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It Was Time For Drinking!

When I was a young man I could bend my elbow with the best of them, lets just say I liked to drink. I always like the older bars for some reason, I think it was the smells and the unexpected thing’s that happen in a small bar, that you didn’t have in your upper class bar. When sitting there with my drink I would some times think what it must have been like in the olden days. Oh the times have changed, but the smells and the unexpected will always stay the same.

I know there are a lot of families who are looking into their family’s history and found a family member who was a Saloon ( Bar ) keeper or was a owner of one. But don’t know where it was or if you do you can’t find it’s name, will that’s what the page is all about.

I have listed 43, Saloons, some you will know right off, but there are other not to well known. I have named the keepers and owners when I could, but most will say keepers unknown. That’s not to say there not known I just couldn’t find them at the time. But then why should I have all the fun. The whole idea behind looking into ones family is to have fun and learning something new about your ancestor.

Note. All these Saloon had stories written about them in the Newspapers, or books, be cause of some famous person was in them or some kind happening in or around them.
So with a little research one should be able to find out a lot more about them.

St. Louis Missouri, 1864.

1. Exchange saloon and billiard room, Illinois street, keeper Daniel Bacon.

2. Great Westren saloon, keeper Andrew Kirkpatrick, and a partner by the name of S. R. Squier, corner of Vine and third street.

3. Esterbrook's saloon, in the City Hotel, Keeper Esterbrook .

DAYTON, OHIO, June 26, 1864.

4. Cooper House a saloon, restaurant, and gambling house on Main street south of the Keeper a German by the name of J. V. Nauerth.


5. Saloon and and billiard room name unknown keeper was Doctor Garver .

Detroit, Mich., 1864.

6. Whipple's saloon and billiard room, keepers unknown.

Louisville Mo., 1864?

7. R. P. League, keeper of a saloon near the Louisville theater, name unkown.

Annapolis, Md., 1863.

8. sutler's saloon, keepers name unkown.

Washington, November 30, 1861?

9. Burch's saloon on Fourteenth street, keepers name unknown.

San Juan, in Washington Territory, 1863.

10. Warbass' saloon, keepers name E. D. Warbass.

Dallas, Texas , 1875.

11. saloon owned by a man named Austin, one evening Doc. Holliday, was gambling in the saloon when Austin, and Holliday got in a argument over a card hand which caused them to fire single bullets at each other. Neither was injured and both parties decided to settle their differences without further gunplay.

Florence, Washington Territory, 1863.

12. Saloon owened by Henry Talbotte, AKA Cherokee Bob, died in the back room of his saloon after instigating and losing a gun fight on New Year's Day.

Wichita, Kansas, 1875.

13. Customs House Saloon keeper unknown, One evening the saloon was cleared when Wyatt Earp's pistol slips out of its holster and discharges when hitting the floor. The bullet passes through the fabric of his coat before going through the ceiling.

Lampasas Texas, 1877.

14. Matador Saloon, keeper unknown, One evening in 1877, a Mr. Merritt Horrell, was shot to death by John Higgins after being accused of tampering with a herd as part of the Horrell-Higgins Feud. Earlier the six Horrell brothers, Ben, John, Mart, Merritt, Sam, and Tom, returned from the Civil War to rustle cattle and cause mayhem in Texas and New Mexico Territory in the 1870s.

Hell Gate, Montana Territory 1864.

15. Cyrus Skinner a saloon keeper, is credited with devising the scheme to murder and rob he Magruder party.

Note. In 1887, Leavenworth, Kansas- had 200 saloons, one for every 30 families.

Tombstone, Arizona Territory 1884.

16. Clifton saloon, keeper unknown.

Tombstone, Arizona Territory, 1882.

17. Bob Hatch's billiards saloon, keeper unkown this is the saloon that Lawman Morgan Earp was shot in the back, He died a few minutes after midnight the next day.

Lampasas, Texas, 1873.

18. Jerry Scott's Matador Saloon, owner Jerry Scott Matador, One evening or day?, Texas Ranger Captain Thomas Williams, accompanied by three officers went to arrest Clinton Barkley, a Texas gunman who was wanted for murder, entered Jerry Scott's Matador Saloon, knowing Barkley and the Horrells (Barkley's brother-in-laws) were inside. The minute Williams and his men stepped through the swinging doors, Barkley, Martin, Tom, and Sam Horrell, along with saloon owner Scott, opened fire with their six-guns. Williams and two of his men dropped to the floor dead while the third deputy returned fire as he backed out of the saloon, his shots wounding Martin and Tom Horrell.

Near Nashville Tenn., 1881.

19. White's Creek Store and Saloon, keeper unknown, A James gang member Bill Ryan stopped in the White's Creek Store and Saloon near Nashville to take shelter from a heavy storm. He became drunk; and disorderly and soon was arrested and taken to the Nashville jail.

Ballinger, Texas, 1878.

20. Senate Saloon, keeper unknown.

Dodge City, Kansas 1879.

21. In the Long Branch Saloon Frank Loving, onetime cowhand and faro dealer, shoots it out with a hide-hunter and gunman named Levi Richardson. Levi fired off 5 rounds, before Frank got one off, and missed all 5 times. When the smoke cleared Frank began squeezing the trigger of his gun with cool deliberation hitting Levi 3 times. A coroner's jury ruled a self defense verdict. Frank was shot dead about a year later in Trinidad, Colorado.

Dodge City, Kansas 1887.

22. In the Peacock Saloon, Marshal Edward Masterson was killed by a drunken cowhand named Jack Wagner as he went to investigate a disturbance at the Lady Gay Dance Hall. His brother Bat was only a little distance away and shot both Jack Wagner and his partner Alf Walker. Wagner and Walker staggered into the Peacock Saloon. Wagoner died the next day while Alf took a month to die.

El Paso, Texas, 1881.

23. Keating's Saloon, keeper unknown.

Flagstaff, Arizona Territory 1881.

23. Black's Saloon, keeper unknown, two mailbags had been taken in a holdup from the Canyon Diablo to Flagstaff Wells Fargo stage. There was $125,000 in gold, silver, and coins in the bags. A U.S. Cavalry detachment killed five suspected bandits near Veit Spring but the loot is not found. In 1913 Short Jimmy McGuire produces some of the stolen coins, but after downing four drinks he dies of a heart attack. The treasure was never found.

Ashland, Kansas, 1885.

24. Junction Saloon, keeper unknown, A gunfight erupts in the during a card game, pitting “Mysterious Dave” Mather, and his brother and bartender Josiah, against David Barnes. David Barnes is killed and two bystanders are wounded. The Mather brothers are arrested and leave town after posting a $3,000 bond.

Caldwell, Kansas, 1880.

25. Red Light saloon and dance hall, keeper unknown, . Frank Hunt was the deputy marshal of this frontier boomtown. On this date, George Flatt, a drunken former lawman was shot to death as he neared a Caldwell restaurant. A man identified as Hunt was seen fleeing the murder scene. Flatt's death was avenged on Oct. 11, 1880, when an unidentified gunman fatally wounded Hunt as he sat near a window at the Red Light saloon and dance hall.

Tombstone, Arizona Territory, 1881.

26. Arcade Saloon, keeper unknown, much of the towns business district, including sixty-six buildings, was destroyed when someone got too close of a barrel of bad whiskey, with a match or cigar, that the proprietor of the Arcade Saloon had set outside to return it to the supplier. The barrel exploded in flames. It was already 100 degrees.

Tombstone, Arizona Territory, 1881.

27. Alhambra saloon, keeper unknown, Judge Spicer issues a warrant for the arrest of Doc Holliday for complicity in the murder of Bud Philpot, and the attempted stage robbery near Contention several months before. Cochise County sheriff John Behan arrests Holliday, who is immediately released on $5,000 bail put up by Wyatt Earp and the proprietors of the Alhambra saloon.

Denver, Colorado, 1886.

28. Kinneavy's Saloon, keeper unknown, burned down.

Caldwell, Kansas 1879.

29. Occidental Saloon, keeper unknown. George Flatt was a lawman in Caldwell and also operated an elegant saloon with William Horseman. On this date Flatt was involved in a shootout after two men, George Wood and Jake Adams, who began firing pistols while drinking at the Occidental Saloon. Constable W.C. Kelly and Deputy John Wilson, accompanied by Flatt and W.H. Kiser, entered the saloon. During the ensuing shootout Flatt killed the two outlaws, while Kiser was grazed in the temple and Wilson was wounded in the wrist.

San Antonio Texas, 1882.

30. Green Front Saloon, owners Jack Harris and Ernest Hart.

Texas 1884.

31. Garner's Saloon, keeper unknown.

San Antonio, Texas 1895.

32. Colombo Saloon, keeper unknown.

Newton, Kansas 1871.

33. Red Front Saloon, keeper unknown.

Ellsworth, Kansas 1873.

34. Brennan's Saloon, keeper unknown.

Newton, Kansas, 1871.

35. Tuttle's Saloon, keeper unknown.

El Paso, Texas 1895.

36. Acme Saloon, keeper unknown.

Hays City, Kansas 1873.

37. Cy Goddard's saloon, keeper unknown.

Hayes City, Kansas 1869.

38. John Bitters' Beer Saloon, keeper unknown, This was a wild town freight and cattle center, and it attracted some of the worst gunmen of the day. One of these was a brutish teamster named Samuel Strawhim who arrived with a half dozen teamsters on this date. He and his friends stormed into John Bitters' Beer Saloon that night and began to wreck the place. A few minutes later Sheriff Wild Bill Hickok, accompanied by Deputy Peter Lanihan, arrived at the saloon and ordered Strawhim to surrender his guns. Strawhim laughed and drew his guns. Wild Bill drew both his 1851 Navy Colts, blasting Strawhim to death. A coroner's jury later stated that the Strawhim shooting was justifiable homicide.

New Mexico Territory, near Fort Stanton.

39. Will Hudgen's saloon, keeper unknown.

Tombstone, Arizona 1880.

40. Oriental Saloon owner Milt Joyce.

New Mexico Territory 1879.

41. Bob Hargrove's saloon, keeper unknown.

Montana 1894.

42. Jew Jake's Saloon, keeper unknown.

California 1881.

43. Jake Harris' saloon, keeper unknown.

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