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Unknown Wounded Soldiers.

The title says it all.  These soldiers were wounded and are unknown.  These soldiers are unknown because I was unable to find any personal or burial information on them.

However the information here will  be helpful to those looking into these family lines.  There will be some differences in some of the reports such as dates, places ect.

The information here was taken from the State Records and The Medical and Surgical history of the war of the Rebellion. 

New York 21st., Cavalry, Co. B. 

WHEAT, CHARLES D.—Age, 21 years. Enlisted, July 16, 1863, at Owego; mustered in as private, Co. B, August 28, 1863, to serve three years; deserted, January 15, 1865, from hospital, at York, Pa.

CASE 2. Private C. D. Wheat, Co. B, 21st New York Cavalry, aged 18 years. New Market, May 16, 1864. Sabre wound of the abdomen. Treated in Harrisburg and New York hospitals. Furloughed, and, not returning, reported a deserter on December 30, 1864.  
Iowa 11th., Infantry, Co.C.

Ashford, William. (Veteran.) Age 21. Residence Columbus City, nativity Indiana. Enlisted Sept. 23, 1861, as Seventh Corporal. Mustered Oct. 3, 1861. Promoted Sixth Corporal Dec. 8, 1861; Fifth Corporal Jan. 1, 1862; Fourth Corporal Jan. 13, 1862; Third Corporal Jan. 17,1862; Second Corporal March 12, 1862. Re-enlisted and re-mustered Jan. 4, 1864. Wounded slightly Jan. 15, 1864, Yazoo City, Miss. Discharged for disability June 26, 1865, Louisville, Ky.

CASE 32. Corporal W. D. Ashford, Co. C, 11th., Iowa, aged 24 years, was wounded at Yazoo City, March 5, 1864, by a conoidal ball, which entered in the groin and emerged at the epigastric region. He recovered, and was returned to duty on November 16, 1864.
Pennsylvania 63rd., Infantry, Co. F.

William Blair Corporal Mustered in August 1, 1861 3 years.  Promoted to Corporal, 1863; died at Fredericksburg, Va., May 21, 1864, of wounds received at Wilderness, May 5, 1864

CASE 36. Corporal W. Blair. Co. F. 63d Pennsylvania, aged 26 years, received a flesh wound of the parietes of the right inguinal region, from a conoidal ball, at Spottsylvania, May 12, 1864. The wound presented no serious complication, and the patient was" soon conveyed to Washington and placed in Lincoln Hospital, and was allowed full diet and a supporting treatment. The wound became inflamed and irritable, and haemorrhage supervened. This was arrested by compression, but, recurred, when applications of the solution of persulphate of iron were used in addition to pressure. Repeated bleedings took place, with a fatal result. The patient sank, in spite of free stimulation, and died on June 30, 1864.

First Maine Cavalry, Co. D.

Holden, Simeon A. — Age 18; b. and r. Tremont; student; en. Sept. 19, '61, Orland; mus. Oct. 19, '61, as private; orderly for Gen. Eicketts and Gen. Tower, Aug. and Sept. '62; on duty at pro. mar. office, Freder ick, from Sept. '62, till Jan. '63; detailed orderly for Gen. Kilpatrick, March 17, '63; put in charge of the orderlies and pro. corp.; horse shot under him at Aldie, June 17, '63; wd. (sabre thrust through the body) at Upperville, June 21, '63; rejoined co. Dec. '63; wd. in skirmish on the Rapidan, May, '64; m. o. Nov. 25, '64, ex. of ser.

CASE 1. Corporal Simeon A. Holden, Co. D, 1st Maine Cavalry. Wounded at the cavalry affair at Upperville, June 21, 1853, by a sabre cut in the lumbar region, extending nearly to the umbilicus. He recovered, and was discharged on November 25, 1864, and was a pensioner in 1872.

Massachusetts Third, Infantry, Co. D.
Three Months Service.

Blunt, William H.  Priv. Res. West Boylston; bootmaker; 20; enl. and must. May 25, 1861; wounded July 3, 1863, at Gettysburg, Penna.; died July 15, 1863, of wounds, as Sergt.

CASE 37. Sergeant W. Blunt, Co. D, 3d Massachusetts, aged 25 years, received, at Gettysburg, July 3, 18ii3, a gunshot flesh wound in the left groin, and was sent to the Twelfth Corps Hospital. Gangrene supervened. On July 18th, intermediary haemorrhage occurred, and thirty ounces of blood were lost from the epigastric artery, The vessel was not tied, and the patient died on July 18, 1863.

Iowa 13th., Infantry, Co. G.

Ridge, John. Age 26. Residence Vinton, nativity Ohio. Enlisted Sept. 27, 1861, as First Corporal. Mustered Oct. 28, 1861. Promoted Fifth Sergeant April 10, 1862; Fourth Sergeant April 30, 1862; Second Sergeant June 15, 1862; First Sergeant July 5, 1862; Second Lieutenant March 13, 1863; First Lieutenant April 29, 1863. Wounded in right side July 20, 1864, Atlanta, Ga. Died of wounds Oct. 4, 1864, Louisville, Ky.

CASE 39. Lieutenant John Ridge, Co. G. 13th Iowa, aged 30 years, was wounded, July 20, 1854, at Atlanta, by a musket ball, which passed through the abdominal parietes, making a seton wound. Death "from pyaemia" is recorded on October 4, 1864. No autopsy.

New Jerset 15th., Infantry, Co. H.

Lusier, Theodore S Private Aug. 9, '62 Aug. 25, '62 3 Yrs Died at U. S. Army Gen. Hosp., ashington, D. C., July 19, '63, of wounds received in action at Salem Heights, Va., May 3, '63; buried at Harmony Burial Ground, D. C.

CASE, 41. Private, Theodore Lozar, Co. H., New Jersey, shot at the battle Chancel Lorsville, May 3, 1863, by a Conidal musket ball, hit his left side and lodged in his rib.  Dide July 19, 1863.

New York 27th., Light Artillery.

TIFFANY, JARED.—Age, 43 years. Enlisted, November 7, 1862, at Buffalo; mustered in as private, December 17, 1862, to Serve three years; appointed farrier, date not stated; died of injuries from railroad cars, April 6, 1864, at Washington, D. C.

CASE 108. Private, Gerald Tiffany, 27th., New York Battery, Age 44 years, falling between the platforms of two railway cars, FEbruary 6, 1864, was caught and squeezed between the buffers.  Died April 6, 1864.

Massachusetts 19th., Infantry, Co. D.

Loveland, Nathaniel, Jr. Priv., Res. Groveland; shoemaker; 22; enl. Feb. 6, 1862; must. Feb. 10, 1862; died June 27, 1862, Yorktown, Va.

CASE 109. Private Nathaniel J. Loveland, Co. D, 19th Massachusetts, received, June 25, 1862, a severe contusion of the left side of the abdomen, from a fragment of shell, at Oak Grove, in the advanced trenches near Richmond.  Died June 27, 1862.

Pennsylvania 28th., Infantry, Co. E.

Labar, Jeremiah Private; Mustered in July 6, 1861 3 years. Discharged by order of Gen. Banks, September 29, 1862

CASE 248. Private J. Labar, Co, E, 28th Pennsylvania, was accidentally wounded by the discharge of the musket of a falling comrade, at Leesburg, March 12, 1862. He was taken to the regimental hospital on the same day, and, on May 22d, was transferred to hospital No. 1, Frederick; thence, on June 3d, to Harrisburg, to hospital at Camp Curtin, where the injury is recorded as a " gunshot wound of the right side, the ball passing through the liver." There is no further hospital record of the case, save that the patient was discharged from service September 29, 1882.  In June, 1866, his pension was increased from eight to twenty dollars a month. He died June 12, 1867.
New Jersey First Cavalry, Co. H. 

McClellan, James Private, Enlisted Aug. 21, '61; Mustered in Aug. 27, '61; 3 Yrs Died at Camp Custis, Va., Feb. 25, '62, of wounds received while on picket.

CASE 231. Private J. McLellan, Co. H, 1st New Jersey Cavalry, was wounded, February 24, 1862 near Pobick by a musket ball, which entered the right lumbar region and emerged half an inch below the naval, severing the small intestine the wounded gut being protruded and the extent of the injury revealed. There was profuse bleeding from the divided mesenteric arteries, vomiting, and rapid collapse. The patient sank and died, nine hours after the reception of the wound, February 24, 1862.

Kansas Sixth Cavalry, Co. G.

Albert B. Coffin, Corp.; Residence Leavenworth; Enlisted and Mustered in March 25, 1862.  Died September 18, 1863, of wounds received in the streets of Fort Scott, while in discharge of his duty.

CASE 424. Corp. A. Coffin, Co. G, 6th Kansas Cavalry, received a pistol-shot wound of the abdomen at Fort Scott, Kansas, September 17, 1863. He was immediately admitted to the hospital at Fort Scott. The shock was not great, the pulse being nearly normal, and the pain inconsiderable. The pain became intense in a lew hours ; abdomen, hard and tumid ; pulse, rapid and feeble ; and death occurred fifteen hours after the reception of the injury.

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Justus Lyman

Capt Justus Lyman. 

Birth: Feb. 24, 1835.
Death: Jan. 6, 1912.

Parents: Elisha Waldo Lyman (1809 - 1885), Laura A Alexander Lyman (1807 - 1880.)

Wife: Lois Pearl Alexander Lyman (1840 - 1916.)

Children: Frank E. Lyman, ( 1866_1938 ).

Burial: Brookside Cemetery, Easthampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Twenty_Seventh, Infantry, Co. A.

Lyman, Justus — Sergt.— Res. Easthampton; farmer; 26; enl. Sept. 11, 1861; must. Sept. 20, 1861; apptd. 1st Sergt., Jany. 1, 1863; re-enlist. Nov. 25, 1863; comm. 2d Lieut., Feb. 17, 1864; must. March 12, 1864; prisoner May 16, 1864, Drury's Bluff, Va.; comm. 1st Lieut., June 5,1864; not must.; paroled Prisoner of War, March 31,1865; comm. Captain, May 15, 1865; not must.; must, out June 26, 1865, as 2d Lieut.

Justus Lyman statement as a prisoner of war. 

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American Vessels Capture by the British.

The ships on this list were Merchant ships and were captured  by the British between the years of 1779 and 1807.I will only list the ships name and it's owner, and Master, if listed.  However there is information on the ship captured and what they were carrying, and what happened to the ship.

Below you will find a example of the kind of information you may receive.  If you would like the information on a ship, give the name and page number.


Cutter Crocodiel; of New York, owned by Scott and Seaman, from Curacon to New York, taken April 5, 1800, by ship of war Amiable; carried into Kingston ( Jam.; ) part of the cargo was Dutch, the remainder American property.  The captors, immediately on the capture, made a privateer of the Crocdile, and sent her on a cruise. .

Author Use only.  Foreign Relations, Volume 2., 1779-1807.

American Vessels Capture by the British.

1. Ship Gadsen, Frederick Kohn, p. 345.
2. Ship Genet, Nathaniel Fellows, p. 345.
3. Brigantine Polly, John L. Clark,p. 345.
4. Schooner Susanna, Jonathan Harrison, p. 345.
5. Ship Charlotte, Henry A. & John G. Castor, p. 346.
6. Brigantine Sally, Stephen Girard, p. 346.
6. Brigantine Ruby, Chandler Price, p. 346.
7. Schooner George, William Patterson, p. 346.
8. Sloop Little Charlotte, Charles D. Wolfe, p. 346.
9. Brigantine Sea Nymph, Louis Tarrascon, p. 346.
10. Brigantine Peacock, Master David Crafts, p. 346.
11. Brigantine King Solomon, Master James Hewett, p. 346.
12. Brigantine Susannab, Master J. K. Spencer, p. 346.
13. Brigantine  Hind, Master, Daniel Ropes, p. 346.
14. Brigantine  Sea Nymph, Master James Mc. Kiver, p. 346.,  

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Joseph B. Alter.

Joseph B. Alter. 

Birth: Aug. 21, 1825, Mississippi...
Death: Feb. 17, 1910.

Wife: Julia B. Peterson Alter (1836 - 1900).

Children: Harry, William, Clara, James.

Burial: Oak Grove Cemetery, Le Roy, McLean County, Illinois.

According to official roster of the 75th OVI he mustered in on September 26, 1861 at age 36. He was appointed 1st Sgt from Sgt on January 20, 1863. Promoted to 1st Lt to date June 11, 1863. Wounded at the battle of Gettysburg, Pa. Promoted to Captain of Co. F on April 31, 1864. Captured August 17, 1864 at Gainesville, Fl. POW for 7 months at Camp Asylum, South Carolina.

Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio in the War Of The Rebellion.

Ohio Seventy-Fifth, Infantry, Co. F.

Joseph B. Alter, Captain; Age 36; Enlisted September 26, 1861, for 3 years.  Promoted from First Lieutenant Co. A., April 13, 1864; Mustered out March 16, 1865.

Joseph B. Alter statement as a prisoner of war.

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Samuel A. Sullivan

Samuel A. Sullivan.

Birth: Feb. 24, 1842, Berrien County, Michigan.
Death: Mar. 28, 1907, Dolliver, Emmet County, Iowa.

Parents: Thomas Sullivan (1795 - 1857), Rebecca Goble Sullivan (1809 - 1889).

Wife: Sarah Aurelia Adams Sullivan (1843 - 1907). Children: Charles Eugene Sullivan (1869 - 1920), Zoe Sullivan (1874 - 1880).

Siblings: Alexander A. Sullivan (1835 - 1896), Martha Jane Sullivan Roe (1838 - 1884), Samuel A. Sullivan (1842 - 1907), Joel Edwin Sullivan (1844 - 1905), Thomas W Sullivan (1850 - 1916).

Burial: Rock Grove Township Cemetery, Nora Springs, Floyd County, Iowa.

A US Postmaster in Dolliver, Iowa at the time of his death, this Civil War soldier's body was returned to the Rock Grove Cemetery so he could rest beside his wife Sarah, young daughter Zoa and his mother, Rebecca. Following his wife's death in 1902 he lived with his son, Charles, in Dolliver. War related injuries made it impossible for Samuel to continue life as a farmer. He had some of his land added to the village of Nora Springs where a street still carries his name and he operated a general store in the village.

Iowa Twenty-First Infantry, Co. A.
Iowa State Records.

Sullivan, Samuel. Age 19. Residence Floyd,.nativity Michigan. Enlisted Feb. 18, 1862. Mustered June 11, 1862. Mustered out June 10, 1865, Shreveport, La.

Samuel Sullivan Statement as Prisoner of War.
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