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Elias Cotton Jr. OF The Frigate Deane.

Mr. Eddie E. Scott, sent me some information on his fifth Grandfather.  It was to be a update for my page called ( The two ships called Deane.), but I decided he should have a page of his own.  Mr Scott would be interested in any information you my have on this family lines.  He has also given some information on a  Great Great Grandfather from Kansas as well.  If you have any question or information for any of these names he can be reached at the following.;

Elias Cotton, Jr. served in the Colonial Navy on the Frigate Deane. He applied for and received a pension for that service. Elias Cotton served in the Revolutionary War in the navy on board the Frigate Deane under Captain Samuel Nicholson. On 1 April 1818 Elias Cotton, a U.S. citizen, and resident of Boston, testified that in the War of the Revolution in April 1779 he entered the naval services of the United States from sometime in the fall of 1780 he served as a seman and topman on the frigate Deane commanded by Captain Nicolson, and left the services in fall of 1780. By reason of his reduced circumstances and poverty he was in need of assistance, being now age 62 years. (This would make his birth year about 1856.) Elias signed his name before William Westmore.

Joseph Moncreeff testified that he was a boy on board the frigate Deane and that he well knew that Elias Cotton had served for "more than nine months uninterruptedly." Dr. Peter Saint Medard of Boston also testified that he had been a surgeon's mate on the Deane and that Elias parties and credible witnesses.18 Elias Cotton again applied for assistance on 8 July 1820 stating that he was 71 (two years after he was 62), a rope maker living in Boston. He stated that he "enlisted in the month of June 1781 as nearly as he can recollect in the United States frigate Dean Commanded by Captain Nicholson and served on board said frigate until the Spring of 1783 in ...when he was honourably discharged but not in writing. The above dates are as near as he can recollect. He made his original application on the first of April 1818 and the number of his pension certificate is 11,003. This statement was sworn before John Davis, Judge of the Massachusetts District Court. Elias Cotton was granted a pension based on the Pension Act of 18 March 1818. He received $8 a month commencing on 1 April 1818; the pension was issued 24 May 1819 and was to be retroactive to 1 April 1818. He was paid $137.03 in arrears.

Boston Directory.

Elias Cotton, Jr., was a ropermaker in Boston in the 1700s and 1800s and is listed in the Boston Directory as a ropermaker on Lynde street and on Belknap street ( Now Joy street ).  Elias Cotton, Jr., served in the Colonial navy on the Frigate Deane.  He applied for and received a pension for that service.  Elias Cotton Jr., and his wife Elizabeth Cotton are buried in the Central Buring Ground, Boston Comm.

Elias Cotton Jr., June 30, 1846, age 97, years, tomb 133.
Elizabeth Cotton, March 1, 1841, tomb 9.


Benjamin Scott.

My Great Great Grandfather Benjamin Scott owned farms/ranches around Falls City, NE, Rulo, NE, and Brown Kansas in the 1880s. His son, my Great Grandfather Albert Scott was an Indian Agent for the Sax and Fox Indians at their reservation that apparently was near Falls City, NE but is now in Kansas.

Robert Frederick Hoke.

Robert Frederick Hoke.

Birth: May 27, 1837.
Death: Jul. 3, 1912.

Note.  To read his farewell push on the photo's.

Civil War Confederate Major General. At the start of the Civil War, he enlisted as a Lieutenant in Company K, 33rd North Carolina Infantry and fought at the Battle of Big Bethel. Promoted Colonel of 21st North Carolina Infantry in March, 1862, he commanded his new Regiment at the Battle for Fredericksburg and for distinguished service was promoted Brigadier General in December 1862. His greatest victory came on April 20, 1864, when his command, in a brilliant move, recaptured the town of Plymouth, taking more than 3,000 Union troops captive. For this action, Confederate President Jefferson Davis, commissioned him Major General and gave him orders to go to the defense of Richmond, Virginia. Arriving at Richmond, General Hoke was successful in repelling the Yankee assault on the city and holding up 3,200 of Union General Butler's men. In the fighting at Bentonville early 1865, the Union forces prevailed and Bentonville became his last major battle of the war. After the war, he entered in the development of iron mines and was he was named a director of the North Carolina Railroad Company, in 1893.

His Wife.

Lydia Ann Van Wyck Hoke.

Birth: Jun. 7, 1849.
Death: Nov. 2, 1915.
Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina.
Both Burials:Oakwood Cemetery, Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina.

Robert F. Hoke, a farewell to his command.

Robert H. Waterman-Ohio-Indiana-Kansas.

Here is a man of mystery I first ran across him while was doing some research on the pension rolls of Kansas.  I liked the name and looked him up in the National Park Service, and found there was only one he was listed in the 31st., Indiana Infantry Co. A., from here the mystery began.  His record showed that he enlisted in the 31st, in 1861, as a Sergeant and was already veteran and was later commission a Captain in June of 1865.  I thought I would see if I could fine him in any battle reports in the official records ( O. R. ), I found two short paragraphs on him, and the mystery continues.  The report was from a Colonel of the 31st., and told of Captain Waterman's deeds, this report was recorded in 1862, but how can that be as he wasn't commission a Captain till June of 1865.  It was the right Waterman as he was the only one in company A. 

I went to the site of ( Find a Grave ), and found him there he was buried in the Topeka Kansas Cemetery, but there was no mitilary information.  I called the cemetery but got no answer I had fore gotten about the Labor Day weekend.  So I called the ( Topeka Room ) at the Topeka Library to see if by chance they may have his obituary and they did.  It will be reprinted here before this page is done.  But the library give me another mystery they read some of the info, and it said he was enlisted as a private in a Ohio regiment.   Upon hearing this I thought I had the wrong man.  But then they told me he was from Atchison Kansas and had a business there at on time.  Well I new I had the right man, for that's where I first got the name.  All I can do is give you all the facts and maybe a family member can put a little light on this mystery.

Pension List of Atchison Kansas, 1883.

No. 60,006, Waterman, Robter. H., P. O. Atchison, Gun shot wound to left side, $17, dollars per month.

From the company roster.

31st. Indiana Infantry, Co. A.

Robert H. Waterman, Residence Lodi, Rank Sergeant, Enlisted September 20, 1861, Remarks: Veteran; promoted to Second Lieutenant.

Indiana State Archives.

Robert H. Waterman.
Age: 19.
Enlisted: 1861/09/05.
Where enlisted: Terre Haute, Indiana.
Regiment: 31.
Company: A.
Discharge Date: 1865/10/16.
Remarks: Sergeant. Veteran volunteer, Jan. 1, 1864. Promoted to 1st Sergeant on Nov 1, 1864. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant on Nov. 1, 1864. Promoted to Captain on June 19, 1865. Discharged per Special Order #80.

The following is from a battle report.  I will not give the full report only the part that states his name.

Numbers 125. Report of Colonel John Osborn, Thirty-first Indiana Infantry, including skirmish at La Vergne, December 26. 1862.

Captain Waterman, of Company A.  I cannot speak too highly of his bravery. When one of his men fell, he picked up his gun and nobly kept it still in use.

Lieutenant Ford, of Company A, after the regiment fell back, on the morning of the 31st, after Captain Waterman was missing, took command of his company, and nobly imitated the gallant conduct of his veteran captain.

Topeka City Directory.

Robert H. Waterman, Clerk, lives VanBunen between Laorent and Railroad, North Topeka.

Back Ground.

Birth: 1842, Eugene township, Vermillion, Indiana.
Death: 1917
Burial: Topeka Kansas.
Father: Richard Mason Waterman.
Mother: Permelia Hosford.
Wife: Clara B. Bennett, married January 15, 1873, Shawnee, Kansas.

Obituaries of Robert H. Waterman and Mrs. Waterman.

Topeka State Journal.
11-16-1917, p. 1., col. 5.

Atchison Vet. Dies.

Robert H. Waterman, Prominent in city's Business Circles for Years.

Atchison, Kan., Nov. 16. Robert H. Waterman, Civil war veteran, died at his home here today, age 75.  He was secretary-treasurer of the Howard Manufacturing company at the time of his death, and for years was active in business and commercial affairs of the city.  Waterman entered the Civil war as a private in an Ohio regiment, and came out as a captain.  He was severely wounded at Nashville.  He was a member of the Loyal Legion and was active in the affairs of that order in Kansas.

Topeka State Journal.
11-16-1917, p. 7. col. 3.

Old Resident Dead.

Robert H. Waterman Lived in North Topeka Many Years.

Robert H. Waterman, for many years a resident of North Topeka, died at his home in Atchison today.  While in Topeka, Mr. Waterman was connected with the old Ridenour Baker Wholesale company and with the John P. Cole company.  He was later in business for himself untill his removal to Atchison.  At the time of his death he was secretary-treasurer of the Frank Howard Manufacturing companry.  Mr. Waterman was a member of the Loyal Legion and a charter member of the Golden Rule Lodge of Masons which order will have charge of the body on it's arrival in Topeka.

Topeka State Journal.
5-5-1925, p. 9. col. 4.

The body of Mrs. Robert Waterman former reident of Atchison, who died in California January 6, while arrive in Topeka Thursday evening.  Miss Mary Bennett of Los Angeies is bring the body here.  Friends who wish to attand the short services at the grave Friday afternoon are asked to assemble at Bomgardner's funeral home at 3 o'clock.

Authors Note.  Well it looks like his obituary clear up some of the mystery.  But what was he doing in Ohio and what regiment and company was he in.  And how was he a captain in 1862, when wasn't promoted till June of 1865.  There seems to be some mysteries still.

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Oregon Early Indian Wars.

Here is a list of soldiers and Civilian that were either wounded or killed in the Oregon Indian wars.  I noted when the name was a Civilian but some were not mark as it was hard to tell who was a soldier or civilian.  Watch for my notes as they will tell you if there is more information on them.

Those who are studying the Oregon wars I will list the battles but not the skirmishs. Those of you who are interested in ships I will list them too.

Oregon Indian War Battles.

1. Abiqua.
2. Even's Creek.
3. Grave Creek.
4. The Meadows.
5. Grand Rond.
6. Touchet.
7. Skull Bar.
8. Walla, Walla.
9. Four Lakes.


1. Nassau.
2. Nelly.
3. Gold Beach.


1. Seagull.
2. Mary.
3. Belle.
4. Columbia.
5. Fashion.

Those Wounded or Killed.

1. Rogue River War, Charles C. Abbott, died of wounds received at the battle of Evan's Creek, died September Second.

2. Rogue River War, Sergeant Israel D. Adams, mortally wounded.

3. Yaakima War, A. M. Addington wounded in Battle.

4. Rogue River War, John Albin, wounded in a skirmish.

5. Rogue River War, L. F. Allen, wounded at the battle of Grave Creek, was taken to Fort Bailey.

6. Rogue River War, Pleasant Armstrong, killed at the battle of Evan's Creek.

7. Rogue River War, Thomas J. Aubrey, wounded in battle.

8. Rogue River War, John Badger, murdered by Indians.
Note. There is a little more on his murder.

9. Cayus War, Civilian, William J. Bailey, wounded by Indians.
Note. There is a lot on his being wounded.

10. Rogue River War, Holland Bailey of Lane county, was either a wagoner or drover, was ambushed and killed by Indians.

11. Yakima War, W. Bailey, wounded by Indians, would recover.

12. Yakima War, Captain Charles killed by Indians.

13. Cayuse War, William Berry, Serigeant was wounded in a running fight.

14. Cayuse War, Civilian, Crockett Bewley killed by Indians.
Note.  There is a little more on this.

15. Rogue River War, David Birdseye was shot by Indians from ambush.

16. Rogue River War, Milton Blackledge, was wounded in battle.

17. Rogue River War, Isaac Bradley, killed at the battle of Evan's Creek.

18. Rogue River War, Civilian, J. H. Braun killed by Indians.

19. Rogue River War, Civilian?, Daniel Britton, wounded by Indians while crossing the Siskiyou mountains.

20. Yakima War, Civilians, B. W. Brown and his eighteen old wife and her younger brother were killed and scalped then thrown into the river.

21. Rogue River War, Gilbert Brush, wounded by Indians.

22. Rogue River War, James Buford wounded, was shot by a Indian.

23. Rogue River War, Civilian, Henry Gullen, killed by Indians.

24. Rogue River War, Alexander Caldwell killed by Indians.

25. Rogue River War, James Carroll wounded by Indians.

26. Rogue River War, Civilian, James W. Cartwright, killed by Indians between Evan's Ferry and Grave Creek.

27. Rogue River War, Wiley Cash, killed in a Indian battle.

28. Rogue River War,, Lieutenant B. Castle, killed in Indian battle.

29. Yakima War, John Chance a Steward boy kills a Indian.
Note. There is a little on this.

30.  Rogue River War, John Clark killed by Indians from ambush.

31.  Rogue River War, John Henry Clifton, of Sheffield company was killed in battle.

32.  Rogue River War, A. C. Colburn, killed in skirmish with Indians.

33.  Rogue River War, Daniel Cooley, of Wallen's company was fired on and wounded while looking for his revolver lost in battle.

34. Yakima War, Frank Cratibru, wound in battle, shoulder was shattered.

35. Rogue River War, John Crittenden, was killed by the Modes or Pit-river Indians on the southern immigrant road, at Grauelly ford, in Humboldt county.

36.  Rogue River War, W. H. Crouch, wounded in battle of Grave's Creek.

37.  Rogue River War, Henry Crow, was mortally wound in battle of Walla, Walla.

38.  Rogue River War, T. J. Davenport, from Massachusetts, was wounded by Indians.

39.  Rogue River War, John Davis killed by Indians.

40.  Rogue River War, David Dilley, his gun was seized by Indians while he slept and shot him dead.

41.  Rogue River War, William Dolley killed in battle.

42.  Rogue River War, A. S. Dougherty, from Texas was killed by indians.

43. Rogue River War, A. Douglas, from Texas was killed by Indians.

44. Yakima War, Frank Duval, wounded in battle.

45.  Rogue River War, Jerome Dyar, was murdered on the road by Indians, between Jacksonville and Illinois Valley.

46. Rogue River War, Civilian, Richard Edwards, killed by Indians at his home on Stuart's Creek.

47. Yakima War, J. Elgin wounded by Indians.

48. Rogue River War, John Ericson wounded at Skull Bar.

49. Rogue River War, Allen Evan's wounded at Skull Bar.

50. Rogue River War, John L. Fickas killed by Indians.

51. Rogue River War, Calvin Fields from Iowa was killed by Indians.

52. Yakima War, Jesse Fleming wounded mortally in battle.

53. Rogue River War, Asa Fordyce, wounded by Indians.

54. Rogue River War, J. M. Fordyce wounded in battle.

55. Rogue River War, Lieutenant Thomas Frazell killed in a skirmish at Long's Freey.

56. Rogue River War, Alfred French formerly connected with the ( Chronicle Newspaper ), at Indenpendence, Missouri was murdered by Indians near Crescent City.

57. Yakima War, Nathan Fry wounded in battle.

58. Rogue River War, Daniel Gage was killed by Indians on June Fifteen in the Siskiyou mauntains.

59. Yakima War, Lieutenant William Gaston, was killed in battle.

60. Rogue River War, Civilian, John Geisell killed by Indians with four children and Mrs. Geisell and two dauthers were taken into captivity.

61. Rogue River War, John Gibbs killed by Indians at Ashland.

62. Rogue River War, Thomas Gill was severely wounded in battle.

63. Rogue River War, John Gillespie, of Captain Bailey company was killed in battle.

64. Rogue River War, Civilian, Isaac Gilliland Or Gilleland a tailor at Waiilatpu, was killed by Indians.

65. Rogue River War, Thomas Gilmore wounded by Indians.

66. Rogue River War, William Given killed by Indians.

67. Rogue River War, Charles Goodwin mortally wounded at Grave Creek.

68. Rogue River War, John Goldsby wounded at Grave Creek.

69. Rogue River War, Thomas Gray killed by Indians.

70. Rogue River War, Burrell F. Griffin wounded by Indians.

71. Yakima War, George Griswold Indian agent, killed by Indians.

72. Yakima War, Henry Hager was killed by Indians.

73. Rogue River War, William Hans wounded at Grave Creek.

74. Rogue River War, John R. Hardin was shot from ambush by Indians and was mortally wounded.

75. Rogue River War, McDonald Harkness was murdered by Indians.

76. Rogue River War, Civilian, George H. Harris  was killed by Indians.
Note there is more to this story.

77.  Rogue River War, Civilian, Thomas Hayes was wounded in a fight at Evan's Creek.

78.  Rogue River War, Civilian, Peter Heinrich was a miner and killed by Indians.

79. Rogue River War, Civilian, Samuel Hendrick, was killed by Indians.

80. Rogue River War, Civilian, William Hennessey was a miner and killed by Indians on the Klamath.

81. Rogue River War, Civilian, William Hodgkins was mortally wounded from ambush by Indians.

82. Cayuse War, Civilian, Jacob Hoffman killed by Indians.

83. Rogue River War, Civilian,  G. C. Holcomb killed by Indians.

84. Rogue River War, John P. Holland killed by Indians.

85. Yakima War, Corporal, Lot Hollinger killed by Indians.

86. Rogue River War, E. W. Howe was killed by Indians.

87. Rogue River War, Hiram Hulan shot from ambush by Indians and killed.

88. Rogue River War, H. C. Huston was wounded by Indians.

89. Rogue River War, Civilian, John Idles was killed by Indians.

90. Rogue River War, Civilian, J. K. Jones was killed at his house and his wife was mortally wounded.

91. Rogue River War, F. Keath killed in a skirmish.

92. Rogue River War, Granville M. Keene from Tennessee was killed on the reservation while attempting with several other to recover some stolen horses.

93. Yakima War, Eleazer B. Kelso, was a private in company A., was killed in battle.

94. Yakima War, Jesse Kempton wounded by Indians.

95. Yakima War, John Kennedy mortally wounded.

96. Rogue River War, Civilian, James C. Kyle was murdered by Indians within two miles of Fort Lane.

97. Yakima War, H. Kyle was wounded by Indians.

98. Yakima War, Jacob Kyle was killed by Indians.

99. Rogue River War, James Lapbar was wounded at the fight of Grave Creek.

100. Rogue River War, Henry Lawrence was killed by Indians.

101. Yakima War, Captain Davis Layton wounded by Indians.

102. Cayuse War, Civilian, G. W. LeBreton, killed by a Indian at Oregon City.
Note. There is a lot more on this.

103. Rogue River War, Civilian, Joseph Leroe and two sons killed by Indians.

104. Rogue River War, Captain W. B. Lewis wounded at Skull Bar.

105. Yakima War, James Lindsay was a fireman on the steamer Mary was shot through the shoulder by a Indian.

106. Rogue River War, L. Locktirg killed in a skirmish.

107. Rogue River War, Major J. A. Lupton was killed while attacking a Indian camp.

108. Rogue River War, James Mango was killed in a skirmish at Long's Ferry.

109. Rogue River War, Civilian, T. D. Mattice was a miner was on the Klamath and killed by Indians.

110. Rogue River War, Civilian, F. D. Mattice was a miner was on the Klamath and killed by Indians.

111. Rogue River War, Wesley Mayden killed by Indians.

112. Rogue River War, Ira Mayfield was serverely wounded at Grave Creek.

113. Rogue River War, P. McClusky, killed by Indians.

114. Rogue River War, Felix McCue was a boatman on a whaleboat which overturned and he drowned his body was cut to pieces by the Indians who were watching from shore.

115. Rogue River War, Patrick McCullough killed by Indians.

116. Cayuse War, Greene McDonald of Linn county was wounded on the march.

117. Rogue River War, Daniel Kaw, murdered on the road between Jacksonville and Illinois Valley.

118. Cayuse War, Helen Mar Meek daughter of J. K. Meek died at the massacre of Waiilatpu.

119. Rogue River War, Elias D. Mercer of Wilkinson's company was wounded in battle.

120. Rogue River War, Enoch Miller wounded at Grave Creek.

121. Rogue River War, Jacob W. Miller of company C., was killed at the battle of Grave Creek.

122. Rogue River War, Kirby Miller was a recruit was mortally wounded in a fight on Pistol River, died in a hour after being carried into the fort.

123. Yakima War, Isaac Miller a Sergeant-major was wounded in the arm by a Indian.

124. Rogue River War, W. A. J. Moore was wounded at Skull Bar.

125. Rogue River War, M. B. Morris was wounded by Indians.

126. Yakima War, L. B. Munson, Captain, was wounded in the battle of Walla, Walla.

127. Rogue River War, Patrick Murphy of New York, was killed by Coquille Indians.

128. Yakima War, Fletcher Murphy wounded by Indians.

129. Rogue River War, Rhodes Noland was murdered by two Indians.

130. Rogue River War, Harris Oatman was wound by Indians while crossing the Siskiyou mountains.

131. Rogue River War, John O'Brien was a miner and was drowned.

132. Rogue River War, Thomas O'Neal was killed by Indians.

133. Rogue River War, John Oldfield was killed by Indians.

134. Rogue River War, L. W. Oliver was killed by Indians.

135. Yakima War, Norman Palmer was killed by Indians.

136. Rogue River War, was wounded at Grave Creek.

137. Yakima War, T. J. Payne was wounded at the battle of Walla, Walla.

138. Rogue River War, James Pearey was killed at Grave Creek.

139. Rogue River War, Henry Pearl was killed at Grave Creek.

140. Rogue River War, Jonathan Pedigo was mortally wounded in battle.

141. Rogue River War, J. P. Pepper was killed by Coquille Indians.

142. Rogue River War, Frank Perry was killed in a skirmish.

143. Rogue River War, Edward Phillips was killed by Indians.

144. Rogue River War, Thomas Phillips was killed by Indians.

145. Rogue River War, J. W. Pickett was killed in battle of Skull Bar.

146. Rogue River War, Jonh Poland was killed by Indians his body was mutilated beyound recognition.

147. Rogue River War, John Pollack was killed on the Klamath by Indians.

148. Yakima War, Thomas Price was wounded by Indians.

149. Rogue River War, William Purnell was mortall wounded at Grave Creek.

150. Rogue River War, Frank A. Reed was killed by Indians.

151. Rogue River War, Martin Reed killed by Indians.

152. Rogue River War, George Reed was killed by Indians.

153. Rogue River War, John C. Richardson was wounded by Indians.

154. Rogue River War, Daniel Richardson a Lieutenant was severely wound and was later killed at Gold Beach.

155. Cayuse War, Anderew Rogers a teacher at Waiilatpu was killed by Cayuses Indians.

156. Rogue River War, Dr. William R. Rose was killed by Indians from ambush.

157. Yakima War, Jacob Rousch killed by Indiand, lived six days after being wounded.

158. Rogue River War, Thomas Ryan wounded at Grave Creek.

159. Rogue River War, Jeremaiah Ryland of Maryland, killed by Coquille Indians.

160. Cayuse War, John Sager was killed by Indians.

161.  Cayuse War, Amos Sales was killed by the Coquille Indians.

162. Rogue River War, Alexander Sawyer killed by Indians.

163. Rogue River War, John Rcarborough killed by Indians at Evan's Creek.

164. Rogue River War, Nelson Seaman killed by Indians.

165. Rogue River War, T. J. Sharp wounded at Pistol River.

166. Rogue River War, J. Shaw killed in skirmish.

167. Rogue River War, Isaac Shelton of Wallamet Valley mortally wounded by Indians.

168. Rogue River War, Hawkins Shelton wounded at Grave Creek.

169. Yakima War, A. Shepard wound at the battle of Walla, Walla.

170. Rogue River War, Z. Shultz wounded in a skirmish.

171. Yakima War, James Sinclair was in charge of Fort Walla, Walla, was killed by Indians.

172. Rogue River War, Hugh Smith was killed by Indians.

173. Yakima War, G. W. Smith wounded at Walla, Walla.

174. Yakima War John Smith wounded at Walla, Walla.

175. Rogue River War, Adolf Smoldt, wounded by Indians.

176. Yakima War, Casper Snook wounded in battle.

177. Rogue River War, John Stanness was wounded at Grave Creek.

178. Rogue River War, Benjamin Taft mortally wounded at Skull Bar.

179. Yakima War, Captain Oliver H. P. Taylor was killed in battle.

180. Rogue River War, William Thompson a boatman was drowned.

181. Rogue River War, W. R. Tulles was killed by Indians.

182. Yakima War, Richard Turpin was killed by Indians.

183. Rogue River War, Joseph Umpqua was wounded at Skull Bar.

184. Yakima War, S. S. Hangerman was mortally wounded.

185. Mrs. Joseph. Wagoner killed by Indians.
Note. there is more on her death.

186. Rogue River War, Joseph Wagoner was killed by Indians.

187. Rogue River War John Walden wounded at the battle of Grave Creek.

188. Cayose War, Leander C. Wallace was a young American, was killed in battle.

189. Rogue River War, Captain W. H. Warner in 1849, was murdered while serveying for a Pacific Railroad in Oregon.

190. Rogue River War, Lorenzo Warner was killed bt Indians.

191. Cayuse War, Lieutenant-Colonel James Waters was wounded.

192. Yakima War, George Watkins lived four days after being wounded.

193. Yakima War, James Watkins was mortally wounded.

194. Yakima War, Jacob White was killed by Indians.

195. Cayuse War, Mrs. Narcissa Whitman teaches indians death by vioience.
Note. tere is more to this story.

196. Rogue River War, Brice Whitman wounded by Indians.

197. Rogue River War, Joseph Wilkinson killed by Indians.

198. Rogue River War,  L. L. Williams of Vermont was wounded by Indians.

199. Rogue River War, Mrs. Wilson was killed by Indians on the road between Indian Creek and Crescent City.

200. Rogue River War, William Wilson wounded at Grave Creek.

201.Rogue River War, Thomas W. Wills was murdered by Indians.

202. Rogue River War, John D. Winters of company D., was killed at Grave Creek.

203.Rogue River War, Calvin Woodman was murdered by scarface.

204. Rogue River War, A. H. Woodruff was wounded in the battle of the meadows.

205. Rogue River War, Ben Wright, The Indians said they cut out his heart and cook it and ate it in admiration of his courage in this way they hoped to emulate his courage.

206. Cayuse War, James Young was on his way to the mission-house from the sawmill when he was killed.