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The Names Of The Many Chippewa Treaties.

Note. This information comes from Indian Affairs Vol. 2., 1815-1827, P. 195-?

These Names came from a report on the many Chippewa Treaties and giving a accounting of the restitutions provided for those in the treaties.

These first names were provided for in the treaty but it had nothing to do with any restitutions.

Menawcumegoqua, was a Chippewa woman and the mother of John Riley, Peter Riley and James Riley.

Kawkawiskou, or the Crow a Chippewa Chief, six hundred and forty acres of land on the east side of the Saginaw river at a place called Menitegow.

Bowkowtonden children, six hundred and forty acres of land on the Kawkawling river.

Nowkeshik, Metawanene, Mokitchenoqua, Nondashemau, Petabonaqua, Messawwakua, Checblak, Kitchegcequa, Sagosequa, Annoketoqua and Tawcumegoqua, Six hundred and forty acres of land to be located at and near the Grand Traverse of the Flint river.


Dr. William Brown of Detroit, to be rewarded for his service to the Chippewa people twenty years passed, three sections of land for him and his heirs.
Note. This report was given in 1819, and it talked about the Treaties of 1797-1817, so his service would fall within those years?

Henry Conner and James Conner, who were taken prisoner by them in early life and lived with them for many years, to them and their heirs twelve hundred and eighty acres of land.

Peter W. Knaggs, George Knaggs and Jacques Godfroy, who were adopted by them, to them and their heirs six hundred and forty acres each.

Conrad Ten Eyck, the sum of $1,298.20, for property taken by them at Saginaw in 1812.

Barnabas Campeau, the sum of $1,600.

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