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Eugene Abadie

Eugene H. Abadieene, was born in 1810, France, and appointed from Pennsylvania, was nominated for Assistant Surgeon and was confirmed on July 4, 1836, however his name was mistakenly recorded as Edward H. Abadie, in 1845 he petition for the correction. Why he waited nine years is any ones guess. Became Major Surgeon on July 24, 1853. In 1854 he put in a petition asking for compensation for services rendered by him to the inhabitants of Fort Heileman as a surgeon in the late Florida war. In 1866, became brigadier-generals by brevet- Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel Eugene H. Abadie, surgeon United States Army, for faithful and meritorious services during the war, to date from March 13, 1865. In 1866, was to be assistant medical purveyor with the rank of lieutenant-colonel, July 28, 1866 through March 4, 1867.

Married Laura L. Beall, May 7, 1824.

Other assignments.

Mexican war; 1849 ordered to Point Isabel, Texas; July 24, 1853 maj., surgeon; 1855 at Ft. Union, N. M. April 23, 1861 captured at San Antonio, Texas and paroled; Aug. 17, 1861 assigned to a disability retirement board for officers; 1862-1864 at West Point and on medical boards at Philadelphia and New York City; from Nov. 29, 1864 chief medical officer of Military Division of West Mississippi; March 13, 1865 brevet ltcol. and col., U. S. Army for war service; from Aug. 5, 1865 chief medical officer of Military Division of West Mississippi; 1866 medical director of Department of Missouri; July 28, 1866 ltcol. and assistant medical purveyor which expired by law March 4, 1867; no date acting assistant medical purveyor at St. Louis. Eugene H. Abadie died on December 22, 1874, burial was at Bellefontaine Cemetery, Saint Louis, St. Louis City, Missouri.

U. S. No. 3. Report of Surg. E. H. AbadieArmy, of events at San Antonio, Tex.

MEDICAL DIRECTOR'S OFFICE, San Antonio, Tex., February 17, 1861.

SIR: I have the honor to report the political changes which will or have already closed our military functions in this department.

In the night, or a little before day, of the 16th, some 1,200 or 1,500 Texan troops, commanded by Major General McCulloch, acting under the orders of commissioners appointed by the Convention which had passed the ordinance for the secession of Texas, quietly took possession of the arsenal and arms, quartermaster and commissary property at this depot, and demanded its unconditional surrender by General Twiggs. After a stormy conference between the department commander and the commissioners, who had been here with their demands since the 8th instant, the general has acceded to their demands, and the two companies of United States troops marched out of the town in the afternoon and went into camp until arrangements could be made to transport them to the coast.

No orders have as yet issued from the headquarters,nor is it known what disposition will be made of the remaining troops. The medical and hospital property is yet under my charge, nor has the hospital been disturbed. So soon as orders issue they will be duly communicated.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your most obedient servant,


No. 27.

San Antonio, February 18, 1861.

The State troops having taken possession of the city of San Antonio and the property that belonged to the Federal Government, the officers of the general staff, viz, Bvt. Major W. A. Nichols, assistant adjutant-general; Major D. H. Vinton, quartermaster; Captain A. W. Reynolds, assistant quartermaster; Military Storekeeper R. M. Potter; Captain W. B. Blair, commissary of subsistence; Surg. E. H. Abadie, Medical Department; Major S. Maclin, paymaster; Major D. McClure, paymaster; Bvt. Second Lieuts. W. H. Echols and Nicholas Bowen, Topographical Engineers, and Captain R. H. K. Whiteley, Ordnance Department, will, as soon as their several functions shall cease, proceed to Washington City, D. C., and report to the chiefs of their respective bureaus. The chief quartermaster will advance to each officer named the mileage from this place to Washington City.
By order of Brevet Major-General Twiggs.

New Orleans, La., November 29, 1864.

Surg. E. H. Abadie, U. S. Army, having reported at these headquarters, in accordance with Special Orders, No. 324, paragraph 30, dated War Department, Adjutant-General's Office, Washington, September 29, 1864, is hereby assigned to duty as chief medical officer respected accordingly.
By order of Major General E. R. S. Canby.

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