Monday, May 23, 2011

Indian Spies Of Virginia.

All these men served as Indian spies during the Revolutionary War for Virginia. All put in a pension application. I have copies of them, if you would like a copy write to me at the following:

Note. Those men with a star, I have no pension application for them, but they did received a pension and there is some information on them.

1. John Bradshaw.
2. William Cecil.
3. Richard Dotson.
4. Simon Everley.
5. James Ellison.
6. * William Gardner.
7. William Haddox.
8. Edward Harbert.
9. * Jacob Harrow.
10. Sotha Hickman.
11. Moses Husstead.
12. Hezekiah Hess.
13. * Jacob Hyde.
14. * Isaac Mace.
15. * Zephaniah Nicholas.
16. Joseph Parson/ Parsons.
17. William Powers.
18. * Jacob Rifee.
19. Thomas Stout.
20. Paul Shaver.
21. Mark Smith.
22. Samuel Stalmacker.
23. David Wamsley.
24, James Wamsley.

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R. S. Dotson said...

Richard Dotson is my 4th Great Grandfather. Anyone else related to Richard or other members of this list?