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The Doctor.

Here is a list of Doctors, I have information on all of these men. The information you will learn may help to add to your families history. If you see a name of interest, write to me and I will be glad to send you the information. Please give the title of this page ( The Doctor ), for without the title I may not be able to help you. My address can be found in my profile.

1. Doctor Eliakim Crosby
2. Doctor John Ramsay, Va.
3. Doctor William Trevitt.
4. George C. Clitherall, wife Caroline E. Clitherall.
5. Doctor William Johonnot.
6. Doctor Charles Taylor
7. Doctor Edward Jarvis
8. Doctor Theodore A. Telikampf.
9. Doctor John H. McQuown, Illinois.
10. Doctor Mottrom Ball.
11. Doctor J. Milton Best.
12. Doctor Henry Perrine.
13. Doctor William Ramsay.
14. Doctor Thomas Carter.
15. Doctor Thomas Powell.
16. Doctor Corbin Griffin.
17. Doctor John B. Read.
18. Doctor Ninian Pinkney
19. Doctor J. Burrows Gardiner.
20. Doctor Clark Lillybridge.
21. Doctor Boyd Reilly.
22. Doctor B. A. Sellars.
23. Doctor Mary E. Walker.
24. Doctor Adolphus Wislizenus.
25. Doctor David H. Maxwell.
26. Doctor John Gray.
27. Doctor J. M. Foltz.
28. Doctor Hanson Catlett.
29.Doctor A. F. Alexander, Alabama.
30. Doctor Charles D. Maxwell
31. Doctor Sylvester Nash.
32. Doctor Eliakim Crosby.
33. Samuel Kennedy.
34. Doctor Gustavus Horner.
35. Doctor Felix Brunot, wife Elizabeth Kreider Brunot.
36. Doctor Samuel Kennedy.
37. Doctor Absalom Baird.
38. Doctor Marcus Reynolds, S. C.
39. Doctor R. H. Palmer, wife Saraphine T. Palmer.
40.Doctor John Berrien.
41. Doctor James H. Cheears.
42. Doctor John P. Briggs.
43.S. R. Addison
44. Doctor Hazel W. Crouch.
45. Doctor Francis Lambert.
46. Doctor Henry Adams.
47. Doctor Basil R. Prather.
48. Doctor James P. Espy.
49. Doctor Williamson D. Dunn, Indiana.
50. Doctor Isaac Ledyard.
51. Doctor Robert Johnson.
52. Doctor David Gould.
53. Doctor S. R. Addison.

Pensioners Of Massachusetts.

This is a list of men and women and their pension, these names cover the Revolutionary war, War of 1812 and the Civil war. This will be a look up page as there was just to much information to put here. If you see a name of interest write me and I will send the information. At the end of each name there will be other word this indicates where the information comes from. My address can be found n my profile.

1. Israel Evans, wife Huldah Evans, petition.

2. Andrew McGahee, wife Polly Baker remarried, petition.

3. Simeon Draper, petition.

4. Colonel Willett's regiment, petition.
James Cannan.
Witter Johnston.
Benjamin Bulley.
Adolphus Pickard.
John H. Gentee.

5. John Lane, mother Elizabeth Lane, An Act.

6. George F. Gorham, An Act.

7. John Preveaux, An Act.

8. Timothy O'Conners wife Catharine O'Conners, An Act.

9. Salem P. Rose, A Bill.

10. Horace Peck, A Bill.

11. Jesse French, A Bill.

12. Jacob Adams, A Bill.

13. James J. Coffin, A Bill.

14. Anna West, A Bill.

15. Jonathan Moore, Bill.

16. Mary Phelps, A Bill.

17. Sarah Jones, A Bill.

18. Sandy Walker, A. Bill.

19. William Ferguson, Jason Warner, administrator, A Bill.

20. John Slaven, Thomas Sappington, Abraham Parker, William Mattheny, William Black, and Jonah Garrison, George Field, A Bill.
21. James C. Batchelder, A Bill.

22. Benjamin Gallup, petition.

23. William Moore, petition.

24. Elisha Turner, wife Lydia Turner, petition.

25. Joseph Clark, wife Catherine Clark, petition.

26. Charlotte S. Newcomb, petition.

27. Ann Sheehey, step-son, John Sheehey, petition.

28. Phebe Fitz, father Simeon Pike, memorial.

29. Elisha Frizell, , petition.

30. Julia Carroll, wife of Edward Carroll, petition.

31. William Mead, petition.

32. John Maynard, petition.

33. William Parker, petition.

34. Nathaniel Barney, petition.

35. Levi Bean, petition.

36. Benjamin King Churchill, petition.

37. Benjamin Upton, petition.

38. Philemon Noble.

39. Samuel Bixby, petition.

40. Thomas Harrison, petition.

41. Isaac Rogers, wife Sarah Rogers, , petition.

42. Elizabeth Orgon, petition.
Mary Mansfield, petition.
Elizabeth Nourse, petition.
Hannah Bruce, petition.

43. John Devereice, daughter Lydia Bartoll, petition.

44. Michael Jackson, petition.

45. Abraham Lansing, petition.

46. Ephraim Orcutt, petition.

47. Bartlet Pease, petition.

48. Esther Scollay, , petition.

49. John Stephenson, petition.

50. Arnold Martin, Sarah, his wife, late widow of James Mugford, memorial.

51. Daniel North, petition.

52. Noah Bailey, petition.

53. Elihu Pond, petition.

54. Vassel White, petition.

55. Benjamin Shaw, petition.

56. Nathaniel Standish

57. Bethiah Black, petition.

58. Thomas Avery, petition.

59. William Storey, wife Lydia Moody, petition.

60. Elias Carpenter, petition.

61. James Taylor, petition.

62. Caleb Atherton, petition.

63. Alexander Gardner, petition.

64. Ann Shehey, petition.

65. Mary Wheeler, petition.

66. Louisa M. Williston, petition.

67. Johannah Connolly, petition.

68. James E. Beatty, petition.

69. Ebenezer Brown, petition.

70. Asa Ware, petition.

71. John Dorr, petition.

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Shubael Hatch Of Massachusetts.

Here is some information on Shubael Hatch, it may be of help to those looking into this line. I don’t have enough information to state who his wife was, it was either Hannah Reas or Thankful Eldred, if any one knows let me know.

Service record.

Hatch, Shubael. Sergeant, Capt. John Grannis's co. ; enlisted July 4, 1775; service to Dec. 31, 1775, 6 mos. 13 days; company stationed at Elizabeth Islands; also, Capt. Elisha Nye's co. ; entered service Jan. 4, 1776; service, 29 days; company stationed at Elizabeth Islands for defense of seacoast ; roll sworn to in Barnstable Co.; also, same co. ; entered service April 5, 1776; service to Nov. 21, 1776, 7 mos. 17 days ; company stationed at Elizabeth Islands for defense of seacoast ; also, same co. ; service from Jan. 25, 1777, to April 20, 1777, 86 days ; company stationed at Elizabeth Islands; also, list dated Naushon, Aug. 10, 1777, of men belonging to a company stationed at Naushon who signed a petition for increase of wages or their discharge in case such request was not complied with ; also. Private, Capt. Joseph Palmer's co. ; enlisted May 16, 1779 ; discharged Nov. 16, 1779 ; service, 6 mos. 1 day ; company stationed at Falmouth.


Shubael Hatch, State of Massachusetts, county of Barnstable, Sergeant of the Massachusetts Line. His allowance was $96, dollars, the sums received was $364, dollars, was placed on the roll on Oct. 3, 1821, commencement of pension was on March 16, 1820, Age 77, Died on January 1, 1824.

Greenleaf Clarke or Clark. Massachusetts.

Greenleaf Clarke or Clark.

Birth: 17 Oct 1748 Newbury, Essex, Ma.
Death: 4 or 5 Dec 1836 Newburyport, Essex, Ma.

Father: Stephen CLARKE
Mother: Rebecca WATSON

Brothers & Sisters.

Judith CLARKE, born 27 Oct 1754, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.
Eunice CLARKE, born 27 Feb 1759, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.
Mercy CLARKE, born 14 Apr 1750, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.
Susanna CLARKE, 5 Aug 1762, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.
Rebecca CLARKE, 19 Sep 1752, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 18 Nov 1823.

Wife: Eleanor WHITE,, born 18 Jul 1750, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland, death 8 Sep 1840, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. Married 1 Oct 1772, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts.


Margaret More CLARKE, born 27 Jan 1777, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 14 Apr 1798.

Sarah White CLARKE, born 3 Oct 1787, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 10 Jun 1879.

Samuel CLARKE, born 25 Oct 1781, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 19 Feb 1865.

William CLARKE, born 5 Feb 1795, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 5 Nov 1795.

Robert CLARKE, born 20 Feb 1775, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 31 Jul 1846.

Anne CLARKE, born 5 Jul 1792, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 13 Apr 1868.

Eleanor CLARKE, born 6 Jul 1785, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death Oct 1831.

Rebecca CLARKE, born 14 Jul 1773, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 4 Apr 1777.

Rebecca CLARKE, born 23 Jul 1779, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death 18 Nov 1822 .

Susan Greenleaf CLARKE, born 22 Sep 1789, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, death Oct 1877.

Sally CLARK, born 3 Dec 1787, Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, death Aft 1850.

Service record.

Clark, Gueenleaf. 1st Sergeant, Capt. Moses Nowell's co. ; enlisted July 11, 1775; discharged Jan. 1, 1776; service, 6 mos. 7 days; stationed at Ncwburyport; roll sworn to at Ipswich ; also, 2d Lieutenant, Capt. Joseph Iluse's (1st) co., 2d Essex Co. regt. ; list of officers of Mass. militia; commissioned June 25, 1776; reported serving in place of Jacob Hale; also, Captain, 1st co., 2d Essex Co. regt.; list of officers of Mass. militia [j'ear not given] ; also, Captain; service from July 29, 1778, to Sept. 12, 1778, 1^ mos., under Brig. Gen. Jonathan Titcomb on expedition to Rhode Island ; roll dated Boston.

Library of Congress.

FEBRUARY 8, 1838.

For the relief of Eleanor Clark.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of .America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War be directed to place Eleanor Clark, widow of Greenleaf Clark, late of the State of Massachusetts, deceased, on the roll of revolutionary pensioners, and to pay to her, the said Eleanor Clark, during her natural life, at the rate of one hundred dollars and eighty-seven cents, from the fourth day of December, anno Domini eighteen hundred and thirty-six.

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John L. Miles Of Indiana.

Here is some information on John L. Miles that may be helpful, to those looking into this family line.

John L. Miles, Enlisted in the second Light Artillery, 1861/08/14, age 23, enlisted at Indianapolis, Indiana. Mustered out 1864/09/01, remarks: Q. M. Sgt. 1st Sgt. September 1, 1862. 2nd Lt. November 1, 1862

Library of Congress.

MAY 4, 1870.

To compensate John L. Miles, late second lieutenant of the Second
Indiana Battery, for one horse lost in the service.

Be it resolve(l by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, there be paid to John L. Miles, late second lieuten5 ant Second Indiana Battery, one hundred and fifty dollars, for one horse lost May, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, at Fort Smith, Arkansas, by reason of an inadequate supply of forage while said Miles was acting under orders separate from said battery and from a change of position thereof.
APPROVED, March 3, 1871.

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Charles Dolph.

This little pit of information will help others looking into this family line.

Charles Dolph.

Birth: : 8 Jan 1776 Glastonbury, Hartford Co., CT.
Death: 15 Jan 1815 Saybrook, Chester Co., CT.
Father: Bennoni DeWOLF.
Mother: Mary PRESTON.
First Wife: Susannah LUCAS, married, 10 Jan 1798, Glastonbury, Hartford Co., CT.
Second Wife: Rosanna CARLTIN, married, 12 Feb 1804.

Library of Congress.

A Bill.
FEBRUARY 7th, 1816.

For the relief of the widow and children of Charles Dolph, deceased.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby directed to pay to the widow of Charles Doiph, deceased, late of Saybrook, in the State of Connecticut, the sum of for the use of herself and the children of the said Doiph, (who was killed during the late war with Great Britain, in an engagement between a party of volunteers, raised in said town of Saybrook, and the crew of a British privateer, called the (Rover;) in consideration of the capture of five British prisoners on that occasion, which prisoners were delivered over to the Marshal of the United States, for the district of Connecticut.
SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That the money herein granted, be paid out of any moneys in the Treasury, not other wise appropriated.

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Colonel William Crawford.

William Crawford.

Birth: 1717.
Death: 1782.
Wife: Hanna Vance, married, 1742, Frederick, Virginia.


Sally Crawford, born 1751, Frederick, Virginia, husband Uriah Springer Sr., married, abt. 1754, Virginia.

John Crawford, born 1741, Frederick, Virginia.

Ann Crawford, born 1743, Frederick, Virginia, died 1784.

Effie Crawford, born 1745, Frederick, Virginia, 1825, husband William McCormick.

Note. This family needs more research, to many different dates of places of births and deaths. In all to many errors.

Library of Congress.

FEBRUARY 7, 1835.
For the relief of the children of William Crawford, deceased.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the proper accounting officers of the Treasury be, and they are hereby, authorized and directed to settle the account of the children of William Crawford, deceased, who was a colonel of the Virginia line on continental establishment in the revolu7 tionary army, and who was made prisoner by the Indians S while in actual service during the year seventeen hundred and eighty-two, and burned to death; and to allow and pay to the said children of the said Colonel Crawford seven years’ half pay of a colonel of infantry in the continental army during the revolutionary war, without interest; the same to be paid out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated; and to be divided in equal shares, one third to each, to and among Sally Springer, widow of Uriah Springer. deceased; John Crawford, if living, if not, then his legal representatives and Ophelia or Effy McCormick, if living, if not, then to her legal representatives the said Sally, John, and Ophelia, or Effy, being the only children left by the said Colonel Crawford.

Sebastian Sroufe Jr.

Here is some information that may be of for those looking into this family line.

Sebastian Sroufe Jr.

Birth: 17 Nov 1779, Pennsylvania.
Death: 8 Feb 1830 , Putnam, Ohio
Father: Sebastian Sroufe.
Mother: Agnes Owens.
First Wife: Catherine Townsend, married, 9 Nov 1808.
Second Wife: Mary Alexander Mrs, married, 24 Dec 1822 , Champaign, Ohio.

Library of Congress.

JANUARY 28, 1839.

For the relief of the children and heirs of Sebastian Sroufe, late of Ohio, deceased.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Un4ted States of America in Congress assembled, That John Allen Alexander and James Alexander, children and heirs of Carnes Alexander, deceased, and Albert Sroufe and George Sroufe and Susana Sroufe, children and heirs at law of Sebastian Sroufe, late of Putnam county, in the State of Ohio, deceased, be, and they hereby are, authorized, within six months after the passage of this act, to enter, with the register and receiver of the land office at Lima, in said State, the west fraction of the southwest quarter of section twenty-one, in township one north, of range five east, lying in the Lima land district, of Ohio, they first paying to the receiver of said land office two dollars and fifty cents per acre for said tract of land.
Passed the House of Representatives January .6, 1839.
Attest: HUGH A. GARLAND, Clerk.