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Men Of Canada & England-U. S. Civil War.

I have done a lot of pages on the Civil War and men of the United States that were involved in the war but I have not done many from other countries that were involved in the war. The Rebel’s navy had a lot of secrete operations in Canada and England they would buy new or old ships from Canada and England and other countries then refit their ships take on supplies and try to run the blockades on the boarders between the United States and Canada and England too supply the Rebel army. It was hard to keep track on what was going with the ships as they work on these ships mostly in secrete and the Canada and England Government had a blind eye on the goings on at the docks. That’s not to say they showed no interest on what was going on, at the docks, but mostly only after the councils of the United States that were station there reminded the Canada and England Governments of are friendly relations with them and if they would like to keep that friendly relationship.

The Canada and England men who work in and around the docks were in the know on what was going on, and would give testimony on what was going on at the docks. The men on these page were just hard working men and sailors who felt it was their duty to give testimony on the goings on. I will list their names and where they lived when I can. As their statement are too long to put here I will give the page number of their statement in that way if you see a ancestor you can give his name and page number and I will send the statement to you. You can find my address in my profile.

Note. These information comes from; Enforcement on Neutrality, and the Rebel operations from Canada. Report No. 1395, Vo. 2.

Rebel operations from Canada.

1. John Melley, of Glasgow, Seamen, p. 170.

2. George Smith, Dumbarton, Iron ship builder, p. 171.

3. Men of the United States now Living in Canada, p. 190.
William Stone, Jeremiah Coghlam, Charles Bishop, James Foster, William Grey and David Williams.

4. George Hall, of Stockdon-on-tees, England, p. 192.

5. James Davis, of London England, Stocker, p. 194.

6. William Hall, Of Dover, Kent, England, Fireman, p. 195.

7. Thomas Gibson, of New Castle, England, Fire, p. 197.

8. John Morgan, of Galway Ireland, citizen of the U. S., now living in England ,p. 198.

Note. A lot of the above men work on many of the Rebel ships.

9. Warner Lewis Underwood, Of Glasgow, No. 5, Newton Terrace Sanchiehall Street, p. 210.

10. William Dayer, of Glasgow, ship-joiner, p. 214.

11. William Cook, of Glasgow, No.1, Clermont Street, p. 215.

12. Archibald McLellan, Joiner, Glasgow, No. 45, Eglinton Street, p. 216.

13. John McGibbon, Glasgow, Riveter, 63, King’s Street Tradeston, p. 218.

14. James Ross, Clerk, 13, Virginia Street Glasgow, p. 219.

15. John McQueen Barr, Clerk, No. 80, New City Road, Glasgow, p. 220.

16. William McCambridge, Shipwright, Govan, county of Lanark, p. 221.

17. William Carrick, Shipwright, No. 4, Ferrol Street, Relimbaugh, p. 222.

18. Robert Thomas, Police Constable, No. 3. Toxteth Park Liverpool, p. 223 & 238.

19. William Cozzens, Police Detective, No. 7, Lavan Street, Liverpool, p. 236.

20. John De Costa, Shipping agent, Liverpool, p. 239 & 264.

21. Henry Redden, Marine, 16, Hook street Liverpool, p. 242.

22. Matthew Maguire, of Dryden Rood, Edge Lane, Liverpool, p. 246 & 267.

23. John Baxter Langley, Surgeon, England p. 249.

24. William Milburn Blakiston, of Middleboro, Engineer, p. 251.

25. Oliver R. Mumford, of the United States, p. 265.

26. Neil Black, Carpenter, 18, Neptune Street Liverpool, p. 266.

27. Thomas Huston, Boatman, No. 6, St. George’s court, Red Cross Street, Liverpool, p. 267.

28. William Hayden Russell & Joseph Ellis, p. 328.

29. Clarence Randolph Yonge, United States now of Waterloo near Liverpool, p. 330.

30. George Temple Chapman, of the United States now at Liverpool, p. 332.

31. Thomas Haines Dudley, No. 3, Wellesley Terrace Princes Park, Liverpool, 335 & 354.

32. John Brady, No.10, Livingstone Street, Liverpool, p. 337.

33. Austin Joseph Hand, No. 35, Crosby Street, Liverpool, 337.

34. Thomas Sweeny, No. 57, Crosby Street, Liverpool. P. 348.

35. Joseph Ellis, No. 161, Athol Street, Liverpool, p. 355.

36. Charles Prentis, of the United States, now at Liverpool, p. 356.

37. John Dunn, p. 420.

38. Captain John A. Winslow, p. 430, 432, 437.

Rebel Cruisers.

39. Officers of the Bark Neapolitan. P. 493.

40. Moses Lansing, Hair-dresser, Liverpool, p. 534.

41. John Markham, Liverpool, p. 534.

42. Captain William Henry Nelson, United States, p. 547.

43. Frederick Williams, United States, p. 570.

44. John Trader, p. 629,

45. Henry George Wagner, p. 631.

46. Edward Thompson, Liverpool. P. 671.

47. Thomas Manhon, Liverpool, p. 672.

Note. Although there is no other information on the following men, it will help those who are looking for them and what happen to them.

List of officers and crew of the ship Japan, shipped at the Sailors’ Home, in Liverpool, and understood to be subjects of Great Britain.

48. Thomas Hedjik, master.
Griffith Jones, mate, No. 7 Virginia street.
Ahou F. Mackintosh, second mate, No. S Fleet square, Fleet street.
Robert Neal, carpenter, No. 28 Regent street.
Chas. King, boatswain, No. 22 Rupert street.
J. S. Woolfall, captain’s steward, )o. 119 Albert street.
Thomas Price, cook, No, 1 17 Bedford street, Everton.
John Thompson, cook, No. 113 Pitt street.
Wil1iain Jones, seaman, No. 16 Gerard street.
Thomas Williams, (1) seaman, No. 22 Edmund street.
Thomas Williams, (2) seaman, No, 31 Prussia street.
John White, seamen. No. 71 Jordan street.
William Williams, seaman, No. 40 high Field.
Frank Rivers, sea man, No. 53 Upper Hill.
James Rodway, seaman, No. 113 Pitt street.
Wm. Jackson, seaman, No. I George street.
Joseph Seymour, No. 53 Bedford street.
Wm. Dand, boat’s mate on board Great Eastern.
Frank Mills, seaman, No. 27 Union street.
Thos. Jones, ordinary seaman, Beaumaris tavern, Tayakarly street.
Henry Barron, ordinary seaman, No. 12 High Field road.
Edward Davis, ordinary seaman, No. 12 Lightbody street.
John Murray, ordinary seaman, No. 33 Gordon street.
Hugh Hughes, ordinary seaman, Beaumaris tavern, Union street.
C. Owen Crow, boy, No. 73 Kew street.
Richard Callaghan, boy, No. 28 Regent street.
Charles Penrose, boy, No: 6 Woodstock street.
Thomas Claydon, boy, No. 4 Bell street, T. P.
Robert Ford, boy, Sailors’ Home.
John Fitzgerald, boy, No. 39 Hornby street.
Joseph Fisher, boy, No. 19 John street, T. P.
Benjamin Connolly, boy, No. 17 Temple Bed, Dale street.
Samuel Alfred Seaton, storekeeper, No. 48 Westbourne street.
W. Hamilton, Landsman, No. 45 Hamilton street.
Thomas ,James, landsman, No. 15 Earl street.
John Williams, landsman, No. 21 Richmond row or street.
Joseph Hopkins, landsman, No. 55 Atherton street.
John Flynn, landsman, No. 18 Milton street.
John Dolan, landsman, No. 4 Ct. Blondel.
H’y Tanner, fireman, No. 5 Prince’s Walk, Gt. Howard street.
Phil. Thomas, fireman, No. 32 Kay street.
Michael Downey, fireman, No. 29 Gt. Howard street.
Alex. McDuff, fireman, No. 29 Thomas street.
John Hughes, fireman, No. 29 Thomas street.
James Kendry, fireman, No. 15 Earl street.
John McCarthy, fireman, No. 5 Prince’s Walk, Gt. Howard street.
Michael Connor, fireman, Gt. Howard street.
Richard Groves, fireman, o. 19 Bennis Gardens.
Wm. Myers, trimmer, No. 3 Ct. Spitalfields.
Thomas Mahou, trimmer, No. S Ct. Gore street.
James Gordon, trimmer, No. 44 Tatlock street.
Edward Thompson, trimmer, No. 18 Denison street.
Samuel Haywood, trimmer, No. 18 Denison street.
John Miles, trimmer, No. 29 Thomas street.
John Stanley, cooper, No. 26 Ct. Oriel street.
Went by the Heron, Glasgow boat, at 7.30 p. in., March 30, 1863.

49. List of men, understood to he subjects of Great Britain, who left the steamer Virginia, late Japan, and came to Liverpool, in the steamship East Anglican, from Plymouth.

John White, Joseph Hopkins, William Swift, Henry James, William Myers, John Myers, Thomas Mahon, John Hughes, Mr. Seaton, purser, Mr. Jones, master mariner, Mr. Mc Intosh, Edward Thompson, John Pirin, George Crow, Richard Groves, Richard Credshaw, Charles Spencer and James Woolfall.

50. John Stanley, cooper, of Liverpool, No. 26, Ct. in Ovid Street, p.684

51.Francis Glassbrook, seaman, 53, upper Hill, Liverpool, p.686

52. Benjamin Conolly, of No. 17, Temple Buildings, Liverpool, p.689.

53. Catherine Stanley, of Liverpool, No. 26, Ct. in Ovid Street, p.692.

54. Cecillia Glassbrook, 53, upper Hill, Liverpool, p. 693.

55. Daniel Conolly, of No. 17, Temple Buildings, Liverpool, p. 695.

56. Eliza Conolly, of No. 17, Temple Buildings, Liverpool, p. 695.

57. Thomas Matthews, No. 37, Glocester Street, Liverpool, p.698.

58. Patrick Shanley, of 13, carlton Street, Liverpool, p.707.

59. William Rawlinson, No. 12, Blackstone Street, Liverpool, p.715.

60. Frederick Harcourt, of No. 68, Porter Street, Liverpool, p.716.

61. Charles Thompson, 40., Upper Baker Street, Liverpool, p.722.

62. William Wynn, Boarding House Keeper, p. 730.

63. Joseph Murry, 22., Lower Berner’s Street, p.730.

64. Henry Barraclough, of King’s Head Alley, p.731.

65. James Tucker, of King’s Head Alley, p.732.

66. Richard Spendiff, Brightman’s Court, p.733.

67. Enoch Cohen, No. 9, Palmer Street, Spitalfields, p.740.

68, George Hill, Sailmaker, p.740.

69. James Nunn, No. 2, Union Row, Sheerness, p. 741.

70. Charles Newton, of Sheerness, p.741.

71. James Maloney, of Sheerness, p.742.

72. William O’Kelly, 41, Smith Street, miles End,p.743.

73. George Bailey, of Sheerness, p.744.

74. George White, Liverpool, p.748.

75. Andrew McEune, Seaman, Liverpool, p.748.

76. William Hewson, Plymouth, p.749.

77. Thomas Bryant, London, p.750.

78. Catharine Pratt, Llewellyn Street, Liverpool, p.751.

79. Catharine Dow, Llewellyn Street, Liverpool, p.752.

80. Robert Sadd, of Walthan, Abbey, Essex, p.756.

81. Joseph Sullivan, London, p.757.

82. Edward Smith, Ratherhithe, p.758.

83. James Graham, Liverpool, p.759.

84. Charles Bennett, Plymouth England, p.762.

85. Robert Dunn, Sheerness, p.763.

86. Ludwig Kretschmar, p.764.

87. Thomas Monk, England, p.765.

88. James Conner, p.766.

89. John Ford, p.768.

90. Thomas Shrouder, p.768.

91. Samuel Garland Liverpool, p.769.

92. Thomas Woods, Liverpool, p.769.

93. John Dow, Seaman, p.770.

94. John Pratt, Seaman, p.770.

95. Walter Dixon, p.770.

96. Charles Bollen, p.771.

97. Robert Russell, p.771.

98. George Thompson, Engineer, England, p.772.

99. Edwin Shaw, Hammerman, p.774.

100. William Hall, Hammerman, p.774.

101. Maurice Breen, Willians Place, Liverpool, p.776 & 784.

102. John Fleming, No. 3, Court Lightbody, Street, Liverpool, p. 778.

103. Bernard Cassidy, Court Lightbody, Street, Liverpool, p. 779.

104. William Rawlinson, 91, New Edgar Street, Liverpool, p.780 & 784.

105. John Davies, No.5, Princes Walk Great Howard Street, p.781.

106. Matthew McMullan, Stone Street, Liverpool, p.782 & 784.

107. John McClusky, No. 1, Blackstone, Street, Liverpool, p.783.

108. Patrick Bradley, No. 1, Blackstone, Street, Liverpool, p.783.


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