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The Easter Family's of Burlingame Kansas

My families home was on a farm south-east of Scranton, Kansas, they were farmers and coal miners, they owned their own mine, it was called the Segelquist Brothers Coal Co. As a young man we would visit the farm a lot as my father like to hunt and fish on the farm. Now about a quarter of a mile west of the farm sat a old farm house on top of a hill, that we would go and hunt at, as a boy I didn’t think to much about the house other then it was neat and falling apart. As the years past the old house sat on the hill reminding us of the days of the past.

When I became older (18 ?) I became interested in photography and would always take my camera with me, I was always taking pictures of the old house. One time my dad and I were at the house and in back there was another building something like a smoke house, although my dad said that the family had lived in it, while the big house was being built. Well I went in side and found a lot of old Newspapers from the 1870 and 1880’s, I still have some. I thought they were neat and that was about it, till I got interested in Genealogy. The house was always known as the Easter place, and the papers had a tag with the name of Easter on it, so I started looking in to the name and this is what I found.

Note. The pictures were taken over the years, the B. & W. picture was taken some time in the late 1970 or early 1980’s this would be the last time the house would be seen as it was taken down some time in the 1980’s my aunts house now stands in it place.

Note. If you have any questions you can write to me at the following:

Alexander Campbell Easter, farmer, Section 33, P. O. Burlingame, Kansas, he was born in Highland County, Ohio, November 4, 1838; son of John Easter and Mary A. Miller. His paternal grandparents were Jacob Easter and Jacob Miller; and his maternal grandparents were Elizabeth Evans, and Mary Barnett. He was educated at Butler University, Ind., graduating class of 1864. He was set apart to the ministry, by the Christian Church in Sabina, Clinton Co., Ohio, 1866. He came to Kansas in 1869, and settled first in Wabaunsee County, but later settled in Dragoon Township, where he owns a splendid farm containing 240 acres, all improved; corn the principal crop. He soon became the pastor of the Christian Church in Burlingame, and still holds that position, very much loved by his people. He was married in Clinton County, Ohio, August 24, 1864, to Miss Angeline M., daughter of Abner C. Mills and Huldah Hall. They have three children - Perry H., born in Highland County, Ohio, January 15, 1866; Grace M., born in Clinton County, Ohio, June 14, 1868; and Burnell M., born in Osage County, Kan., April 19, 1871.

1880 Census.

Taken at Dragoon Township, Burlingame, Osage County, Kansas.

First family.

Alexander Campbell Easter, age 42, Minister & farmer.
Angeline Easter, Wife, age 41, Keeping house.
Pary ( Parry ) Hill Easter, Son, age 14, Home.
Burwell M. Easter, Son, age 9, Home.
Grace M. Easter, Daughter, age 11, Home.

Second family.

Joshuway Easter, age 29, Farmer.
Matilda Easter, Wife, age 22, Keeping house.
Marcia Easter, Daughter, age 9m.

Third family.

David Easter, age 25, Farmer.
Nettie Easter, age 22, Keeping house.

Fourth family.

Daniel M. Easter, age 37, Farmer.
Adiline Easter, Wife, age 34, Keeping house.
Anna Easter, Daughter, age 11, Home.
Laura, Easter, Daughter, age 6, Home.
Alice Easter, Daughter, age 9, Home.
Hattie Easter, Daughter, age 3, Home.
Charles Easter, Son, age 3, Home.
Clarence Easter, Son, age 7m.

Fifth family.

Jacob P. Easter age 37, Physician.
Martha A. Easter, Wife, age 40, Keeping house.
Callie B. Easter, Daughter, age 10, Home.
Wickliffe H. Easter, Son, age 5, Home.
Chester P. Easter, Son, age 2, Home.
Rebecka J. Geading, Niece, age 21.

Burlingame City Cemetery
Osage County, Kansas.
There are 31, Easter's at rest here.

1. A. J. Easter
Birth: Jul. 5, 1824 Death: Aug. 3, 1910

2. Adaline Easter
Birth: 1846, Death: 1912, Wife of Daniel M. Easter.

3. Sgt Alexander C. Easter
Birth: Nov. 4, 1838 Death Jan. 15, 1930, O. M. Sgt, 2nd, Ohio Cav, Ng, WW1.

4. Angeline Easter
Birth: Jul. 6, 1839 Death: Nov. 12, 1923

5. Anna Owen Easter
Birth: 1869 Death: 1951

6. Annie M. Easter
Birth: Unknown Death Sept. 10, 1893, age 54 years. Wife to John B. Easter.

7. Arch Easter
Birth: 1885
Death: 1956

8. Asron Easter
Birth: unknown
Death: Nov. 16, 1921

9. Benjamin Easter
Birth: unknown Death: Apr. 1, 1871
Aged: 29 Years, 20 days

10. Benjamin E. Easter
Birth: unknown Death: Jan. 18, 1873
Aged: 8 Months.

11. Charles A. Easter
Birth: 1876 Death: 1946

12. Cloah A. Easter
Birth: unknown Death: Jul. 18, 1879
Aged: 23 Years, 10 Months, 4 Days, Wife of A. Easter

13. Cornelia Easter
Birth: Jun. 11, 1879 Death: Jun. 11, 1879
Daughter of A. and Angeline

14. Daniel M. Easter
Birth: 1848 Death: 1924

15. David M. Easter
Birth: 1855
Death: 1922

16. Edith M. Easter
Birth: unknown
Death: Aug. 27, 1971

17. Grace M. Easter
Birth: 1868 Death: 1950

18. Homer H. Easter
Birth: Nov. 2, 1869 Death: Jul. 4, 1888
Aged: 18 Years, 8 Months, 2 Days, Son of John B. and Annie M., Died at Angora, Oregon

19. Infant Easter
Birth: Jan. 3, 1915
Death: Jan. 3, 1915
Infant of C.M.

20. John Easter
Birth: unknown
Death: Aug. 28, 1868
Aged: 62 Years, 11 Months, 20 Days

21. John B. Easter
Birth: Aug. 19, 1835
Death: Jan. 12, 1885
Aged: 49 Years, 4 Months, 23 Days

22. John Clifford Easter
Birth: Jul. 30, 1877
Death: Aug. 2, 1877
Son of A. and Argeline

23. Marian H. Easter
Birth: unknown Death: Dec. 11, 1933

24. Marvin C. Easter
Birth: 1914
Death: 1915

25. Mary Ann Easter
Birth: unknown Death: Feb. 5, 1892

26. Mary Emma Easter
Birth: 1877 Death: 1918

27. Maude Easter
Birth: 1890 Death: 1971

28. Muriel Easter
Birth: 1915 Death: 1923

29. Nettie Easter
Birth: 1857 Death: 1933
Wife of David M.

30. Perry Hall Easter
Birth: 1866
Death: 1903

31. Sarah Easter
Birth: unknown Death: Sep. 11, 1885
Aged: 54 Years, 5 Months, 8 Days, Wife of A. J.

This first picture is the front of the house, the house faces east.

This second is of the north side looking south.

The above picture was taken late fall, looking to the south-west.

These two pictures are of the south side of the house.

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