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The Impressed Seamen Of 1796-99.

If you had a ancestor at sea in the year of 1796-1799, and he was impressed by the British and you would like to know more, then this page may be a help to you. There were thousands of Americans and other seamen from other country’s sailing on these American ships and were impressed. Now I can’t possibly name them all but I will give his name and ship, and the rest of the information you will have to ask for. The following is the information you will receive:

Where the ship was from, The masters name, What State or country they were from, What ship impressed them and it's captain and the year and the date and Whether they had protections.

This information will come from Foreign Relations.
Volume 2. Pages, 127-8, 130-36 and 274-80.

This information is housed at the Library of Congress.

Important note. I have thousands of names at this site, when asking about a name from this page or any other pages at this site, please give the ( Title of the page ), for without it I may not be able to help you. My address can be found in my profile.

Last note. There will be 384, names on this list, you may wish to do a name search as these name are not in alphabetical order.
Page 127.

1. David Lovet, Brig Fanny.
2. James Anderson, Ship Independence.
3. Alex. Anderson, Ship Independence.
4. William Gray, Ship Independence.
5. Ezekiel Holding, Ship Independence.
6. Simon Hubal, Ship Independence.
7. Francis Newcomb, The Thomas.
8. John Francoise, The Thomas.
9. John Flourens, The Thomas.
10. Edward Burnham, Schooner Betsey.
11. Court Cruger, Brig Prosper.
12. James Valeohove, Brig Prosper.
13. John Johnson, Brig Prosper.
14. William Holliday, Ship Fame.
15. George Frazer, Ship Fame.
16. Thomas Crandol, Brig Sukey.
17. Simon Humphrey, Sloop Polly and Betsey.
18. John Armington, Sloop Polly and Betsey.
19. William Holdridge, Sloop Polly and Betsey.
20. Mathew Allen, Sloop Polly and Betsey.
21. George Fork, Brig Eliza.
22. William Booe, Schooner Hannah.
23. George Gay, Brig Tryal.
24. John Davis, Brig Tryal.
25. Baptist Lesle, The Diana.
26. William Stevens, Ship Halcyon.
27. John Cocks, Ship Halcyon.
28. John Davis, Schooner Expedition.
29. Charles Black, Schooner Expedition.
30. Daniel Rider, Schooner Expedition.
31. Rupes King, The Friendship.
32. William Duncan, Ship Ann.
33. Elias Hinson, Schooner Betsey, Holland.
34. Thomas Lewis, Sloop Industry
35. Thomas Hicks, Sloop Industry.
35. John Turner, Ship Hope.
36. John Jay, Brig Lydia.
37. Miles Northam, Virginia & Philadelphia packet.

Page 128.

1. Sam. Thompson, Sloop Hawk,
2. Andrew Lippet, Sloop Hawk,
3. John Francis, Schooner Hiram.
4. Christ. Sweeney, Schooner Charming Betsey.
5. Thomas Dial, Schooner Charming Betsey.
5. John Somes Snow Becca,
6. John White, Brigantine Mary.
7. Patrick Dugan, Brig Sally.
8. John Borgeson, Brig Sally.
9. Fredk. M’Connell, Sloop Miranda.
10. William Derick, Sloop Miranda.
11. Thomas Brown, Schooner Hodge.
12. Thomas Law, The Industry.
13. William Hunter, The Industry.
14. Abraham Harris, The Industry.
15. James Boested, The Industry.
16. Thomas Ward, The Citizen.
17. John Paul, Barque Mercury,
18. Francis Gibbens, Ship Edward.
19. James Swan, Schooner Concord.
20. Peter Dutton, The Eliza,
21. Edward Hulen, Brig Betsey.
22. Avery Tinker, Ship Hope.
23. William Collet, The Alphabet.
24. Peter Graham, The Alphabet
25. Geo. Bumblecomb, The Alphabet.
26. John Easton, Schooner Isabella.
27. John Lacey, Brig Loraney.

Page 130.

1. Samuel Drens, Ship Clothier.
2. John Mulpheron, The Sally.
3. William Ingren, The Sally.
4. Thomas Fulger, Ship Catharine.
5. James Henry, The Northern Liberties.
6. John Kendal, The Northern Liberties.
7. Samuel Conyngham, The Northern Liberties.
8. Thomas Daily, Schooner Lively.
9. John Shaw, Schooner Lively.
10. James Robinson, Schooner Lively.
11. John Sybiand, Schooner Lively.
12. William Williams, The Minerva.
13. James Palmer, The Minerva.
14. William Hendy, The Dick.
15. William Hendy, Brig Eagle,
16. William Thomas, The Minerva.
17. Jeremiah Leray, Schooner Mille.
18. Elias Hinson, The Betsey Hollow.

Page 131.

1. John Turner, Ship Hope.
2. John Defardin, The Peggy.
3. John Davis, Schooner Expedition.
4. Charles Black, Schooner Expedition.
5. Daniel Rider, Schooner Expedition.
6. Garrick Hirser, Schooner Expedition.
7. John Black, The Snow Good Hope.
8. Lewis Howe, Schooner Huminia.
9. James Philips, Brig Charlotte.
10. John Holness, Schooner Friendship.
11. William Hutcheson, Brig Fly.
12. Patrick Dongan The Sally.
13. Wm. Hemphill, The Sally.
14. John Boswaine, The Sally.
15. Aaron Chandler, The Molly.
16. George Webber, The Molly.
17. Edmond Brett, The Molly.
18. Thomas Bassett, The Molly.
19. Frederick M’Connel, Sloop Miranda.
20. Wm. Derrick, Sloop Miranda.
21. John Haskett, Sloop Miranda.
22. Thomas Hueks, The Industry.

Page 132.

1. John Kennedy, Schooner Susanna.
2. John Yeaton, Schooner Susanna.
3. Nicholas Butler, Brig Active.
4. Zachariah Josey, Ship Wilmington.
5. Jonathan Anthony, Ship Wilmington.
6. Thomas Stokes, Schooner Nancy.
7. James Armsted, Schooner Ranger.
8. William M’Cand, Brig Mary.
9. Charles Leviston, Ship Fair American.

Page 133.

1. Thomas Petitt, Ship Penelope.
2. William William, Ship Penelope.
3. Davis Levett, Brig Fanny.
4. Daniel Cree, Ship Mary.
5. John Brewn, Ship Severn.
6. Merrit Fast, Ship Severn.
7. Thomas Johnston, Ship Severn.
8. Thomas Kurk, Brig Pearl.
9. Joseph Francis, Brig Nancy.
10. Joseph Lowry, Ship Mohawk.
11. John Patter, Ship Orlando.
12. John Dawling, Ship Orlando.
13. John Justice, Ship Ellice.
14. Michael Small, Schooner Regulator.
15. George Wilson, Ship Regulator.
16. Thomas Philpen, Brig Prudence.
17. James Morris, Ship Amsterdam.
18. William Lewis, Schooner Blazing Star.
19. Griffith Griffiths, Ship Tanner.
20. James Crown, Ship Tanner.
21. Thomas Thomas, Ship Tanner.
22. Elais Rogers, Sloop Almena.
23. William Curry, Brig Esperanza.
24. Lewis Mullatto, Brig Eliza.
25. William White, Schooner Amy.
26. Nicholas Wells, Ship Mary.
27. Robert Roper, Ship Mary.
28. Machel Law, Ship Mary.
29. Alexander M’Kay, Ship Mary.
30. John Palmer, Ship Fame.
31. John Anthony, Schooner Three Anns.
32. John M’Master, Brig Almy.
33. James Torns, Brig Almy.
34. John M’Nerny, Brig Almy.
35. Moses Carney, Btig Mary.
36. James With, Ship Planter.
37. David Anderson, Schooner Romp.
38. James Johnson, Schooner Romp.
39. Jacob Smith, Schooner Romp.
40. William Barker, Schooner Romp.

Page 134.

1. David Green, Brig Seven Brothers.
2. Thomas Ray, Brig Seven Brothers.
3. John Rodrique, Ship Swallow.
4. Patrick Keating, Ship Lark.
5. John Hunter, Ship Lark.
6. John Spoon, Schooner Minerva.
7. William Braille, Brig Trio.
8. John Parker, Brig Trio.
9. William Corbin, Brig Trio.
10. William Ruly, Brig Trio.
11. James Elmes, Ship Joseph.
12. John Ayres, The Independence.
13. James Anderson, The Independence.
14. Alexander Anderson, The Independence.
15. William Gray, The Independence.
16. Ezekiel Holding, The Independence.
17. Henry Doughty, Brig Elsa.
18. James Ellis, Ship Blackriver.
19. Jordan Anderson, Schooner Peggy.
20. Derk Nelson, Schooner Peggy.
21. Jacob Sebra, Schooner Peggy.
22. John Francis, Schooner Hiram.
23. Thomas Powers, Ship Diana.
24. Alexander Forbus, Ship Diana.
25. William Warren, Stoop Peggy.

Page 135.

1. Providence Anthony, Ship Snow Mary.
2. Peter Towser, Brig Henry.
3. Robert Warnick, Brig Henry.
4. Edward Burns, Ship William & Henry.
5. John Hartley, Ship William & Henry.
6. William Harvey, Ship William & Henry.
7. John Dore, Schooner Hope.
8. Thomas Oliver, Ship Barque Albany.
9. James Hammond, Ship Hope.
10. James Keys, Ship Hope.
11. John Burns, Ship Hope.
12. Stephen Purcell, Ship Hope.
13. William Gage, Brig Lewis.
14. David Wescott, Ship John & Phoebe.
15. Ebenezer Banks, Ship John & Phoebe.
16. Storos Aray, Ship John & Phoebe.
17. Thomas Truman, Ship John & Phoebe.
18. Samuel Weaver, Ship John & Phoebe.
19. Joseph Wescott, Ship John & Phoebe.
20. John Smith, Ship Hero.
21. Peter M’Curdy, Ship Hero.
22. Joseph Shannon, Ship Hero.
23. Michael M’Curdy, Ship Merchant.

Page 136.

1. Rob. Waters, Brig Lydia.
2. Robert Wilkins, Brig Lydia.
3. Philip Barrow, Ship Success.
4. William Dameral, Snow Nancy,
5. Daniel Tankson, Schooner Active.
6. Robert Butler, Ship Columbus,
7. Jacob Willard, Ship Mary.
8. John Ogelf, Ship Mary.
9. William Jacobs, Ship Mary.
10. Neil Clark, Ship Diana.
11. John Knapp, Ship Diana.
12. John G. Beir, Brig Peggy.
13. Jo. Frederick Bootes, Brig Anthony.
14. Daniel Troy, Schooner Chrisies.
15. William Ogilvie, Schooner Chrisies.
16. William Dicken, Schooner Chrisies.
17. John Furlong, Ship Snow Nancy.
18. Alexander Davids, Ship Snow Nancy.

Page 274.

1. Gates Isburn, Ship Smallwood.
2. James M’Cormick, Ship Smallwood.
3. John Anderson, Ship Smallwood.
4. Thomas Pine, G. Washington.
5. John Thomas, Ship Snow Rover.
6. Moses Burnham, Ship Huron.
7. William Little, Ship Huron.
8. John Reader, Ship Huron.
9. James Peters, Ship Huron.
10. William Williams, Ship Huron.
11. William Newhall, Ship Huron.
12. Richard Hawkins, Ship Huron.
13. Hugh Christie, Ship Hope.
14. Archibald Clark, Ship Poll Carey.
15. John Lewis, Schooner Hannah.
16. John Hutt, Ship Active.
17. Francis Jackson, Ship Active.
18. John Bowen, Ship Friendship.
19. John Godfrey, Providence.
20. Samuel Richards, Ship Experiment.
21. Henry Hutchins, Ship Experiment.
22. Nathan Carpenter, Ship Experiment.
23. John Burkett, Ship Experiment.
24. Thomas Jones, Ship Experiment.
25. Thomas Carlett, Ship Experiment.
26. John M’Dougald, Ship Experiment.
26. Benjamin Wilcocks, Ship Experiment.
27. Thomas Thistlewaite, Ship Experiment.
28. William Megret, Ship Experiment.
29. John Long, Ship Ann.
30. Jeremiah Pearson, Brig Sally.
31. William Jefferson, Ship Belisarius.
32. Francis Murray, Ship Belisarius.

Page 275.

1. Amaziah Waterman, Schooner Nancy.
2. Weliome Allen, Schooner Nancy.
3. Timothy Bennett, Schooner.
4. Joseph Herklots, Ship Snow Catharine.
5. Andrew Barry, Ship Snow Catharine.
6. Peter Henry Jews, Ship Snow Catharine.
7. Frederick, Donburgh, Ship Snow Catharine.
8. William Hardon, Ship Snow Catharine.
9. William Latham, Ship Snow Catharine.
10. George Ashmore, Ship Snow Catharine.
11. Renedeck, Read, Ship Snow Catharine.
12. Henry Blydason, Ship Snow Catharine.
13. William Smiley, Ship Snow Catharine.
14. James Crichton, Schooner Sukey & Polly.
15. Samuel Merit, Schooner Sukey & Polly.
16. John Atwell, Schooner Sukey & Polly.
17. Samuel Gordon, Sloop Sally.
18. Pierce Briggs, Sloop Sally.
19. Daniel Morgan Brown, Sloop Sally.
20. Ellick Balloon, Schooner Regulator.
21. Stephen Been, Ship General Greene.
22. Thomas Robinson, Geo. Williams.
23. John Frazier Schooner Fox.
24. John Walker (A Negro), Brig Ann.
25. Eliakim Harry (A Mulatto), Brig Neptune,.
26. Thomas Robinson, Brig Hopewell.
27. James Wake, Brig Hopewell.
28. Thomas Sound, Brig Hopewell.
29. Samuel Espy, Brig Hopewell.
30. John C. Mulburn, Ship Harriott.
31. James Walch, Ship Harriott.
32. Asale Harris, Ship Harriott.

Page 276.

1. Stephen Bowne, Ship Charlestown.
2. John Tite, Ship Harriott.
3. John Billings, Ship Harriott.
4. W. Miller, Ship Harriott.
5. James Planter, Ship Harriott.
6. John Levy, Ship Harriott.
7. Thomas Hicks, Ship Harriott.
8. Richard Studdy, Ship Harriott.
9.John Christop, Ship Harriott.
10. Thomas Patterson, Ship Nabby.
11. Joseph Smith, Ship Ship Nabby.
12. Bartholomew Smith, Ship Nabby.
13. Henry West, Ship Nabby.
14. Elijah Hendrick, Ship Nabby.
15. Joseph Saltern, Ship Nabby.
16. Philip Crow, Ship Nabby.
17. John Lee, Brig Fairy.
18. John Flourance, Brig Fairy.
19. Bartholomew Markin, Brig Fairy.
20. Matthew Basset, Brig Fairy.
21. Jeremiah Galchell, Brig Fairy.
22. Francis Bowden, Brig Fairy.
23. William Brown, Brig Diamond.
24. Thomas Tucker, Schooner Pomona.
25. Michael Hammond, Brig Polly.
26. Samuel Blake, Brig Experience.
27. William Anderson, Brig Experience.
28. James Dalmatwy, Brig Experience.
29. John Thompson, Brig Experience.
30. John Huff, , Brig Experience.
31. John Linch, Brig Experience.
32. G. Shoemaker, Brig Experience.
33. John Hout, Brig Experience.
34. John Bricris, Brig Experience.
35. Isaac Debauh, Brig Experience.
36. John Harper, Ship Hamilton.
37. Abraham Dodge, Schooner Apollo.
38. John Radcliff, Schooner Apollo.
39. Merril Ladd, Schooner Apollo.
40. John Shaw, Schooner Apollo.
41. John Clark, Ship Polly.
42. Elijah Booth, Ship Polly.

Page 277.

1. Gustus Salvage, Schooner Hope.
2. Jacob Grainger, Schooner Juliana.
3. Ross Culley, Ship Nancy.
4. William Teaf, Ship Nancy.
5. Philip Feagan, Ship Nancy.
6. John M’NeaI, Ship Jason.
7. Thomas Green, Brig Hazard.
8. John Johnson, Schooner Fox.
9. Samuel Nathan, Schooner Fox.
10. Joseph Myrick, Brig Rowena.
11. Francis Calespy, Brig Endeavor.
12. John Suthard, Ship American.
13. James Powers, Sloop Eliza.
14. Edward Sweeny, Sloop Eliza.
15. Joseph King, Sloop Eliza.
16. Caleu Mickell, Sloop Eliza.
17. Matthias Peterson, Sloop Eliza.


1. Eliakim Harry, (a mulatto,) Brig Neptune.
2. John Frazier, Schooner Fox.
3. Ellick Baloon, The Regulator.
4. John Walker, (a negro,) Brig Ann.
5. William Cowan, Ship Edinburg packet.
6. Andrew Watson, Brig Integrity.

Page 279.

1. Mattrosen Inas, Schooner Determinate Rover.
2. George Little, Brig Elias.
3. Benjamin ladmyarn, Schooner Elizabeth.
4. Nicholas ladmyarn, Schooner Elizabeth.
5. Geo. Mitchell, Ship Cheesman.
6. Robert White, Ship Cheesman.
7. Thonas Webb, Ship Cheesman.
8. John Daniel, Ship Cheesman.
9. Joseph Bishop, Ship Cheesman.
10. Peter Legrey, Ship Cheesman.
11. Nathaniel Sangs, Ship Cheesman.
12. E. March, Ship Cheesman.
13. Samuel Perry, Brig Essequebo Packet.

Page 280.

1. Nicholas Bartole, Brig Little George.
2. Pet. Smith, Brig Eliza.
3. Rob. Shaw, Brig Eliza.
4. John Rose, Brig Eliza.
5. Samuel Lavenner, Schooner Enterprise.
6. William Schooley, Ship General Wayne.
7. John E. Blake, Brig Paramaribo.
8. John Williams, Sloop Industry.
9. Thomas Whelps, Brig Nancy,
10. Jonathan Dodds, Ship Magnet.
11. William Hendrick, Brig Neutrality.
12. Joseph Baker, Sloop Vermont.
13. Eben. Varney, Sloop Vermont.
14. Chancy Hancock, Sloop Vermont.
15. Thomas Gelston, Sloop Vermont.
16. Ephraim Euston, The Barque Favorite.
17. Cato Rogers, The Barque Favorite.
18. William Mathias. The Barque Favorite.
19. John Lacey, Brig Lorancy.
20. Edward Wright, Ship Experiment.


El- Jones said...

Interested in additional info on this seaman if available:
From Foreign Relations.Vol 2.
page 127
33.Elias Hinson, Schooner Betsey, Holland
page 130
18.Elias Hinson, The Betsey Hollow
Much thanks,

Dennis Segelquist said...

Here is the info you asked for, I hope it helps.

Date of Protest: April 11, 1797.
Name of American Vessel: Schooner Betsey, Holland.
Where belonging: Philadelphia.
Master’s Names: William Shallcross.
Names of people impressed: Elias Hinson.
Of what country: Denmark,
By whom impressed: British Ship of War: Woolwich.
When impressed: April 1, 1797.

Note. P. 130, was a error and had nothing to do with Elias Hinson.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Andrew Jackson’s Big Block of Cheese with nary a macaroni in sight.

Anonymous said...

Would you have additional information on, Page 130, John Kendal, The Northern Liberties? Thank you so much

Gail Jenis

Dennis Segelquist said...

HI Gall, It's was recorded in 1797, that John Kendal was on the ship Catharine, master was Geddes and were coming from the Isle of Franc when the British ship Brave stopped the Catharine and Kendal was impressed.

Dennis Segelquist said...

Gall I made a error his ship was the Northern Liberties, all other info is ok.