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The Hilton Family Needs Your Help.

I was asked the other day to give some help on the ( Hilton ) family and their Indian Blood line, But I was unable to help much. I asked the gentleman who’s name is ( Mike ), if he would allow me to put up his information in the hope that he may get some answers to his questions, and told him his information may be a help to others who are looking into some of these names, he was more then happy to help.

Note. Those of you who would like to give some answers or have a question can reach Mike at the following address, just say Dennis sent you.

Tom Hilton b. abt. 1720, found first in the 1740's in Terrible Creek VA. according to family tradition he married a Hilton and took her name. (got kicked out of church) father in Law should be Beecham Halton who is recorded in the Moravian Documents in NC. They mention Beecham Haltom and his mulatto wife, a go between the Cherokee and Moravians. The only reasoning for this is the oral tradition and the fact that many of the first generations of Hiltons of our line were Beecham thus named after their ancestors.

Tom Hilton and Bettie Hilton are mentioned on the Mabe Cherokee applications. He was said to be a full blood and she a squaw. They give birth to at least four sons who fought in the Rev. War.
Jacob we cannot find.
Peter Hilton who married Jenny ????
Abraham Hilton who married Katie Owl from Murphy NC, (hanging dog creek back then)
Beecham who married into the German Winklers and Moorefields

Bethena Hilton married into the Shoats or choate (Jason SHoats Cherokee apps)
Lucinda married Long John Mabe in Stokes NC.....

Ruth Hilton married Matoy (cant find much on this) Famous Indian Name.

The only one we can find on any Roll was Daniel Hilton b. 1788 NC. Cherokee apps say he was born in Cherokee NC. He married one time Martha Walker daughter of William Walker and Katie.
His father and mother were Peter Hilton and Jenny.

I am sure Jenny was in the Cherokee Nation but that is hard to place because of so many of them. Cherokees didnt keep good marriage records.

Line of Travel: Tom in the edge of VA, some say Patrick CO. Land on terrible creek was in Lunenburg VA. He moved to Stokes area in NC along the Dan River. We believe he may have been Saura Indian, mentioned by Mooney in his travels. Abraham HIlton married Charity or Katie Owl starts in Henrico Co. VA in the Rev. War. goes through NC and into GA. Peter starts in joining Rev. war in Surry, NC, goes into Burke county with many other Heltons/ Hiltons comes to live with Cherokee in McMinn Co. TN in the 1830 census.

His son Daniel Hilton b. 1788 signs Emigration Roll with Major John Walker and Thomas Petite. Found him on the 1828 Arkansas deal and know he left TN the Spring of 1828 on one of the first boats. Found him as late as 1831 on the Letters to Office of Indian affairs. This is the latest so far from Arkansas. We suspect there are more. He is mentioned as stealing a horse and leaving the nation in 1830. This is not true because we found him in 1831 document. The horse part might be right but the time is not. First time apart from Cherokee paperwork we find Daniel is 1850 Federal Census in Blount CO. TN with two kids with Indian names.

Why is this important? Later many of the family files Cherokee applications in GA and TN. They go back to several Helton / Hilton. some of them we have linked together and DNA tested. Two of them we have not. They never mention Daniel on a Cherokee Roll. (mystery)

Abraham Helton and Katie Owls, group DNA matched
Joseph Helton back to Beecham Hilton in NC DNA matched
Peter Hilton back to INdian TOm DNA matched

Jahial Helton around 1800 in Murray GA, no DNA test or much research from this family. They had about 8 Cherokee Applications.

William Joseph Helton in Burnt Corn Al. b.1799 in Sumter SC but the test are coming back Gillispie. Probably a Helton girl that names the kids the same. (Matrial line, Cherokeee style, We have found about 4 or 5 of these so far.) This family filled out about 8 Cherokee apps.

This is a thumbnail sketch of the Indian DNA set of Hiltons. We didnt know any of this four years ago. Just that our family always said we had Cherokee Blood in us.

Note. Here is a thank you note I received from Mike with some added information.


What drew me to you was that you had a lot of the names I had read on the M 234 series in Fort Worth. They were located in Arkansas, Cherokee West. When I read your list I kept saying where is Danie? This is the same people I just read this week. George Guess, rainstopper, Spring Frog, Walter Webber etc. By all means put them up. By the way, is just loading all the Guion Miller applications and we are having a blast. ANy Helton mentioned by any other name is showing up. We are really starting to put the g-grandkids of Tom together now. Especially all of the girls that married out into other surnames. Thank you for your support.



Unknown said...

My Great-Great-Grandfather was the William Joseph Helton who was born in 1799 in South Carolina. I am a historian who is just starting to research my family tree. When I was growing up, I was told we had Cherokee blood.

Anonymous said...

my wifes grandfather was john a. helton his dad was john stokley helton, his dad was john nelson helton. whe found that thomas orifus lifftus creekback took the name helton from his wife.I wonder if this is the same line of heltons