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1812 pension applications.

There are many of you who would like to order information on your ancestor from the National Archives, but are holding back because of the cost. It cost a pretty penny to order these files, and not knowing what kind or if there is any information on him or not, so you can’t decide if it’s worth the money.

The information on this page may help you decide. This information is for the ( War of 1812, only ), This information came from the index’s and are not the application itself. One has to wonder if you get this much off the index, how much more information is there in the application.

You will note some of the names here have remark, these remarks tell what else is with the application. Some of this added information are Discharged papers, Marriage Certificate and so on, which you well receive copies of along with the application, if they have not been misplaced or lost.

Those of you who would like to know if your ancestor is in the index’s can write me at the following and I will be glad to take a look.

Benjamin Hatcher, was born in 1786, in Virginia, was married to Lucinda B. Flippin or Fippen, in December 23, 1830, at Cumberland county Virginia. They lived in Harpersville, Shelby county Alabama, from 1850 and up too 1878. Benjamin Hatcher would die on January 14, 1853, at Harpersville, Alabama. Benjamin Hatcher, was a private in Captain John Miller’s company, Virginia Mil., he enlisted on June 29, 1813, and was discharged on August 29, 1813. Bounty land numbers were; 22366 & 74473.

John Bales, married Sarah (Sally) Luces, on September 9, 1813, at Greene County Ohio. The lived in New Jasper, Green county Ohio, in the years of 1850, 1855 and 1871. John Bales, died March 11, 1864, at New Jasper, Greene, Ohio. He was a Sergeant in Captain Gabriel Cox’s company, Ohio Mil. Enlisted January 20, 1813, discharged March 2, 1813, enlisted again February 12, 1814, was discharged April 3, 1814. Land bounty numbers; 9469 & 12896.

Aaron Ballard, married Nancy Pearson, January 5, 1832, Franklin county Virginia, his first wife was (?) DeWitt ?, lived in Henry county Indiana, 1851, 1855 and 1878. Aaron died August 1, 1877, Henry county, Indiana. He enlisted August 7, 1814, discharged December 10, enlisted again December 11, 1814, was discharged on February 22, 1815. Bounty land numbers were; 28987 & 13298.

James Church, married Tenty Stone, January 1, 1821, at Scriba, New York. Lived in Scriba, Oswego county, ( P. O. Scriba Corners ), New York, 1857-1880. James Church died September 21, 1879, Scriba, New York. He was a fifer in Captain Hiel Stone’s company, New York, Mil. James enlisted May 5, 1814, was discharged May 6, 1814. He was at the battle of Oswego. His bounty land No. 76,233-160-50

Charles Cunningham, married Ellenor Park, May 23, 1820, Union county, South Carolina. Lived in Jonesville, Union county, South Carolina, 1850-1871. Charles died December 21, 1871. Charles was a private in Captain Thomas White’s company, South Carolina Mil. Enlisted October 1, 1814, was discharged March 7, 1815. Bounty land No. 18910-80-50 & 31011-80-55.

Charles Davis, married Ann Eliza Rhodes, September 28, 1874 or 1875, at Caldwell, Noble county, Ohio. He lived in Crooked Creek, Steuben county, Indiana, 1871. They lived in Martron ( P. O. Caldwell ), Noble county Ohio, 1882. Charles first wife was Nancy Hutchins, Ann’s first husband was Conner W. Dowd. Charles died November 2, 1882, at Matron, Ohio. Charles was a private in Captain Ebenezer May’s ( Lieutenant S. Butterfield ), company, 4th., United States Infantry. Bounty land No. 13652-160-12.
Remarks: Discharged and marriage certificates are in brief. Pensioner name was dropped from roll May 6, 1911, on the ground that her pension was fraudulently obtain-at date of her alleged marriage to soldier she had an un-divorced husband. See civil war Inv. Ctf. 396697, Conner W. Dowd, company G., 36th., Ohio infantry.

Barnabas Edson, married Betsey Gurney, January 1, 1815, North Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Family lived in North Bridgewater, in the years of 1815, 1851, 1855, 1859 and 1871. Barnabas died May 30, 1859, at North Bridgewater, Massachusetts. He was a private in Lieutenant Whitman’s company, Massachusetts, Mil. Enlisted August 4, 1814, discharged October 31, 1814. Bounty land numbers, 57855-40-50 & 8931-120-55.

Andrew Feaster, married Mary Norris, January 22, 1818, at Edgefield, district, South Carolina. Family lived in Fairfield, District, South Carolina, 1851 and 1855. Lived in La Grange ( P. O. Titusville ), Volusia county, Fla., 1869 and 1878. Andrew died April 15, 1869, at La Grange, Fla. Andrew was a Corporal in Captain Nevitt’s company, South Carolina, Mil. Enlisted October 31, 1814, discharged March 7, 1815. Bounty land number 17739-80-55.

Charles Gregory, married Sarah Elon, October 23, 1819. Family lived in Coosa county, Alabama, 1858. Lived in Wetumpka, , Elmore county Alabama, 1879. Charles died March 29, 1879, Elmore county, Alabama. Charles was a private in Captain Reese’s company, Georgia Mil. Enlisted January 22, 1815, discharged February 23, 1815. Bounty land number 80208-160-55. Remarks: Marriage Ctf. Filled in brief.

Samuel Hefley, married Elizabeth Matters, September 20, 1821, Nelson county, Kentucky. Family lived in Nelson county ( P. O. Birdstown ), Kentucky, 1821-1865. Samuel died August 13, 1865. Samuel was a Corporal in Captain John Farmer’s company, Kentucky Mil. Bounty land numbers 10021-80-50 & 43851-80-55. Remarks: Soldiers discharged Ctf. Is filled in brief.

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