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Battles Between American & British Ships, Those Wounded Or Killed.

This page is about the men who were either killed or wounded in battles between British and American ships. As you well see there many names to many to put any information on each name. These list are to help you find out if your ancestors were on any of this ships at the time of the battle. I will have some kind of information on most of these names, so if you find a family member, let me know and I will see what I have on him or them.

Note. Although I have a list of British names, I will not have any information on them other then what’s on the list.

Those of you who would like some information on a name or a request for a report on one of these battles may do so at the following:

Note. This information comes from Naval Affairs Vol. 1., 1794-1825, which is housed at the Library of Congress.

Battle between the United States Constitution and the His Britannic Majesty’s frigate “Java.” December 29, 1812.

Those Killed.

1. Jonas Ongrain, Seaman.
2. Joseph Adams, Seaman.
3. Patrick Conner, Seaman.
4. Barney Hart, Seaman.
5. John Cheeves, Seaman.
6. Mark Snow, Seaman.
7. John D. Allen, Seaman.
8. William Copper, Seaman.
9. Thomas Hanson, Private Marine.
10. Robert C. Ludlow, Puser, Note. One list states he was killed, another list states he was just wounder, and lived till May 15, 1826.
11. William Bainbridge, Commander.

Those wounded.

1. John C. Aylwin, Lieutenant, Severely.
2. Charles F. Waldo, Master Mate, Severely, Became sailing master 10 March, 1813. Killed 30 August, 1838.
3. Peter Woodbury, Quarter master, Severely.
4. John Clements, Seaman, Severely.
5. Joseph P. Cheeves, Seaman, Severely.
6. Nicholas Vixtram, Seaman Slightly.
7. William Long, Seaman, Dangerously.
8. Stephen Webb, Seaman, Dangerously.
9. Reuben Landers, Seaman, Dangerously.
10. Joseph Ward, Seaman, Severely.
11. William Weaden, Seamen, Slightly.
12. Enos. Bateman, Seamen, Dangerously.
13. James D. Hammond, Seaman, Slightly.
14. Peter Venus, Seaman, Severely.
15. Stephen Shepherd, Seaman, Slightly.
16. Abijah Eddy, Seaman, Slightly.
17. Philip Cook, Slightly.
18. Philip Brimblecom, Seaman, Severely.
19. Samuel Brown, Ordinary, Severely.
20. Daniel Hogan, Ordinary, Severely.
21. Thomas William 3rd., Seaman, Slightly.
22. John Voyle, Seaman, Severely.
23. Anthony Reaver, Private Marine, Slightly.
24. John Etwell, Private Marine, Slightly.
25. Amos A. Evans, Surgeon.

Battle between the British frigate Macedonian and the Ship the United States, October 25, 1812.

Those Killed.

1. Thomas Brown, New York, Seaman.
2. Henry Shepherd, Philadelphia, Seaman.
3. William Murray, Boston, Boy.
4. Michael O’Donnel, New York.
John Roberts, Private Marine.

Those wounded.

1. John Mercer Funk, Philadelphia, Lieutenant, wounded then later died.
2. John Archibald, New York, Carpenters crew.
3. George Christopher, Ordinary Seaman.
4. Christian Clark, Seaman.
5. George Mahar.
6. William James.
7. John Laton.

Capture of the British fleet on Lake, Erie.
Those killed and wounded from the United States squadron, September 10, 1813.

Those killed on the Lawrence.

1. John Brooks, lieutenant marines.
2. Henry Laub, midshipman.
3. Christopher Mayhew, quarter master.
4. James W. Allen, seaman.
5. Joseph Kennedy, ditto.
6. John C. Kelly, private in the regiment
7. John Smith, seaman
8. William Cranston, ordinary seaman.
9. Andrew Michael, seaman.
10. John Hoffman, ordinary seaman.
11. Charles Pohig, seaman.
12. Nelson Peters, ditto.
13. James Jones ditto.
14. John Rose, ditto.
15. James Catty mate.
16. Thomas Butler, seaman.
17. Wilson Mays, carpenter’s mate.
18. James Brown, seaman.
19. Ethelred Sykes, landsman.
20. Philip Sharbley, corporal of marines.
21. Jesse Harland, private.
22. Abner Williams, ditto.

Those wounded on the Lawrence.

1. John J. Yarnall, 1st lieutenant, slightly.
2. Dulaney Forrest, 2d ditto, slightly.
3. William N. Taylor, sailing master, slightly.
4. Samuel Hambleton, purser, severely.
5. Thomas Claxton, midshipman, severely.
6. Augustus Swartwout, midshipman, severely.
7. Jonas Stone, carpenter, slightly.
8. William C. Keen, master at arms, slightly.
9. Francis Mason, quarter master, severely.
10. John Newen, ditto, severely.
11. Joseph Lewis, ditto, slightly.
12. Ezekiel Fowler, ditto, slightly.
13. John E. Brown, quarter gunner, severely
14. Henry Schroeder, ordinary seaman, severely.
15. Benoni Price, seaman, severely.
16. Thomas Robinson, ditto, severely.
17. Peter Kinsley, ditto, severely.
18. Nathan Chapman, ditto, severely.
19. Thomas Hill, ordinary seaman, severely.
20. Barney M’Cain, ditto, severely.
21. William Dawson, seaman, slightly.
22. Westerly Johnson, ordinary seaman, severely.
23. Samuel Spywood, ditto, severely.
24. Robert Hill, seaman, slightly.
25. Francis Cummings, ordinary seaman, severely.
26. Thomas Reed, ditto, severely.
27. William Johnson, boatswain’s mate, severely.
28. James Helan, ditto, slightly.
29. George Cornell, carpenter’s mate, slightly.
30. Thomas Hammond, armorer, slightly.
31. William Thompson, seaman, severely.
32. George Varnum, ditto, severely.
33. James Moses, ditto, severely.
34. William Roe, ditto, severely.
35. Joseph Denning, ditto, severely.
36. William Daring, ditto, severely.
37. John Clay, ditto, severely.
38. Stephen Fairfield, ditto, severely.
39. George Williams, ditto, severely.
40. Lannon Ruse, ditto, severely.
41. James Waddington, ditto, severely.
42. John Burnham, ditto, severely.
43. John Burdeen, ditto, severely.
44. Andrew Mattison, ditto, severely.
45. Jeremiah Easterbrook, ordinary seaman,
46. Charles Vandyke, ordinary seaman, severely.
47. William Simpson, ditto, severely.
48. Jesse Williams, ditto, slightly.
49. James Hadley, ditto, slightly.
50. James Bird, marine, severely.
51. William Burnett, ditto, severely.
52. William Bags, ditto, severely.
53. David Christie, ditto, severely.
54. Henry Vanpoole, ditto, severely.
55. Thomas tuft landsman, severely.
56. Elijah Barlin, ditto, severely.
57. John Adams ditto, slightly.
58. Charles Harrington, ditto, slightly.
59William B. Perkins, ditto, slightly.
60. Nathaniel Wade, boy, severely.
61. Newport Hazard, ditto, slightly.

Note. On the morning of the action, the sick list of the Lawrence contained. thirty-one unfit for duty.

Those on the Niagara, killed.

1. Peter Morell, seaman.
2. Isaac Hardy, ordinary seaman.

Those on the Niagara Wounded.

1.John S. Edwards, lieutenant
2. John L. Cummings, midshipman.
3. Edward Martin, seaman, (since dead.)
4. William. Davis, ordinary seaman, (since dead.)
5. Joshua Trapnel, marine, (since dead.)
6. Ronvell Hall, ordinary seaman.
7. George Platt, seaman.
8. Elias Wiley, ordinary seaman.
9. Henry Davidson, seaman.
10. John M. Strebeck, ordinary seaman.
11. John Freeman, ditto.
12. James Sansford, seaman.
13. Thomas Wilson, ditto.
14. Charles Davidson, seaman.
15. Daniel Bennet, ditto.
16. John Felton, boatswain’s mate.
17. Sergeant Mason. marine.
18. Corporal Scott, ditto.
19. Thomas Miller, ditto.
20. John Rumas, ditto.
21. George McManomy, ditto.
22. George Scoffield, ditto.
23. Smue1 Cochran, ditto.

Note. On the morning of the action, the sick list of the Niagara contained twenty-eight unfit for duty.

On board the Caledonia, wounded.

1. James Artus, slightly.
2.Isaac Perkins, slightly.
3. James Philips, slightly.

On board the Somers, wounded.

1. Charles Ordun.
2. Godfrey Bowman.

On board the Ariel, killed.

1. John White, boatswain’s mate.

Those wounded on the Ariel.

1. William Sloss, ordinary seaman, slightly.
2. Robert Wilson, seaman, slightly.
3. John Lucas, landsman, slightly.

Those wounded on the Trippe.

1. Isaac Green, soldier, 26th regiment, badly.
2. John Nailes, soldier, 17th regiment, slightly.

On board the Porcupine.
None killed or wounded.

Those killed on the Scorpion.

1. John. Sylhamamer, landsman.
2. John Clark, midshipman.

On board the Tigress.
None killed or wounded.

Battle between the United States Brig Enterprise and the British Brig Boxer, September 5, 1813.

Those Killed.

1. Nathaniel Garren, Ordinary seaman

Those wounded.

1. William Burrows, commander, since dead.
2. Kerwin Waters, midshipman, mortally.
3. Elisha Blossom, carpenter’s mate, since dead.
4. David Horton, quartermaster.
5. Russell Coates, quartermaster.
6. Thomas Orrings, quartermaster.
7. Benjamin Gannon, boatswain’s mate.
8. Scuiler Bradley, seaman.
9. James Snow, seaman.
10. Snow Jones, seaman
11. Peter Barnard, ordinary seaman.
12. William Thomas, 2d, seaman.
13. John Fitzmen, marine.

Battle between the United States squadron and the British fleet on Lake, Champlain, September 11, 1814.


Those Killed.

1. Peter Gamble, lieutenant.
2. Thomas Butler, quarter gunner.
3. James Norberry, boatswain’s mate.
4. Abraham Davis, quarter master.
5. William Wyer, sail maker.
6. William Brickell, seaman.
7. Peter Johnson, do.
8. John Coleman, do.
9. Benjamin Burrill, ordinary seaman.
10. Andrew Parmlee, do.
11. Peter Post, seaman.
12. David Bennett, do.
13. Ebenezer Johnson, do.
14. Joseph Couch, landsman.
15. Thomas Stephens, seaman.
16. Randall McDonald, ordinary- seaman.
17. John White, do.
18. Samuel Smith, seaman.
19. Thomas Malony, ordinary seaman.
20. Andrew Nelson, seaman.
21. John Sellack, ‘do.
22. Peter Hanson, do.
23. Jacob Laraway, do.
24. Edward Moore, do.
25. Jerome Williams, ordinary seaman.
26. James Carlisle, marine.
27. John Smart, seaman.

Those wounded.

1. James M. Baldwin, acting midshipman.
2. Joseph Barron, pilot.
3. Robert Gary, quarter gunner.
4. George Cassin, quarter master.
5. John Hollingsworth, seaman.
6. Thomas Robinson, do.
7. Purnall Smith, do.
8. John Ottiwell, do.
9. John Thompson, ordinary seaman.
10. William Tabee, do.
11. William Williams, do
12. John Roberson, seaman.
13. John Towns, landsman.
14. John Shays, seaman.
15. John S. Hammond,
16. James Barlow
17. James Nagle,
18. John Lanman,
19. Peter Colberg,
20. William Newton,
21. Neil J. Heidmont,
22. James Steward,
23. John Adams, landsman.
24. Charles Ratche, seaman.
25. Benjamin Jackson, marine.
26. Jesse Vanhorn, -do.
27. Joseph Ketter, do.
28. Samuel Pearson, do.


Those Killed.

1. Peter Vandermere, master’s mate.
2. John Ribero, seaman.
3. Jacob Lindman, do.
4. Perkins Moore, ordinary seaman.
5. James Winship, do.
6. Thomas Anwright, do.
7. Nace Wilson, do.
8. Thomas Lewis, boy.
9. John Wallace, marine.
10. Joseph Heaton, do.
11. Robert Stratton, do.
12. James M, Hale, musician.
13. John Wood, do.

Those wounded.

1. Joseph Smith, lieutenant
2. William A. Spencer, acting lieutenant.
3. Francis Breeze, master’s mate.
4. Abraham Walters, pilot.
5. William C. Allen, quarter master.
6. James Duick, quarter gunner.
7. Andrew McEwen, seaman.
8. Zebediah Concklin, do.
9. Joseph Valentine, do.
10. John Hartley, do. -
11. John Mid do.
12. Robert Buckley do.
13. Aaron Fitzgerald, boy.
14. Parnell Boice, ordinary seaman.
15. John N. Craig seaman.
16. John McKenney, do.
17. Matthew Seriver, marine.
18. George Mainwaring, do.
19. Henry Jones, do. -
20. John McCarty, do.


Those killed.

1. John Stansbury, lieutenant.
2. John Fisher, boatswain’s mate.
3. John Atkinson, do.
4. Henry Johnson seaman.
5. Deodrick Think, marine.
6. John Sharp, do.

Those wounded.

1. Patrick Cassin, seaman.
2. Ezekiel Goud, do.
3. Samuel Sawyer, do.
4. William Le Count, do.
5. Henry Collins, do.
6. John Condon, marine.


Those killed.

1. Rogers Carter, acting sailing master.
2. Joseph Rowe, boatswain’s mate.
Note. No wounded.


Those killed.

1. Arthur W. Smith, purser’s steward.
2. Thomas Gill, boy.
3. James Day, marine.

Those wounded.

1. Ebenezer Cobb, corporal marines.


1. James Taylor, landsman, wounded.


1. Peter Frank, seaman, wounded.


Note. Non on these Gunboats were wounded or killed.

Battle between the United States Wasp and the British Sloop Reindeer, June 28, 1814.

Sloop Reindeer.

Those killed.

1. Wil1iam Manners, Esq, Commander,
2. John Thomas Barton, Purser.
3. James Humphreys, Quartermaster.
4. John Elly, Armorer.
5. Charles Price, Ropemaker.
6. George Gibson, Captain mast.
7. Zenas Swift, seaman.
8. George Sorlic, seaman.
9. Samuel Laver, seaman.
10. Bartholomew Johnson, seaman.
11.Thomas Bassett, Ordinary seaman.
12. John Lsles , Ordinary seaman.
13. Robert-Smith, Ordinary seaman.
14. James Foreman, Ordinary seaman.
15. Patrick Sherry, Landsman.
16. John Maguire, Landsman.
17. WilliamLee, Landsman.
18. Collisters Glynn, Boy 2nd., class.
19. Samuel Probert, Boy 2nd., class.
20. Patrick Sharkey, Boy 2nd., class.
21. Edward M’Grath, Boy 3rd., class.
22. John Roomer, Private.
23. James Alien, Private.
24. Thomas Musto, Private.
25. John Guest, Private.

Those wounded.

1. *Thomas Chambers, First Lieutenant, Severely.
2. *Richard Johns, Master, Dangerously.
3. *Ferguson Mason, Quartermaster, Severely.
4. *Joshua Carson, Captain forcastle, severely.
5. tThomas Williams, do, do., Dangerously.
6. James Candy, Landsman, severely.
7. *John Williamson, Carpenter’s crew, severely.
8. *Thomas Clements, Seaman, Severely.
9. *Richard Sheppard, Ordinary seaman, severely.
10. *Joseph Waller, Seaman, Dangerously
11. *Robert Tole, Seaman, Dangerously.
12. *Thomas Horne, Seaman, Severely.
13. *James Wallace, Ordinary seaman, Dangerously.
14. *David Livingston, Seaman, Severely.
15. *Alexander Stupo, Ordinary seaman, Dangerously.
16. *Thomas Bell, 1st, Ordinary seaman, Severely.
17. *Nicholas Birmingham, Ordinary seaman, Dangerously.
18. *William Williams, Boy, second class, Dangerously.
19. John Watley, Private, Severely.
20. * William Wyley, Corporal, Severely.
21. *William Gurarty, Private, severely.
22. *Willfam Watkins, Private, Severely.
23. *Thomas Mitchell, Boy, 3rd. Class, Severely.
24. *Daniel Byrne, Private, Severely.

25. *Thomas Marsh, Sergeant, Not very badly wounded, but permitted to proceed in consequence of the representation and by the request, of the Reindeer.

26. Matthew Mitchell, Master Mate, slightly
27. Henry Hardiman, Midshipman, Slightly.
28. James Legg, Boatswain, Slightly.
29. John Stimson, Quartermaster’s Mate, slightly.
30. William Clark, Cook, Slightly.
31. John Johnson, Carpenters crew, Slightly.
32. William Bruce, Ordinary seaman, Slightly
33. Benjamin Rufus, Captain foretop, Slightly.
34. John Bramble, Seaman, Slightly.
35. William Townholm, Seaman, Slightly.
36. William Caldwell, Seaman, Dangerously, since dead.
37. Archibald Adams, Ordinary seaman, Dangerously, since dead.
38. Richard Hornby, Seaman, Slightly.
39. Daniel Hart, Boy, 1st., class, Slightly.
40. William Ratclift, Private, Slightly.
41. Thomas Major, Private, Slightly.
42. Richard Butler, Captain after guard.

NOTE. Those marked thus (*) were, in consequence of the severity and extent of their wounds, put on board a Portuguese brig, called the Lisbon Packet, on the third day after the, action, to wit, the 1st of July, bound to Plymouth, England.

The Wasp.

Those killed.

1. Timothy Stevens, Seaman
2. Thomas R. Teel, Seaman
3. Joseph Vorse, Ordinary seaman.
4. Thomas Knight, Ordinary seaman.
5. John Brown, 2d., Ordinary seaman.

Those wounded.

1. Henry S. Langdon, Midshipman, Dangerously.
2. Frank Toscan, Midshipman, Dangerously.
3. John Sweet, Master’s mate, Slightly.
4. William Thompson, Boatswain’s Mate, Severely.
5. John Dick, Quartermaster, Severely.
6. Nathaniel Scammon, Seaman, Severely.
7. Jotham Perkins, Seaman, Dangerously, since died.
8. William Preston, Seaman, Slightly.
9. Charles Green, Seaman, Dangerously, since died.
10. Charles Clinton, Seaman, slightly.
11. Andrew Passenger, Seaman, Severely.
12. John Rowe, Seaman, Slightly.
13. Joseph Atkins, Seaman, Dangerously, since died.
14. Robert Lowther, Seaman, Slightly.
15. Merrel Roberts, Seaman, Slightly.
16. Robert Jarvis, Ordinary seaman, Severely.
17. Henry Herbert, Ordinary seaman, Dangerously
18. Simon Cassalis, Ordinary seaman, Severely
19. John O. Thurston, Ordinary seaman, Dangerously
20. Caleb Wheeden, Ordinary seaman, Severely.
21. John Ball, Boy, Dangerously, since died.