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Names of Men & Women From The 1700's

This will be a on going list of men & women. The men & women are on this list only in that it was possible to provide some family information on them. I will be adding a new name avery few days, so you may want to check back from time to time. Those of you who may have a question, you can E. mail me at: dsegelquist1@cox.net

State of Massachusetts.

Caleb Chadwick, was born on March 11, 1755, at Tyringham, Berkshirs, Massachusetts. He was born to John and Abigail ( Brewer or Bruer ) Chadwick, Caleb brothers and sisters were: Ebenezer, Isaac Sr., John there were two John's, Abigail, Twin, Lydia and Mary Chadwick. Caleb married Eleanor Black, at Tyringham, on October 21, 1774, there is no information on the children.

Service record.

Caleb Chadwick was a private, in Colonel Patterson regiment, while in camp in June, of 1775, was wounded in the right thigh by a ball from a musket that was accidental discharge. His pension is one dollard and eleven cents, with a arrearages of fifty dollars.

State of Connecticut.

Robert Durkee, was born to Stephen and Lois ( Moulton ) Durkee, on Nov. 26, 1733, he married Sarah ( ? ) they had at least one child, Amelia, who married Philip Weeks Jr. in 1804.

Service Record.

Robert Drukee was a Captain in the Connecticut line of the Continental army, in 1776, he was to raised a company, and was station at the Westmoreland settements. He retired about 1777, but soon was ask to take a company again, then in 1778 at the battle of the Wyoming massacre, on July 3, he was killed.

State of Massachusetts

Wadleig Noyes, was born to Jonathon Noyes and Lydia ( Bancroft ) Noyes, on Sept. 9, 1745, at Newbury Massachusetts. He married Hannah Smith in 1768, their children were: Moses, Abigail, Wadleigh and Samuel Noyes.

Service Record.

Wadleigh Noyes, deceased, was a Lieutenant in the 9th. Masschusetts regiment; and that he was mortally wounded at Saratoga, New York, on the 7th. of October, 1777, of which wounds he died on the 27th. day of the same month and year, that the widow of the deceased Lieutenant having intermarried, the present petition is presented in behalf of their children, had by said Wadleigh Noyes, deceased, that the said widow or children have not received any compensation.

State of South Carolina.

Bernard Elliot, was born to Barnard Elliot and Elizabeth ( Beigard ) Elliot, on Nov. 11, 1740, He married Mary Elizabeth Bellinger on April 27, 1776, he also married Susannah Smith, in 1775.

Service Record.

Bernard Elliot, deceased was a Lieutenant Colonel of the South Carolina regiment of artillery on the Continental establistment, and that he died on the 25th. of October, 1778, while in the public service. That no compensation has been made for the seven years half-pay, in such case allowed by the United States, either to the widow who has since married, or to the only son of the deceased.

State of Massachusetts.

William Bond was born to Jonas Bond and Hannah ( Bright ) Bond, on Feb. 17, 1733 or 34, in watertown, Massachusetts, his brothers and sisters were: Samuel, William, Grace, Catherine, Mary, Jerusha, Jonas, Elijah and Hannah Bond. He married Lucy Brown, on Feb. 17, 1775, His children were: Henry, William, Elizabeth, Charles, Elias, Jonathan who died at one year, Henry who died at nine days, Susanna who died at eight years, Samuel and Luce or Lucy Bond.

Service Record.

William Bond deceased was commissioned by Congress as the Colonel of the 25th. regiment foot, on the 1st. day January, 1776, and that he died while in public service, at Ticonderoga, New York, on the 31st. day of August of the same year. The petitioner, Lucy Bond, was left the widow of the deceased, William Bond, with nine children young children to support and educate; and that she still remains a widow. That said widow has not received any compenstion for the seven years half-pay allowed in such cases.

State South Carolina.

Benjamin Huger, was born to Daniel and Mary ( Cordes ) Huger, on December 30, 1746, at Charleston South Carolina, He married Mary Golighty, July 1776, he then married Mary Ester Kinloch on December 1, 1772

Service Record.

Benjamin Huger, deceased, was Major of the 5th. South Carolina regiment on Continental establishment; and that he was killed in the service of the United States, while on duty before the lines of Charleston, on the 11th. day of May, 1779, leaving a widow and three children. That his said widow still remains such, and that she has not received any compensation for the seven years half-pay in such cases allowed by the United States.

State of South Carolina

Charles Motte or Charles De La Motte, was bron to Jacob De La Motte and Elizabeth ( Martin ) Motte, on June 5, 1746 at Charleston, South Carolina, his brothers and sisters were: Elizabeth, Mary, Charlotte and Charles Motte.

Service Record.

Charles Motte, deceased, was a Major of the 2nd. South Carolina on Contiental establishment, and that he was killed in the public service, at the lines of Savannah, on the 9th. day of October, 1779. That the petitioner states that there are two minor children, and that the widow of the deceased has sine married. That it appears no compenstion has been made for the seven years half-pay in such cases allowed by the United States.

State of Massachusetts

Joanna ( Sparhawk ) Gardner, was born to Samuel and Joanna ( Winchester ) Sparhawk in Jan. 1732, at Cambridge, Massachusetts, her brothers and sisters were: Samuel, Sarah, Dorothy, John and Elizabeth Sparhawk. She married Thomas Gardner, June 12, 1755, at Cambridge, Massachusetts. Their children were: Richard, two Thomas's, Samuel and Elizabeth Gardner.


Joanna Gardner, states that she is the widow of the late Colonel Thomas Gardner, who was wounded in the battle of Charlestown on the 17th. day of June 1775, and who died of his wounds on July 3, 1775. That she was left with three small children, and had to encounter many difficulties in brining them up; that she has not received the relief provided by the resolution of Congress for the widows and children of officers who have died in the army since the month of August,1775.

State of Massachusetts

Elizabeth ( McCrillis ) McClary, was born to John and Margaret ( Harvey ) McCrillis, about 1729, in Massachusetts. She married Andrew McClary, their children were: James, Harvey, Andrew, Dohn, William, Elizabeth, Nancy and Margaret McClary.


Elizabeth McClary states that she is the widow of the late Major Andrew McClary, of Colonel John Stack's regiment, who was killed by a cannon ball in the action of Bunker's Hill, on July 17, 1775. That she did not know of the resolution of Congress granting seven years half-pay to the widows of such officers as had lost their lives in the service, untill after the time appointed for making application for said half-pay had elapsed. She therefore prays for relief.

State of Rhode Island

Esek Aldridge, was born to Samuel and Elizabeth ( Meeley ) Aldridge, on Sept. 5, 1756, Smithfield, Providence, Rhode Island. His brothers and sisters were: Israel, Simeon, Hannah, Deborah, David, Esek and Samuel Aldridge.

Disabillty Pension.

Esek Aldridge, was a Drummer, his disabillty is disease contracted from severities endured in the service. He is a resdent of Smithfield, Rhode Island, His pension monthly allowance is $3.67, and arrearges of $60. dollars. In the remarks,It's stated, that this man does not appear on the records as being on the Rhode Island line.

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