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John F. McKernan, 23rd., & 82nd., Pennsylvania.Infantry.

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As you well note his name is spelled different ways, his real name is John F. McKernan.

23rd., Co. A., Pennsylvania, Infantry.

John M'Kernon,Corporal, mustered in August 8, 1861, for 3 years. Transferred to 82d Regiment P. V., September 14, 1864; Vet.

82nd., Co. F., Pennsylvania, Infantry. 

John T. M'Kernan, 1st Sergeant, mustered in February 24, 1864. Commissioned 2d Lieutenant, June 12, 1865, not mustered; died at City Point, Va., of wounds received April 18, 1865; Vet.

23rd., Regimental History.

John McKernon, Corp., mustered in August 8, 1861, for 3 years.  Transf., to Co. F., 82nd., P. V., as 1st., sgt., Comm., 2nd., Lieut., Killed at Petersburg April 2, 1865., Vet., Wounded at Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864.

Under the picture it reads; John MCKernon, Co. A., and Lieutenant Co. F., 82 P. V.  Killed at Petersburg April 2, 1865.

Burial: Old Cathedral Cemetery, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

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Policeman of Topeka Kansas, 1871-1905.

There are many who know or think they know, their ancestor was in the Topeka police forces, but can't find  any listing of him.  Well now is your chance.  The names listed here were policeman or patrolman ( policeman ), depending the year. I have also listed the names of the Matrons, Wagon Drivers and Jailers when listed.  I have not listed the Police Chiefs, Lieutenants or Sergeants, however if you think your ancestor was one of these ranks I will be glad to look, just give me a name and a time frame.

Topeka 1871.

A. Folks, Policeman
T. Harper, ".
Hiram Shields, ".
Levi Williams, ".

Topeka 1872-1873.

John P. Carter, Policeman.
H. Cheeksfield, ".
P. J. Gilman, ".
H. P. Streeter, ".
J. H. Tincher, ".
C. Weidner, ".

Topeka 1874.

H. C. Lindsey, Marshal.
John T. Long, Deputy Marshal.
Thomas Archer, Constable.
A. A. Arnott, Constable.

Topeka 1880.

James Dustan, Marshal.
Pat. Sherman, Asst. Marshal.
C. T. Tompkins, Policeman.
W. S. Gilman, "
Andy Gregg, "
C. J. Earley, "
A. W. Copeland, "
J. W. Young, Policeman on bridge.
Byron Jewell, Policeman.

Topeka 1882-1883.

Thomas W. Cochran, Marshal.
J. F. Carter, Deputy Marshal.
J. W. Hughes, Constable.
Alfred Kuykendall, "
W. S. Gilman, Policeman
E. A. Collum, "
F. E. Cook, Policeman, North Side.
A. Gregg, Policeman.
R. M. Curtis, Policeman.
Charles F. Chase, "
J. T. Taylor, "
H. Kennedy, "
William Buford, "
T. J. Wintrode, "
J. W. Byrtn, "
J. King, "
J. Lamor, "
S. M. Evans, "

Topeka 1885-1886.

William Buford, Policeman.
J. O. Robertson, "
A. Nickerson, "
John W. Allen, ".
R. J. Blazo, ".
Green  I. Currier, ".
Dran J. Curtis, ".
J. W. Gardiner, ".
J. E. Stewart, ".
William H. Williams, ".

Topeka 1887-1888.

William Brommel, Policeman.
Wesley Buford, ".
Peter Callahan, ".
G. I. Currin, ".
Charles Earley, ".
Steve Franklin, ".
John W. Gardiner, ".
Dennis Hope, ".
Jas. McCormick, Policeman, U. P. Depot.
J. C. Robertson, Policeman.
Frank Sommers, ".
Sims Watts, ".
?--Youngblood, ".

Topeka 1888-1890.

James Weaver, Policeman.
M. Lewis, "
J. H. Hicks, ".
J. E. Stone, ".
F. M. Engle, ".
Byron Jewell, ".
Alexander Barnes, ".
John Ewing, ".
W. Buford, ".
John King, ".
A. Nichols, ".
S. J. Bruster, ".
G. W. Cannon, ".
A. Welman, ".
Pat. Wilson, ".
F. M. McKee, ".
William McDowell, ".
G. L. Currin, ".
Frank Sommers, ".
Joseph Neal, ".
J. B. Baratton, Mounted Policeman.
G. W. Watson, ".

Topeka 1890-1891.

Pat. Wilson, Patrolman.
Moses Nowls, ".
I. A. Strauss, "
A. R. Jester, Jailer.
Everett Pavey, Wagon Driver.
Peter Lindburg, Patrolman. .
Andrew Nichols, ".
G. W. Cannon, ".
J. A. Lowe, Policeman.
Wesley Buford, ".
H. M. Steele, ".
D. J. Carden, "
L. P. Ward, ".
Nathan Lewis, ".
J. A. Myers, "
B. F. Goodman, ".
G. W. Kerchival, ".
F. L. Honeywell, ".
J. F. Dumont, ".
G. W. Charles, ".
Henry Bernard, ".

Topeka 1893-1894.

F. H. Waite, Jailer.
M. Sage, Patrol Driver.
J. G. Blumenstock, Policeman.
H. Stell, ".
John Dagg, ".
M. C. Jenkins, ".
J. Campbell, "
C. Whiting, ".
J. C. Pickins, ".
L. J. Darr, ".
J. Arterbridge, ".
William Russell, ".
J. R. Lvtle, ".
H. Shafer, ".
C. H. Dyal, ".
J. H. Hinks, ".
J. Orcutt, ".

Topeka 1896-1997.

W. D. Disbrow, Day Jailer.
A. W. Hopkins, Night Jailer.
M. Bundy, Patrol Driver.
L. E. Thorpe, Police Matron.
John Ewing, Patrolman.
J. R. McElroy, "
H. Washburn, ".
R. T. Hurgess, ".
A. W. Fowkes, ".
C. Carlson, ".
J. E. Owen, ".
C. A. McDowell, ".
Frank Parsalls, ".
J. E. Lucas, ".
Wesley Hale, ".
J. C. Johnston, ".
K. K. Pingston, ".
C. Long, ".
M. H. Aye, ".
R. Boyd, ".

Topeka 1899-1900.

Laura E. Thorpe, Police Matron.
Henry Bernard, Policeman.
C. A. Goff, ".
S. M. Hall, ".
Fred Hendricks, ".
J. L. Lucas, ".
Jacob E. Maze, ".
J. R. McElroy, ".
Marion Owen, ".
Frank A. Parcells, ".
E. T. Pavey, ".
F. E. Scudder, ".
M. C. Simpson, ".
Charles A. Smith, ".
Henry D. Smith, ".
E. L. Walker, ".
Moses Wims, ".

Topeka 1902.

Laura E. Thorpe, Police Matron.
A. R. Jester, Jailer.
H. D. Smith, Jailer.
Frank Asher, Patrol Driver.
Henry Aye, Patrolman.
Henry Bernard, ".
C. H. Black, ".
T. A. Blank, ".
. C. Botham, ".
George W. Cannon, ".
W. M. Dowie, ".
A. H. Henderson, ".
W. M. Hutton, ".
J. W. James, ".
C. Long, ".
J. E. Lucas, ".
C. C. Morthland, ".
E. F. Pavey, ".
Frank Parcells, ".
Kent Raub, ".
M. Simpson, ".
C. P. Smith, ".
E. G. Volles, ".
Ed. Walker, ".
J. J. White, ".

Topeka 1905.

H. D. Smith, Jailer.
J. Kenny, Jailer.
L. E. Thorpe, Police Matron.
Nellie E. Thorpe, Asst. Police Matron.
William White, Patrol Driver.
. F. Dickson, Patrol Driver.
Mitchell Bundy, Patrolman.
E. E. Coons, ".
J. R. Douglas, ".
E. m. Duncan, ".
J. F. Hart, ".
A. Henderson, ".
Frank Hendricks, ".
William Hutton, ".
J. W. James, ".
J. W. MIldfelt, ".
J. R. Palmer, ".
Frank Parcels, ".
E. Small, ".
C. A. Smith, ".
H. C. Smith, ".
E. G. Voiles, ".
E. L. Walker, ".
A. A. Woodard, ".
S. W. Zickafoose, ".

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John H. Cruver, 96th., Illinois Infantry.

From history company B., 96th., Illinois Infantry.

In the first charge John H. Cruver was wounded in the right elbow so severely that he afterward suffered three operations, having portions of the elbow and five inches of the bone above taken out, and being compelled to carry his arm in a sling three years.

From the 96th., Regimental Rosters.

John H. Cruver. Age 19 ; born in Chicago, Ill; farmer; enlisted from Wauconda; was wounded at the battle of Chickamauga, Sept. 20, 1863, in the right elbow; an operation was performed on his arm at
Chattanooga in September, 1863, and another at the Marine Hospital, Chicago, in 1864 ; and another in 1866; after being discharged, the entire elbow joint was taken out and five inches of the bone from the elbow up ; the arm is now stiff ; was compelled to carry his arm in a sling for nearly three years; was discharged from Hospital at Camp Butler, Springfield, Ill, in September, 1865. Was Bailiff in the Circuit Court of Cook County in 1866 and 1867, and a letter carrier in Chicago for some years; is now a manufacturer of knit goods at 27 West Lake Street, Chicago, Ill..

Files of the Surgeon General.

John H. Cruver, Private, Co. B., 96th., Infantry, Age 22, was wounded at Chickamauga, September 19, 1863, "Wound through the right elbow," discharged September 4, 1865, and pensioned.

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Charles A. Ball, 89th., New York Infantry.

New State Records.

BALL, CHARLES A.—Age, 18 years. Enlisted at Elmira, to serve three years, and mustered in as private, Co. K, November 18, 1861; re-enlisted as a veteran, January 5, 1864; promoted corporal, June 1, 1865; mustered out with company, August 3, 1865, at Richmond, Va.

Files  of the Surgeon General.

Charles A. Ball, private, Co. K., 89th., New York, age 16 years.  In the Spring of 1862, at Roanoke Island, while jumping for exercise , accidentally sprang against the point of a bayonet, "Wound of the knee joint."  After recovery he again entered the ranks of duty.  He was wound again at the battle of Chapin's Farm, September 29, 1864.

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William M. Nesbit or Nesbitt, Vermont..

William M. Nesbit or Nesbitt.

Birth: 1833, Greensboro, VT.
Death: before 03/25/1903.
Burial: May be buried in ..., , Kansas.


Age: 28, credited to Greensboro, VT.
Unit(s): 4th VT INF.
Service: Enlisted 8/20/61,Mustered in 9/21/61, CORP, Co. D, 4th VT INF, Re-enlisted 2/10/64, Re-enlisted 2/10/64, Wounded, Wilderness, 5/5/64 (left arm, amputated), Discharged / Wounds, 7/30/65; $400 bounty.

Files of the Surgeon General.

William M. Nesbit, Corporal, Co. D., Fourth, Vermont Infantry, Age 31 years, was wounded at Spottsylvania, May 12, 1864. "Gun shot of the upper left Arm", which was amputated at the shoulder, was discharged from the service July 29, 1865.  Pensioned from the date of his discharged.  Pension was paid March 4, 1875, received money for his artificial arm.. 

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Topeka, Kansas, Saloons, 1871--1882.

A saloon was opened on lower Kansas avenue in the spring of 1857, with all the necessary goods and appurtenances and sales were made for several days to Indians and whites without interruption.
Finally, a mass meeting was called, presided over by Dr. S. E. Martin, at which resolutions of protest were passed, and a committee appointed to wait upon the offender and request him to discontinue the dram shop. The resolutions failed to produce the desired result and more rigorous measures were
resorted to. The committee seized the barrels and kegs of liquors and rolled them out into the street, where they were destroyed.

It is not an extravagant claim to make that there are young men in Topeka of voting age who can truthfully declare that they have never seen a saloon sign, a public bar or any other evidence of a place where intoxicating liquor is sold. There is not at this time, nor has there been since 1885, a single open saloon in the city of Topeka. The amendment to the State constitution prohibiting the manufacture and sale of liquor was submitted by the Legislature of 1879 to a vote of the people, which was had at the general election of 1880. It was adopted by a majority of 8,998, the vote for the amendment being 93,302, and against, 84,304.
The amendment, as adopted, was written by a citizen of Topeka, Noah C. McFarland, at the request of a mass meeting of temperance workers held on February 7, 1879, in Topeka. Upon the adoption of the amendment, the Legislature of 1881 enacted a law making it effective May 1, 1881. There was considerable difficulty in enforcing the constitutional provision at first, and succeeding Legislatures enacted several laws to carry it into effect, notably the Murray drug-store law, the metropolitan police law and the Hurrell search and seizure law.
The metropolitan police law was subsequently repealed. It is undeniable that there have been many infractions of the law throughout the State, and in some localities it is totally ignored, but in Topeka it has been as well enforced as most other statutes of restraint. It was not until 1885 that its strict enforcement was accomplished in Topeka. At the beginning of that year there were probably 100 saloons in the city. All were closed within 60 days, and since that time no open saloons have existed. The question of prohibition has been a source of endless contention and litigation, both in the city and the State, and several attempts have been made to have the amendment submitted, so that the people might have an opportunity to express themselves as to its wisdom, but all such efforts have thus far proved futile.
Authors Note.  Although there were no saloons after 1885, there were many Billiard Halls & Pool Halls and not much like too day you know they sold liquor and beer, but these are not recorded here unless they were part of a saloon.  The address of these saloons are the lot numbers as the numbering system was not in use as yet. 
Topeka 1871.
Ed. Bradshaw, saloon, 119 Kansas Ave., Residence 77 Jackson.
J. Burns, saloon, beds 107 sixth Ave.
Jas. S. Conwell, saloon,164 Kansas Ave., Residence 206 Tyler Street.
H. Curry, saloon, Residence corner Van Buren & Curtis Streets, North Topeka.
J. Dory, saloon, beds 107 Seventh Street.
J. Eastman, saloon, 67 Kansas Ave., Residence Cap Dogar.
A. R. Hainey, saloon, 67 Kansas Ave., Residence Sargeants
E. Hughs, saloon, REsidence corner Sixth & Monroe.
G. H. Kimmel, saloon, Opp. K. P. depot,, North Topeka.
GEorge Klein, saloon, Sixth between Kansas & Quiney.
Count LaTourette, saloon..
G. Lurdgren, saloon, beds 153 Kansas Ave.
A. Marston, saloon, 119 Kansas Ave., Residence between Foster & Second.
A. Morrison, saloon, 119 Kansas Ave., Residence Topeka Ave., North end.
J. N. Young, saloon, corner Sixth & Kansas Ave.

Topeka 1872-1873.

John Billard, Hotel & saloon, east side Kansas Ave., near Crane Street, Residence same.
James Conwell, saloon, 164 Kansas Ave., Residence east side Tyler Street, between Sixth & seventh Street.
J. S. Dowdell & W. P. Wilson, saloon, S. E., corner Railroad Ave., & Jackson Street.
Joseph Richard, saloon, 69 Kansas Ave., North Topeka, Residence same.
Fred Fensky, saloon, Boarding house ect., 66 Kansas Ave., North Topeka, residence same.
George Gehring, Restaurant & Saloon, 193 Kansas Ave., Residence same.
William Haug, Billiard Hall & Saloon, Fifth Avenue Hotel.
Charles K. Herboldsheimer & J. H. Tobon, Restaurant & Saloon, 105 east Sixth Ave.
N. A. Johnson, saloon, 165 Kansas Ave.
George Kimmerle, saloon 71 Kansas Ave., North Topeka.
George Klein, saloon, 100 east Sixth Ave.
John C. Miller, saloon, 162 Kansas Ave., Residence corner Third & Van Buren.
L. H. Ogee & T. J. Lazzell, saloon & Billiard Hall, under Adams National Bank, North Topeka.
L. Pauly, Bakery, saloon, ect., 148 Kansas Ave.
F. Poppendick, Restaurant & saloon, 105 east Sixth Ave.
T. D. Sanborn, Senate Saloon, 216 Kansas Ave.
Nelson Young, S. W. corner Sixth Ave., & Tyler Street.

Topeka 1874.

Hance & Sutherland, saloon, 177 Kansas Ave.
Curl Richardson, saloon, east side fifth between Kansas AVe., & Quincy.
W. P. Wilson, saloon, 160 Kansas Ave.,  Harrison & Railroad North Topeka.
Robert Wright, saloon, 13 Kansas Ave., between First & Kansas Ave.

Topeka 1880.

Fred Ahrens, Saloon & Billiard Hall, 57 Kansas Ave., North Topeka, Residence same.
John P. Bauer, saloon, 30 Kansas Ave., North Topeka, Residence 97 Kansas Ave., North Topeka.
L. Blackman, saloon, 104 east Sixth Ave., Residence 91 Quinct Street.
G. N. Boutell & Oscar McConnell, Arcade Saloon, 155 Kansas Ave.
Walter H. Conness, Saloon & Billiards, 181 Kansas Ave., Residence west side Kansas Ave., between Third & Fourth Streets.
C. W. Jahn, saloon, 35 Kansas Ave., North Topeka, Residence 33 Van Buren Street, North Topeka.
George Kimmerle, saloon, 27 Kansas Ave., North Topeka, Residence 68 Harrison Street, North Topeka.
Thomas W. Mcllvain, saloon ect., 172 Kansas Ave., Residence 133 Quincy Street.
James Martin, ( Colored ), saloon ect., 75 Kansas Ave., Residence same.
P. L. Mulligan, saloon ect., corner Railroad street & Kansas Ave., beds Palace Hotel.
E. F. Olferman & Henry Elsnor, Home Brewery & Saloon, 165 Kansas Ave.
Gorge Smith, saloon, ect., 107 east Seventh Street beds west side Quincy Street, between Seventh & Eighth Ave.
WIlliam Zimmerman, saloon, cigars, ect., 221 Kansas Ave., Residence east side Topeka Ave., between Second & Third Streets.

Topeka 1882.

G. N. Boutell, Opera House & Billiard Hall. 194 Kansas Ave., Residence 177 Harrison Street.
Laban Collins, ( Colored ), saloon,  99 First Ave., E. corner 10 Ave.
J. S. Dowdell, saloon, 18 Railroad Street, Residence 35 Jackson Street, North Topeka.
G. F. Funk, saloon, 56 Kansas Ave., Residence corner First Ave., & Harrison Street.
Charles Jockheck, Saloon & Billiard Hall, 160 Kansas Ave., Residence 129 Van Buren Street.
William Kictzman, saloon, 126 Kansas Ave., Residence same.
Joseph & Charles Kraemer, Cigar Maf'rs, 150 Kansas Ave., & saloon, 107 Fifth Street.
Ed. Bradshaw, saloon, 119 Kansas Ave., Residence 77 Jackson Street.
J. Burns, saloon, beds 107 Sixth Ave.
Jas. S. Conwell, saloon, 164, Kansas Ave., Residence 206 Tyler Street.
H. Curay, saloon, Residence corner Van Buren & Curtis Streets, North Topeka.
J. Dory, saloon, beds 107 Seventh Street.
J. Eastman, saloon, 67 Kansas Ave., Residence Cap Dogar.
A. R. Hainey, saloon, 67 Kansas Ave. Residence Sargent's.
E. Hughs, saloon, Residence corner Sixth & Monroe.
G. H. Kimmel, saloon, Opp., K. P. depot, North Topeka.
George Klein, saloon, Sixth between Kansas & Quiney Streets.
Count LaTourette, salon.
G. Lurdgren, saloon, beds 153 Kansas Ave.
A. Marston, saloon, 119 Kansas Ave., Residence between Foster & Second Streets.
A. Morrison, saloon 119 Kansas Ave., Topeka Ave., North end.
J. N. Young, saloon Corner Sixth & Kansas Ave.

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