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Colonel William L. Buck. Sr.

Col William L Buck, Sr.

Birth: 1827.
Death: 1889.

Wife: Henrietta Wilkinson Buck (1826 - 1912).

Children: William L. Buck, Carrie A. Buck Woodworth, Elijah Buck (1867 - 1934), Rose E. Buck Beckwith (1873 - 1962).

Burial: Oakridge Cemetery, Marshall, Calhoun County, Michigan.

Author. Mr. Buck was sheriff of Marshall ( 1869 -1870 ), office was at 70 State.  Lived at the corner of Green and Grand.

Michigan Eighth Cavalry.

Buck, William L., Marshall. Entered service in company A, Eighth Cavalry, at organization, as Second Lieutenant, Oct. 28, 1862, at Marshall,  for 3 years, age 35. Mustered Oct. 28, 1862. Commissioned Captain,  Nov. 1, 1862. Mustered Dec. 3o, 1862. Wounded in action near Philadelphia, Tenn., Oct. 26, 1863. Commissioned Major, April 16, 1864. Taken prisoner at Athens, Ga., Aug. 3, 1864. Exchanged Sept. 28,  1864. Wounded in action at Henryville, Tenn., Nov. 23, 1864. Com missioned Lieutenant Colonel, Dec. 31, 1864. Mustered Jan. 1o, 1865.  Mustered out at Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 22, 1865. Died Oct. 6, 1889. 

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Lieutenant Colonel Paul F. Anderson.

Fourth Tennessee Cavalry, Regimental History.

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Lieut. Col. Paul F. Anderson was a native of Wilson County, Tenn., but a few years before the War between the States he was residing in the State of Texas. He attached himself to the Eighth Texas Cavalry Regiment, which was organized among the first Confederate troops, and went with that regiment to Gen. Albert S. Johnston's army, then at Bowling Green, Ky. He was with Colonel Terry, commanding the Eighth Texas, at Woodsonville, above Bowling Green, when that most gallant officer was killed.

John A. Wharton, who succeeded Terry in command of the regiment, gave Anderson authority to go to his old home at Lebanon, Tenn., and recruit a company, which he did, enlisting the celebrated "Cedar Snags," composed of young men of the best families from the counties of Wilson, Davidson, and Sumner, afterwards becoming Company K of the Regiment. At the date of the organization of the Regiment Col. John A. Wharton had become a major general and took Company K as his escort.

Anderson becoming lieutenant colonel of the Regiment, James H. Britton succeeded him as captain of Company K, both holding their ranks till the surrender, in 1865. Lieutenant Colonel Anderson was a brave and most gallant officer. To hear him talk one would conclude that he was too rash ; but, really, he was one of the most discreet officers that were to be found. He knew better when to make or decline a fight than any officer of my acquaintance.

His quaint sayings became proverbial in the army, and the infantry especially would cry out as he passed : "Here comes Paul." It seemed that he knew everybody and everybody knew him. I have heard Major General Hume, who was commanding the division, say to Lieutenant Colonel Anderson as he passed his line of battle: "Well, Colonel Paul, you know better than I can tell you what to do if the enemy approaches your line." Anderson was wounded slightly at Fort Donelson in February, 1863, and in the Kilpatrick fight at Fayetteville.

A few days or a week before the surrender he was absent for some cause, and I do not think he was with the Regiment at the time of the surrender. I know that Colonel Smith was in command of the brigade and Major Bledsoe was in command of the Regiment. Anyhow, he had fought the fight to a finish and had won all the honors a parole could confer upon him. After the surrender he settled in Helena, Ark. He died there of yellow fever some years ago, greatly respected by the citizens, who buried him near the monument erected to Gen. Pat Cleburne.

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William Maloon Jr., Maine.

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William Maloon Jr.

Birth November, 1840.
Death: 1920.

Wife: Augusta Maloon, ( 1843 - 1919 ).

Married November 1, 1865.

He was a house Carpenter.

Children: Guy, William Parker, and Harald Maloon.

Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery, Auburn, Androscoggin County, Maine.

His Bugle.
Maine First Cavalry, Company G.

Maloon, William, Jr., Bleacher; age 21; b. Bowdoin; res. Lewiston; en. Oct. 15, '61,Lewiston; mus. Oct. 31, as private; appointed bugler, Nov. 1, '62; pris. in action at Shepardstown, Va., July 16, '63, while with his brother, who was killed; on Belle Isle a month; paroled, and sent to Annapolis, Md.; ex. and rejoined co. Oct. 27, '63; wd. slightly in action, Deep Bottom, Va., Aug. 16, '64; m. o. Nov. 25, '64, ex. of ser.

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The Four Thayer's Brothers.

Third Massachusetts Cavalry.

Birth: December 19, 1846.
Death April 2, 1870.

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Charles S. Thayer, of Co, K, was born in South Braintree, Mass., Nov., 1846, where he enlisted in his country's service July 19th, 1864. He was the youngest of four brothers, all of whom gave up their life for their country : Two were killed in battle, and two died of disease, contracted in the army. He was honorably discharged on account of ill-health, August 15th, 1865. He died at the early age of twenty-three years, deeply regretted by all who knew him. The above-mentioned brothers, who, like him, laid down their lives on their country s altar, were Orderly Sergeant Loring W. Thayer, Company E, Thirty-second Regiment Massachusetts Infantry, killed before Petersburg, Va., George F. Thayer, Second Massachusetts Cavalry, killed at battle Five Forks, Va., Lucien M. Thayer, Forty-second Massachusetts Regiment, died after his return from the war.

Burial: Pond Street Cemetery, Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

Thirty-second Massachusetts Infantry. 

Birth: Jul. 10, 1839, Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. 
Death: Sep. 30, 1864, Dinwiddie County, Virginia.

Thayer, Loring W. — Corpl. — Res. Braintree; 22; bootmaker; enl. and must. Dec. 2, 1861;  re-enlist. January 1, 1864, as Sergt.; killed Sept. 30, 1864, Poplar Spring Church, Va., as 1st. Sergt. See Co. "C" 4th Mass. Inf. (3 months), as Loring M. Thayer.

Thayer, Loring W. — Priv. — Res. South Braintree; 21; enl. April 16, 1861; must. April 22,
1861; must. out July 22, 1861. See Co. "E" 32d Mass. Inf.

Burial: Pond Street Cemetery, Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

Second Massachusetts Cavalry.

Birth: March 29, 1837.
Death: April 1, 1865.

Thayer, George F. — Priv. — Res. California; miner; 24; enl. and must. April 3, 1863; killed  April 1, 1865, Five Forks, Va.

Burial: Pond Street Cemetery, Braintree, Norfolk County, Massachusetts.

Forty-second Massachusetts Infantry.

Thayer, Lucian M. — Priv. — Res. Braintree; boot maker; 20; enl. July 12, 1864; must. July 19,
1864; must, out Nov. 11, 1864.

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John P. Conen

John P. Coen.

Ninth Connecticut Infantry, Regimental History.
Company F.
Age 26.

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Corporal John P. Coen, of Company F, was accidentally killed May 27, 1863, at Kennerville, La. His death cast a gloom over the company by every member of which he was highly esteemed. He belonged in Waterbury, Ct., and had enlisted Sept. 16, 1861. The circumstances attending his death were as follows : He and his company were ordered to proceed into New Orleans.

On May 26, 1863, with a detachment of ten men he went to the city, the rest of the company expecting to go the day following. In the meantime, however, the order was countermanded and the detachment in the city was ordered to return.

They accordingly left New Orleans May 27. The train stopped for a short time at Kennerville and Corporal Coen and a number of others got off for a little exercise and to rest themselves. Suddenly, the train started and while the Corporal was attempting to get aboard, he slipped and fell outside the track, striking on his head. Death resulted. When his brother, Corporal Michael P. Coen, of the same company, received information of the fatality, he was twenty-seven miles away, but immediately started for the scene and took charge of the body. The latter was conveyed to New Orleans and given a soldier's burial at Chalmette.A braver, truer defender of the Union never lived than Corporal John P. Coen.
Burial: Saint Joseph Cemetery (Old), Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut.