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Thomas C. Campbell, Louisiana.

Thomas C. Campbell.

Birth: unknown.
Death: Apr. 15, 1905

Burial: Metairie Cemetery, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana,.
Plot: Army of N. Virginia tomb, Vault 56

Louisiana State Records.
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Thomas Battle Turley.

Thomas Battle Turley.

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Birth: Apr. 5, 1845, Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.
Death: Jul. 1, 1910, Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.

Parents: Thomas Jefferson Turley (1807 - 1854), Flora Crudup Battle Turley (1819 - 1892).

Wife; Irene Rayner Turley (1849 - 1939).

Children: Eli Rayner Turley (1872 - 1948), Flora Turley Maury (1873 - 1952), Thomas Jefferson Turley (1874 - 1932).

Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.

US Senator. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee to Thomas Jefferson and Flora Crudup Battle Turley. After attending public schools, Thomas in 1861 enlisted and served in the Maynard Rifles of Memphis, a Confederate company that joined the 154th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. Turley sustained wounds at the battles of Shiloh (1862) and Atlanta (1864) before being captured in the Battle of Nashville in 1864. He was imprisoned at Camp Chase, Ohio, from December 1864 until March 1865.

Upon the war's conclusion, he attended the University of Virginia School of Law in Charlottesville, Virginia, completing his studies in 1867. In 1870 he was admitted to the Tennessee bar and began practicing in Memphis with L. D. McKissick, a former Confederate colonel. When former Governor Isham G. Harris teamed with them in 1876, the firm became Harris, McKissick & Turley. A prominent attorney, upon the death in office of Senator Harris in 1897, Turley was appointed by the governor of Tennessee to the vacancy.

He was subsequently elected to the balance of the term by the Tennessee General Assembly. Turley declined to stand for any further service in the Senate once the balance of the term to which Harris had initially been elected had expired, serving in the Senate from July 20, 1897 to March 4, 1901. He returned to his Memphis law practice until shortly before his death in 1910. He was buried at Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis, the final resting place of many West Tennessee political figures.

Otho F. Strahl

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Otho F. Strahl.

Birth: Jun. 3, 1831.
Death: Nov. 30, 1864.

Parents: Philip Strahl (1799 - 1874), Rhoda A. French Strahl (1807 - 1889).

Sibling: Otho F. Strahl (1831 - 1864) Eliza Janet Strahl Sigler (1848 - 1926).

Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.

From Confederate and Union Officers and Men From Tennessee.

Captain commanding in 4th., Tennessee Regiment Infantry, May, 1861.

Lieutenant-Colonel 4th., Tennessee Infantry, 1862.

Colonel  4th., Tennessee Infantry, 1863.

Brigadier-General JUly 28, 1863.

Killed at battle of Franklin, Tennessee, November 30, 1864.


Brigade composed of the 4th., 5th., 10th., 31st., 34th., and 33rd., Tennessee, regiments of infantry and Stanford's battery of Light artillery, Cheatham's division, Polk's Corps, Army of Tennessee.

Authors note.. Members of his staff was also listed, but was not recorded here.

From the Military Annals of Tennessee.

In the battle of Franklin none occupied a more exposed position than the Nineteenth, and none more fully accomplished all that could be asked of flesh and blood. Its right rested on the west side of the Co- lumbia turnpike. Charging across the plain, the enemy were driven from their breastworks. Several men of the regiment clambered over them in the face of the enemy concentrated behind the buildings a few yards distant. Finding them- selves between two tires, they sought such protection as was afforded. Sergeant Lum. Waller, of Co. E, than whom no truer man lives, was wounded at the end of Carter's brick smoke-house by the fire of our own men the enemy firing from the opposite end  and lay there all night. This building still stands, bearing the marks of over one hundred bullets. Here fell our beloved brigade commander, Gen. Strahl. He died upon the enemy's works about midway of the Nineteenth Regiment. During the engagement he took gun after gun from the men below and fired at the enemy. A private of Co. A, Zack Smith by name, whom Gen. Strahl had punished for some act of insubordination, seeing the General on the works and firing at the Federals, scrambled up to his side, and as the General fired he fired. The General, struck with admiration, patted Zack on the shoulder and said: "Go it, Zack; 1 will never forget you for this"

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Alfred Jefferson Vaughan Jr.

Alfred Jefferson Vaughan, Jr.
Picture date 1885.
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Birth: May 10, 1830, Dinwiddie County, Virginia.
Death: Oct. 1, 1899, Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana.

Children: Alfred Jefferson Vaughan (1867 - 1942), William Franklin Vaughan (1874 - 1953).

Burial: Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.

Military Service.

Company E., Dixie Rifles, organized at Moscow, Tennessee, and composed of Tennesseeans and Mississippians; Captain A. J. Vaughan, Marshall county, Mississippi.

CAPT. A. J. VAUGHAN. Elected Lieutenant-Colonel at or ganization of the regiment; elected Colonel on resignation of Col. Wright; re-elected Colonel at reorganization of the army at Corinth ; promoted to Brigadier- General after the battle of Chickamauga; lost a leg at Yining station, below Marietta, Ga., on July 4, 1864; Memphis, Tenn.

Civil War Confederate Brigadier General. When the South declared secession from the Union in 1861, he at once raised volunteers for the Confederacy and was appointed Lieutenant Colonel of the 13th Tennessee. He gained the reputation of a fighting officer, engaging in all the battles at Belmont, Shiloh, Richmond, Perryville, Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. Promoted Brigadier General in November 1863, his brigade took part in the Dalton-Atlanta campaign. At the Battle of Vining Station, July 4, 1864, his leg was taken off by an exploding shell and he was permanently disabled for military duty. After the war he engaged in farming and was elected clerk of the criminal court, Shelby County, Tennessee, in 1878.

Barber Shops of Topeka, Kansas.

If your ancestor was a barber and lived in Topeka, for a time but you don't know when, now is your chance to find out..  There were many jobs that caused are ancestors to move on.  You know the old saying ( Here today gone tomorrow.)  Those who had jobs as a Laborer, Farmer Salesman, Carpenter and Barber, seem to move around a lot.

If your ancestor was a barber he may only lived in Topeka, a few months or a few years, then moved on. Then again he may have came to Topeka and lived out his life here, but you never knew he was a barber.

Note.  These names came from  Topeka City Directories  and are not in any yearly order.  You can do a name search on this page.

Important note.  These names were taken from the business section of the city directories.  These names are the Barber Shops owners and does not include the names of the barbers who work in the shops.

However the Directories of 1880, 1871, 1872 and 1899, does include all the barbers of Topeka.

All names on this post with addresses our Barber Shops owners and those without addresses are barbers who work in these shops.

Barber Shops of Topeka, 1871.

J. Campbell.
George Dennie, Colored, 208 Kansas Ave.
M. Edward, Colored.
C. Grinstead, Colored,
J. L. Hooler.
B. Jones, Colored, 73 and a half, Kansas Ave.
G. Sapiit.
George McGrath.
Thomas Moore, Colored.
A. Petit.
John Pleasant, Colored, 205 Kansas Ave.
Henry Roser.
Scott Smith, Colored.
D. W. Williams, Colored.
B. Wright, Colored, 205 Kansas Ave.

Barber Shops of Topeka, 1888.

Alexander, Wm., 611 North Kansas ave.
Barker & Freeman, 512 Kansas ave.
Bryant, George, 511 West Tenth.
Callihan & Brown, 404 East Fourth.
Christman, John, 606 Clay.
Cooper, H. C, 114 Kansas ave.
Cravatt, E. A., 819 Kansas ave.
Dillard, Henry W., 511 Kansas ave.
Dyer, J. M., 110 North Kansas ave.
Ehrhardt & Gutsch, 329 Kansas ave.
Goodrich, James, 708 Polk.
Gordon, C. G., 112 East Fifth.
Jones, Lee, 534 Kansas ave.
Laurimore, Wm., 1203 East Sixth.
Lipper, John W., 401 Lake.
Lytle, John R., 207 West Sixth.
McClure, Thomas F., 604 North Kansas ave.
Mitchell, Wm., 108 West Fifth.
Moody, W. H., 831 North Kansas ave.
Myers, C, 601 Kansas ave.
Pay, Amos, 520 East Fourth.
Rivers, James, 835 Kansas ave.
Shattio, H. H., 829 Kansas ave.
Stone, Lou, 904 Kansas ave.
Stewart, Mont., 512 East Fourth.
Stritzinger, S., 508 Kansas ave.
Tatcher, John H., 314 Kansas ave.
Wade, S., 718 Kansas ave.
Warnick, J. E., 829 North Kansas ave

Barber Shops of Topeka, 1899.

Albert Alten, 518 East Fourth Street.
W. H. Baker.
Julius B. Banks, 418 Van Buren.
F. J. Bartels.
J. M. Beauchamp.
W. J. Blum.
W. H. Brown.
D. E. Bryant, 328 Kansas Ave.
F. Bullener.
Jefferson Caldwell, 118 East Seventh Street.
Capital Barber Shop, Griley & Stritzinger, 508 Kansas Ave.
Robert Chase.
John E. Collins.
Joseph Cusworth.
Albert Davis.
Davis & Pleasant ( Thomas & John M. ), Topeka Barber Shop, 535 Kansas Ave.
E. M. Day, 700 Kansas Ave.
James M. Deen.
Alonzo De Frantz.
H. H. De Shattio, 511 West Tenth AVe.
Robert Dudley.
P. R. Andrew Dupree.
Morris Durein, 534 Kansas Ave.
William L. Eagleson.
J. J. East, 125 Kansas Ave.
W. F. Flemings, Chesterfield Hotel.
J. f. folger, 311 Kansas Ave.
Francis M. Freeman.
Elmer Gibbons.
Bert Gilbert.
John Goodrich.
A. Goodwin.
George Gray.
James W. Griffin, 119 East Fifth.
Frank A. Gutch, Hotel Throop.
Henry H. Gutsch.
Benjamin Hammer.
Hammer & Miller ( Roy & Peter ), 425 Kansas Ave.
Charles Harger.
George Harris.
John Hatcher, 324 Kansas Ave.
Chesley b. Hypes.
Pinkney Jones.
Joseph Klee, 408 East Fourth Street.
George and John Knoll, Brothers, 614 North Kansas Ave.
J. S. Kuypers, 608 Clay Street.
Frank Lane.
M. Langhart.
Dessie W. Langston.
John W. Lipper, 902 East Fourth Street.
Henry Lowe.
Alexander Lux, 910North Kansas Ave.
Charlesc Lytle.
John R. Lytle.
Albert Martin.
Conrad Mayer.
P. J. Mc Kiernana, 1019 East Sixth Ave.
Mc Kinney & Sutton ( H. D. & T. H 0, 114 East Fourth Street.
John Montgomery, 522 East Fourth Street.
Nelson & Harmon ( J. A. & Matt ), 601 Kansas Ave.
J. C. Nicely.
WilliamH. Nye.
A. J. Palmer.J. E. Pattison, 514 East Fourth Street.
Alfred J. Payne.
W. T. Payne, 116 Kansas Ave.
Henry Pohlman.
Oscar Rader Sunflower Barber Shop, 215 Kansas Ave.
F. D. Ratley, 810 Kansas Ave.
Leroy Reed.
Alpha N. Sanderson.
William I. Shafer.
T. E. Sheard, 635 Kansas Ave.
R. L. Skearce, 108 West Fifth Street.
Louis H. Slaughter, 112 West Fourth Street.
O. E. Sommers, 701 Kansas Ave.
Jacob Stanley.
Frank Stevens.
A. P. Stowe.
Harvey L. Studevant.
P. C. Thomas, 929 Kansas Ave.
M. C. Walker, 106 West Ninth Street.
William R. Walker.
Charles White.
Henry D. White, 118 Kansas Ave.
John Whitmere.
Joseph Whitmoore.
Edward d. Wilcox.
W. S. Willits, 820 Kansas Ave.
Henry Wolf.
E. B. Wood.
Joseph Wornick.
Marion Wright, 1203 East Sixth Ave.
HEnry Young.

Barber Shops of Topeka, 1893.

Alexander, Win, 931 N. Tyler street.
Allen, Al, 410 East Fourth street.
Arnold, Wm, 122 West B street.
Carter, Robt, Chesterfield Hotel.
Childs, Nick, 112 W. Seventh street.
Christman, John, 1023 W. Sixth ave.
Caldwell & Flemings, S03 Kansas ave.
Cook, Thomas, 1 19 N. Kansas avenue.
Davis, Thomas, 109 W. Sixth avenue.
DeShattio & Payne, S29 Kansas ave.
Durein, M, 502 Kansas avenue.
Ehrhardt, Theodore, 121 Kansas ave.
Folger, J F, 512 East Fourth street.
Gale, Lucien, 119 East Fifth avenue.
Griley & Stritzenger, 50S Kansas ave.
Gutsch, F A, 331 Kansas avenue.
Hatcher, John, 324 Kansas avenue.
Kingsalver & Langhart, S23 North Kansas avenue.
Lipper, J W, Si 2 East Fourth street.
Lowe & Reasmes, 534 Kansas avenue.
Love, Wm, 511 West Tenth avenue.

Barber Shops of Topeka, 1872.

Frank Boyd, Colored.
George Campbell, Colored.
William Dennison, Colored.
John Hart, Colored.
William Jones, Colored.
A. Kuykendall, Colored.
John Pleasant, Colored.
Scott Smith, Colored.
Andy Steele, Colored.
Henry Washington.
David Williams, Colored.
Ben. ( Benjamin ), Colored.

Barber Shops of Topeka, 1905.

Alten, Al, 518 E. Fourth street.
Antiseptic Barber Co., 700 Kansas avenue.
Arnold, William M, 604 N. Kansas avenue.
Brown & Bishop, 102 E. Sixth avenue.
Bryant & Son, 326 Kansas avenue.
Caldwell, JefT, 106 E. Seventh street.
Caliban & Brown, 835 Kansas avenue.
Capital Barber Shop, 508 Kansas avenue.
Carter, Robert, 1011 Kansas avenue.
Davis & Christie, 532 Kansas avenue.
Davis, Thomas, Columbian Bldg.,
DeShattio, H H, 413 Kansas avenue.
Dreyer, Alexander, 225 Kansas avenue.
East, John T, 318 E. Fourth street.
Farmer, Chas R, 1019 E. Sixth avenue.
Farmer, Chas R, 418 E. Fourth street.
Griffin, James W, 119 E. Fifth street.
Gutsch, Frank A, 333 Kansas avenue.
Heaston, Wm M, Thomas avenue, Oakland.
Johns & Alexander, 915% Kansas avenue.
Knoll, J J, 841 N, Kansas avenue.
Kuypers, J S, 608 Clay street.
Lipper, John W, 904% E. Fourth street. '
Lowe, W H, 425 Kansas avenue.
Lux, Alexander, 910 N. Kansas avenue.
Lytle, C C, 109 W. Fifth street. .
Lytle, J R, 929 Kansas avenue.
Mayer, Conrad, 511 W. Tenth avenue.
McCarroll, Sim, 116 E. Seventh street.
McCoy, J K, 217 W. Sixth avenue.
McKiernan, P J, 506 E. Fourth street.
Miller & Sturm, 410 E. Fourth street.
Mize, L D, 601 Kansas avenue.
Montgomery, John M, 520% E. Fourth street.
Parcels & Cunning, 121 Kansas avenue.
Rader, Oscar, 215 Kansas avenue.
Reddick, E A, 613 Quincy street.
Reed & Emry, 923 Kansas avenue.
Savoy Hotel Barber Shop, 409 ELansas avenue.
Sheard, Thomas E, 635 Kansas avenue.
Shelton, T S, 611 N. Kansas avenue.

Barber Shops of Topeka, 1885.

Blankensbip D W 211 Kansas ave
Dennis Benj 425 Kansas avenue N T
Dillai d Henry W loo Kansas ave
Durein M 14G Kansas avenue
Kherhardt Theo Ollice Bloek
Grinstead Chas 210 Kansas ave
Hammerberg C J 110 Sixth ave east
Hatcher Bennett 193 Kansas ave
Kern H F 108 Kansas avenue
:McClure T F 220 Kansas ave N T
flayer Conrad 181 Kansas avenue
]\[ontMoody W H 427 Kansas avenue N T
Perkins D L 191 First avenue east
Kobinson S 107 First avenue east
Schmidt C cor First ave and Jefferson
Shattio H H 281 Kansas avenue
Smith Scott 205 Kansas avenue
Snyder J L 128 Kansas avenue
Wade Samuel 88 Fifth street east
Witt John 158 Kansas avenue
AVhite Charles 80 Kansas avenue
WijrWiley Georg:e 217 Kansas avenue
Williams J B 50 Kansas avenue
Wilson H C 110 Holliday street

Barber Shops of Topeka, 1880.

Alexander Petit & Charles Mayer, Barber Shop, 145 Kansas Ave.
Jerry Phillips, Colored.
John Plesant, Colored 205 Kansas Ave.
Charles F. Schmidt.
M. F. Schwoertz.
Henry Shattio, Colored 163 Kansas Ave.
Scott Smith, Colored, Central Barber and Bathing parlors 183 Kansas Ave.
George A. Thomas, Colored.
Joseph Wallace, Colored.
Charles Williams, Colored.
C. Williams, Colored.
H. C. Wilson, Colored 109 Holliday Street.



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Wiliam Thomas Harbison.

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Wiliam Thomas Harbison.

Birth: Sep. 26, 1844
Death: Jul. 18, 1896

Parents: Alexander Harbison (1802 - 1886) Cynthia Qumi Scott Harbison (1814 - 1907)

Children: William Alexander Harbison (1879 - 1951)*

Siblings: Wiliam Thomas Harbison (1844 - 1896), Mary E. Harbison (1846 - 1863), Sarah M. Harbison Fleming (1847 - 1938), John Alexander Harbison (1854 - 1939), James M. Harbison (1856 - 1929).

Burial: Alexander Family Cemetery #2 Burke County North Carolina

Author.  W. T. Harbison, Company B., 11th., North Carolina, Infantry, Enlisted February 1, 1862; Burke County, North Carolina; Wounded.