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Merchants Claims Against The France 1796.

In 1796, the merchants and ship owners of the United States, put in claims against the France Government for the loss of their ships and cargo, which had been captured by France man-of-wars ships upon the high seas. The following list is a number of ships captured by the France Republic.

Note. This information comes from the Foreign Relations, Volume 1., 1789-1797., which is housed at the library of Congress.

Note. If you have any questions on any of the names or information, you can write to me my address can be found in my profile, I will be glad to help.

1. Brig Apollo, of Boston, captured and carried into Rochefort.

2. Ship George, of Boston, Captain Elias Dawes Symes, captured and carried into Morlaix.

3. Schooner Trial, Captain Timothy Tuft, was detained by embargo at Calais.

4. Ship Alexander, captain Thomas Woodward, captured and carried into Rochefort.

5. Brig Margaret, captain Benjamin Berry, captured and carried into Havre.

6. Ship Minerva, captain Thomas Cutts carried into Brest.

7. Brig Robert, captain Coffyn Whippey, captured and carried into Brest.

8. Ship McGilvra, captain Hugh Gemmel, captured and carried into Brest.

9. Ship Kensington, captain Walker Kerr, captured and carried into Morlaix.

10. Schooner Helen, captain John Craft, captured and carried into Bordeaux.

11. Brig Nancy, captain Andrew Dunning, captured and carried into Brest.

12. Brig Hope, captain Asa Hooper, captured and carried into Rochefort.

13. Ship President, captain John Anderson Smith, cargo of flour.

14. Brig Eagle, captain William Conan, came as a cartel from Jersey with prisoners of war, to Roscoff, where she was detained.

15. Brig Friendship, captain Ebenezer Hoyt, arrived at Rochefort.

16. Brig Hiram, captain James Craig, ran aground near Boulogne; she got off but carried into Boulogne.

17. Ship Hawk, captain Moses West, delivered at Brest.

18. Schooner Success, captain Elias Low, cargo fish.

19. Schooner Industry, captain Isaiah Snow, cargo fish.

20. Ship Severn, captain Jared Goodrich.

21. Ship General Green, captain Jacob Smith.

22. Brig Polly, captain Richard Christie.

23. Brig Henry, captain Henry Hodge, captured and carried into Morlaix.

24. Brig Four Friends, captain Joseph Gleen.

25. Brig Theodosia, captain John Justice, captured and carried into L’Orient.

26. Schooner Lark, Captain Samuel Lovet, was captured at sea. The prize master . lost both vessel and cargo, on the coast near Bayonne.

27. Brig Mary of Haverhill, Captain Jonathan Titcomb, captured and carried into Brest.

28. Ship Fame, Captain John Coleman captured and carried into L’Orient.

29. Snow Mercury, Captain George Todd, captured and carried into Morlaix.

30. Ship Andrew, Captain Samuel Makin, captured and carded into L’Orient.

31. Brig Trenton, Captain George Graham Hussey, captured by the French and retaken by the English.

32. Brig Amphion, Captain Joshua Sayer, captured and carried in Cayenne.

33. Brig Hero, Captain George Frost Blunt, captured and taken into Cherbourg.

34. Brig Samuel, Captain Alexander Black, captured and carried into St. Malo.

35. Schooner Abigail, Captain George Dunham, captured and carried into L’Orient.

36. Ship Union, Captain Richard Beard, captured and carried into Cherbourg.

37. Schooner Retrieve, Captain Daniel Jackson. Claimed part of her cargo taken by the French at Leogane.

38. Schooner Ruth, Captain John Peters, captured and carried into Rochefort.

39. Ship Ann and Susannah, Captain Richard Lane, captured and carried into L’Orient.

40. Brig Olive Branch, Captain John Buffington.

41. Schooner Sally, Captain John Hall.

42. Ship Carolina, Captain Samuel Gerrish. This vessel was cast away on the coast near Boulogne.
43. Brig Triton Captain William Ridgway, captured by the French privateer Roehambeau, and carried into Martinico.

44. Brig Mary, Captain Nathaniel Halley, captured and carried into Brest.

45. Brig Betsey, Captain Daniel Boyer; owner, Mr. Stephen Vernon, of Philadelphia.

46. Schooner Dairy Maid, Captain John Hammel, plundered by the French privateer the Little Democrat.

47. Brig Maria, Captain Keyran Walsh; owned by Mr. Ebenezer Stocker, of Newburyport, Massachusetts.

48. Sloop Diligent, Captain John Cunningham; owned by Messrs. Solomon Wilson, George Benn, and Nathaniel Norsworthy; captured and carried into Basseterre, island of Guadaloupe.

49. Brig Thomas, Captain John Salter.

50. Schooner Alice, Captain Joseph Gould; owned by John Bullock, of Providence, Rhode Island; captured and carried into St. Lucie, and there condemned.

51. Brig Gayoso, Captain Joseph Graisbury; owned by Messrs. Reed and Ford, of Philadelphia, plundered by the French privateer Little Democrat.

52. Brig William, Captain Benjamin Henderson; owned by William Gray, inn, of Salem; plundered by the French privateer citizen Genet.

53. Schooner York, Captain Andrew Burk; owned by Mr. Nicholas Cruger, of New York; captured at Port au Prince.

54. Sloop Rainbow, Captain Isaac Mackie.

55. Ship Robin, Captain John Broock, of Philadelphia.

56. Brig Eunice, Captain Benjamin Carleton; John Norris, John Barr, and James Barr, owners.

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