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They were sunk or Destroyed By The CSS Alabama.

The records on the these ships can be very long, so this will be a index page only. I will list most of the ships that were either sink or destroyed by the CSS Alabama. I will list the captain, command or the seamen who was giving the report along with the page numbers.

There may be some of you looking for a ancestor who’s ship was sink or destroyed in the waters between England and Ireland or on their way to some other foreign port during the Civil War. You may have the name of the ship that sink or destroyed your ancestors ship, but can not find any thing on it, then this page may be of help. Most sinkings in these waters can be contributed to the Alabama, but did you know that the boat 290, Eureka and Barcelona were all same ship.

Note. If you see a ship or a surname of interest, drop me a line and I will you all I can. When asking for help please give the title of this page, or I may not be able to help you. My address can be found in my profile.

This information will come from “Rebel Cruisers Vol.3., Senate Executive Document No. 11.”, which is housed at the library of Congress.


1.Whaler Ocmulgee, Captain Osborn-p. 60,73, 75, 76, 109-12.
2. Whaler Bark Ocean Rover, Captain, Master, James M. Clark-p. 60, 73, 103-04.
3. Whaler Bark Alert, Captain Church. P. 60, 73.
4. Whaler Schooner Weather Gauge, Captain Small, p. 60, 73, 76, 77.
5. Whaler Schooner Starlight, Captain Doane, p. 60, 73, 74, 75.
6. Whaler Elisha Dunbar, Master, David B. Gifford-p. 104-05.
7. Whaler ship Virginia, Master, Shadrach H. Tilton-p. 106-07.
8. Whaler American brig Altamaha, Master, Rufus Gray-p. 107-08.

Ship burnings.

1. Ship Brilliant, Captain George Hager, p. 62, 192-200.
2. Whaler Schooner Altamaha, of Sippican-p. 74.
3. Whaler Schooner Admiral Blake, of Sippican-p. 74.
4. Whaler Bark Benjamin Tucker, Master, William Childs -p. 74, 103.
5. Whaler Osceola, Captain Hogan-p. 74.
6. Whaler Courser-p. 74.
7. ship Golden Eagle, Command, Edward A. Swift-p. 157-58.
8. Ship Nora, owners, George B. Upton and George B. Upton-p. 160-63, 176-78, 180-82.
9. Bark Union Jack, Master, Charles P. Weaver-p. 182-91.

Ships captured.

1, Tonawauda, captain Theodore Julius-p. 77, 78, 79.
2. Bark Wave Crest, Captain John E. Harmon-p. 77, 79, 80.
3. Brig Dunkirk, Captain Samuel B. Johnson-p. 77, 80, 81.
4. Ship Emily Farnum or farnham, Nathan Parker Simes, master, 81-84, 192-94.
5. Sea Bride, Master, Charles F. White-p. 169-72, 220-45, 250-56.

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