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The Frontier Wars 1790-1796.

I have a new source for the militia, it covers the frontier wars, and covers the years of 1790-1796. The Indians were causing a lot of trouble at this time and for this reason the militia was on the frontier a lot. There were many militia regiments on the frontier at this time to many to put here. This page will be about one Kentucky regiment. Kentucky had many men on the frontier and like I stated to many to put here.

If you didn’t see a ancestor in this regiment, you can request a look up for a name, in the many other Kentucky regiments. My source covers many states and I will list them here so you well have a chance to find some information on your ancestor.

Note. As I have thousands & thousands of names at this web site, I must have the ( Title ) of this page for without the ( Title ), I may not be able to help you, My address can be found in my profile.

The index for my sources it covers the following States.

1. Kentucky.
2. Ohio Territory.
3. Southwest ( Tennessee ) Territory.
4. Virginia.
5. Pennsylvania.
6. Georgia.

Major General Charles Scott’s Command.
Major Notley Conn’s Battalion.
Captain David Davis Company.

Mustered Roll of a Company of Mounted Volunteers under the Command of Captain David Davis, Major Notley Conn’s Battalion in the service of the United States, Commanded by Major General Charles Scott, from July 10 ( When last mustered ) to October 22, 1794.

1. David Davis, Captain, Commissioned June 13.

2. John Dunkin, Lieutenant, Commissioned June 13.

3. William Owens, Sergeant, Enlisted July 10.

4. James Thompson, Sergeant, Enlisted July 10, Horse died October 17.

5. Blank.

6. Blank.

7. Joseph Moore, Corporal, Commissioned June 13, served to October 20, died October 20.

8. Blank.

9. Blank.

10. Blank.

11. James Brown, Private, Horse died September 3.

12. John Brown, Private.

13. James Brown, Sen., Private, Horse lost September 3.

14. John Carpenter, Private.

15. Peter Comer, Private, Horse lost September 4.

16. Joseph Cox, Private, Horse lost September 4,Wounded August 20, left at fort Washington; Discharged November 9.

17. Michael Dougherty, Private.

18. Edward Dayle, Private, Deserted from Fort Recovery.

19. Robert Ellison, Private, Deserted from Fort Recovery.

20. Moses Flower, Private, Deserted from Fort Recovery.

21. William Gorman, Private.

22. William Gable, Private, Horse sold September 25.

23. James Hannah, Private, Horse lost October 14.

24. Charles Key, Private, Horse lost October 14.

25. Samuel Leming, Private.

26. John McIntyre, Private, Horse lost September 4.

27. John Mills, Private.

28. Charles McMillen, Private.

29. Archibald McFarland, Private, Horse lost October 14.

30. John McCutchin, Private, Horse lost September 22.

31. Isaac Peede, Private, Horse lost September 20.

32. Elijah Railey, Private.

33. Benjamin Rankin, Private.

34. William Rankin, Private.

35. Aaron Rodgers, Private.

36. John Smith, Private, Horse died August 4.

37. Edward Walling, Private, Horse lost July 21.

38. Clement Walters, Private, Horse lost September 1.

39. Thomas Wells, Private.

40. James Ward, Private.

Certification: E. W. Butler, Captain, October 22, 1794.

( NA, RG. 94:54, Box 3. )

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slowtrap said...

Cool info. I'm descended on your Frontier Wars. I'm descended from no. 35, who also served at Tippecanoe. Do you know anything about a John Prunty that fought Indian around this time?