Friday, September 27, 2013

Scott K. Snively, 13th., New York, Cavalry.

Scott K. Snively.

 Civil War Service. 

SNIVELY, SCOTT K.—Age, 18£ years. Enlisted, March 22, 1864, in Seventh district, New York; mustered in as private, Co. M, March 24, 1864, to serve three years; appointed sergeant, May 2, 1861; wounded, October 17, 1864; discharged for disability, July 13, 1865, at Alexandria, Va.

Medical Pension.

CASE 330. Sergeant S. K. Snively, Co. M, 13th New York Cavalry, aged 22 years, was wounded at Piedmont, Virginia, October 17, 1864. He was treated in the regimental hospital, and Assistant Surgeon J. F. Burdick, 13th New York Cavalry, gave, April 4, 1866, the following account of the case while in his charge : " Gunshot wound of the right hypochondriac region ; a musket ball entered three inches to the right of the umbilicus ; the direction was internal and toward the left and downward, injuring the right lobe of the liver; the seat of lodgement of the missile could not be determined, although it still remained in the body.

The treatment consisted of the local application of compresses dipped in tincture of opium ; morphia internally in large and frequent doses, alternated with tincture of veratrum viride. The patient suffered with nausea and retching, and had painful hsematuria. A catheter was introduced into the bladder thrice daily." Records on file show that this patient was treated in regimental hospital, at Camp Relief, from March 31, 1865, to May 14, 1865. He was discharged at Alexandria, July 13, 1865, for "gunshot wound between the seventh and eighth ribs, near the sternum, and shell wound of lower third of tibia ; disability total." He is a pensioner, and was last paid December 4, 1872.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Marion F. Ardrey, 24th., Iowa Infantry.

Marion F. Ardrey, Medical History & Autopsy.
From the Surgeon General Files.

Private Marion Ardrey, company D, 24th Iowa volunteers; age 18; admitted January 2, 1865. Chronic diarrhoea. [This man appears on the register of the depot field hospital, Winchester, Virginia, as admitted from his regiment January 1st diarrhoea sent to general hospital January 2d.] Was first seen by the reporter January 18th; he was then much emaciated, but his appetite was fair, and he appeared to digest his food pretty well. He complains of slight diarrhoea, and has two or three evacuations daily ; these are frequently large and thin, but not attended with pain. The abdomen is fiat, and there is no tenderness on pressure.

Ordered three grains of sulphate of quinia and a wineglassful of infusion of calumbo three times a day ; opium and astringents for the diarrhoea. January 22d : Condition about the same, the diarrhoea perhaps somewhat better ; the patient is walking around the barrack, but complains of slight difficulty in using his lower extremities. January 24th : The diarrhoea is still improving, but the patient has still less control of his lower limbs, and is scarcely able to stand. He was advised to go to bed. At half-past nine in the evening he complained of intense pain in the abdomen, for which a dose of morphia was administered.

He died next morning, January 25th, at 7.30. Autopsy four hours after death : Body much emaciated. The brain was not examined. The mucous membrane of the bronchial tubes was inflamed and thickened, but both lungs were crcpitant throughout. The pericardium contained an ounce of limpid serum. The heart was quite small. The liver was normal ; the gall-bladder much distended with thin light-colored bile. The spleen was congested. The kidneys were large but healthy. In the ileum Peyer s patches were extensively diseased, and many of them were in an advanced state of ulceration ; the solitary glands were also ulcerated. The mucous membrane of the transverse and descending colon was much inflamed, and ulcerated at numerous points. Acting Assistant Surgeon Wm. S. Adams.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eri M. Brooks & Family, Louisiana.

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Eri M. Brooks.

Birth: 1824.
Death: Apr. 2, 1874.

Wife: Eleanor Cran Brooks, March, 1822-March, 1857.

Children: Francis M. and Oran Dewey Brooks.

Burial: Magnolia Cemetery, Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.

Mr. Brooks and his two son were veterans of the Civil War.  To read about his sons take the links below their names.

Brooks, Eri M.,Sergt. 2nd Lt., Co. B. 1st La. Cav. En. Baton Rouge, La., Sept. 5th, 1861. Present on all Rolls to June, 1862. Roll for July and Aug., 1862, Present. Promoted to 3rd Lt. Aug. 12th, 1862. Rolls from Sept., 1862, to Dec., 1862, Present. Roll for Jan. and Feb., 1863, Absent with leave. Rolls from March, 1863, to Oct., 1863. Present. Roll for Nov. and Dec., 1863, Present. Promoted 2nd Lt. Nov. ----, 1863. On Official Rolls of Paroled Officers as Brooks, E. M., 1st Lt. 1st La. Cav. Co. B., Paroled at Gainesville, Ala., May 12th, 1865. Age 36. Died April 2, 1874.

Francis M. Brooks.

Oran Dewey Brooks.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Henry C. M. Sherwin,, Vermont.

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Henry C. M. Sherwin.

Birth: October 20, 1841, Richmond, Vermont.
Death: January 27, 1911.

Wife: Maria M. Hobert Sherwin.
Married December 18, 1865, Stowe, Vermont.

Children: Reuben L. Sherwin.

Burial: Rviverbank Cemetery, Stowe, Vermont.

Civil War

Enlisted August 27, 1862, mustered in October 18, 1862, private, company E., 13th., Vermont infantry, discharged January 10, 1863.


Morrisville Messenger: Feb. 9,1911

Last Friday afternoon occurred the death of Henry C. M. Sherwin at his home in the south part of town. He had been in failing health for a long time, but the immediate cause of death was Brights Disease.

Mr. Sherwin was born on West Hill in Stowe 69 years ago last October. He enlisted in Co. E., 13th Vt. in 1862, as a nine month man, but was discharged after four months of service because of ill health. He was united in marriage in Dec. 1865, to Miss Marie M. Hobart, of Burlington, who died April 21, 1910, and to this union one son, Reuben L. Sherwin, was born. Besides his son Mr. Sherwin is survived by five nieces, Miss May Shaw of Waterbury, Mrs. Mattie Harwood of Melrose, Mass., Mrs. Mary Moore of Summerville, Mass., Mrs. C .A. Baldwin, of Colorado Springs, Colo., and Mrs W. E. Lester of Santa Barbara, California, and three nephews, Walter & George Jones of Manchester, N.H., and W.S. Hobart of San Francisco.

The funeral was held at 2 0'clock Monday afternoon at his late home, Rev. W.T. Best of the Methodist officiating, and Robert Gordon sang two selections.
The burial was in the family lot at Stowe, beside the remains of his wife.