Friday, May 01, 2015

Two Streets of Oakland, Kansas.

I was going to list all the people living in Oakland, Kansas, in 1890 but there were just to many.  So I picked two streets.  I Picked Oakland Ave., and Kellam Ave. One I lived on the other my Grandparents lived on.

These names are in alphabetical order.

Kellam Ave.

W. S. Amos, Machinist.
John Clymer, Shoemaker.
John Cmmines, Nurseryman.
A. D. Gibbs, Bricklayer.
J. E. Glendenning, Carpenter.
James Griffith, Stonemason.
J. D. Hartzell Jr., Plasterer.
W. S. Hollister, Carpenter.
Joseph Hummer, Nurseryman.
Albert Iennis, Plasterer
Adalbert S. Iennis, Carpenter.
William W. Iennis, Carpenter.
W. W. Mitchell, Loan agent.
W. M. Nelson, Plasterer.
N. Olson, Nurseryman.
James T. Sargent, Carpenter.
George S. Sells, Teacher.
J. W. Siddell, Siddell & Hawkins.
S. A. Vail, Sewing machine agent.
George C. Wood, Clerk.

Oakland Ave.

H. C. Achison, Grocer.
J. F. Bigley, Clerk.
I. L. Burgher, Carpenter.
Uriah Carle, Machinist.
Laura Crane, Widow.
M. L. Creel, Carpenter.
Henry Eshe, Stonemason.
J. L. Gilbert, Medical Student.
C. E. Harwood, Bookkeeper.
J. T. James, Carpenter.
George G. Kungle, Nurseryman.
Kitty Kungle, Housekeeper.
A. B. Merrick, Clerk.
Carrie Merrick, School Teacher.
G. R. Merrick, Clerk.
L. B. Merrick, Nurseryman.
L. H. Morey, Hotel Keeper.
Sarah A. Norton, Widow.
Jacob Owen, Boiler maker.
Franklin Owen, Machinist.
O. R. Owen, Boiler maker.
N. P. Sund, Carpenter.
G, T. Williams, ??
W. L. Williams, ??
S. T. Wilson, Clerk.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Francis C. Adams.

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There will be no  personal information just military.  I couldn't find when he came to Kansas, nor could I learn when left.  But he was living in Topeka 1n 1881.  He is buried in  Colorado.

Kansas Ex-Prisoners of War.

Francis C. Adams, Illinois 14th., Cavalry, Co. L., Captured Macon Georgia, July 18, 1864, Prison Andersville; Escaped.

Illinois Civil War Detail Report. 

Name: ADAMS, FRANCIS C. Rank: PVT. Company: L. Unit: 14 IL US CAV. 

Personal Characteristics. Residence: GENESEO, HENRY CO, I.L Age: 26. Height: 5' 6. Hair: DARK. Eyes: BLACK. Complexion: DARK. Occupation: FARMER. Nativity: CUMBERLAND CO, ME.

Service Record. Joined When: OCT 10, 1862. Joined Where: GENESEO, IL. Period: 3 YRS. Muster In: JAN 7, 1863. Muster In Where: PEORIA, IL. Muster Out: JUL 31, 1865. Muster Out Where: PULASKI, TN. Remarks: AS SERGEANT.

Author. Burial: Crown Hill Cemetery, What Ridge, Jefferson County, Colorado.

This file card tells of his wounds.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thomas White Stephens

Thomas White. Stephens. 

Birth: 1839,
Death: Oct. 28, 1922, District Of Columbia.

Occupation Farmer.

Wife: Mary Elizabeth Tyler Stephens (1839 - 1920).

Children: Carrie E., George A., Harry E., Mary, James Albert Stephens (1870 - 1958), John Francis Stephens (1875 - 1941).

Burial: Rochester Cemetery, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.

Kansas Ex-Prisoners of War.

Thomas W. Stephens, Residence North Topeka; Indiana 20th., Infantry, Co. K.; Captured Orchaards, June 30, 1862; Prison Libby; Released August 6, 1862.

Indiana State  Records.
Indiana 20th., infantry Co. K.

Thomas W. Stephens, Residence White Co.; Mustered in July 22, 1861; Mustered out July 29, 1864; Sergeant; [ Corporal.].

Kansas County Histories.

THOMAS WHITE STEPHENS, farmer, Section 30, P. O. North Topeka, was born in Wayne County, Ind., August 27, 1839, living there and in Carroll and Pulaski counties until July, 1861, when he enlisted in Company K, Twentieth Indiana Infantry, serving until August, 1864, when he was discharged.

He was in the Army of the Potomac, taking part in McClellan's different campaigns, as well as those of other commanders; was at Fair Oaks, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Wilderness and Petersburg battles, and others; was taken prisoner at Orchards, Virginia being held five weeks and spending a portion of the time in Libby Prison and Belle Isle.

He was four times slightly wounded, being protected from serious wounds by his cartridge box and knapsack, once by a book inside his clothing, a Bible taken from Chancellorville battle field, once wounded by a Confederate soldier, Alexander Weant, and another time a ball struck his gun and shattered it. After his discharge he returned to Pulaski County, Ind., there marrying on August 27, 1864, Miss Mary E. Tyler.

They have seven children - Thomas E., Caroline E., James A., George A., John F., Frank F. and Harrison E. In 1877 he came to Kansas, locating in Shawnee County. His farm consists of eighty acres, of which fifty are under cultivation and the rest grass land. He also keeps a small herd of cattle of good grades. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church

Oliver C. Rounds.

Oliver C. Rounds.

Birth: 1828.
Death: 1889.

Wife: Sarah C. Rounds, ( 1838-1915.)

Children: Non found.

Burial: Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood , Los Angeles County, California.

Kansas Ex-Prisoners of War.

Oliver C.Rounds, Michigan 9th., Infantry, Co. B., Captured Murfreesboro, July 12, 1862, Prison Madison, Georgia.  Released October 12, 1862.

Michigan State records.

Michigan 9th., Infantry, Co. B.

Rounds, Oliver C., Niles. Entered service in company B, Ninth Infantry, at organization, as Captain, Aug. 12, 1861, at Niles, for 3 years. Commissioned Oct. 12, 1861. Mustered Oct. 15, 1861. Resigned and honorably discharged Aug. 7, 1863.

Author.  He lived in Topeka, Kansas, from 1880-1881, he was listed as a Farmer.

Monday, April 27, 2015

William R. Reed.

William R. Reed.

Birth: 1841.
Death: 1929.

Wife: Martha Reed.

Married 1867.

Children; Nellie E., David G. James S., John B. Reed.

Burial: Topeka Cemetery, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas.

Kansas Ex-Prisoners of War.

D. W. Reed, Illinois 78th., Infantry, Co. I., Captured Mission Ridge, September 22, 1863; Prison Andersville; Released April 7, 1865.

Illinois Civil War Detail Report. 

Name REED, WILLIAM R Rank, PVT, Company I.,Unit 78th., IL US INF.

Personal Characteristics Residence INDUSTRY, MCDONOUGH CO, IL, Age 21, Height 5' 8;    Hair AUBURN; Eyes BROWN; Complexion FAIR; Marital Status SINGLE; Occupation FARMER;  Nativity WESTMORELAND CO, PA.

Service Record Joined When AUG 7, 1862; Joined Where INDUSTRY, IL; Period 3 YRS;    Muster In SEPT 1, 1862; Muster In Where QUINCY, IL; Muster Out JUN 17, 1865; Muster Out Where SPRINGFIELD, IL; Remarks WAS A PRISONER OF Warr

Author. Mr. Reed lived in Topeka, Kansas from about 1881 to 1929, he worked his whole life as a Plasterer.  However he did worked as a farmer before the war.  He lived his life. on Kansas Ave., only moving twice; 1828, 1923, 353, Kansas Ave.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Daniel W. Will.

Daniel W. Will.

Birth: 1838-1840
Death; December 13, 1914.

Wife; Amanda Will, ( 1838-? ).

Children: Susan, Mary G. Will.

Burial: Unknown.

Kansas, Ex-Prisoners of War.

Daniel W. Will, Ohio 100th., Infantry, Co. C., Captured Blind stone, East Tennessee; prison Bell Isle; Released March 14, 1864

Ohio State Records.
 Ohio 100th., Infantry, Co. C.,

Daniel W. Will, Private; Age 22; Enlisted July 23, 1862, for 3 years; Appointed Corporal, August 16, 1862; Captured September 8, 1863, in action at Lime Stone station, Tennessee; Returned to company, June 14, 1864; Reduced to accept a position in Hospital; Mustered out with company June 29, 1865.

Author. He lived in North Topeka, Kansas, from 1880-1882. after that I lost all track of him.  While in Topeka his occupation was that of a Carpenter, Contractor and Builder, From what little records I could find, it looks like he may have died in a Soldiers Home in California.