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BUNKER HIL, June 16, 17, 1775.

There has been much written about the battle of Bunker’s Hill, as well as the may battle reports given by the commanders of the regiments in this battle, and this is one of them.


The number of Connecticut troops present at this engagement was about four hundred. As far as letters and meagre records show they were detailed as follows : On the evening of June 16, 1775, a body of one thousand men from the Massachusetts and Connecticut regiments around Cambridge, under the immediate command of Col. Prescott, was ordered to Charlestowu Neck to fortify Bunker's (Breed's) Hill. Of this number two hundred were from Conn., under the command of Capt. Knowltou, the detachment being made up of details of one subaltern officer and about thirty men from companies in Putnam s and Spencer s regiments. Lt.-Col. Storrs, of Putnam s, states that he sent from his company, " Lieut. Dana, Sergeant Fuller, Corp. Webb, and 28 Privates." Capt. Chester, of Spencer s, states that thirty-one went from his company, probably under Lieutenant Stephen Goodrich. Putnam’s own company was represented by Lieutenant Grosvenor and thirty men.

Prescott’s command, working all night, completed a redoubt which threatened the British shipping. Lord Howe determined to drive the "rebels" from it, and the battle of Bunker Hill followed, .June 17. During the progress of the action, Captain Knowlton and the Connecticut men, with others, were sent to the left where they posted themselves behind a stone wall and inflicted heavy loss upon the enemy. Reinforcements from the American camp arrived both before and during the battle. Among these were the whole or portions of at least three companies of Connecticut troops. Captain Chester reached the stone wall with the rest of his company, perhaps sixty men, and Captains Clark and Coit, of Parsons regiment, also arrived. These with the two hundred detailed the evening before would make about four hundred as Connecticut’s representation at the battle.

Among the Connecticut officers mentioned as present in the action were Gen. Putnam, in general command. Major Durkce, Captains Chester, Clark, Coit, Lieuts. Dana, Keyes, Hide, Webb, Grosveuor, Bingham (of Norwich), and Ensigns Hill and Bill (of Lebanon). A few of the men s names are also reported, namely : Roger Fox, William Checney, Asahel Lyon, Benjamin Rist, Samuel Ashbo, Gershom Smith, Matthew Cuminings, Daniel Memory killed ; Philip Johnston, Wilson Rowlandson, Lawrence Sullivan, William Robinson, Benjamin Ross prisoners; Gershom Clark, of Lebanon, wounded; James Law, of Lebanon right arm broken; John Arnold, Ebenezer Clark, Elijah Abbe, William Clark, Beriah Geer, Nathan Richardson, William Watrous. Sylvanus Snow, William Moore, John Wampee, and Timothy Bugbee lost their guns in the fight. As to losses, one account gives fourteen killed and thirty wounded among the Connecticut men. Dr. Philip Turner is mentioned as attend wounded after Charlestown Battle. Lawrence Sullivan, prisoner, was released Feb. 24, 17 76. William Crane, of Wethersfield, Chester’s Co., was in the action.

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