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Those Who Need Help Now.

Welcome to the new page of ( Those Who Need Help Now. ) This page will be of great family stories told to me but I could not help them. These stories will be put up as they come in, in the hope that someone out there will know their story or the family and will be able to help them in some way.

This story was sent to me by Judy Crump.

May 19, 08.

Hi! I'm working on some family history, and I sure could use your help. I'll tell you what I know about my great-great grandfather Isaac Huff and his brother Ben (probably Benjamin)Huff. Told by my Grandfather Lattie K. Huff, here's what he said about his Grandpa Isaac. Ben & Isaac and his wife Samantha (spelled Semantha on the 1880 Census) they came to Missouri in 2 covered wagons from Tennessee....thru the Cumberland gap after the Civil War. Not sure of the year.
Isaac & his brother Ben, were in the war together, and after a huge battle on Cumberland Mountain their commanding officer wanted to take these two men's horses.....they got these horses when they were young horses and they were strong and good trained horses. This officer wanted to give them 2 other horses that were older, had been pulling wagons, had chaffed necks and were in poor shape. He said this officer was mean, and wanted some of the other men’s horses also. So.....this group of men, 12 in all, got together late one night, saddle their horses and rode quietly to the edge of the camp where this officer's tent stood. They called him out and when he stepped out in front of his tent all 12 of the men shot him. They did this so that no one would know exactly which one of them killed him. Then they rode off and were chased by other soldiers on horses. They rode I don't know how long, and could sometimes see in the distance the other soldiers riding after them. They hid out for a while and then returned to their homes in Tennessee. When the war was over they both came to Missouri and homesteaded land here in Washington County. Ben Huff returned to Tennessee and we don't know what happened to him. I don't know where in Tennessee Isaac & Ben came from. Any information about this shooting would maybe help me find out where in Tennessee they were born. I do know that Isaac was born 12/12/1832 in Tennessee. Thanks, Judy Crump

Judy: has just sent me an update.

May 21, 08.

Note. Up to this date this information has not been looked into.

In Searching out genealogy message boards for information I have ran across a few things. One posted his name as, Joseph Isaac Huff. Another one posted his children as; William Huff-1852 (TN) George Huff-1854 (TN) Mary Huff-1857 (TN) John Wesley Huff-1860 (TN) Leander Huff-1865 (IL) Laura Huff-1870 (MO Armentia Huff-1872 (MO) Charles Huff-1876 (MO.)


In the recording my grandpa made in the winter of 1882, he tells that Ben, Isaac, Samantha & some of their children left Missouri, in 2 covered wagons too return to Tennessee. Down south of here around Poplar Bluff Missouri one of their sons got Phnemonia (grandpa said Nemony fever) :) he lived 7 days & died. They brought him back here by train, and the 2 oldest boys came back with the wagons. His name is Dock Huff and I went last Sunday to see his grave. Dock, Samantha, Isaac & Mary Huff are all buried at White's Cemetery. The rest of the Huff family is buried at the Huff Cemetery just up the road here. After that Isaac & Samantha decided not to go back to Tennessee, they stayed here in Stoney Point. They had sold G-Grandpa William their place, (the old home place) so they moved into the log cabin that William had built on the land that he had homesteaded. After that is when Ben went back to Tennessee. Lattie, my grandpa bought his land from the heir of Francis Bone who homestead it. He raised 11 children--one of them my mom Berniece. And now my husband & I own the land. We built a house here and everyday I can look out my kitchen window & see the place where the old house use to sit...where my mother and all of her brothers and sister were born. :) I have a garden up there now. I walk up there with my little granddaughter and tell her how her great-grandma was born right here and played right here on this very spot. Thank you all for listening to my story. If you can help me or point me in the right direction to find Ben Huff or Isaac's parents or where they came from that would be great.

Note. Judy has a great story but needs help. So if you have any information that my help her please write to her at the above address, and thank you for your help.

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