

Lieutenants, Thos. J. Manning, Z. F. Johnson, John Graham, Charles C. Turner, Gurden C. Ashton, A. B. Fairfax.

Fleet surgeon, John A. Kearney.

Assistant surgeon, Lewis W Minor.

Purser, Dudley Walker.

Passed midshipmen, J. K. Mitchell, acting master; T. M. Washington, Stephen C. Rowan.

Midshipmen, John O. Anthony, Charles C. Barton, Thomas W. Gibson, A. A. Holcomb, George W. Harrison, James D. Johnston, Edmund Lanier, James McCormick, Lafayette Maynard, Hendrick Norvell, George W. Randolph, James W. E. Reid, George J. W. Thayer, Jno. J. B. Walbach.

Acting boatswain, George Wilmouth.

Acting gunner, John Hay.

Acting carpenter, Joseph Cox.

Sailmaker, William Bennett.

Marine officer:

Lieutenant, Andrew Ross.

Stoop St. Louis:

Master commandant, Thomas M. Newell.

Lieutenants, William S. Harris, Wm. C. Wetmore, Samuel Mercer, Richard H. Morris.

Surgeon, John S. Wily.

Assistant surgeon ,Euclid Borland.

Purser, Francis G. McCau1ey.

Passed midshipman, John W. Cox, acting master.

Midshipmen T. A. M. Craven, Jas. A. Doyle, Jesse B. Duncan, Charles W. Elliott, Sam’l Garrison, Montgomery Hunt, jr., Ninean E. Lane, Thomas W. Melvill, Thomas M. Mix, John N. Maffit, Richard W. Meade, Wm. E. Newton, Frederick Oakes, J, W. Revere, Wm. W. Smith, Edward C. Ward.

Boatswain, John Ferris.

Gunner, Francis Gardner.

Carpenter, Richard D. Berry.

Sailmaker, Thomas J. Boyce.

Schooner Grampus.

Lieutenant commanding, Joseph Smoot.

Lieutenant, Arthur Lewis.

Assistant surgeon, D. C. Mcleod.

Purser, Sterrett Ramsay.

Passed midshipmen, E. T. Doughty, acting master; Sam’l Swartwout, John M. Gardner, A. H. Kilty.

Midshipmen, Geo. W. Chapman, Roger Perry, Wm. L. Parkinson, Charles Steedman, Henry S. Stellwagen.

Schooner Experiment:

Lieutenant commanding, Thomas Paine.

Lieutenants, Hampton Westcott, Stephen Johnston, Augustus R. Strong.

Assistant surgeon, Geo. B. McKnight.

Purser, Peyton A. Southall.

Passed midshipmen, J. W. Jarvis, acting master; Wm. Lambert.

Midshipmen, Win. Leigh, Francis B. Renshaw.


Sloop Lexington:

Master commandant, Isaac McKeever.

Lieutenants, Joseph Myers, Jno. Bubier, John H. Little, Thompson P. Shaw.

Surgeon, Robert J. Dodd.

Assistant surgeon William L. Van Horn.

Purser, Andrew J. Watson.

Passed midshipman, G. G. Williamson, acting master.

Midshipmen, Edwin J. De Haven, Baldwin M Hunter, Richard H. Lowndes, William Pope, B. F. Shattuck, Samuel A. Turner.

Acting gunner, James M. Cooper.

This is information was provided by Edward Sinker.

My g-g-g-grandfather is James Morgan Cooper born 7 Jul 1799 in New Jersey. He died 24 June 1868 in New Jersey. His service records from the Navy Department, in a letter dated 15 July 1869 is as follows:

20 June 1837 appointed a Gunner in the Navy & appointed to the Porpoise 18 May 1838 detached & 3mo leave and then to the Navy Yard, New York 24 Mar 1840 detached & to the Preble 22 Oct 1841 detached & leave 26 Jan 1842 to the Missouri 4 June 1842 detached & leave 31 Aug 1842 to Navy Yard, New York 25 Aug 1843 detached & to the Savannah 10 Sep 1847 detached & leave 28 Jan 1848 to Magazine, Ellis Island, N.Y. 24 Sep 1851 detached & to the St. Lawrence 23 May 1854 detached by medical survey & leave 31 Oct 1854 to Magazine, Ellis Island 20 July 1858 detached & wait orders 28 July 1858 to the Sabine 12 Aug 1859 detached sick & wait orders 26 Jan 1860 to Navy Yard, Pensacola 17 Jan 1861 detached wait orders 19 Sep 1862 to Receiving Ship New York 23 May 1864 detached sick 24 June 1868 died

Also note; His brother was Commodore Benjamin Cooper 1793 - 1850 and their father was Commander James B. Cooper 1761 - 1854.

Acting carpenter, N. S. Lee.

Acting sail maker, William Ward.

Sloop Peacock:

Master commandant, David Geisinger.

Lieutenants, R. B. Cunningham, H. Y. Purviauce.

Surgeon Benajah Ticknor.

Purser F. B. Stockton.

Passed midshipmen Arthur Sinclair, acting lieutenant; Thomas W. Brent, acting lieutenant.

Midshipmen Wm. H. Brown, acting master; George R. Carroll, D. Ross Crawford, Jno. De Camp, Jno. Mooney, Lewis H. Roumfort, Charles Thomas, Henry T. Wingate, John B. Weed, A. H. Wells.

Acting boatswain William Stocker.

Acting’ gunner John Barr.

Acting carpenter Joseph H. Redding.

Marine officer: Lieutenant-Henry W. Fowler.

Sloop Natchez.

Master commandant Jno. P. Zantzinger,

Lieutenants David G. Farragut, William W. McKean, Alexander R. Pinkham, Edward B. Boutwell, John Manning.

Surgeon, Samuel Mosely.

Assistant surgeon William F. McClenahan.

Purser, Samuel P. Todd.

Passed midshipman, C. H. Duryee acting master.

Midshipmen, John Banister, Francis E. Baker, John W. Bryce, William S. Drayton, William Ross Gardner, Thos. O. Glascock, Levin Handy, Thomas T. Hunter, William D, Hurst, Edmund Jenkins, Robert P. Lovell, A. M. Pennock, William T. Smith, A.. R, Taliaferro.

Acting gunner, Daniel Kelly.

Acting carpenter, Francis Russ.

Acting’ sailmaker John Reece.

Sloop Ontario.

Master commandant- William D. Salter.

Lieutenants-Charles Lowndes.

Surgeon-George W. Codwise.

Assistant surgeon-Daniel S. Green.

Purser-B. J. Cahoone.

Passed midshipmen-A. H. Marbury, acting master; John R. Goldsborough, Alexander Gibson.

Midshipmen-John P. B. Adams, 0. H. Berryman, Wm. G. Benham, Robert Burts, Francis Hagerty, Robert Patton, jr., Nathaniel Reeder, Joseph P. Sanford, William H. Wallace.

Boatswain-James Springer.

Acting gunner-John Martin.

Carpenter-Alonzo Jones.

Sailmaker-John Heckle.

Marine officer-Lieutenant H. N. Crabb.

Schooner Enterprise.

Owing to recent transfers, it is not known what other officers are attached to the Enterprise, at this time than the following:

Lieutenant commanding-Samuel W. Downing.

Lieutenant-Joseph Stalling.

Assistant surgeon-George Blacknall.

Purser-William P. Zantzinger.

Midshipman-James H. Strong.

Gunner-Charles Fales.

Schooner Boxer.

Lieutenant commanding-William F. Shields.

Lieutenants T. G. Benham, Thomas T. Craven, Oh. H. Poor, acting lieutenant.

Assistant surgeon-Edward Gilchrist.

Passed midshipman-George Hurst, acting master.

Midshipmen-E. G. Parrott, William Reynolds.


Frigate Potomac.

Captain-John Downes.

Lieutenants Irvine Shubrick, Stephen H. Wilson, R. R. Pinkham, Henry Hoff, Jonathan Ingersoll.

Surgeon-Samuel Jackson.

Assistant surgeons Jonathan M. Foltz, Henry De Witt Pawling.

Purser-Wm. A. Slacum.

Chaplain-John W. Grier.

Sailingmaster-Robert S. Tatem.

Passed midshipman-Sylvanus Godon.

Midshipmen-Eugene Boyle, Theodore B. Barrett, M. G. L. Claiborne, Wm. T. Cooke, Henry C. Hart, Charles Hunter, Francis P. Hoban, Levi Lincoln, Jas. B. Lewis, Chas. W. Morris, Wm. May, James L. Parker, Geo. T. Sinclair, Jas. G. Stanly, John W. Taylor, Geo. M. Totten.

Boatswain-John McNeIly.

Gunner-John R. Covington.

Carpenter-Wm. E. Sheffield.

Sailmaker-Christian Nelson.

Marine officers-Lieutenants Alvin Edson, Geo. H. Territt.

Lieutenant A. N. Brevoort.

Sloop Famouth.

Master commandant-Francis H. Gregory.

Lieutenants-Thos. Dornin, Chas. M. Armstrong.

Surgeon-W. S. W. Ruschenberger.

Assistant surgeon-Hugh Morson.

Purser-McKean Buchanan.

Passed midshipman-Matthew F. Maury, acting master.

Midshipmen-John S. Booth, Thos. M. Brasher, Thos. F. Davis, Stephen Dod, Frederick Illsley, C. W. Pickering, Wm. H. Pendleton, John H. Roberts, Wm. S. Smith, Wm. B. Whiting.

Boatswain-Robert. H. Q’Neal.

Acting gunner-Samuel Daggett.

Carpenter-Wm. L. Shuttleworth.

Sailmaker-Samuel V. Hawkins.

Marine officer-Lieutenant Joseph L. Hardy.

Sloop Vincennes.

Captain-Alex. S. Wadsworth.

Lieutenants Charles H. Bell, Theodore Bailey, jr., Edmund M. Russel, Chas. H. Davis, Robert L. Browning.

Fleet surgeon-A. B. Cook.

Assistant surgeon-J. Fred. Sickels.

Purser-Edward M. Cox.

Passed midshipmen-John S. Missroon, acting master; Robert Handy, Theodore P. Green.

Midshipmen-John G. Almy, Washington A. Bartlett, George Butterfield, John Carroll, A.
G. Clary, John. B. Dale, Stephen Decatur, John Hall, Daniel D. Henrie or Heurie Heorie, John C. Henry, Hunn Gansevoort, Wm. A. Jones, O. H. Perry, Wm. A. Parker, John H. Sherburne, Strong B. Thompson.

Boatswain-John Morris.

Gunner- Charles Cobb.

Carpenter-John Green.

Sailmaker-Henry Bacon.

Marine officer-Lieutenant A. N. Brevoort.

Sloop Fairfield.

Master commandant-E. A. F. Vallette.

Lieutenants James P. Wilson, John A. Carr, Henry W. Morris, Samuel Lockwood, N. C. Lawrence.

Surgeon-Wm. F. Patton.

Assistant surgeon M. G. De Laney.

Purser-Jno. A. Bates.

Passed midshipmen-Fred Chatard, acting master; Edward L. Handy, Wm. C. Chaplin.

Midshipmen-Chas. Burdett, Washington Gwathmey, Wm. P. Gamble, John M. Mason, William P. Mc Arthur, Jas. D. Morrison, Alex. R. Rose, Vincent L. Williamson, Henry Waddell.

Gunner-Lewis Parker.

Carpenter-Wm. Hatch.

Marine officer-Lieutenant A. H. Gillespie.

Schooner Dolphin.

Lieutenant commanding-Ralph Voorhees.

Lieutenants Elisha Peck, John W. Turk, Pedro C. Valdes.

Assistant surgeon-Henry S. Rennolds.

Passed midshipman-J. Lanman, acting master.

Midshipmen-Wm. M. E. Adams, Latham B. Avery, A. B. Davis, Geo. W. Doty, Chas. Sperry, Wm. P. Taylor.