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Union & Rebel Prisoners Were Buried Where?

Over the years I have had a lot people ask where a soldier was buried, most of the time a answer could not be given, but now maybe a small one can be given. There were thirty-six thousand four hundred and one, Union Men buried in Rebel prisons. They were originally buried in sixty-eight localities but many of them were removed from these places and are now resting in the various national cemeteries throughout the South.

The number of rebel prisoners of war reported to be buried at eighty nine localities throughout the country is thirty thousand one hundred and fifty-two. It is believed, that the actual number of Union and Rebel prisoners who suffered martyrdom in the rebel and Union prisons far exceeds the number given as the records are not complete. It is well known that at many places, as, for instance, at Salisbury, North Carolina, and at Florence, South Carolina, &e., the bodies were buried in trenches, often two, three, sometimes even four deep, so that the accurate number of bodies interred at these places may never be determined. It will be impossible for any one to tell were each one is buried, but there are numbers and names of States to lead one in the right direction.

Note. On the two lists the total numbers will include the citizens and the known and unknown.

Note. This information comes from a report to the House of the 40th.Congress 1867-1869, The House report was No. 45. And called: “Treatment of prisoners of war by the rebel authorities.”

List of localities where Union prisoners of war were buried by the rebels during the War.

1. Alexandria, La. Total-1.
2. Anderaonville, Ga. Total-13,705.
3. Atlanta Ga. Total-124.
4. Augusta Ga. Total-79.
5. Baldwin Fla. Total-1.
6. Bear Station Tenn. Total-1.
7. Cahawba, Ala. Total-147.
8. Camp Ford Texas. Total-286.
9. Camp Verde Texas. Total-3.
10. Cassville, Ga. Total-1.
11. Charleston S. C. Total-389.
12. Charlotte, N. C. Total-4.
13. Charlottesville Va. Total-1.
14. Chattanooga Tenn. Total-6.
15. Columbia, S.C. Total-33.
16. Covington Ga. Total-2.
17. Culpeper C. H. Va. Total-2.
18. Danville Va. Total-1,323.
19. Demopolis Ala. Total-1.
20. Ellicott’s Hospital Tenn. Total-1.
21. Fayetteville Ark. Total-2.
22. Florence S. C. Total-2,795.
23. Goldsboro N. C. Total-2.
24. Gordonsville Va. Total-26.
25. Greenville Tenn. Total-1.
26. Grenada Miss. Total-5.
27. Harrisonburg Va. Total-13.
28. Hilton Head S.C. Total-9.
29. Houston Texas. Total-1.
30. Huntsville Ala. Total-1.
31. Jackson Miss. Total-18.
32. Jacksonville Fla. Total-42.
33. Knoxville Tenn. Total-17.
34. Little Rock Ark. Total-4.
35. Lynchburg Va. Total-25.
36. Macon Ga. Total-236.
37. Madison Ga. Total-23.
38. Marietta Ga. Total-189.
39. Memphis Tenn. Total-20.
40. Millen Ga. Total-748.
41. Mobile Ala. Total-77.
42. Monroe La. Total-1.
43. Montgomery Ala. Total-198.
44. Moulton Ala. Total-1.
45. Mount Jackson Va. Total-5.
46. Nashville Tenn. Total-2.
47. New Orleans La. Total-8.
48. Orange C. H. Va. Total-1.
49. Oxford Miss. Total-2.
50. Ozark Hospital, Ask. Total-1.
51. Pensacola Fla. Total-2.
52. Petersburg Va. Total-36.
53. Pettus Farilla La. Total-1.
54. Raleigh N. C. Total-23.
55. Richmond Va. Total-3,450.
56. Robinson’s Tavern Va. Total-1.
57. Salisbury N. C. Total-12,112.
58. Savannah Ga. Total-2.
59. Southampton Va. Total-1.
60. Starkville Miss. Total-1.
61. Staunton Va. Total-67.
62. Trans-Mississippi department. Total-2.
63. Unknown localities. Total-20.
64. Vicksburg Miss. Total-2.
65. Wilmington N.C. Total-83.
66. Weldon N. C. Total-7.
67. Wilson N.C. Total-1.
68. Winchester Va. Total-7.

List of localities where rebel prisoners of war were buried during the war.

1. Alexandria Va. Total-42.
2. Allen Ill. Total-2,218.
3. Annapolis Md. Total-2.
4. Arlington Va. Total-414.
5. Atlanta Ga. Total-12.
6. Baltimore Md. Total-107.
7. Beanfort S.C. Total-12.
8. Bowling Green Ky. Total-4.
9. Bridgeport Ala. Total-13.
10. Camp Butler Ill. Total-644.
11. Camp Chase Ohio. Total-2,166.
12. Camp Dennison Ohio. Total-31.
13. Camp Douglas Ill. Total-4,039.
14. Camp Nelson Ky. Total-2.
15. Chambersburg Pa. Total-1.
16. Chattanooga Tenn. Total-66.
17. Cincinnati Ohio. Total-2.
18. City Point, Va. Total-86.
19. Clarksburg, Va. Total-1.
20. Clarysville, Md. Total-1.
21.Cypress Hill, N. Y. Total-488.
22. David’s Island, N. Y. Total-2.
23. Elmira, N.Y. Total-2,986.
24. Finn’s Point, N.J. Total-1,434.
25. Fort Columbus, N. Y. Total-37.
26. Fort Delaware, Del. Total-2,513.
27. Fort Donelson, Tenn. Total-1.
28. Fort Hamilton, N. Y.-Total-1.
29. Fort Lafayette, N.Y. Total-2.
30. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Total-6.
31. Fort McHenry. Md. Total-6.
32. Fort Pickens. Fla. Total-1.
33. Fort Pulaski, Ga. Total-11.
34. Fort Scott, Kansas. Total-16.
35. Fort Smith, Ark. Total-6.
36. Fort Warren, Mass. Total-12.
37. Frederick, Md. Total-218.
38. Gallipolis, Ohio. Total-3.
39. Gettysburg, Pa. Total-219.
40. Goldsboro, N. C. Total-2.
41. Harrisburg, Pa. Total-15.
42. Hart’s Island, N. Y. Total-229.
43. Hilton Head S. C. Total-12.
44. Indianapolis, Ind. Total-1,556.
45. Jacksonville, Fla. Total-1.
46. Jefferson Barracks, Mo. Total-1,010.
47. Jefferson City, Mo. Total-3.
48. Johnson’s Island, Ohio. Total-148.
49. Kansas City, Mo. Total-12.
50. Key West, Fla. Total-1.
51. Knoxville, Tenn. Total-132.
52. Lnckawaxen, Pa. Total-48.
53. Lexington. Ky. Total-12.
54. Little Rock, Ark. Total-204.
55. Louisville, Ky. Total-138.
56. Marietta,Ga. Total-5.
57. Memphis, Tenn. Total-93.
58. Mercersburg, Pa. Total-1.
59. Mound City Ill. Total-40.
60. Murfreesboro, Tenn. Total-5.
61. Nashville, Tenn. Total-466.
62. Natchez, Miss. Total-30.
63. Newborn, N. C. Total-2.
64. New Creek, W. Va. Total-2.
65. New Orleans. La. Total-235.
66. Newport News, Va. Total-88.
67. New York, N.Y. Total-20.
68. Paducah Kv. Total-2.
69. Pea Patch Island Del. Total-140.
70. Peach Tree Creek, Ga. Total-14.
71. Petersburg, Va. Total-148.
72. Philadelphia, Pa. Total-224.
73. Pittsburg Pa. Total-15.
74. Point Lookout Md. Total-3,446.
75. Raleigh, N.C. Total-8.
76. Resaca, Ga. Total-5.
77. Richmond, Va. Total-182.
78. Rock Island, Ill. Total-1,960.
79. St. Louis, Mo. Total-617.
80. Sandusky, Ohio. Total-206.
81. Savannah, Ga. Total-46.
82. Salisbury, N. C. Total-14.
83. Vicksburg. Miss. Total-5.
84. Washington, D. C. Total-397.
85. Wheeling, W. Va. Total-5.
86. Wilmington, Del. Total-1.
87. Wilmington, N.C. Total-52.
88. York, Pa. Total-3.
89. Miscellaneous, Total-327.

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