Monday, May 04, 2009

The Dennison Name.

Here is a name I found interesting, Now a lot of this information may only be a sentence or two but may lead you in a different direction for looking for information on your ancestor. There will be no order on how the information is put down. I will put it down as I fined it.

Christopher Dennison.

DECEMBER 22, 1837.
For the relief of Christopher Dennison.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War be directed to place upon the roll of revolutionary pensioners, Christopher Dennison, of Vermont, and to pay him the sum of thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents per annum during his natural life the said payment to commence on the fourth day of March, anno Dornini one thousand eight hundred and thirty-one.


William Dennison, of Ohio, to be Postmaster-General of the United States.


A petition of Isaac Dennison, of Stonington, in the State of Connecticut, praying to be allowed and paid expenses incurred by him on account of a wound received by his son Frederic Dennison, in defense of said Stonington, when attacked by the British forces during the late war, of which wound he died.


William Dennison, to be commissioner for the District of Columbia, under an act for the government of the District of Columbia, and for other purposes, approved June 20, 1874.

February 12th, 1814.

William Dennison, had been the principal Assessor for the 11th collection district of Massachusetts, now resigned.

January 2, 1857.

Ami P. Dennison, of Oregon, to be agent for the Indians in Oregon Territory.

Washington, Dec. 31, 1830.
Gilbert Dennison, of Connecticut, to be consul of the United States at Panama, in the Republic of Colombia.

12th June, 1868.

B. F. Dennison to be associate justice of the supreme court of Washington Territory.

June 18th, 1866.

Erasmus B. Dennison, of Ohio, to be an Indian agent for the Territory of New Mexico.

April 11th, 1812.

Henry Dennison, to be Purser in the Navy of the United States.

Washington, December 1, 185?.

William W. Dennison, of South Carolina, to be agent for the Indians of the "Agency for the Otoes and Missourias." Term of office expired in 1861.


December 23d, 1822

Samuel F. Dennison, to be Surveyor and Inspector of the port of Stonington, in the district of New London.

Washington, 20 February, 1865.

W. Neil Dennison (as brevet major and captain).

Washington City, 5th February, 1872.

Masters Erasmus Dennison, to be lieutenants in the Navy, to fill existing vacancies in that grade.

April 11, 1777.

That 170 fire arms, either muskets or rifles, 200 wt. of powder, 800 wt. of lead, and 500 flints, be sent to the town of Westmoreland, on the east branch of Susquehannah river, to the care of Colonel Nathan Dennison, to be used by the militia there, for the defense of the said town, if necessary; the arms to be returned when the service there will admit of it.

MONDAY, April 18, 1870.

Charles M. Dennison, resigned, from office as a assessor of internal revenue, twenty-first district of New York.

Washington, May 30, 1834.

Thomas Dennison to be consul for Bristol, in England.

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