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More Indiana Soldiers & Photos-Page 2.

This is page two of ( More Indiana Soldiers & Photo’s ), this page well work the same as page one. Information well be provided on each name and a link well take you to the photo’s.
Note.  Most photo's will have a enlareging box.

1. Ferdinand F. Boltz.

Birth: Unknown.
Death: Jun. 4, 1926
Burial: Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Allen Count, Indiana.

12th, Indiana infantry, Enlisted 1861/04/22, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, age 22, discharged 1862/05/19. Remarks; Sergeant, Major. 88th., Indiana infantry, company F, Enlisted 1862/08/16, at Indianapolis, Indiana, age 22, discharged 1865/06/07. Remarks; 1st. Lieut., 3/1/63; Capt. 2/9/64. Appt. Adj. Gen. 8/1/63. Field and Staff Then Promoted to Captain. 88th., infantry, Enlisted 1863/03/01, at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, age 24, remarks; Field & Staff. Adj. Promoted from 1st Lt. Co. F; Pro to Capt., Co. F, 2/9/64.
Photo: 1.
Photo: 2.

2. Col Cyrus E Briant or Bryant.

Birth: Mar. 2, 1828
Death: Aug. 21, 1906
Burial: Mount Hope Cemetery, Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana.

Enlisted 88th., infantry company D., 1862/08/11, New Haven, Indiana, age 34. Remarks; Captain Promoted to Lt. Col., 12/12/62 Field and Staff. Reenlisted 88th., infantry, 1862/12/12, at Nashville, Tennessee, age 34. Discharged 1865/06/07. Remarks; Field & Staff. Lt. Col., Promoted from Captain, Co. D.
Photo: 1.

3. Augustus Coch.

It is stated he was in the 16th., Battler, rank as a bugler, but this author could find no record of him on any rosters.
Photo: 1.

4. Hartman B. DuBarry.

Enlisted 88th., Indiana infantry, 1862/08/18, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, age 30. Discharged 1863/08/01. Remarks; Adjutant. Field & Staff. Resigned, S.F.O. #210 for Disability, at Winchester, Tennessee.
Photo: 1.

5. Thomas Hogarth.

Birth: Mar. 16, 1843.
Death: May 21, 1906.
Burial: Fernhill Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum, Stuart, Martin County, Florida.
Enlisted 9th., Indiana infantry, company E., 1861/04/18, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, age 18, discharged 1861/07/29.

Enlisted 30th., Indiana, infantry company F., 1863/06/23, at Manchester, Tennessee, age 21, discharged 1865/11/25. Remarks; Reorganized. 2nd Lt. Originally Enlisted as Sgt. at Ft. Wayne, August 27, 1861. Prom to 2nd Lt., June 29, 1863 to Capt., February 10, 1865.
Photo: 1.

6. Col George Humphrey.

Birth: Feb. 2, 1825, Irvine, Scotland.
Death: Aug. 4, 1886, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.
Burial: Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.

Enlisted 12th., Indiana infantry, company F., 1861/04/23, Fort Wayne, Indiana, age 35, remarks; Capt.; Major; Lt. Col.; Col. 88th Regt.; Col., 139th Regt. Enlisted 12th., Indiana infantry, 1861/04/22, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, age 36, discharged 1862/05/19. Remarks; Lt. Col. Promoted from Major, August 6, 1861. Enlisted 88th. Indiana infantry, 1862/08/20, at Indianapolis, Indiana, age 37, remarks; Col. Field and Staff. Resigned October 17, 1863, S.F.O.#227. Enlisted 139th, Indiana infantry 1864/06/08, age 39, discharged 1864/09/29. Remarks; Field and Staff. Col.
Photo: 1.

7. Joel Fernando Kinney

Birth: May 16, 1840, Lenawee County, Michigan.
Death: Jul. 9, 1917, Hyde Park, Hamilton County, Ohio.
Burial: Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio.

Enlisted 74th, Indian infantry company C., 1862/07/06, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, age 24, discharged 1864/08/09. Remarks; Resigned. Capt. April 4, 1863.
Photo: 1.

8. Henry Ware Lawton .

Birth: Mar. 17, 1843.
Death: Dec. 19, 1899, Philippines.
Burial: Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia

Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, United States Army General. Born in Manhattan, Ohio, the son of George Lawton and Catherine Daley Lawton. Attended the Methodist Episcopal College, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 1854-1861. Enlisted as a Private, 9th Indiana Infantry, on April 18, 1861, was quickly promoted to 1st Lieutenant, 30th Indiana Volunteer Infantry. Promoted up the ranks to Colonel by the end of the Civil War.

He was awarded the CMOH for his bravery during the August 3, 1864 Battle of Atlanta while serving as Captain and commander of Company A, 30th Indiana. His citation reads "Led a charge of skirmishers against the enemy's rifle pits and stubbornly and successfully resisted 2 determined attacks of the enemy to retake the works". His Medal was awarded to him on May 22, 1893.
Photo: 1.
Photo: 2.

9. Robert T. Leeper.

Enlisted 88th., Indiana infantry, company C., 1862/08/05, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, age 22, remarks; Com. Sgt., August 29, 1862. Transferred to F&S. Discharged 1865/06/07. Remarks; Com. Sgt. appt. from Sgt., Co. C.
Photo: 1.

10. William H. Link.

Birth: Mar. 2, 1821.
Death: Sep. 20, 1862.
Burial: Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.

Enlisted 12th., Indiana infantry, 1861/04/22, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, age 41, discharged 1862/05/19. Remarks; Colonel. Promoted from Lieutenant Colonel on Aug. 6, 1861. Mustered out at Washington, D. C. Enlisted 1862/05/27, at Indianapolis, Indiana, discharged 1862/09/20. Remarks; Died September 20, 1862. Wounded in Battle of Richmond, KY. August 30, 1862. Colonel.
Photo: 1.
Photo: 2.

11. Thomas H. Morgan.

Enlisted 74th., Indiana infantry, company K., 1862/08/18, at Indianapolis, Indiana, age 41, Remarks; Transferred to Field & Staff. Capt., Major August 12, 1864. Enlisted 74th., 1864/08/12, at Atlanta, Georgia, age 43, discharged 1865/06/09. Remarks; Major. Lt. Col., September 12, 1864.
Photo: 1.

12. James H. Myers.

Enlisted 23rd., Battery Light Artillery, 1862/09/06, at Indianapolis, Indiana, age 27, discharged 1865/07/02. Remarks Captain.
Photo: 1.

13. Mathias Nerhood, or Narehood.

16th., Indiana Battery, Light Artillery, Enlisted 1862/03/25, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, age 19, discharged 1865/07/05. Remarks; Mustered out at Indianapolis, IN. Veteran Volunteer, 02/24/1864. Nerhood.
Note. In the Indiana records he is found under both last names.
Photo: 1.

14. Hugh B. Reed.

Birth: 1818.
Death: Apr. 29, 1890
Burial: Lindenwood Cemetery, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana.

Enlisted 44th., Indiana infantry, company F. & S., 1861/11/26, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, age 44, discharged 1862/11/26. Remarks; Colonel, Field & Staff. Resigned.
Photo: 1.
Photo: 2.
Photo: 3.

15. Edwin R. Stribley.

Enlisted 30th. Indianan infantry, company A.., 1861/09/24, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, age 22, discharged 1862/12/31. Remarks; Killed 12/31/62. 2nd TL. 1st Lt.
Photo: 1.

16. Robert W. Swann.

Enlisted 30th., Indiana infantry, company D., Mustered out as First Sergeant 29 September 1864. Resident of Allen County.
Note. Not found on any records.
Photo: 1.
Photo: 2.

17. Joseph W. Whitaker.

Birth: Jan. 10, 1821
Death: Nov. 15, 1902
Burial: IOOF Cemetery, New Haven, Allen County, Indiana.

Enlisted 30th., Indiana infantry, company D., 1861/09/24, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, age 40, discharged 1863/09/29, remarks; Captain. Mustered out at Indianapolis, Indiana. Transferred to 152nd Regiment, Field & Staff. See other record for this person. Enlisted 152nd, Indiana infantry, 1865/02/07, discharged 1865/08/30. Remarks; Lieutenant Colonel. Formerly served Company D, 30th Regiment as Captain. See other record for this person.
Photo: 1.

18. Charles A. Zollinger.

Enlisted 9th., Indiana infantry, company E., 1861/04/18, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, age 22. Remarks; Honorably discharged July 29, 1861 - Re-entered 3 yrs. Service at 1st Lt., 30th Reg. - Captain - Lt. Colonel - Colonel 129th.

Enlisted 9th., infantry company E., 1861/04/18, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, age 22, discharged 1861/07/29, remarks; Honorably discharged at Indianapolis, Indiana, July 29, 1861 expiration of term - 1st Lt., Sept. 15, 1861, 30th Reg. - Resigned Feb. 1, 1863 - Re-entered service as Capt., Company B, 129th Reg., Jan. 25, 1864 - Lieutenant Colonel March 21, 1864 - Colonel June 15, 1864 - Honorably discharged and mustered out with Regt., Aug. 29, 1865.

Enlisted 9th., infantry, 1861/09/24, at Fort Wayne, Indiana, age 23, discharged 1863/02/01. Remarks; 1st Lt. - Resigned at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Feb. 1, 1863 - Surgeons Certificate of Disability

Enlisted 129th., Indiana infantry company B., 1864/03/21, at Indianapolis, Indiana, age 29, discharged 1865/08/29. Remarks; Lt. Col. - Promoted Col. July 1, 1864 - Mustered out at Charlotte, North Carolina, Aug. 29, 1865.
Photo: 1.

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