Thursday, May 14, 2009

Captain John Hodge Of The Revolutionary

Certificate of the Judges of the Circuit Court of the United States for the district of New Jersey. Documents in support of the claim of Captain John Hodge.

We, the subscribers, judges attending the Circuit Court of the United States in the district of New Jersey, in the middle circuit, as commissioners designated and appointed by an act of the United States, entitled “An act to provide for the settlement of the claims of widows and orphans barred by the limitations heretofore established, and to regulate the claims to invalid pensions,” made and passed the twenty-third day of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety—two, to examine the claims of invalids to pensions, pursuant thereto, have considered the case of Captain John Hodge.

Captain John Hodge, of the city of New Brunswick, in the State of New Jersey, an applicant upon the said act, and do certify that it appears to us that the said John Hodge did, in July or August, seventeen hundred and seventy—six, as a vo1unteer in the service of the United States, assist the continental American forces, in the late war, in firing from the fort at New York upon some British ships then passing up the Hudson river; and that then managing one of the cannon, so employed, the charge of powder therein took fire, occasioned the sudden recoil of the cannon, and explosion of the powder held in his hand, and badly wounded him in both his hands, which so disabled him, that he is, in a great measure, incapacitated from pursuing any kind of business.

We are, therefore, of opinion that he ought to be placed on the pension list; that he ought to of forty dollars, have an annual allowance of forty dollars, being four-tenths of the monthly wages of a matross, and the further sum of one hundred and twenty dollars for arrears of pension.

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