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Women Behind Men In The Time Of War.

Man always had a woman behind him, she may be a wife, child, mother or just a friend, but no matter where she stood in his life, he looked towards her for comfort and love. In the time of war man not only fought for his country but for the love of his woman to know she would be safe and always have a home. Some of the women named here would be hero’s and others spy’s, but mostly they were mothers, wife’s and lovers but no matter where she stood in a mans life she always stood beside him.

Note. The information on this pages comes from Bills and petitions that passed through Congress. These records are housed at the Library of Congress.

Note. Many of these women named here will have more information about them, so if you see a name and would like to know more you can E. mail me at:

1863, Mrs. Martha Vaughn and Mrs. Louisa Jackman, then residents of Kentucky, in March, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, did, by their patriotic exertions, save the State of Kentucky from great devastation of property and sacrifice of life by conveying information of the plans of the rebel General Pegram, then invading the said State, which they had artfully acquired, to Colonel Frank Woolford, of the Union Army; and Whereas the information thus conveyed did, in all human probability, save the State of Kentucky from rebel control; and Whereas, in consideration of such patriotic hazard and daring in conveying this valuable information, and the immense benefits secured to the nation thereby, in the property captured from General Pegram and his expulsion from the State, as well as the great sacrifices thus prevented, it is but right and proper that such acts should be encouraged by suitable rewards and national recognition

Susan Decatur is the widow of Stephen Decatur, who was a Lieutenant in the United States Navy, entered the harbor of Tripoli, on February 16, 1804, in a small Ketch called the Intrepid and boarded and captured and destroyed the Tripolitan frigate, the late United States frigate known as the Philadelphia.

Note. Here is more information.

Served as Midshipman on the USS United States, 1798-1799, War with France. Conspicuous for gallantry in War with Tripoli, 1803-1804. Recaptured the USS Philadelphia from the Tripolitans, in the harbor of Tripoli, and destroyed her, 16 February 1804. War of 1812, distinguished for the capture of the HMS Macedonian 25 October 1812; commanded the USS United States at this time. In the spring of 1814 commanded the President and a squadron of three vessels, in the West Indies and flew the pennant of Commodore. 15 January 1815, the USS President had a severe engagement with the British West India Squadron, and surrendered after having lost a quarter of her crew and being surrounded by three frigates Decatur was made prisoner, taken to Bermuda, and from there sent to New London on parole, in the British frigate HMS Narcissus.

Mary Ann Dodd is the widow of Matthew W. Dodd who had been a Carpenter in the United States Navy, His record: Carpenter, 18 June, 1845. Died 9 March, 1859.

Margaret Webber is the widow of John Webber who had been a Gunner in the United States Navy, John Weber became a Gunner, 26 May, 1852. Died 28 November, 1869.

Mrs. Lucy H. Carroll administrator of George W. Carroll, of the State of Arkansas and of the county of Conway, had taken from his Plantation 389 bales of cotton taken, by the United State Army.

Mrs. Hibernia Armstrong of the State of Arkansas in the county of Conway had 102 bales of cotton taken from her Plantation, by The United States Army.

Lucy A. Rice, Late, of Richmond Virginia by her courage and patriotic devotion in saving Colonel Streight and his party and enabling them to make their escape from the hands of the Rebels.

Mrs. Susan Ten Eyck Williamson widow of Charles L. Williamson.

Mrs. Rachel McMillan widow of Robert McMillan who was a Surgeon in the United States Army.

Mrs. Ann P. Derrick widow of W. S. Derrick who was a clerk in the Department of the State.

Mrs. Ann Turner widow of Elbert Turner of Norfolk Virginia.

Mrs. M. E. McKnight widow of Francis McKnight who was accidentally killed will at his duty’s as an Artificer Ordnance, on June 22, 1855.

Mrs. Jane M. McCrabb widow of captain John W. McCrabb assistant quartermaster of the United States Army.

Mrs. Olivia W. Cannon widow of Joseph S. Cannon who was a Midshipman in the United States Navy, His record: Appointed Sailing Master, 16 January, 1829. Dismissed 31 December, 1829.

Mrs. Margaret Hetzel widow of A. R. Hetzel who was a assistant Quartermaster in the United States Army.

Mrs. Agatha O’Brien widow of Brevet Major J. P. J. O’Brien who was a Captain of artillery.

Mrs. Sally T. B. Cochrane widow of Lieutenant R. E. Cochrane who had a horse in the public service for the use of express riding by order of Lieutenant Colonel Garland at Fort Smith.

Mrs. Eliza A. Merchant widow of First Lieutenant and Brevet Captain Charles G. Merchant.

Mrs. A. W. Angus widow of Captain Samuel Angus of the United States Navy, His record: Midshipman, 6 November, 1799. Lieutenant, 4 February, 1807. Master Commandant, 24 July, 1813. Captain, 27 April, 1816. Dismissed 21 June, 1824.

Mrs. Anna G. Gaston of the city of Washington, widow of Albert G. Gaston who was a Lieutenant in the United States Army who had contracted a disease and died, he was of the sixteenth regiment of the Virginia Volunteers.

Mrs. Rebecca Irwin widow of Archibald Irwin who was a private in battery C., First Rhode Island light artillery.

Mrs. Sally Andrews of Buxton, York county Maine widow of Elisha Andrews who was a quarter gunner on board the Levetta Adams.

Mrs. Louisa Eldis of Sandusky Ohio had losses sustained by the occupancy of her stone building in Sandusky Ohio, by the 103 regiment New York Volunteers during the months of January, February, March and April of 1864.

Mrs. Eliza Hicks widow of Colonel Stephen G. Hicks, of the fortieth regiment Illinois Volunteers.

Mrs. Abigail Chaplin who was the widow of Josiah Snelling Jr. a Colonel in the United States Army.

Mrs. Jane Dulany widow of Colonel William Dulany an officer of the United States Marine Corps.

His record: Second Lieutenant, 10 June, 1817. First Lieutenant, 19 June, 1819. Captain, 1 July, 1834. Major, 17 November, 1847. Colonel, 26 July, 1861. Brevet Captain, 19 June, 1829. Brevet Major, 3 March, 1843. Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, 13 September, 1847. Died 4 July, 1868.

Mrs. Catherine Easton who is now married to John Bender of Blair county Pennsylvania.

Mrs. Rachel McClelland widow John F. McClelland who was a private in company E., of the sixteenth regiment of the Ohio Volunteers.

Mrs. Susan Carson of Cottonwood Grove, bond county Illinois who is the widow of Robert G. Carson, their children were: Frances A., John A., Kansas A., Louisa L., Sarah J.

Mrs. Abby Green, then of Richmond, Virginia, by her courage, patriotic devotion and assistance from May, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, to February, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, enabling one hundred and nine officers and soldiers of the United States to make their escape from Libby prison, in Richmond, Virginia, and from the hands of our enemies, has deserved well of the country.

Mrs. Elizabeth Fletcher widow of captain L. W. Fletcher of the 13th., regiment Co. A., of the Tennessee cavalry.

Mrs. Jane Clements of the District of Columbia widow of Ignatius Clements.

Mrs. Joanna Winans mother of George W. Winans who was a acting assistant paymaster in the United State Navy, His record: Acting Assistant Paymaster, 30 October, 1863. Drowned 1864.

Mrs. Emma A. Porch, who was then Emma A. Smith, acted as a scout and spy in November of 1864, in he State of Missouri during the Price raid.

Mrs. Margaret S. Fair widow of William C. Fair who was killed in April of 1864, while recruiting a regiment in Polk county, Tennessee, by order of Major General Thomas commanding the Department of the Cumberland.

Mrs. Mollie L. Roberts widow of John S. Roberts who was a First Lieutenant in the 22nd., regiment Indiana Volunteers.

Mrs. Nancy E. Pugh widow of David E. Pugh captain of company B., 27th., regiment United States Colored Troops.

Mrs. Jane W. McKee widow of William R. McKee Colonel of the 2nd., regiment of the Kentucky Volunteers.

Mrs. Polly W. Cotton widow of Wayne W. Cotton captain of Co. G., 7th., regiment of the Tennessee Volunteers.

Mrs. Mary J. Trueman widow James Trueman private in company B., of the 12th., regiment of the West Virginia Volunteers.

Mrs. Alice A. Dryer widow of Hiram Dryer Major of the 13th., regiment of The United States Infantry.

Mrs. Eleanor C. Ransom was order to board the steamship North America, as a nurse to take care of the sick, then on December 22, 1864, the North America was sunk.

Mrs. Charlotte E. Reed widow of John D. Reed of Falls Church, of Fairfax county Virginia.

Mrs. Mary Ann Henry of Pennsylvania widow of Henry Henry captain of the United States Navy, His record: Sailing Master, 1 July, 1812. Lieutenant, 5 March, 1817. Master Commandant, 9 February, 1837. Captain, 27 February, 1847. Died 26 July, 1857.

Mrs. Mary Davis mother of Charles B. Davis captain of Co., F., of the 6th., Pennsylvania cavalry Volunteers.

Mrs. Ruhany Brown widow of Henry Brown, enlisted on September 1, 1863, in the tenth regiment Co. H., Tennessee cavalry, and died at Richmond on January 31, 1864.

Mrs. Harris widow of George W. Harris of the State of Oregon furnished supplies and rendered services to the volunteers in the Oregon Indian war of 1856.

Mrs. Mercie E. Scattergood widow of Edward Scattergood of the United States Navy, His record: Third Assistant Engineer, 26 August, 1859. Second Assistant Engineer, 1 March, 1862. First Assistant Engineer, 1 October, 1863. Died 20 September, 1864.

Mrs. Ann E. Smoot widow of captain Joseph Smott of the United States Navy, His record: Midshipman, 1 December, 1809. Lieutenant, 27 April, 1816. Master Commandant, 3 March, 1835. Captain, 8 September, 1841. Reserved List, 1 October, 1855. Died 13 March, 1857.

Mrs. Ann Marble (Now Strong) had loses by depredations committed by the Cheyenne Indians in August of 1864.

Mrs. Constance Bateman was Mrs. Constance DeCaindry had her Vegetable and fruit garden and premises damaged by the United States soldiers in their defense of Baltimore at Fort McHenry in 1814.

Mrs. Lewright Browning widow of Robert L. Browning of the United States Navy, His record: Midshipman, 4 March, 1823. Passed Midshipman, 23 March, 1829. Lieutenant, 21 June, 1832. Drowned 27 March, 1850.

Mrs. Altazera L. Willcox of Chenango county of the State of New York widow of William Willcox private of Co. B., of the 114th., regiment of the New York Volunteers.

Mrs. Fanny Kelly had her property taken and destroyed by the Sioux Indians in 1864.

Mrs. Margaret A Laurie rented her house and premises in the district of Columbia to the United States for medical and hospital from June 30, 1862 through June 30, 1865.

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