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Volunteers Company’s of the United States. 1776-1812

I know a lot of you are looking for a company that your ancestor was in or may have been in, so I have recorded a list of volunteer company’s and State volunteers from each State that I could find. Some State will have none, that’s not to say there won’t any, It’s the way they were recorded. Where I got my information from, Some States may list something like ( Rice Reg. ) I will not record this as I don’t know if this a Militia or a U. S., company. I will only record the names that state Volunteers. I hope you will find that company you are looking for on this page, and if your lucky you may find your ancestor on the roster as well.

Note. These rosters were made up from the United States Pension Rolls, which is housed at the Library of Congress.

Volunteers Company’s of the United States.


Stanley’s Volunteers.
1.Private, Jarvis Beal.
2. Private, James R. Bean.

Danforth’s Volunteers.
1. Private, William Barton.

Herrick’s Volunteers.
1. Private, William Campbell.
2. Private, Allen Freeman.
3. Private Thomas Ham.
4. Private, John P. read.
5. Private Isaac Plummer.

Elkin’s Volunteers.
1. Private, Jedediah Lombard.

Ulmer’s Volunteers.
1. Private, Henry Doe.
2. Private, John Penny.

McCobb’s Volunteers.
1. Corporal, Thomas Linnen.

Burr’s Volunteers.
1. Hezekiah Richardson.

Cumming’s Volunteers.
Private Joseph Russell.


Connecticut. Volunteers.
1. Private, David Blackman.

Connecticut. Volunteer infantry.
1. Sergeant Aner Bradley.

Hawkins Volunteers.
1. Private, Daniel Putman, died.

New York.

Miller’s U. S. Volunteers.
1. Ensign, Joseph Farrow.

New York Volunteers.
1. Major & Aid-de-camp, John Lovett.
2. Sergeant, Levi Steel.
3. Private, Charles Hagin.
4. Sergeant, Isaac Wiley.
5.2d, Lieutenant, George Bell.
6. Major, Cyrenius Chapin.
7. Private, Robert Kane.
8. Private, Caleb Torry.
9. Sergeant, Samuel Burt.
10. Captain, Elias Benjamin.
11. Corporal, Banard Curray.
12. Private, James McDonald.
13. Private, Reuben Patrick.
14. Private, Hugh Stevenson.
15. Captain, Richard C. Skinner.
16. Private, John B. Williams.
17. Private Silas Alexander.
18. Captain, John Hull.
19. Private, Henry Parks.
20. 1st, Lieutenant, Phipps Hewitt.
21. Private, Joseph Edson.
22. Private Amon Lawrence.
23. Colonel, Hugh W. Dobbin.
24. Private, Daniel Boughton.
25. Or. Sergeant, Daniel Dupuy.
26. 1st. Lieutenant, William Bailey.
27. Qr. Master, Archer Green.
28. Private, Chauncey W. Smith.
29. Private, James Schoonover.
30. Private, David Silsby.

Volunteer Militia.
1. Private George Acker.
2. Private, Aaron Cartwright.

Canadian Volunteers.
1. Private, Cary Marcellous.
2. Private, David Pierson.
3. Captain, William Bigger.

2d, N. Y. volunteers.
1. 1st, Lieutenant, Platt Ketchum.

3d, N. Y. Volunteers.
1. 2d, Lieutenant, George Bell.
2. 2d, Lieutenant, Ebenezer Cole.
3. 2d, Lieutenant, Caleb Crane.
4. Private, Nathan Harris.
5. 2d, Lieutenant, Peter Holmes.
6. 2d, Lieutenant, Lewis Messellier.
7. 2d, Lieutenant, Bernard O’Conner.
8. 2d, Lieutenant, Isaac Piercy.
9. Captain Thomas Sherwood.

Chapin’s Volunteers.
1. 2d, Lieutenant, Augustus C. Fox.

McClure’s Volunteers.
1. Private, John Skerritt.

United States Volunteers.
1. Captain, Chester Griswood.
2. Private, Josiah Griswood, Died.

Swift’s Connecticut Volunteers.
1. Private, Abel Follet.
2. Private. Jieah Carter

New York Volunteer Rifles.
1. Private, John Stoddard.

Birdsall’s Volunteer Rifles.
1. Corporal. Daniel Tibbetts.

Parker’ Massachusetts Volunteers.
1. Private, William Gallup or Gallop.

New York Volunteer Cavalry.
1. Private, William M’Keon.


Greensburg Volunteers.
1. Private, Samuel McLean.

Gordon’s Co. Militia, Gordon’s Vol., Gordon’s 5th, reg. Vol.
1. Private, William Burgess.
2. Private, William Edwards.
3. Private, James Hayes.

Pennsylvania Volunteers.
1. Lieutenant, William Dick.

New York Volunteers.
1. Sergeant, George Waters.

Markle’s United States Dragoons Volunteers.
1. Private, John Gilbert.


Marshall’s Co. Delaware Volunteers.
1. Private, Gunsbury Brown.


Baltimore Volunteers.
1. Captain Stephen H. Moore.

United States Volunteers.
1. Private, William Randall.


Virginia Volunteers.
1. Lieutenant, James Campbell.

Petersburg Volunteers.
1. Private, Grieve Drummond.

McRae’s Volunteers.
1. Private, William R. Chieves.

Humphrey’s Volunteers.
1. Private, Hugh McDonald.

Virginia Volunteers Riflemen.
1. Private William D. Phielding.


Smith’s Volunteer Dragoons.
1. Private, Andrew Boyle.

Kentucky Volunteer Militia.
1. Private, William Scott.
2. Farrier, Joseph M’Connell.

Garrard’s Volunteers.
1. Private, Thomas Estin.
2. Private, John Wood.

Kentucky Volunteers.
1. Musician, Samuel Kelly.
2. Lieutenant, Bartlett Collins.
3. Private, Thomas Bell.
4. Private, Thomas Hawkins.
5. Private. Thomas James.
6. Private, Edward Turner.
7. Private, Samuel W. White.
8. Private, Brid Smith.

Tennessee Volunteers.
1. Private, John Beatty.


Tennessee Volunteers.
1. Private, William Hudgins.
2. Private, Richard Martin.
3. Private, Charles T. Reese.
4 Private, James Walker.
5. Corporal, George Ridley.
6. Private, James Richards.
7. Archibald B. Shannon.

North Carolina Volunteers.
1. Private, William Alexander.
2. Ensign, James Crawford.
3. Private, Alston Cook.

2d, Reg. Tennessee Volunteers.
1. Colonel, William Pillow.

North Carolina Militia Volunteers.
1. Colonel, William Moore.


Ohio Volunteers.
1. Private, William Morrows.
2. Private, Thomas Auter.
3. Private, Henry Houser.

1st, North Carolina Volunteers..
1. Private, George Barngrover.
2. Private, Charles Black.

Mounted Volunteers.
1. Private, Samuel Hawkins.

Garrard Co. Volunteers.
1. Private, Thomas Webster.

New York Volunteers.
1. Private, Jabez Smith.
2. Sergeant, Ransom Isbel.

2d, Reg. Ohio Volunteers.
1. Private, Henry Kendelsperyer

3d, Reg. Ohio Volunteers.
1. Corporal, Robert Doing.


Louisiana Volunteers.
1. Private, Manuel Crecy.


Indiana Volunteers.
1. Private, John Wheeler.
2. Musician, Isham Stroud.

McClelland’s Volunteers.
1. Sergeant, John Parker.

Ohio Volunteers.
1. Sergeant, James Foster.

Mounted Volunteers.
1. Private, Samuel Scott.

New York Volunteers.
1. Sergeant, James Pierce.
2. Private, Asa Brooks.


Ohio Volunteers.
1. Ensign, Henry Flesher.

Illinois Volunteers.
1. 2d, Lieutenant, Tramel Ewing.
2. Captain, Charles Dunn.
3. Private, Joseph R. Young.

Kentucky Volunteers.
1. Private, William Lane.


Tennessee Volunters.
1. Private, Abner Dickson.
2. Private, Mathew Paine.


New York Volunteers.
1. Private, Jabez Fisk
2. Private, Henry Sutton.
3. Captain, Jedediah Hunt.
4. Captain, John Martin.
5. Private, Henry Myers.

Kentucky Volunteers.
1. 1st, William Griffith.

Michigan Volunteers.
1. Private, Lewis Jacob.

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The Adventures Of William Christy

William Christry was a young man and orphan, who had a want for adventure, at the age of twenty abandoned his study of the law and joined the northwestern army as a volunteer, the army then under the command of General Harrison. William did not belong to any corps, as he did not offer to enlist, but offered his services to be disposed of as the commanding general should think would best advance the interests of the country.
William was assigned to the duties of military storekeeper, which he was very arduous, during and after the siege of Fort Meigs, and were discharged by William with great zeal and fidelity.

William finely enlisted on April 19, 1814, William found his duty’s as a storekeeper not to his liking, and so every moment which he could spare from the care and distribution of the public stores was employed upon the lines. William would often exposed himself to the enemy’s fire from a desire to retaliate upon them with his rifle. William would on the 5th of May have a occasion presented to him to distinguish himself in a manner more to his taste, by a close conflict with the enemy. A sortie having been ordered to dislodge the enemy from their position on the company’s right flank, In the advance William’s company fell in with the mass of the Indian force commanded by Tecumseh.

In the conflict that ensued the company was surrounded by the Indian and was forced to divide itself, one part of the company pursuing the enemy to the front while William who command the other half and faced about and engaged the Indians in the rear. William’s gallant band was soon overpowered, and all but two and William were killed. William who was slightly wounded, and the last two fought their way through the enemy’s line and rejoined the regular troops. William was to distinguished himself afterwards on the same day, under the command of Lieutenant Gwynne, who commanded a company in the 19th regiment, that General Harrison recommended him to the Executive, and he received the appointment of second lieutenant in the army. William would also serve on the lines in the northern part of New York, in arresting the smuggles of goods from Canada during the summer of 1814. William would later go to New Orleans and join the first regiment of United States infantry, to which he was attached under the arrangement for the peace establishment, there he was appointed paymaster of his regiment.
There would be other adventures for William, but that’s another story.

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Captain John Hudry & The Company Of Franks. 1814

John Hudry was a very patriotic man and had a strong love for his America. When he heard that the British were on the way to attack New Orleans, he organized a company of men in November of 1814, this company was made up of sixty French veterans and brave Louisiana’s, this croup of men would be known as the Franks. This company was made of proud men but poor men, few among them could provide their own uniforms, late alone any accoutrement, arms, or ammunition. Seeing this John Hudry now captain of the Franks went to the powers of Louisiana for their help but was refused, even though daily advices by the enemy told of a immediate attack on New Orleans, and were now plundering and laying waste to the cities of Chesapeake Bay.

In finding no help in Louisiana, he contracted for the uniforms and equipment from his own fortune. As no arms could be procured in town he got them from Barataria. He then went about gathering as many muskets as he could in New Orleans and in the near by neighborhoods. These muskets were old and many were without rods, bayonets, or locks, he had them refitted at any price, and paid from his fortune. He would support his comrades cheerfully from November to February again from his fortune, he had his company ready in one month to receive General Jackson.

On General Jackson arrival, He led them to that memorable affair of the December 23, were he routed five thousand British veterans with fourteen hundred men on the left
bank of the Mississippi. The general took afterwards his position, and in the evening of the 27th, he ordered the 24-pounder to be brought to the right of his line, which arrived after eight o’clock, amidst rain, frost, and a perfect obscurity. The cannon and materials were unloaded in the mud, but gunner could be found to put it in battery. The aide-de-camp, A. Pavezac, came to captain John Hudry late in the night, he told him that the general was certain to be attacked the next morning. Hudry then went and roused seventeen of his companions, the most of them being professed gunners, and before daylight the battery was ready.

The Next morning, the 28th, eight thousand red-coats appeared before us. They opened a brisk fire from a strong battery which they had established during the same night, with a shower of rockets, but our 24-pounder destroyed their redoubt, and they retreated. The general ordered a 12-pounder to be placed at the left of his line, but all the gunners were with Commodore Patterson on board the ship Louisiana. Therefore he sent to the piece his lieutenant with nine able artillerists. They established the battery, and on the morning of the 1st of January nine thousand British came again to storm our poor mud line, but the Franks leveled their second battery, and they withdrew.

On the 8th of January the enemy attacked everywhere; eleven hundred red-coats advanced along the woods in close columns, but the Franks discovered the general staff on horseback; they pointed a canister, and the whole bunch came to the ground. That army remained without a general, and, after some sharp struggles without command, they retreated, leaving the field covered with dead and wounded. Had not that extraordinary event happened New Orleans would have been a Moscow before noon.

In the following eighteen or nineteen years John Hudry took good care never to mention his services nor his sacrifices for the defense of his country. John Hudry was a true patriot and not a mercenary. But now he has the misfortune to be left with no fortune and is in bad health and old age has over taken him. Therefore it pained him to take his story before the Senators of Congress in the hopes that they would honor him with relief.

When John Hudry give his petition to Congress other men came forward to give evidence on his behalf. One of those was Jon. R. Grymes, who stated he had known John Hudry since 1812. That in 1814, he had raised and equipped a volunteer company for the defense of the country; and had applied to the governor of the State for the necessary arms and equipments; and that he was refused, that he did clothe, arm, and equip them at his own expense. Then on the arrival of the commander-in-chief, they were received into the service of the United States, and during the campaign of 1814 ‘15, he render the most important and signal service in defense of the country. He knew John Hudry to be a man of fortune, but has since become poor and in ill health. He also knew that all articles of equipment were at that period were extremely scarce and bore a most extravagant price.

Andrew Jackson, who was Major General commanding the 7th., Military District, in 1815, Had given a statement about John Hudry that year; He certify that Captain John Hudry, was born in Savoy, and on the eve of invasion, did raise in New Orleans a company of volunteers, called the Compagnie Franche, and was with his company in all the engagements fought with the English, and is entitled to the esteem of all the good citizens of the United States.

In the year of 1821, John Hudry had written a letter I believe to Andrew Jackson, it’s not all important in what was in the letter, but those of the Company Franks who signed it.

Jean ( John ) Hudry, Captain of the Company Franks.
CHERATON, Sergeant Major.
BERTEL, Captain.
HALLEY, Second Lieutenant.
BOMREMZE, Sergeant.

In 1833, Gerard C. Brandon of Wilkinson county, Mississippi, give a statement; that he had known Captain Jean Hudry for more than eleven years, and been intimately acquainted with him during the principal part of that period; that he had located himself on Percy’s creek, in this county, about the year 1820, and was a merchant, with a large stock of goods, but from the want of a knowledge of the people amongst whom he settled, and the laws of the country, and confiding too much in unworthy persons, he has been unjustly deprived of his property.

Another man by the name of Jacob Tourne came forward with a statement; that, in the years 1814 and 1815, during the invasion of Louisiana by the British troops, and for two or three months previous thereto, he was a sergeant in the company of Franks, of which John Hudry was captain; that nearly all the members of that company were poor men who were unable to uniform, arm, and equip themselves; that they received neither arms nor accoutrements from the State; that it is within his personal knowledge Captain Hudry furnished clothing for most, if not all his men, and sent to Barataria and procured eighty saber blades, and had them mounted in this city for the use of his company; that he furnished caps and cartridge-boxes and about sixty muskets for his men; that, according to the prices at that time, the saber blades were worth from six to eight dollars each, and that it was worth from four to six dollars to mount them; that the cartridge-boxes were worth four or five dollars each.
He further says that, for a month before the actual invasion, Captain Hudry’s house was the headquarters of his company; that while at the lines Captain Hudry sent his cart almost daily and brought to camp for his men supplies of vegetables and provisions at his own expense; that he must have expended between ten and thirteen thousand dollars upon his company during the invasion; that he was a most vigilant and valuable officer; that he was then rich, but is now poor, old and infirm, about sixty years old.

In 1833, all the evidence had been given and was taken to a Senate committee whereon in the year of 1835 a Bill was printed and taken to the floor of the Senate to be read. On January 21, 1835, Senator Benton, during the reading of the bill, was informed, by one or two gentlemen near him, of the unhappy termination, this morning, of the existence of Captain Hudry, by his own hand. Mr. Benton then rose and said that he was unaware, until that moment, of the melancholy decease of the gallant officer whose claims he had advocated. But he had just been informed by a Senator from Louisiana that Captain Hudry had, in a fit of despair, this morning, put an end to his existence; and the only duty now left him was to advocate the passage of the bill, in order that the heirs or representatives of the deceased might get what he was entitled to.

All the Senators agreed, but also agreed that the Bill would have be amended to read; “pay to the heirs and legal representatives of Captain Hudry.” The Senators also agreed that as a whole new Bill it should go back to committee for a third reading and was agreed to. The Bill wouldn’t see the Senate floor again till June 25, 1860, where it was read and passed on May 8, 1860. By 1860 the only heir left was a Marie Genand.
Although the Bill had passed the Senate it must not of passed the House, for in 1862, it was stated; That the Committee on Military Affairs and the Militia be discharged from the further consideration of the petition of Marie Genand, and that it be referred to the Committee on Claims. I found no record that another Bill came before the Senate or House.

The following is the Bill that passed the Senate.

June 25, 1860.

For the relief of the heirs or legal representatives of Jean Hudry.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized to pay to the heirs or legal representatives of Captain Jean Hudry, of the State of Louisiana, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of nine thousand seven hundred and five dollars, it being the amount of the account of the said Jean Hudry for uniform clothing, arms, and accoutrements furnished by him, in the year eighteen hundred and fourteen, to a company of the Louisiana legion, called the Franks, which company he raised and equipped previous to the invasion, and gallantly led into battle on the night of the twenty-third of December and the morning of the eighth of
Passed the Senate May 8, 1860.

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Army Register Death List-1833-1838.

In my last page on the Army Register death list, I stated that I would record all the names, but I found there were just too many names to put on one page. This will be page two, This page will cover the years of 1833-1838, which is as far as my Registers go. Although I will not cover as many years as the first page, then will be a lot more names, because of the Indians Wars and so on. Again this will be military information only.

Note. This information comes from Military Affairs which is housed at the Library of Congress.

Important note. I have found that I will not have enough room on this page for all the information for the names for the years of 1837 & 1838, I will list all the names but will only give their date of death, and place of death, or station. If you find a ancestor in the last two years lists and would like their military information, you can write to me. My address can be found in my profile.

Army Register 1833.


Willoughby Morgan, Major, 12th Infantry, 26th June, 1813, to be Captain, Rifle Regiment, 6th July, 1812.
Willoughby Morgan, severally promoted to Major on the 29th of June, to rank from March 12th, 1813, should be corrected to rank from June 26th;
Willoughby Morgan, Brevet Major, Captain, Rifle Regiment, to be Major, 8th March, 1817.
Willoughby Morgan, Major, Rifle Regiment to be Lieut. Col., 10th, Nov., 1818.
Willoughby Morgan, lt. col. 5th Regiment of Infantry, 10th November, 1818, to be colonel by brevet, to take rank from 10th November, 1828, for faithful service ten years in one grade.
Willoughby Morgan, Brevet Colonel , lt. col. of the 3d Infantry, to be colonel, 1st, infantry, 23d April, 1830.
Willoughby Morgan, 1st infantry, Died, April 4, 1832.


Wm. MacRea, Lieutenant Colonel, 1st, artillery, April 19. 1814
Wm. MacRea, 1st, artillery, Colonel by brevet April 19, 1824.
Wm. MacRea, Brevet Colonel 2d, artillery, 1831.
Wm. MacRea, Brevet Colonel 2d artillery, Died, November 3, 1832.


Theo. Maurice, corps of engineers, November 12. 1818.
Theo. Maurice, corps of engineers, Major by brevet, November 13, 1828.
Theo. Maurice, Brevet Major corps of engineers, Died, March 5, 1832.

Thomas J. Beall, (2d Lieutenant) First Lieutenant, 1st, infantry, 3d March, 1813.
Thomas J. Beall, 1st Lt. 1st Artillery, to be a Captain in the 4th regiment of Riflemen 1814.
Thomas J. Beall, captain 2d Regiment of Infantry, 26th September, 1818, to be major by brevet, to take rank from 26th September, 1828, for faithful service ten years in one grade.
Thomas J. Beall, Captain , of the First Regiment of Infantry, to be Major by brevet, to date from 17th March, 1824, instead of 26th September, 1828.
Thomas J. Beall, Brevet Major, 1st infantry, Died, October 26, 1832.

Elijah Boardman, Connecticut, Cornet, Light Dragoons, June 18, 1808.
Elijah Boardman, Cornet, to be promoted to Second Lieutenant, 1810.
Elijah Boardman, Second Lieutenant , to be promoted to First Lieutenant, May 3, 1810.
Elijah Boardman, Captain , of the 2d Regiment of Infantry, to be major by brevet, to date from 1st August, 1823, instead of 31st March, 1827.
Elijah Boardman, Captain 2d regiment of Infantry, 31st March, 1817, to be Major by brevet, to take rank from 31st March, 1827, for faithful service ten years in one grade.
Elijah Boardman, Brevet Major, 2d infantry, Died, March 22, 1832.


George Webb,2d, Lieutenant, July 24, 1818.
George Webb, 1st, Lieutenant, 1st, artillery, A. C. S., May 15, 1823.
George Webb, 1st artillery, Died, April 20, 1832.

Frederick L. Griffith, Cadet, to be 3d Lieutenant, corps of Artillery, 17th July, 1817.
Frederick L. Griffith, 3d Lieutenant , to be 2d Lieutenant, 9th December, 1817.
Frederick L. Griffith, 1 lt. 2d Regiment of Artillery, 28th November, 1819, to be captain by brevet, to take rank from 28th November, 1829, for faithful service ten years in one grade.
Frederick L. Griffith, 2d artillery, Died, January 28, 1832.


Napoleon B. Bennett, Bvt. 2d Lt. 1st Artillery, to be 2d Lt. 1st July, 1824.
Napoleon B. Bennett, 3d artillery, Died, November 2, 1832.

Gustavus Brown, Cadet , to be brevet 2d. Lieutenant. 3d regiment artillery, 1 July, 1829.
Gustavus Brown, 3d artillery, Died, July 12, 1832.

Levin Gale, 2d, Lieutenant, 1st, infantry, July 1, 1827.
Levin Gale,1st infantry, Died, September 1, 1832.

Joseph Clay,2d, Lieutenant, 4th, infantry, July 1, 1825.
Joseph Clay, 4th, infantry, Died, July 8, 1832.

Nelson N. Clark, 2d, Lieutenant, 4th, infantry, July 1, 1827.
Nelson N. Clark, 4th infantry, Died, July 11, 1832.

Samuel Torrence, 2d, Lieutenant, 4th, infantry, July 1, 1828.
Samuel Torrence, 4th infantry, Died, September 1, 1832.

Amos Foster, 2d, Lieutenant, 5th, infantry, July 1, 1828.
Amos Foster, 5th, infantry, February, Died, 7, 1832.

Benjamin W. Kinsman, 2d, Lieutenant, 7th infantry, July 1, 1828.
Benjamin W. Kinsman, 7th infantry, Died, May 14, 1832.


Franklin McDuffee, 4th artillery, Died, July 15, 1832.
Died before record was recorded.

Thomas J. Royster, 2d, Lieutenant by brevet, 6th, infantry, July 1, 1830.
Thomas J. Royster, 6th infantry, Died, September 5, 1832.


Charles B. Tallmadge, to be Paymaster, 27th March, 1818.
Charles B. Tallmadge, to be Paymaster, from 27th March, 1826.
Charles B. Tallmadge, Died, December 31, 1832.


Josiah Everett, Surgeon's Mate, 21st, to be Surgeon of the 21st regiment, 1814.
Josiah Everett, S. M. 2d Infantry, to be Post Surgeon, 10th Aug. 1818.
Josiah Everett, Post Surgeon, to be Surgeon Light Artillery, January 28, 1820.
Josiah Everett, Died, Ju1y 14, 1832.

Richard M. Coleman, Ky., to be S. Mate, 7th Infantry, 10th Aug. 1818.
Richard M. Coleman, assistant surgeon' to be surgeon, July 1832.
Richard M. Coleman, Die, September 2, 1832.


James Mann, Massachusetts, Hospital Surgeon, 1812.
James Mann, Massachusetts, Hospital Surgeon, Northern Division of the Army, 1818.
James Mann, late Hospital Surgeon, to be Post Surgeon, 1818.
James Mann, Died, November 7, 1832.

John Jackson, assistant surgeon June 1, 1821.
John Jackson, Died, January 81, 1832.

Mordecai Hale, New York, to be Post Surgeon, 1818.
Mordecai Hale, late Post Surgeon, to be Assistant Surgeon, 27th October, 1821.
Mordecai Hale, Died December 9, 1832.


Thomas Gimbrede, Military Academy, Died, December 25, 1832.

Army Register 1834.


Nathaniel G. Dana, 2d, Lieutenant, Corps of artillery, May 1, 1814.
Nathaniel G. Dana, 1st, Lieutenant, 1st, artillery, A C. S., April 20, 1818.
Nathaniel G. Dana, First Lieut. , to be Capt., 1st, artillery, 15th Sept., 1825.
Nathaniel G. Dana, Captain, 1st artillery, Died, February 4, 1833.

Reuben Holmes, Cadet, to be 2d Lt. 6th reg. Inf., 1st July, 1823.
Reuben Holmes, 2d Lieut., to be 1st Lieut., 6th, reg. inf., 15th February, 1826.
Reuben Holmes, dragoons, Died, November 4, 1833.


Jasper Macomb, late Cadet, to be 2d Lieut. 7th regiment of Infantry.
Jasper Macomb, 2d Lt. , 1 1t., 7th, infantry, 10 November, 1829.
Jasper Macomb, 7lth infantry, Died, December 15, 1833.


Charles L. C. Minor, Cadet, to be brevet 2d Lieutenant, 5th regiment of Infantry, 1st July, 1826.
Charles L. C. Minor, Brevet, 2d Lt , of the 5th, infantry to be 2d Lt., 3d, infanty 1st July, 1826.
Charles L C. Minor, 3d infantry, Died, October 31, 1833.


Joseph D Harris, Died, September 26, 1833.
Found no record.

Army Register 1835.


James House, Pennsylvania, Lieutenant, 1799.
James House, Lieut., 1st, reg. A. & E., Rank under new Organization Lieutenant, 1802.
James House, First Lieutenant , of the regiment of Artillerists, to be promoted to the rank of Captain, 1806.
James House, to be Lieutenant Colonels, May 3, 1813.
James House, Lieut. Col., 1st, artillery, to be Colonel, 14th April, 1822.
Brigadier-general by brevet: James House colonel 1st Reg. of Artillery, 8th May, 1822, to be brigadier-general by brevet, to take rank 8th May, 1832.
James House, Col. 1st artillery, Died, Nov. 17, 1834.

Henry Leavenworth, Captain, Infantry, 1812.
Henry Leavenworth, Captain in the 25th, Major, 12th March, 1813.
Henry Leavenworth, Captain , Major, 9th, infantry, 15th August, 1813.
Henry Leavenworth, Brevet Colonel , Major of the 2d Infantry, to be Lieutenant Colonel, 5th, infantry, 10th February, 1818.
Henry Leavenworth, Bvt. Col., Lieut. Col. of the 6th Infantry, to be Colonel, 3d, infantry, 16th Dec. 1825.
Colonel Henry Leavenworth, colonel of the 3d Infantry, to be brigadier-general by brevet, from the 25th of July, 1824, having on that day completed ten years' faithful service in the grade of brevet colonel in the Army, 1829.
Henry Leavenworth, Col. 3d, infantry, Died, July 21, 1834.


Henry W. Griswold, Second Lieutenant , to be 1st Lieutenant, 12th December, 1818.
Henry W. Griswold, 1st lieut., 1st Regimen of Artillery, 12th December, 1818, to be captain by brevet; to take rank from 12th December, 1828, for faithful service ten years in one grade.
Henry W. Griswold, 1st artillery, Died, October 23, 1834.

Matthew A. Patrick, Ensign, to 3d, Lieutenant, 29th, infantry, May 1, 1814.
Matthew A. Patrick, late 3d Lieutenant of the 40th Infantry, to be 3d Lieutenant corps of Artillery, 18th August, 1817.
Matthew A. Patrick, 3d Lieut. , to be 2d Lieut., Corp. Artillery, 23d March, 1818.
Matthew A. Patrick, 2d Lt. , to be 1st Lt., Corp. Artillery, 23 Aug. 1820.
Matthew A. Patrick, 2d Lieutenant , to be 1st Lieut., 1st, artillery, 11th August, 1820.
Matthew A. Patrick, 1 lt. 1 Reg't of Artillery, 11 Aug't, 1820, to be captain by brevet, to take rank 11th August, 1830.
Matthew A. Patrick, 1st Lieutenant to be captain, 1st, artillery, 4 Feb., 1833.
Matthew A. Patrick, 1st artillery, Died, March 6, 1834.


Robert L. Armstrong, New York, Cadet, 3d, lieutenant, Light Artillery, July 21, 1814.
Robert L. Armstrong, 2d Lieut. , to be 1st Lieut., Corp. Artillery, 2d July, 1818.
Robert L. Armstrong, 1st lt. 2d Regiment of Artillery, 2d July, 1818, to be captain by brevet, to take rank from 2d July, 1828, for faithful service ten years in one grade.
Robert L. Armstrong, Captain by Brevet, 2d artillery, Died, Oct. 10, 1834.


Abram C. Fowler, 2d Lieut. , to be 1st Lieut., 2d, artillery, 20th February, 1827.
Abram C. Fowler, 2d artillery, Died, April 3O, 1834.

George W. Garey, Cadet, 7th, reg. infantry, July 1, 1825.
George W. Garey, Brevet 2d Lieutenant, 7th Infantry, to be 2d Lieutenant 1st of July, 1825.
George W. Garey, 2 Lieut., 1st, infantry to be 1 lieut., October 26, 1832
George W. Garey, 1st infantry, Died, December 10, 1834.


Wm. Bradford, dragoons, 2d, Lieutenant, September 19, 1833.
Wm. Bradford, dragoons, Died, March 17, 1834.

George W. McClure , Brevet Second Lieutenant, dragoons, to be second lieutenant, 31st May, 1834.
George W. McClure, dragoons, Died, July 21, 1834.

Theop.. B. Brown, 2d, Lieutenant, 3d, artillery, July 1, 1826.
Theop.. B. Brown, 3d artillery, Died, September 14, 1834.

Elbridge G. Eastman , Brevet Second Lieutenant 2d, infantry, to be second lieutenant, 4th March, 1833.
Elbridge G. Eastman, 2d infantry, Died, October 6, 1834.

Samuel K. Cobb, Cadet, to be brevet 2d Lieut. Of 3d, Infantry, 1st July, 1828.
Samuel K. Cobbs, 3d infantry, Died, January 11, 1834.

Joseph Ritner , Cadet to be brevet 2d lt. 4th Reg. of infantry 1st July, 1830.
Joseph Ritner , Brevet 2d Lieut. to be 2d lieut., 4th, infantry, 1st July, 1830.
Joseph Ritner, 4th infantry, Died, February 1, 1834.

James West , Cadet to be brevet 2d lt. 7th Reg. of Infantry, 1st July, 1830.
James West, Brevet 2d Lieutenant, 7th Reg. to be 2d lieut., to take rank 1st July, 1830.
James West, 7th infantry, Died, September, 28, 1834.


George D. Dimon , Cadet to be brevet 2d lieutenant, 1st, infantry, 1 July, 1833.
George D. Dimon, 1st infantry, Died, September 16, 1834.


William Piatt, Second, Lieutenant William Piatt, to be promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant in the 2d regiment of Infantry, October 12, 1804
William Piatt, 1st Lieutenant , 2d, infantry, promoted to the rank of Captain, February 17, 1809.
William Piatt, Lieutenant Colonel by Brevet December 23, 1814.
William Piatt, of Ohio, to be a Paymaster in the army, 1830.
William Piatt, Colonel , paymaster, Died, August 16, 1834.

Thomas Wright, Pennsylvania Ensign of Infantry, 1812.
Thomas Wright, paymaster 22d June, 1826.
Thomas Wright, paymaster, to be reappointed, to take effect 22d June 1834.
Captain Thomas Wright, paymaster, Died, November 9, 1834.


John Anderson, top. eng., April 12, 1813.
John Anderson, top. eng., , Lieutenant Colonel by Brevet, April 12, 1823.
Bvt. Lieut. Col., John Anderson, top. eng., Died, September 4, 1834.

P. H. Perrault, Virginia, top. eng., Military District No. 5., April 12, 1813.
P. H. Perrault, Topographical Engineer, to be Lieut. Colonel by brevet, from the 17th February, 1827, having served faithfully as a brevet Major, and performed the appropriate duties of that grade for ten years continuously.
P. H. Perrault, Brevet Lieut. Col., , top. eng., Died, January 28, 1834.


Samuel B. Smith, assistant surgeon, June 1, 1821.
Samuel B. Smith, assistant surgeon, Died, November 28, 1834.

James W. Hunt, of N. C., to be ass't surgeon, July 13, 1832.
James W. Roper, assistant surgeon, Died, March 23, 1834.

John M. Thomas, assistant surgeon, Died, December 28, 1834.
Found no record.

Charles B. Welsh, Pa., to be assistant surgeon, December 1, 1833.
Charles B. Welsh, assistant surgeon, Died, August 2, 1834.

Army Register 1836.


George Blaney, late Brevet 2d Lieutenant of the Corps of Engineers, to be 2d Lieutenant of Engineers, 31st October, 1816.
George Blaney, Second Lieut , Corps of Engineers to be 1st Lieut. 12th Nov. 1818.
George Blaney, 1st Lt. , Corps of Engineers to be Capt., 1st July, 1824.
George Blaney, captain of the Corps of Engineers, to be major by brevet, to take rank June 30th, 1834.
George Blaney, Fort Johnston, Captain Corps of engineers, Died May 15, 1835.

Philip Wager, Virginia, Ensign, infantry, 1812.
Philip Wager, 3d, Lieutenant 12th, infantry to be 2d, Lieutenant, March 17, 1814.
Philip Wager, Second Lieutenant, 4th, infantry to be First Lieutenant, 1st December, 1816.
Philip Wager, Captain 4th regiment of Infantry, 8th May, 1818, to be major by brevet, to take rank from 8th May, 1828, for faithful service ten years in one grade.
Philip Wager, Philadelphia, Captain, Major by Brevet, 4th infantry, Died, November 28, 1835.


John Hills, Third Lieutenant to be Second Lieutenant, ordnance 1st January, 1818.
John Hills, 2d Lieut. Ordnance to be 1st Lieut., 31st December, 1819.
John Hills, late Lt., to be 2d Lt. 6th regiment Infantry, 25th June, 1827.
John Hills, Second Lieutenant, late of the infantry, to be brevet 2d lieutenant in the 4th Regiment of Artillery, 1831.
John Hills, of Maine, to be captain, Ordnance Corps, 1832.
John Hills, Apalachicola arsenal, ordnance, Died, February 25, 1835.

Jacob Schmuck, 4th, infantry, First Lieut., to be Capt., 11th April, 1825.
Jacob Schmuck, Captain in the 4th Regiment of Artillery, to be Captain by brevet, to date 25th July, 1824.
Jacob Schmuck, St. Augustine, 4th artillery, Died, April 10, 1835.

Jefferson Vail, Cadet, 1st, infantry, to be 2d Lieutenant, 1st July, 1821.
Jefferson Vail , Second Lieut. 1st, infantry to be First Lieut., 14th May, 1825.
Jefferson Vail , First Lieutenant, 1st, infantry to be captain, 11 July, 1833.
Jefferson Vail, Captain, Baton Rouge, 1st infantry, Died, October 25, 1835.


Stephen Tuttle, Brevet 2d Lt, Ordnance Corps to be 2d Lieut. 29 Aug. 1820.
Stephen Tuttle, 2d Lieut. , Ordnance Corps to be 1st Lieutenant, 24th May, 1828.
Stephen Tuttle, St. Augustine, corps of engineers, Died, January 21, 1835.

William Palmer, Cadet, to be brevet 2d Lieut. of Artillery, 1st July, 1828.
William Palmer , Brevet 2d Lieut., 1st artillery to be 2d lt., 1 July, 1828.
William Palmer, 1st, Lieutenant, Fort Johnston, 1st artillery, Died, July 23, 1835.

Asa Richardson, , Cadet to be 2d Lt. 6th reg. Inf., 1st July, 1823.
Asa Richardson, , Second Lt. to be 1st Lt. 1st May, 1827.
Asa Richardson,. Jefferson barracks, 6th infantry, Died April 18, 1835.

John E. Newell, Cadet to be Brevet. 2d Lieut. 1st regiment of Infantry, 1st July, 1823.
John E. Newell , 2d Lt., 7th infantry to be 1 1t., 10 November, 1829.
John E Newell, Carlisle, 7th infantry, Died, March 26, 1835.

Samuel Kinney , Brevet Second Lieutenant 7th infantry to be 2d lieutenant, 1 July, 1830.
Samuel Kinney , Second Lt., 7th infantry to be 1st lt., 4th May, 1835.
Samuel Kinney, Fort Gibson, 7th infantry, Died, December 3, 1835.


Henry G. Sill , Cadet 1st, artillery, to be brevet 2d lieut., 1st July, 1832.
Henry G. Sill , Brevet Second Lieutenant 1st, artillery to be second lieutenant, 1 July, 1832.
Henry G. Sill, Washington city, 1st artillery, December 1, 1835.

Walter S. Chandler , Cadet to be brevet 2d lt. 2d Reg. of Art'y, 1st July, 1830.
Walter S. Chandler, Mobile, 2d artillery, Died, January 25, 1835.

Charles Petigru , Cadet to be brevet 2d lt. 4 Reg. of Art'y, 1 July, 1829.
Charles Petigru, Apalachicola arsenal, 4th artillery, Died, October 6, 1835.

Alexander G. Baldwin, Cadet, to be brevet 2d Lieutenant, 3d regiment of Infantry, 1st July, 1826.
Alexander G. Baldwin, Brevet 2d Lieut., 3d regiment of Infantry to be 2nd Lieut. 1st July, 1826.
Alexander G. Baldwin, Fort Towson, 3d infantry, Died, July 25, 1835.

James H. Taylor ,Cadet to be brevet 2d lt. 3d Reg. of Inf'y, 1 July, 1830.
James H. Taylor , Brevet 2d Lieutenant 3d Reg. of Inf'y, to be 2d lieut., 31 October, 1833.
James H. Taylor, Arkansas Territory, 3d infantry, Died, October 17, 1835.

David A. Manning Cadet, to be brevet 2d lt. 4th Reg. of Inf'y, 1 July, 1830.
David A. Manning , Brevet Second Lieutenant 4th Reg. of Inf'y. to be 2d lieut., 1st July, 1830.
David A. Manning, 2d, Lieutenant, Key West, 4th infantry, Died, July 21, 1835.

Augustine Seaton, Brevet 2d, Lieutenant 7th, infantry, September 19, 1833.
Augustine Seaton, 2d, Lieutenant 7th infantry, September 28, 1834.
Augustine Seaton, Fort Gibson, 7th infantry, Died, November 18, 1835.


William Linnard, of Pennsylvania, to be Military Agent for the Middle Department, 1802.
William Linnard, of Pennsylvania, to be Deputy Quartermasters, 1812.
William Linnard, of Pennsylvania, Q. M. General, Military District No. 4., April 12, 1813.
William Linnard, late Deputy Quartermaster General, to be Quartermaster, 12th November, 1813.
William Linnard, Quartermaster, to be Lieut. Col. by brevet, from 15th June, 1825, having served faithfully as a Major, and performed the appropriate duties of that grade for ten years continuously.
William Linnard, , Brevet Lieut. Col. Philadelphia, quartermaster, Died, September 20, 1835.


Foster Swift, Garrison Surgeon, Massachusetts, 1814.
Foster Swift, New London, assistant surgeon, Died, August 18, 1835.

Robert French, Columbia, to be Post Surgeon, U. S. Army
Robert French, near Georgetown, assistant surgeon, Died, August 13, 1835.

Ephraim M. Blane, assistant surgeon, Oglethorpe barracks November 17, 1829.
Ephraim M. Blane, Oglethorpe barracks, assistant surgeon, Died, March 13, 1835.

Samuel W. Hales, Ohio, to be assistant surgeon, regiment of Dragoons, 23 July, 1833.
Samuel W. Hales, Fort Gibson, assistant surgeon, January 30, 1835.

Army Register 1837.


Daniel Baker, Detroit, 6th, infantry, Died, October 30, 1836.
Alexander S. Brooks, St. John’s Bay Florida, 4th, artillery, Died December 17, 1836.


J. F. Heileman, Fort Deane Florida, 2d, artillery, Died June 27, 1836.


F. L. Dade, Florida, 4th infantry, killed in the Indians battle of December 28, 1835.
N. Clark, Fort Winnbago, 5th, infantry, Died, February 18, 1836.
Owen Ransom, Fort Gratiot, 2d, infantry, Died, July 3, 1836.
Richard M. Sands, Fort Call, 4th, infantry, Died, September 10, 1836.
N. Baden, Augusta Arsenal, 2d, artillery, Died, November 30, 1836.


Thomas J. Harrison, Fort Jesup, 3d, infantry, Died June 15, 1836.
Upton S. Fraser, Florida, 3d, artillery, Killed in Florida in the Indian battle of December 28, 1835.
Samuel Shannon, Tallahassee, 1st, infantry, Died, September 4, 1836.
John Clitz, Fort Mackinac, 2d, infantry, Died, November 6, 1836.
Richard Bache, Washington, Ordnance, Died, January 13, 1836.
George W. Gardiner, Florida, 2d, artillery, killed in Florida in the Indian battle of December 28, 1835.
Lemuel Gates, Fort Drane, Florida, 1st, artillery, Died, August 6, 1836.
Arthur W. Thornton, Pensacola, 4th, infantry, Died, November 2, 1836.
John F. Lane, Florida, 2d, Dragoons, Died, October 19, 1836.


James F. Lzard, Florida, 1st, Dragoons, Died March 5, 1836, from wounds received in the battle of December 28, 1835.
T, B, Wheelock, Florida, 1st, Dragoons, Died, June 15, 1836.
Alexander D. Mackay, St. John’s Bay, Florida, 1st, artillery, Died, December 17, 1836.
Constantine Smith, Florida, 2d, artillery, Died, December 28, 1835, records does not state if he died in battle.
Daniel S. Herring, St. Augustine, 3d, artillery, Died, June 22, 1836.
H. St James Linder, Baltimore, 6th, infantry, Died, August 10, 1836.
John H. Hanly, Fort Leavenworth, 1st, Dragoons, Died, May 26, 1926.


Samuel Kinney, Fort Gibson, 7th, infantry, Died, December 3, 1835, records does not state if he died in battle.
William E. Basinger, Florida, 2d, artillery, Killed in battle of December 28, 1835.
H. Loughborough, Shelby County Kentucky, 2d, artillery, Died, July 20, 1836.
J. E. Henderson, Washington, 2d, artillery, Died July 4, 1836.
Robert R. Mudge, Florida, 3d, artillery, Killed in the battle of December 28, 1835.


J. L. Keais, Florida, 3d, artillery, Killed in the battle of December 28, 1835.


Joseph Lovell, Washington, Surgeon General of the Army, Died October 17, 1836.


John S. Gatlin, Florida, Assistant Surgeon, Killed in the battle of December 28, 1835.
Benjamin F. Nourse, Key West, Assistant Surgeon, Died May 19, 1836.

Army Register 1838.


A. R. Thompson, 6th infantry’, Okee-chobee lake, Killed in battle, December 25, 1837.


George Birch, 4th infantry, Fort Brooke, Fla., Died, September 26, 1837.


Milo Mason, 1st artillery, Washington, D. C., Died, February 4, 1837.
Benjamin A. Boynton, 2d infantry, Plattsburg, N. Y., Died, February 13, 1837.


Charles Mellon, 2d artillery, Fort Mellon, Fla., Killed in battle, February 8, 1837.
Mark W. Batman, 6th infantry, Mt. Vernon arsenal, Ala., Died, July 31, 1837.
Joseph Van Swearingen, 6th, infantry, Okee-phobee lake, Killed in battle, December 25, 1837.


William S. Newton, 3d artillery, Baton Rouge, La., Died, March 16, 1837.
William S. Maitland, 3d artillery, Charleston, S. C., Died, August 19, 1837.


Joseph W. Harris, 3d. artillery, Portsmouth, 1St. N. H., Died, May 18, 1837.
Lawrence F. Carter, 7th infantry, Fort Gibson, Ark., Died, January 19, 1837.
Francis J. Brooke, 6th infantry, Okee-chobee lake, Killed in battle, December 25, 1837.
John F. Kennedy, 1st artillery, Charleston, S. C, Died May 19, 1837.
James W. Hamilton, 2d, dragoons, Fort Marion, Fla., Died, November 26, 1837.
John P. Center, 6th infantry, Okee-chobee lake, Killed in battle, December 25, 1837.


J. W. S. McNie, 2d, dragoons, near Fort Peyton, Fla., Killed in battle September 11, 1837.
Charles E. Kingsbury, 2d, dragoons, Fort Mellon, Fla., Died, June 9, 1837.
George W. Suggett, 1st dragoons, Fort Gibson, Ark., Died, August 8, 1837.


William Turner, Newport, B. I., Died, September 26, 1837.
Augustus C. Turtelot, Washington, D. C., Died, December 8, 1837.
Thomas B Johnson, Baltimore, Md., Died, July 11, 1837.