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Five Years Half-Pay & Half-Pay

The widows and heirs of these man are asking Congress for the pensions of Five years half-pay & Half-Pay that their heir would have got had they lived. All these man died in the service of their country.
I will have some kind of family information on these names when found. As erorrs may be made please do your research. If you have any questions you may ask at the following:

Daniel Appleton

Daniel Appleton was born in 1719 at Ipswich Masschusetts, he was a seaman on the United States Sloop-of-war Frolic, he was on board when he was taken prisoner and taken to Halifax then on to Dartmoor prison in England where he died of small-poxs on Jan. 4, 1815. His wife was Abigall ( ? ) Appleton. His father was Oliver Appleton and his mother was Sarah ( Perkins ) Appleton.

Zadock Robinson

Zadock Robinson, was born in Norfolk Massachusetts on July 7, 1763. He enlisted in the service as a artificer in a corps engineers on March 1, 1813, he died in the service of his country on Dec. 22, 1814. His widow was asking for five years haf-pay in lieu of bounty land. His father was Daniel Robinson and his mother was Lucretia ( Piece ) Robinson and his wife was lois Mattier ( Hibbard ) Robinson, they had ten children.

Elbert Turner
Elbert Turner, was of Norflok Virginia, to his wife Ann the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars per annum from the 13th. day of Oct. 1855, for five years unless she dieds or inermarriage before the expiration of the five years. If so the pension goes to her children under sixteen years of age for the balance of the term.

John William Gunnison

John W. Gunnison, was born on Nov. 11, 1812 at Sullivan New Hampshire, he was a cadet in 1837 and became a Second Lieutenant, then he became a First Lieutenant of the corp of Topographical engineers on May 9, 1846 he would hold this rank for fourteen years, the he became Captain on March 3, 1853. His father was Samuel Gunnison and his mother was Elizabeth ( Williams ) Gunnison. His wife was Martha A. ( Delony ) Gunnison. He died on Oct. 26, 1853. His wife did get a pension as to how much and when it started I couldn't find out.

Doctor Benjamin Franklin Nourse

Doctor Benjamin F. Nouse, father was Michael Nourse and his mother was Mary ( Rittenhouse ) Nourse. His Wife was Josephine ( Stansbury ) Nourse.

Doctor Benjamin F. Nourse was stationed at Key West, while residing at the post the war with the Seminole Indians broke out and Doctor Nourse marched with the center column of the army of Florida. During the campaign of 1836, he was in the capacity of Senior Medical Officer and Medical Director. Will at his duty's he contracted the disease which took his life on May 19, 836. His wife put in for half-pay pension the report stated that had Doctor Nourse belonged to the Militia or Volunteers she would have been entitled to a pension of half-pay, but as he was in the service of the United States Army the pension would not be aloud.

Thomas Riddels

Thomas Riddels was regularly shipped in the United States service at six dollars per month wages, and was stationed on board Gunboat No. 121, commanded by sailing master, William Sheed, That on July 29, 1813, in action with the enemy which took place near the entrance of the Delaware Bay. The said Thomas Riddels lost his leg. After recovering from amputation he was employed at the navy yards at Philadelphia, and on May 30, 1814, a pension was granted to him of three dollars per month being the highest rate authorized by law. He couldn't receive no moore then his monthly pay which herefore has been only six dollars.

Robert L. Browning

Robert L. Browning, wife Lewright was asking for another five years of half-pay to continue after the first term that was approved on Sept. twenty eighteen hundred and fifty has ended.

James Sweetman

James Sweetman was a private in the war of 1812, his wife, Louisa was asking to be put on the pension rolls at half-pay of a private.

John Davis

Captain John Davis was a Revolutionary Officer, his administrator Charles J. Davis is asking for the sum ten thousand five hundred and sixth dolars being the amout of his half-pay from his muster-out of service at the end of the war in seventeen hundred and eighty-three, to September First eighteen hundred and twenty-seven when he died. He's asking for an additional sum of sixty-five thousand three hundred and sixty dollars being the interest on the installmen's of pay from the time it fell due to the present time. The year of this Bill ws 1872.

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