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The Family Name Of Kline.

These page will be about the Kline name I picked this name for no other reason then the lack of nothing else to do…..Now don’t get my wrong…it’s not that I don’t care about the name because I do….I care about all the names I put on my site, or they wouldn’t be here.

I found some of the information very interesting…..and I believe you will to. Although some of the information will be short…it makes it no less important. My job as a surname researcher is to give you as many leads as I can……be it large or small. These leads may help you look for information in places you never thought of before….and you may learn something about your ancestor you never knew before.

Note. The years will not be in order as I put the information down as I find it, so you may want to do a name search, also note this information will comes from the many departments of the library of congress.

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1849-1850
FRIDAY, June 21, 1850.

The petition of George S. Kline, of Columbia county, in the State of Pennsylvania, praying for a pension on account of disabilities incurred while in the military service of the United States in the late war with Mexico

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1845-1846
FRIDAY, January 16, 1846.

A petition of John Kline, a pensioner of the United States, praying for back pension.

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1821-1822
MONDAY, MARCH 18, 1822.

A petition of Christian Kline, of the state of Pennsylvania, praying to be paid a balance of $410 40/100;, due him on a contract to supply muskets for the United States in the year 1795.

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1863-1864
WEDNESDAY, May 11, 1864.

The petition of citizens of the State of Pennsylvania, praying for aid to Jacob Kline, who has seven sons in the army.

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1837-1838
MONDAY, March 12, 1838.

A petition of John Kline, junior, and others, of New York, brothers and sisters of Abraham Kline, junior, deceased, praying to be permitted to locate, in the State of Illinois or in the Territory of Wisconsin, 160 acres of land, to which the said deceased was entitled for services rendered in the late war with Great Britain.

Journal of the executive proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America, 1866-1867, FRIDAY, January 18, 1867.


Captain Jacob Kline, of the Sixteenth Regiment United States Infantry, to date from September 30, 1864.

Journal of the executive proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America, 1861-1862, TUESDAY, December 24, 1861.

To be first lieutenants.
Jacob Kline, of Pennsylvania, to date from September 9, 1861.

Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States, 1838-1839
THURSDAY, December 20, 1838.

A petition of John Cowper, as executor of Warren Ashley, in his own right; and, also, of Warren Ashley, as assignee of Solomon Marks, jr., as trustee of James Thorburn, and in behalf of Swepson Whitehead, administrator of William Butt, assignee of Jacob Kline and of others, owners of the cargo of a certain brig called the Bayard, John Dickson, master, stating that the said cargo was sold by Richard W. Meade to the Spanish Government, and is merged in the claim of the representatives of said Meade against Spain, the payment where of was compromised in the Florida treaty, and which claim is now pending against the United States, praying that the claim of the owners of said cargo may be separated from the claim of said Meade, and that the value thereof may be paid to the said owners or their representatives.

Journal of the executive proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America, 1805-1815, FRIDAY, October 14, 1814.

Twenty-second Regiment of Infantry.
Ensign John Kline, 3d Lieut. 2d June, 1814.

Journal of the executive proceedings of the Senate of the United States of America, 1864-1866, FRIDAY, January 6, 1864.

Sixteenth Regiment of Infantry.
First Lieutenant Jacob Kline to be captain, September 30, 1864.

Captain Jacob Kline, of the Sixteenth Regiment United States Infantry, to be captain by brevet, for gallant and meritorious services at the battle of Shiloh, Tennessee, to date from April 7, 1862; and to be major brevet, for gallant and meritorious services during the Atlanta campaign, to date from September 1, 1864.


CHAP. LX. — .An ,Act for the relief of Lieutenant John L. Kline.

Be it enacted, &.c., That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby directed to pay out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated to Lieutenant John L. Kline, the sum of five hundred and seventy-three dollars and twenty-seven cents; that being the amount paid by him in satisfaction of a judgment rendered on the thirtieth day of December, eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, in the Circuit court in the county of Bradley, in the state of Tennessee, in favor of Thomas Osborn, executor of Sherwood Osborn, deceased, against said Kline; which said sum includes fifty dollars paid by said Kline to his attorney for defending said cause; which recovery was for the removal of said Osborn from the possession of the property of Mrs. McNair, one of the Cherokee nation, in the Cherokee country, in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, under the order of his superior officer, in execution of the sixteenth article of the treaty with the Cherokee nation, concluded in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-five; and, also, the further sum of sixty dollars in remuneration of the expenses incurred by said John L. Kline, in attending to said suit at three terms of the circuit court aforesaid, from the county of Granger, Tennessee a distance of one hundred miles.
APPROVED, July 9, 1842.

The Civil War.

Note. This information comes from the official recorders of the Union and Confederate Armies which is housed at the State University of Ohio.

HEADQUARTERS SEVENTEENTH ARMY CORPS, Vicksburg, Miss., January 26, 1864.
Commanding Cavalry, Red Bone Church:

MAJOR: It is reported to me on good authority that a party of Whitaker's band, say 15 or 20, contemplate crossing the Big Black to-night in the vicinity of Hall's or Regan's Ferries, and will probably come over to Mrs. Stowe's place, or possibly to Nelian Kline's. I desire you to entrap and catch these outlaws, if you can. I am also well satisfied that the Kline family, and especially Miss Kline, a re guilty of acting in bad faith toward our Government and imparting information to the enemy.

Bvt. Brigadier General E. D. TOWNSEND,
Asst. Adjt. General, War Department, Washington, D. C.:

GENERAL: I send herewith fifteen flags, fourteen of which were captured from the enemy by the following named officers and men of the Second Corps:

Private Henry Kline, Fortieth New York Volunteers.

July 6, 1864.

I have to regret the loss of the following officers killed in action and who have since died of wounds received, whose names deserve to be written high up on the scroll of fame: John Kline, captain, Thirteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Camp at Murfreesborough, Tenn., January 10, 1863.

I beg to call the attention of the brigade commander to the following enlisted men of my battalion, who were conspicuous for their gallantry in the engagement on the 31st:
Private Jacob Kline, Company D, Second Battalion.

Colonel, Commanding U. S. Forces at Bird's Point.
CHARLESTON, MO., September 3, 1861.

After having read and exchanged instructions they agreed to exchange
John P. Kline were selected to be exchanged.

List of those refusing to go to the front December 26, 1862.
COMPANY H. Private George H. Kline.

Medals of Honor awarded for distinguished services.

Kline, Henry Private, Company April 6 Capture of E, 40th New York battle-flag at Infantry Sailor's Creek, Va.

Camp at Burkeville, Va,. April 17, 1865.

MAJOR; I have the honor as required in orders, to forward the names of enlisted men, who, by their gallantry and good conduct, deserve rewards at the hands of those in authority.

Color-bearers, Philip Kline, Company G, behaved with gallantry during the engagement of the 2nd instant, and were among the first to plant the colors on the enemy's fortifications.

Numbers 222. Report of Captain Frank C. Gibbs, Battery L, First Ohio Light Artillery.
GETTYSBURG, PA., July 4, 1863.

Asa Kline was severely wounded.

Report of Maj. Gen. Alexander McD. McCook, U. S. Army, commanding First Army Corps.
HEADQUARTERS FIRST CORPS, ARMY OF THE OHIO, Camp, near Crab Orchard, Ky., October, 18, 1862.
Henry Kline, First Ohio Volunteers.

Civil War.

There were at lest if not more then 1300 Kline's in the Civil War, So this will be a lookup, when asking about a ancestor give full name and State. Below there will be two examples on the kind of information you may receive.

Example 1.

KLINE, AUGUSTUS, private, Co. C. 123rd., Illinois Infantry, Residence CHARLESTON, COLES CO, IL., Age 30, Height 5' 9 ½, Hair LIGHT, Eyes BLUE, Complexion LIGHT, Marital Status MARRIED, Occupation FARMER.

Joined When AUG 9, 1862, Joined Where CHARLESTON, IL., for 3years, Muster In SEP 6, 1862., Muster In Where MATTOON, IL., Remarks DIED IN HOSPITAL AT DANVILLE KY (DATE NOT KNOWN.)

Example 2.

Christian Kline, private, Co. C., 25th., Ind., Vol. Ind. Infantry, Age 20, enlister Feb. 8, 1862, at Cairo Ill., Mustered in Feb. 8, 1862, at Cairo Ill., Remarks was in the battle of Fort Donelson, Shiloh and the battle of Davis Mills Feb. 29, 1864.

Revolutionary War & War of 1812.

Note. I know some of you had a Kline ancestors in the Revolutionary War & War of 1812. And you would like to have some information about them. I get this kind of information from the pension rolls of the United State and as it's so vast I could not list every State here, so this will be a look up. If you would like to look for a ancestor write to me, with his name and the State & County he died in and what State he serviced for. Below is a example of the kind of information you may receive.


State Pennsylvania, County of Berks, Name Samuel Kline, rank private, allowance $40, per year, sums received $120., Service Penn. State Troops, placed on roll Feb, 27, 1834, commencement of pension March 4, 1831, age 74.
Note. I take it by the looks of the dates and his age he fright in the war of 1812?

Prisoners of War.

Fort McHenry.

J. J. Kline, Political, of Frederick Co. Va., Date of registration 12-30-1864, Date of disposition 5-5-1865, released.

John Kline, Political, citizen, Date of registration 9-30-1864, Date of disposition 12-30-1864, released.

Note. There were 18, Kline’s at Andersonville, don’t forget to ask about them.

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