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The Many Names Of Lipscomb.

The other day as I was finishing my page on ( Policemen ), when I got a E. Mail from a women who saw my page on the ( Shortridge ), and said how happy she was to run across it, as it had a lot of her ancestors on it. As I was getting ready to answer her back I happen to notice her last name was ( Lipscomb ), so I look it up and found I had a lot of information on the name. So that’s how this page came about, I hope you who are looking for your ( Lipscomb ) ancestors will find this page very helpful.

Note. The following information comes from the many Departments of the Library of Congress.



For the relief of
Lucy M. Lipscomb.

Be it enacted, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Slates. of America, in Congress assembled, That the sum of one hundred dollars, out of any money in the Treasury, not otherwise appropriated, be, and the same is hereby appropriated, to the payment of that sum to Lucy M. Lipscomb, of Missouri, for so much money erroneously deposited by her Agent to the credit of the Treasurer of the United States, to be paid to the said Lucy, or to her order, on demand.

Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789

A warrant for 316 dollars, issue in faver of Captain Reuben Lipscomb, for the extra month's pay granted to the army under General Washington, by the resolution of the 29th of December last, and which is due to 40 men of the 7th Virginia regiment now on their way to Virginia, who were regularly discharged on the 2 February, and mentioned in a list signed by Brigadier General Woodford, and also to Captain Lipscomb, who conducts them; he to give a receipt for the money, and to account for the same.

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1834-1835
FRIDAY, December 19, 1834.

A petition of the heirs at law of Bernard Lipscomb, deceased, praying to be paid the commutation of half pay to which the said Bernard Lipscomb was entitled as a captain in the Virginia line of the revolutionary army.

Journal of the Senate of the United States of America, 1789-1873
FRIDAY, December 22, 1837.

A petition of Jesse Lipscomb, praying to be indemnified for the loss of a sum of money, occasioned by the improper admission of an unauthorized person in the post office at Baltimore.

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1834-1835
THURSDAY, December 18, 1834.

A petition of Thomas Lipscomb, administrator of Nathaniel Fox, deceased, praying to be paid the commutation of half pay to which the said Nathaniel Fox was entitled as a lieutenant in the revolutionary army.

Congress of the Confederate States.
Richmond, February 12, 1862.


George H. Lipscomb, of Mississippi, to take rank from confirmation.

Journal of the Congress of the Confederate States of America, 1861-1865 [Volume 4] MONDAY, June 6, 1864.

T. C. Lipscomb, to be lieutenant-colonel.

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 43rd Congress, 1st Session. FRIDAY, May 15, 1874.

The petition of George Lipscomb and others, soldiers in the Mexican and Seminole wars, that the soldiers of said wars be granted pensions.

Journal of the Congress of the Confederate States of America, 1861-1865 [Volume 3] TUESDAY, March 24, 1863.

I have the honor to nominate the persons whose names appear in the accompanying list as surgeons and assistant surgeons in the Provisional Army.

W. L. Lipscomb, Mississippi, assistant surgeon.

Journal of the Congress of the Confederate States of America, 1861-1865 [Volume 3] THURSDAY, March 26, 1863.

The nomination of John P. Lipscomb, to be assistant surgeon for the war in the Navy.

Journal of the Congress of the Confederate States of America, 1861-1865 [Volume 3] TUESDAY, January 19, 1864.

To Be Captain.
J. N. Lipscomb, of South Carolina, to rank from September 1, 1863.

Confederate States of America, Navy Department,
Richmond, March 19, 1863.
Assistant surgeons for the war.

John P. Lipscomb, of North Carolina.

Journal of the Congress of the Confederate States of America, 1861-1865 [Volume 4] SATURDAY, June 4, 1864.


Capt. T. C. Lipscomb, of Mississippi, to be lieutenant-colonel Sixth Mississippi Cavalry (organized from men recruited from within the enemy's lines), to rank from May 23, 1864.

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1833-1834
FRIDAY, December 13, 1833.

A petition of William C. Lipscomb, on behalf of the Methodist Protestant Church of Georgetown, presented January 23, 1832.

Journal of the Congress of the Confederate States of America, 1861-1865 [Volume 3] MONDAY, December 14, 1863.

Col. T. J. Lipscomb, of South Carolina, to be colonel Second South Carolina Cavalry Regiment.

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1835-1836
TUESDAY, December 29, 1835.

A petition of David S. Lipscomb, of the State of Alabama, praying relief, in relation to his entry upon a certain lot of land, through mistake.

Journal of the Congress of the Confederate States of America, 1861-1865 [Volume 3] FRIDAY, January 8, 1864.

Assistant surgeons.

W. H. Lipscomb, of Mississippi, to take rank from April 27, 1863.

Revolutionary War & War of 1812.

Note. I know some of you had Lipscomb's ancestors in the Revolutionary War & War of 1812. And you would like to have some information them. I get this kind of information from the pension rolls of the United State and as it's so vast I could not list every State here, so this will be a look up. If you would like to look for a ancestor write to me, with his name and the State & County he died in. Below is a example of the kind of information you may receive.


State of Virginia, county of King William, John Lipscomb, rank of private, of the Virginia Line, Placed on the rolls on September 24, 1819, at a allowance of $48, dollars per year, commencement of pension was on May 25, 1819, has received the sum of $74,32, age 77. Remarks Suspended under act of May 1, 1820.

Civil War.

Note. This information comes from the official recorders of the Union and Confederate Armies which is housed at the State University of Ohio.

Note. This information come out of the reports in bits and pieces, if you would like any report just let me know.

Tullahoma, Tenn., January 18, 1863.

The first line was already beginning to yield and some of the men falling back, when I at once ordered the advance of the second line. I ordered the Thirteenth Louisiana Volunteers to oblique to the right, and sent Captain [A. A.] Lipscomb to order Major Zacharie, commanding Sixteenth Louisiana Volunteers, also to move forward.

Numbers 86. Report of Brigadier General M. L. Bonham, C. S. Army, commanding First Brigade, First Corps.

Camp Gregg, August 1, 1861.

Colonel A. P. Aldrich, and Lieutenant Colonel James M. Lipscomb, of my regular staff, am I greatly indebted for most active and efficient service during the whole time of the operations of my command from the 17th to the 22nd of July, inclusive, cash executing every order delivered him with the utmost alacrity, and frequently under circumstances of peril. I am also indebted to Major Thomas J. Davies, of my regular staff, and Major S. W. Melton, and Alfred Moss (the latter of Virginia), my volunteer aides, for similar active and efficient services; and to Major Melton I am further indebted for very valuable aid as military secretary. I am also much indebted to my volunteer aides, Majs. S. S. Tompkins, W. P. Butler, and M. B. Lipscomb, for valuable assistance in the performance of various duties connected with my command from the time they joined me at Centreville to the close of the operations. To General S. McGowan, volunteer aide, who also joined me at Centreville, I am under many obligations for his valuable assistance during the operations of my command from the 17th to the 21st, inclusive, under circumstances of peril and exposure.

Richmond, Va., May 13, 1863
Lieutenant Colonel WILLIAM H. LUDLOW,
Agent of Exchange, Fortress Monroe.

COLONEL: I have the honor to inform you that I have this day declared specially exchange; Captain Taliaferro Hunter, assistant quartermaster; D. T. White, teamster; Paul Lipscomb, teamster; J. B. Wright, teamster, captured May 3, 1862, at Hanover Junction, Va., by Lieutenant Colonel H. Davis, commanding Twelfth Illinois Cavalry, and released on parole which I will offset to this extent against the number due me on deliveries at City Point up to the time of our last interview.

Jackson, Miss., January 19, 1864.

II. Surg. W. L. Lipscomb having reported at these headquarters pursuant to Special Orders, Numbers 8, headquarters Meridian, December 31, 1863, is hereby assigned to duty as chief surgeon of this command, and will be obeyed and respected accordingly.

Note. I have 130 reports most of them are about or from Colonel Thomas C. Lipscomb.

6th MISSISSIPPI Cavalry, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas C. Lipscomb.

Numbers 27. Report of Captain Crispin Dickenson, Ringgold (Virginia) Battery, of engagement of Cloyd's Mountain, and skirmish at New River Bridge.
Gast Mill, near Salem, Va., May 20, 1864.

The rifled gun was under my own supervision, and the fourth, or 12-pounder Napoleon, in charge of Lieutenant A. W. Hoge, my company numbering about 130 men present for duty. Twenty-nine muskets were placed in the hands of a like number of men, in charge of Lieutenant William H. Lipscomb, who took position on a line with the fourth gun and to its left.

Richmond, March 31, 1862.
Commanding at Pensacola:

learn from the Adjutant and Inspector General's Office that George H. Lipacomb was appointed major.
Very respectfully,
R. E. LEE,

Near Tullahoma, Tenn., January 24, 1863.

The regiment behaved throughout like veterans. Captains Ryan, Lipscomb, King, Bishop, and [John] McGrath, and Lieutenant [D. C.] Levy displayed distinguished steadiness and courage. The loss of this regiment in two short actions, lasting both together not more than an hour, was 19 officers and 332 men killed, wounded, and missing, losing as many as some brigades.

Civil War.

There were at lest if not more then 449, Lipscompb's in the Civil War, So this will be a lookup, when asking about a ancestor give full name and State. Below there will be a example on the kind of information you may receive.


Duke S. Lipscomb, private, Co. A., 6th, Missouri regiment infantry Vol., enlisted Jan. 1, 1861, at Springfield Mo., served in the Missouri State Guards as a private. Was in the following battles: Lexington, Elk Horn, Luka, was wounded at Corinth. Other battles Grand Gulf, Gibson, Baker’s creek, Big Black. Was wounded and captured at Vicksburg.

Note. There are 13 Lipscomb's in the Texas Confederate pension records. here is one. Mrs. E. J. Lipscomb wife of Edward Jenner Lipscomb of Tarrant county, his #49156, her's was #51685, if you would like any names of the 13, let me know.

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Policeman Of The United Staters & More.

When I was going through some city directories to make up a page on Blacksmiths, I noticed a lot of these cities had a lot of policemen and other law officers. So I decided to make up a page of names of these officers, as I know there are a lot of you out there looking for a ancestor who was a law officer. This page is not just about policeman, but Marshals, Sheriffs and the men and women that worked within the police department.

Note. All these law officers will be from the 1800's.

Important Note. I find I will not have a enough room for all the Law Office I would like put here, so at the end of the State of Massachusetts I will give a list of all the cities that I can look up your ancestor in who may have been in some kind of law enforcement. If you see a state and city that you would like me to look up, you can find my address in my profile.

Note. The information given here is name, date, city and state the rest of the research is up to you, but keep in mind I will answer any questions you may have.


Phoenix, 1828.

De Nure B. B., Deputy U. S. Marshal.
Blankship J. W., Marshal of Phoenix City.
Greenhaw Thomas G., Deputy Sheriff of Maricopa County.
Montgomery John B., Sheriff of Maricopa County.

Meas, 1828.

Ellsworth Wm., City Marshal.


Hartford, 1828.
City Officers.

Wadsworth Horace--City Sheriff.

Sheriff Office.

Hastings Benjamin-City Sheriff.
Phelps Noah A.-County Sheriff.

Hartford, 1861-1862.

Berewer Eliab-Policeman.
Garey George B.-Policeman.
Goodeich Lucius G.-Sheriff.
Hunt William W.-Policeman.
Kunze F. H.-Policeman.
Litchfield Elias-Policeman.
Martin J. Henry-Jail overseer.
Packard Caleb L. Jr.-Policeman.
Peck Andrew H.-Policeman.
Sanderson Isaac B.-Policeman.
Teel Horatio F.-Police.
Thompson Milton D.-Policeman.

Hartford, 1873-1874.

Sheriff Department.

Russell Westell-Sheriff.
Russell William-Deputy.
Bibble William-Dupurty.

Police Department.

Note. It is stated in the directory that there was fifty patrolman, however I was unable to find any names that stated they were patrolman, all names stated here, state they were policeman, unless I state otherwise.

Bingham E. S., Brown George H., Bugbey or Bugbee George,

Carrick Cornelius, Charter George D., Corrin William P., Cotter John, Cummings Frank F., Cummings William, Cushman Nathaniel G.,

Dunlap James L.

Fenn Andrew-Deputy Jailer, Flynn Francis.

Gaines David L., Gavin Michael.

Harris William H., Heim F. J.

Jenks Frederick R.

Lincoln William H.

Maloney James, Martin Frank, Martin John, Martin J. Henry-Jail overseer, McElroy George, McElroy William, McEvoy Wm., Moffitt George, Moran Thomas, Mulcahy Thomas.

Noonan William.

Oldfield Luck H., Oliver H. L., O’Neil Bartholomerw.

Porter Charles F., Prince Frank.

Richmond W. W., Ryan Wm.

Saunders Charles, Sceery Bernard, Sloan James R., Smith Lyman, Smith Walter Steele William C., Stewart Charles W., Strickland George.
Thomas William H., Tilden Thomas T., Tinker H. E., Tucker William E.

Whaley A. M., Whiton Andrew, Winter Martin, Wright Leverett.

Hartford, 1875.

Ahern John.

Brown James, Bugbee or BugbyGeorge H.

Chamberlin W. P.-Chief of Police, Cole Charles, Corrin William P., Cotter John.

Ennis Frank.

Flynn Francis.

Gaines David L.

Hadsell George, Harris William H., Harvey George P., Heim Francis J., Howard D. R..

Martin Frank L., Martin John, McEvoy William, Moran Thomas, Morgan John.

Noonan William.

O’Neil Bartholomew, Oldfield Luke H.

Porter Charles F., Prince Frank.

Richmond William, Russell Westell-Deputy U. S. Marshal.

Sceery Bernard, Scovill Curtis, Seymour O. D.-Sheriff, Sheedy John, Sloan James R., Smith Columbus, Smith Walter W., Snow Charles W., Spiller Herman, Steele William C., Stewart Charles W.

Thomas William H., Tilden Thomas T., Tinker H. E., Tucker William E.

Whaley Alfred M., Whiton Andrew.

New London, 1870-1871.

Addams Robert-Sheriff.
Leeds Carey-Jailor.
Mason Edward H.-Constable.
Payn Nehermiah B.-Deputy U. S. Marshal.
Preston Francis W.-Sheriff.

New Haven, 1894.

New Haven Police Department.

Superintendent-Treadwell Smith.
Clark- Charles T. Candee.
Board of Surgeons- Louis J. Gaynor, Charles E. Park, Joseph H. Townsend, Thomas M. Cahill.
Electrician-William C. Smith.
Lineman- Austin L. Kittredge.
Truant Officer-James Sullivan.
Signal Officers-George O. Bradley, Bicey Began.
Drivers-J. F. Kendall, P. J. Blacke, E. H. Wall, J. J. Grady.
Matron-Susan Ireland.
Janitor station 1. Richard Coogan.
Janitress station 2. Hannah Carr.
Janitress station 3. Celia Early.
Janitress station 4. Lizzie Stevens.

Captains-James Wrinn, Wm O’Keefe, James P. Brewer, Samuel J. Woodruff.

Sergeants.-Albert Bradley, John Driscoll, Wm. E. McBride.

Detectives-1. Philip Reilly 2. John McGrath 3. Bart Tiernan 4. Frederick H. Bissell 5. Patrick Bergin 6. Jotham H. Orr 7. Henry M. Crocker 8. Henry D. Cowles 9. Stephen F. McGann 10. Jeremiah Denehy 11. Thomas J. Dunn 12. Theodore A Tripp.

Patrolman, Grade A.

1. Edgar Phelps 2. William N. Nicholas 3. Thomas Hackett 4. Patrick Hart 5. Charles Shannahan 6. Ben. S. Jackson 7. John Loughlin 8. Patrick Clyne 9. Michael Flannery 10. John McAvoy 11. Patrick Doherty 12. Warren A. Pickering 13. Terence Clancy 14. Patrick Reilly 15. Charles H. Pabor 16. Michael Ahearn 17. Christian Schroeder 18. Wm. E. Bowen 19. George J. Murphy 20. William A. Rice 21. Martin Higgins 22. Patrick McGovern 23 James Reynolds 24. Maurice Connolly 25. John W. Grant 26. William M. Collett 27. Simon Streit 28. Adelmer G. Nettleton 29. Louis D. Bixby 30. Michael Lanigan 31. Michael Farrell 32. Louis Waas. 33. Peter McKeon 34. James E. Doolittle 35. Charles M. Meigs 36. Michael F. Donegan 37. Michael McDermott 38. William H. Tighe 39. Frank D. Cook 40. George L. Hyde 41. John T. McGrath 42. James Shamp 43. John Kelly 44. John Roche 45. Fennah W. Watrous 46. Isaac Shields 47. Ellis J. Good 48. John H. Gilling 49. George Marshall 50. Richard T. Moore 51. Albert Gates 52. John A. Dippold 53. John Stanford 54. Louis St. Clair 55. George Taylor 56. James Lonergan 57. Owen J. Daley 58. Bernard J. Reilly 59. Charles O. Bowers 60. William R. Curren 61. Wm. L. Williams 62. Charles A. Sessler 63. Edward J. Lewis 64. Jere. McGrath 65. Dennis W. Sheehen 66. Seaman N. Smith 67. Edward F. Lawlor 68. John J. Flynn 69. John Allen 70. Alex. Gibson Jr. 71. Willis G. Wiser 72. John Eagan 73. Michael J. O’Conner 74. Thomas Powers Jr. 75. Michael Doody 76. James Caulfield.

Patrolman Grade B.

1. J. F. Doran 2. H. M. Poronto 3. C. J. Eagan 4. G. L. Rowley 5. W. J. Welch 6. H. J. Donnelly 7. D. M. Kierman 8. J. H. Cooman 9. W. G. Doherty 10. F. Kober 11. H. J. Hoffman.

Patrolman Grade C.

1. M. Cooney, 2. T. H. Colwell 3. J. P. Ward 4. A. Klaiber 5. J. Keenan 6. D. Doody 7. J. E. Donnelly 8. M. J. Hayes 9. O. L. Marlowe 10. P. T. Hayes 11. J. Bellman 12. P. Roche 13. D. H. Linsley 14. B. Daily 15. P. E. Dargan.

Patrolman Grade D.

1. T. Trainor 2. W. J. Faey 3. J. H. Hope 4. W. L. Copper 5. R. H. Werner

Patrolman Grade E.

1. E. C. Burnham 2. H. McKeon 3. C. A. Stevens.

Veteran Reserve.

1. George W. Waas. 2. Talcott Rhodes.

Retired List.

Captain-William M. Hyde.
Sergeant-William K. Schmidt.
Patrolmans-George F. Selleck, Hugh Doherty, Charles E. Stokes.
Doormans-Richard Moore, James W. Walter, John F. Nettleton.

On Duty in annex-Charles N. Mack, William Bright.

On Duty in Westville-Wm. H. Whilldey, P. Lautenbach.


Wilmington, 1889.

Allen Horace S., Avers Frank M.

Bennett Thomas J., Blackburn William J., Broomall Charles A., Brown Samuel T., Burrows Thomas H.

Chairs Ferdinand.

Dooley John R.

Evans Charles A.

Gainor Thomas J., Galloway Heston, Guiney Frank J.

Hahn Amos F., Hanna J. Gover, Hawkins James L.

Mason Charles H., Merenith William A., McVey Bernard J.

O’Neill Daniel.

Raymond George C., Rittenhouse John R.

Schultz Charles W., Scott James T., Stuart John M.

Todd William R.

Updike William H.

Wilhelm Edward E.

Yates George W.

Zerbey Charles.


Brunswick, 1890.

BAILEY, I., Berrie W. H.-Sheriff Glynn Co., Blitch Elizabeth-Attendant city Jail.


DART, John B.-City Marshal

GOODBREAD, Philip, GOODBREAD, S. T., GOODBREAD, Charles-Guard City Prison.


Jackson J. W.

Lamb John L.

McDONALD, Alex, jailor, h city jail.

QUIGLEY, Mrs. M.M., attendant city jail


THORPE, J. E., Turner Alfred, Turner A. T.

Waldron Benjaim.


Chicago, 1844.

Clerk John Sheriff.
Davis, William H. deputy Sheriff
Lowe, Samuel J. sheriff of Cook Co.
Perrior, William jailor
Rhines, Henry deputy sheriff


Chicago, 1855-1856.

Adams William B., Andrew James-Sheriff.

Bartlett William K., Belden James, Bulkley Fayette S.-Deputy Sheriff.

Caswell Sidney, Chubb James, Conklin William, Cook R. G., Coughran Michael, Cummins Ethel.

Daley Jefferson, Davis James, Douglass William M., Doyle Simon-Jailor.

Freeman Henry.

Goodrich E. C., Grant James.

Hitchcock Arthur.

Johnson G. A.

Kelly William, Kemp William, Knight Darius-City Marshal.

Leahart William, Leander George, Lethard William, Lewis O. S., Lombard Daniel.

Marsh Thomas, Milliken Isaac L.-Police magistrate.

Norton A. L., Norton John A., Norwood Wm. K., Noyes Charles, Noyes John.

Palmer John S., Parish James, Paul Eli-Day police, Payne James M., Pike R. W., Pike William H., Prince William H.

Renne John, Reynolds Elihu G., Romeis George-City day police, Ruger Harmon F.

St. ClairJ. P., Snider Frederick J., Stevens John, Stewart Jackson F., Storer J. C.

Tedman R. J.

West David, Weston Nathan, White Wm. P., Williams Isaiah H., Williams J. H., Williard Charles, Wilton Harry-U. S. Marshal, Wolff William-Jailor, Woodward E. W.

Yelverton William.

Peoria Illinois, 1883-1884.

Adelmann Abrsham

Berry Clarence D.-Deputy county Sheriff, Berry Cyrus L.-Deputy county Sheriff, Buchanan William G. A.

Cahill Patrick H., Carr Edward, Craig Samuel.

Damm Harman R., Daugherty James-Police magistrate, Dibble Edward H.

Eibeck Lorenz, Elliott Phillip, English James J.

Fahey Thomas-Constable, Foley Bernaed, Foster Thomas J.

Grant Isaac.

Ibeck Lawrence.

Jones George W.

Kissick John H.

Lincoln Henry C., Lynch Thomas.

Matson Robert H., Meyer Hermann H., Minor John-Chief of police, Mulligan Lawrence, Murphy William-Deputy county Sheriff.

Noel Warren-Deputy county Sheriff.

Olmstead Andrew, Osborn Noah F.

Powell Cornelius.

Selby William F.

Tammen Jacob.

Wasson James-Deputy county Sheriff, Wasson Thomas T., Wilson Charles.


Des Moines, 1897.

Bagley David N., Burns Patrick H.-Police night desk sergeant.

Carter Amasa, Collins Nathan P.-Jailor city jail, CookRobert B.-Police Captain, Crumbaker James W.

Dailey John M., Dunagan Joseph P.

Finn Thomas.

Garrett W. H. H.-Asst. police chief, Gibson Samuel.

Hammer Wm.-Deputy sheriff Polk Co., Haragan Wm., Hardin Eli-City Detective.

Inman Wm. F.

Johnson Alfred I., Johnson Frederick-Chief of police, Jordan Calvin S.-Deputy sheriff Polk Co.

Latimer John L., Leon Solomon, Lewis Clay ( Colored. )

Miller Morris A., Murphy James.

Peterson John A.-Deputy sheriff of Polk Co.

Richards Wm. A.-Detective, Riddle James W., Riley Asher S., Rood Joseph T.

Saverud Louis, Siberell Wm., Stout James-Sheriff of Polk Co.

Temple Charles, Todd James ( Colored. )

Williams Alexander.


Topeka, 1874-1875.

Archer Thomas- Constable, Arnott A. A. Constable.

Gilpatrick W. K.-Under Sheriff.

Orcutt Jacob D.-Jail.

Vanderpool Charles L.-Deputy U. S. Marshal.

Streeter Hardy B.-Policeman.

Wade Spencer P.-Sheriff.

Wamsley John ( Colored )-Policeman.

Tincher James H.-Policeman.


Boston. 1800.

Allen, Jeremiah, esq. ~ high sheriff.

Bradford, Samuel, esq. ~ District Marshal.

Gridley, Samuel ~ constable.

Hartshorn?, Oliver ~ deputy sheriff.

Holbrook, Ji??h ~ constable.

Ingraham, Joseph ~ constable.

Lewis, Amos ~ constable.

May, Enoch ~ constable.

Stevenson, Thomas ~ constable, Symnes, William ~ deputy sheriff.

Townsend, Andrew ~ constable, Trench, John ~ constable, Tuckerman, John ~ constable.

White, Samuel ~ constable.

Boston, 1860.

Adams Ephrim, Adams George W., Adams James-Police Lieutenant, Adams Thomas, Allen Charles, Atkins Freeman.

Baker Jonathan W., Baldwin Freeman G., Barber James H., Barber James K., Bartlett George W., Bartlett John E., Bartlett Reuel W., Baston Joseph C., Bean Wm. H., Bennett Andrew J., Bennett Thomas, Blaisdell David, Blanchard Joseph B., Blodgett John K., Blood Augustus, Blount Otis W., Boothby Charles, Boston Octavius, Bosworth Noah, Briggs William W., Brown Sylvester, Buck Lucius L., Burley Benjamin D.

Caneday Vera, Capen Moses L., Carr Joseph R., Chadbourne William, Chase Mark, Clapp Derastus, Clapp William T., Clark Augustus, Clark John M.-Sheriff of Suflolk Co., Clark Lemuel, Clifford George W., Clough Joseph H., Cobb Him, Coburn Daniel J.-Chief of police, Colesworthy William H., Coombs Joseph M., Cooper Thomas, Copeland Wm. M. H., Covell Samuel, Covell William, Cowdry John, Crane Samuel, Crocker David P., Currier Jacob H., Currier Wm. W., Curtis James, Curtis Stephen, Cushaman Zechariah.

Darling Samuel, Deluce Francis, Drake Amos G., Dunn John M., Durrell Wm. H.

Eaton Wm. D.-Police captain, Elliot Calvin P., Emerson George P., Emerson Joseph B.

Felch George, Foster David M., Foster Isaac, Foster James, Foster James C., Foster Joshua, Fowles Charles D.

Goodwin Elisha W., Gott Jabez R. Jr., Gould Daniel S., Gould Lyman W., Gove J. Sumner, Graves Adam T., Graves Lyford W., Gregg Charles C., Griggs Robert D.

Ham Luther A.-Deputy chief of police, Ham William A., Hancock Daniel, Harris Milton, Harvey John L., Hines Isaac, Howard Edmund B., Hunkins John H.

Jennkins Samuel, Jewett James, Joy Columbus.

Kendall William, Kingsley Joseph H.

Lang Richard, Leighton Rufus, Locke James W.-Officer at Jail, Lord Edmund B., Loverjoy Philip.

Marsh Rufus C., Merrick Asa B., Moore Frederick P., Morey John W., Morrill Asa-Police Lieutenant, Morris Charles, Moulton Moses S.

Neal Daniel W.

Oakes Moses L., Oldham Henry W., Osborn John H., Osgood Edwin J., Ostrander Albert.

Page John M., Park Joseph H., Pastrouich Nicholas, Penniman John M., Perkins Joseph S., Phillips Warren F., Pichard George R., Pierce Thomas P., Porter Alfred H., Prentiss John W.

Read Harrison O., Reed James, Ross Samuel B., Rowe Thomas J., Rowell Cromwell G., Rundlet Daniel T.

Sergeant James M., Scott Albert W., Scott George J., Shedd Jeaediah Jr., Shute Ebenezer, Sisson Wm. B., Sloan Samuel W., Smith Curtis, Smith Jesse, Smith Jenas G., Stark John S., Stickney Wm. W., Stillings Benjamin G., Sturtevant Alden W., Swasey Alexander L., Sylvester Adam.

Tallant Jacob C., Tasker Charles S., Thompson Isaiah P., Towie Archibald E., Trout Robert, Turner Alvin M., Vinal Lewis, Vinal Paul J.

Walcott Aaron, Warner George M., Warner Daniel, Warner Zenas C., Wasgatt Enos., Wellman Edward W., West Charles, Whitcomb Oliver-Police Lieutenant, Wing Horace B., Wood Lucius, Wright Charles H., Wright Simon F.

City Directories.


Detroit, 1837.

Wayne county 1893-4.


Kansas City Missouri, 1859-60.

St. Louis, 1821.

New York.

Troy, 1877.

New York, New York, 1859.

Utica, 1867-8.


Allentown, 1899.

Rhode Island.

Providence, 1824.

South Carolina.

Columbia, 1859.


Burlington, 1869-70 & 1896-7.


Norfolk, 1859.

West Virginia.

Huntington, 1895-6.


Oshkosh, 1886-7.