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Men Of The Confederante Army

These names are to help family's find other members of their famly. Keep in mind there was more then one person with the same name. Look for notes they will give other information on the name. If you have any questions you may ask at the following address.

John R. Bagby

1863. Capt. John R. Bagby, of Virginia, to be major Fourth Virginia Regiment Artillery.

Note: I don't know if this is the same man or not?
Memorial of John R. Bagby, of Virginia praying reimbursement for a horse lost in the service.

Note: There were three other John R. Bagby in the C. S. A. army.

John S. Prather

Major, John S. Prather, of Alabama, to be major Eighth Confederate Regiment (regiment formed from battalions), to rank June 15, 1862.

Maj. John S. Prather, of --, to be lieutenant-colonel Eighth Confederate Regiment Cavalry, vice Lieutenant-Colonel Falkner, resigned, to rank from December 16, 1862.

Note: There are two other John S. Prather in the C. S. A. army.

James L. Crittenden

Signal officers, with the rank of second lieutenant.
James L. Crittenden, of Texas, to be assigned to duty by Maj. W. Norris, to rank December 6, 1862.

Alexander E. Steen

Captain, Alexander E. Steen, of Missouri, to take rank March 16, 1861.

Note: This man was in the United States army before the war.

List of officers for brevet promotion for gallant and meritorious conduct in the battles of Contreras and Churubusco, Mexico, August 20, 1847, to rank from that day:

Second Lieutenant Alexander E. Steen, 12th Infantry, to be first lieutenant by brevet.

Alexander E. Steen, of Missouri (a lieutenant in the late Twelfth Regiment of Infantry during the war with Mexico), to be a second lieutenant in the Third Regiment of Infantry of the Army of the United States, and to take rank from June 30, 1852.

Third Regiment of Infantry.

Second Lieutenant Alexander E. Steen to be first lieutenant, September 28, 1857.

Fitzhugh Lee

First lieutenant, Fitzhugh Lee, of Virginia, to rank from March 16, 1861.
Brigadier-general, Fitzhugh Lee, July 25, 1862, Virginia.
Note: He was also in the United Sates army before the war.

M. T. Terry

Major, T. M. Terry, Seventh Louisiana Regiment, Louisiana, 1862.
Maj. T. M. Terry, of Louisiana, to be lieutenant-colonel Seventh Louisiana Regiment, vice Lieut. Col. D. B. Penn, promoted July 25, 1862.

Thomas H. Owen

Maj. Thomas H. Owen, of Virginia, to be lieutenant-colonel Third Virginia Regiment Cavalry, 1862.
Lieut. Col. Thomas H. Owen, of Virginia, to be colonel Third Virginia Cavalry Regiment, 1862.

David Zable

Maj. David Zable, of Louisiana, to be lieutenant-colonel Fourteenth Louisiana Regiment, 1862.
Major, David Zable, to take rank February 19, 1862, Louisiana.

Charles Forsyth

Maj. C. Forsyth, of Alabama, to be lieutenant-colonel Third Alabama Regiment, 1862.
Lieut. Col. C. Forsyth, of Alabama, to be colonel Third Alabama Regiment, 1863.

Bradley T. Johnson

Lieutenant-colonel, Bradley T. Johnson, to take rank July 21, 1861, Maryland.

Lieutenant-colonel, Bradley T. Johnson, of Maryland, to rank from September 4, 1861.

Colonel, Bradley T. Johnson, to take rank March 18, 1862, Maryland.

Headquarters, Richmond, Va.
Bradley T. Johnson, of Maryland.

J. T. Montgomery

Major, J. T. Montgomery, Fourteenth Georgia Battalion Artillery, Georgia.
Maj. J. T. Montgomery, of Georgia, to be lieutenant-colonel First Georgia Battalion Artillery (battalion increased to over five companies), to rank October 14, 1862.

T. W. Brevard

Capt. T. W. Brevard, of Florida, to be major Second Florida Battalion, Partisan Rangers (battalion formed from unattached companies), to rank September 2, 1862.

T. W. Brevard, of Florida, to be lieutenant-colonel Second Florida Battalion (his battalion having been increased to six companies), to rank from June 24, 1863.

Alfred Rhett

Major, Alfred Rhett, to take rank March 25, 1862, South Carolina.
Lieut. Col. Alfred Rhett, of South Carolina, to be colonel First South Carolina Regiment Artillery, 1862.

Tully Graybill

Major, Tully Graybill, Twenty-eighth Georgia Regiment, Georgia, 1862.
Lieut. Col. Tully Graybill, of Georgia, to be colonel Twenty-eighth Georgia Regiment, 1862.

William A. Percy

Note: There are two with the same name.

Captain, William A. Percy, of Missouri, for duty with Brig. Gen. S. S. Bowen, October 14, 1862.

Capt. William A. Percy, of Mississippi, to be lieutenant-colonel Twenty-fourth Mississippi Battalion Cavalry (formed, by special order, of unattached companies), to rank from January 24, 1865.

B. D. Fry

Thirteen Alabama Regiment.
Colonel, B. D. Fry, of Alabama, to take rank from July 19, 1861.
Col. B. D. Fry, of Alabama to be brigadier-general, 1864.

John C. Marrast

Lieutenant-colonel, John C. Marrast, of Alabama, to rank from October 25, 1861.
Lieut. Col. John C. Marrast, of Alabama, to be colonel Twenty-second Alabama Regiment to rank from November 13, 1862.

J. W. Carter

Capt. J. W. Carter, of Georgia, to be major Forty-fifth Georgia Regiment to rank from May 2, 1863.
Maj. J. W. Carter, of Georgia, to be lieutenant-colonel Forty-fifth Georgia Regiment to rank from March 17, 1864.

Note: There was another Col. J. W. Carter, he was of the Thirteenth Mississippi Regiment, he was killed some time in 1863.

Theodore Lewis

Theodore Lewis, Louisiana.

Captain, Theodore Lewis, of Louisiana, to rank from March 16, 1861.

Lawrence S. Baker


Captain, Lawrence S. Baker, of North Carolina, to take rank March 16, 1861.

John D. Walker

Major, John D. Walker, to take rank June 19, 1861, Georgia.
Maj. John D. Walker, died of wounds October 3, 1862.

Charles M. Callaham
Charles M. Calaham, was born in Nov. of 1839, in Campbell country Va., lived all his life in Virginia, he enlisted into the 11th. Virginia infantry Co. C., private, Pickett’s Division, July 24, 1861 master out in 1865. His commander was Samuel Garland Jr. and was under a Captain Horton. He lived in Lynchburg with his wife Victoria Catherine ( Muldowney) Callaham, they were married April 29, 1868, at Campbell county. There was children however this researcher could find no information them. On Dec. 16, 1920, at the age of 81, Mr. Callaham put in for a pension, his wife also would put in for a pension.

Note. I would like to thank Mike Callaham for providing this little story about his Great-grand father.

My favorite story my father told was when he was 10 years old he asked his grandfather - "grand dad, how many yankees did you kill during the war?"... he said it was the only time he saw him tear up, and he replied "tom, I hope not one".

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