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People Killed, Wounded, Taken Prisoner & Scalped In the 1700's

Life on the early frontier was harsh especially for the women and children of the times. Many times they had to face Indians and the unknowns along, as many husbands and fathers would leave home to never return. Although alone they kept going on to make a better life for themselves and their future family's, and for their sacrifices these Men and women made a better life for use all.

Note. Many of you will know of the stories of the family's name here , but many will not and it's for them I make this list. Those of you who would like to ask a question may do so at the following address.

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An Important Note: A copy of the reports that that this information came from can be given upon request.

Thomas Rhea.

On May 5, 1791 Thoman Rhea was taken prisoner at Cussawaga along with seven of his horses. He was purchased back by a captain Silive in late May of 1791.

Cornelius Van Horne.

On the same day that Mr. Rhea was taken prisoner, so was Cornelius Van Horne and two of his horses.

William Gregg.

On the same day that Mr. Rhea and Mr. Horne were taken prsioners Mr. William Gregg was killed and scalped.

Anderson Long.

In March of 1790, The Indians took a negro women prsioner the property of Anderson Long and two young men that were working in Mr. Long's field, on Clear Creek and branch of Brashear's Creek.

Miles Heart.

On Tuseday May 11, 1790, about a eleven Indians attacked the house of Miles Heart who lived on Valley Creek a fork of the Nolelin and killed Mr. Heart and his wife and three children in their house, two of Mr. Heart's horses are missing.

Charles Johnson, John May and Willial Flin.

On March 20, 1790, Well going down the Ohio river, Charles Johnson with four others, two of which were women, was attacked by a party of fifty-four Indians. The party was made up of Shawanese and Cherokees. In the attack one of party by the name of John May was killed along with one of the women and the rest taken prsioners. Will prsioners they hear of another prsioner by the name of William Flin who was taken by the Cherokees to the Miamies Nation and was tied to a stake an in the most inhuman manner was rosted a live.

William Johnston.

On Sept. 19, 1789, four of William Johnston was killed and scalped and another four captured. Mr. Johnston home was within nine miles of Clarkburg.

John Mauk's.

On Sept. 22, 1789, John Mauk's wife and two of his children were killed.

Isaac & Nathan Farris-John Painter.

On or about March 25, 1790, A station on Russell's Creek was attacked and Isaac Frris and his son Nathan Farris were killed along with another man by the name of Jon Painter.

Oliver Williams & Jason Thompson.

On the night of Jan. 28, 1792, Oliver Williams and Jason Thompson were encamped on the ford of the Cumberland river, were fired on by Indians and both were wounded. Their horses and one gun were taken from them.

Note. If I read the report right early in March of 1792, Mr. Thompson house which is seven miles from Nashville, was attach and Mr. Thompson was killed and scalped and his daughter and another women and a child were taken prsioners. It was later found that Miss Alice Thompson was taken prsioner and held for two years by the Creeks Indians she was purchased back for eight hundred pounds in dress deer leather equal to two hundred and sixty-six dollars and sixty-six and two-thirds cents.

Isaac Pennington.

July 15, 1792, on the road that leads from Nashville to Kentucky Isaac Pennington was killed.

John Berkley & John Berkley Jr.

July 31, 1792, at Greenfields near Bledsoe's lick, in a peach orchard. John Berkley Jr. was killed and scalped. John Berkley although wounded killed an Indian in the act of scalping his son.

George Moss, James Paul, Robert Sharpe, John Shankland.

On Oct. 2, 1792, Black's Blockhouse, on the head of Crooked creek a branch of Little river, at which there was a sergeant's command from captain Crawford's company, was attacked about an hour and a half in night, by, a party of Indians. James Paul was killed in the house. George Moss and Robert Sharpe who were sitting by a fire outside were also killed. Three horses were killed and seven carried off.

William Stewart.

On Monday Oct. 8, 1792, William Stewart was killed about six miles from Nashville, on the Cumberland river.

Moses Brown.

On the morning of May 1793, Moses Brown was working in his corn field, four miles from Nashville when he was attacked by Indians and Killed.

Colonel Hugh Tinnan.

On Jan. 16, 1793, Colonen Hugh Tinnan was badly wounded on the north side of Cumberland not far from Nashville.

Major Evan Shelby, Moses Shelby, James Harris.

On Jan. 18, 1793, Major Evan Shelby brothr of Governor Shelby and James Harris and a negro of Moses Shelby were killed. A number of horses taken to the north side of the Cumberland near the mouth of the Red river.

Captain William Overall.

On Jan. 22, 1793, Captain William Overall was killed on the traick from Kentucky to the Cumberland, at Dripping springs. The fleash was cut from hid bones and carried off, nine horses loaded with goods and whiskey was also taken.

Thomas Heaton, Anthoney Bledsoe.

On Jan. 26, Thomas Heaton And Anthoney Bledsoe son of Col. Anthoney Bledsoe were both shot through the body but are yet living on the north side of the Cumberland near nashville.

Col. Isaac Bledsoe.

On April 9, 1793, Col. Isaac Bledsoe was killed in a field near his home, by a party of about twenty Indians..

John Harman.

On April 11, 1793 Near the mouth of Sycamore in Tennessee county John Harman was killed.

Henry Howdeshell, Samuel Pharr.

On April 14, 1793, Near Col. Rutherford's Henry Howdeshell and Samuel Pharr were killed.

John Benton.

On April 18, 1793, Between Captain Reese's and Col. Winchester's Mill, John Benton was killed.

Richard Shaffer, James Dean.

On April 26, 1793, Richard Shaffer was killed and James Dean wounded.

John Jervis.

On April 27, 1793, A party of Indians at first supposed to be about sixty but in fact was around two hundred attacked the station at Greenfield and John Jervis was killed.

Francis Ramer.

On April 28, 1793, Near Dripping spring on the trace between Cumberland and Kentucky Francis Ramer was killed.

Thomas Bledsoe.

On Oct. 20, 1794, in the Mero District Thomas Bledsoe who was a soldier station at the post at the ford of the Cumberland was killed.

Ann Gray.
State of Georgia Camden, County.
Also: Robert Seagrove, John Fleming, James Upton, John Galphin, James allen and Daniel Moffit.

Ann Gray, personally appeared before me, one of the justces assigned to keep the peace of said county, Ann Gray being duly sworn said that on the eleventh of March of 1793, that she was at the store of Robert Seagrove in the care of John Fleming at Trader's hill, on the St. Mary's river. That between sunset and dark, there came a certain James Upton and one John Galphin had came to the store. After some time there came four Indians three of whom had some skins to sell and Fleming chalrked out the price for them. The Indians seemed well satisfied two of them received their payment but the other Indian said he would have his the next day. Then Mr. Fleming went to get a bottle of rum for Mr. James Allen, then there was a gun fired at the door of the store, she heard a Daniel Moffit say he was a dead man and went and lay down. Mr. Fleming called for John Galphin but wasn't to be found. There were two Indians in the store Mr. Fleming asking them to stay in the store, saying that they were his frinds and that they were all his friends and endeavored to prevail with them not to go out side. Mr. fleming endervored to shut the door but there were to many against it that he couldn't. Ann Gray saw a number of Indians lay hold of Mr. Fleming and threw him on the floor then some took hold of her and took her out the door. She heard Mr. Fleming cry out. " Lord have mercey on me." She heard him speack no more. The Indians went about beating her and tied her up, she saw them robbing the store and carrying off the goods.

Moses Brown.

On May 16, 1793, will working in his cornfield about four miles from Nashville Moses Brown was killed.

Col. Hugh Tenan, John Brown and William Gremes.

On Dec. 20, 1793, On the southern frontiers of Davidson county about fifteen miles from Nashville Col. Hugh Tenan, John Brown and William Gremes were attacked by Indians believing to be Creeks were Killed and scalped.

William Stewart.

On monday Oct. 8, 1782, William Stewart was killed about six miles from Nashvill.

Alexander Cavet.

Alexander Cavet, who was captured in Sept of 1793, after his family was massered was killed by a Creek warrior by the stroke of a tomahawk three days after his arrival in the nation.

Catharine Cessna.

In Sept 1794, near fort Fidius, Georgia, Catharine Cessna was shot down on examination she was found to have a shot-gun wound through her body which she died from, she was also scalped.

Frontiers of Jefferson and Knox counties in Washington District.
James Nelson, Thompson Nelson.

March 9, 1793, James and Thompson Nelson ( Brothers ) were killed and scalped by Indians on Little Pigeon, about twenty-five miles from Knoxville they had eight balls in them. The head of the Indian party was Towahka.

Robert Craig, Daniel Torrey.

At seven o'clock in the morning of June 30, 1793, we were attacked by a numerous body of Indians under the walls of Fort Recovery, Lieutenant Robert Craig and Cornet Daniel Torrey were killed in the first charge.

Malachia Gaskins, David Crow, John McLugen, Robert Wells, St. Clair Pruet.

Jan. 24, 1793, a salt boat from Kentucky was fired on, on the Cumberland at the mouth of Half Pone. In the salt boat killed was Malachia Gaskins and David Crow. Wounded was John McLugen in five places; His life is despaired of. Robert Wells arm was broken. St. Clair Pruet was shot through the knee and has since dead.

James Steele, Adam Flenor, Richard Robertson, William Barlet.

On June 2, 1793, James Steele, Adam Flenor, Richard Robertson and William Barlet killed. John Mayfield and Abraham Young were wounded.

Jacob, William, Joseph, Hans Castleman.

July 1, 1793, Jacob Castleman, William Castleman, Joseph Castleman killed and Hans Castleman wounded.

William Campbell.

On July 15, near Nashvalle William Campbell was wounded.

Thomas Reasons.

Sept. 14, 1794, Thomas Reasons and wife were killed and their house plundered, about forty miles from Nashville.

John Bosley, Joseph Davis.

Sept 16, 1794, in Davidson county about twelve miles above Nashville John Bosley and Joseph Davis were wounder.

Polly Lewis.

About Oct. 25, 1793, Polly Lewis a lady of eighteen and her littler brother were killed on the south side of French brond passing a public road near Dandridge ( Jefferson court house ) by a party of Indians who waylaid it.

Samuel Hays.

Feb. 24, 1793, Captain Samuel Hays was killed within three hundred paces of John Donelson's house.

Adam Green, William Massey.

March 31, 1793, Adam Green and William Massey were killed by Indians on the froutiers of Hawkins county.

Joshua Tipton.

Around April 18, 1793, on the east fork of Little Pigen in Jefferson county, thirty miles from this place ( Nashville ) Joshua Tipton was killed.

Isaac Fitzworth, John Fitzworth.

Sometime in Oct. or Nov. of 1794, on the Red river Col. Isaac Fitzworth and his brother John Fitzworth families were murdered.