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They Shot Themself.

Here are some soldiers that shot themselves accidentally, however there are some civilians on this list as well. There will also be some men that committed suicide by shooting themself.

1. Mortimer Odett, private, Company G, Third New York, Cavalry, enlisted August 7, 1861, at Lowville, Age 18, Mustered in at Boonville, August 21, 1861.

2. Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel A. Moore, of the Fourteenth Connecticut infantry. Lieutenant-Colonel Moore, of the Fourteenth Connecticut Volunteers, though not on duty, superintended the movements of his command on the 6th of March, and while engaged in the capture of some rebels accidentally shot himself with his pistol.

3. Charles Henders, Company G, Thirtieth Indiana Infantry, shot himself in hand for purpose of getting to the rear.

4. Thomas C. Case, Company C, 98th., Ohio infantry, who, it is supposed by many, accidentally shot himself dead.

5. . Private Ed. Hurst, 4th., Indiana infantry, accidentally shot himself in the line of battle.

6. Colonel Frederick. H. Collier, 139th,Pennsylvania, infantry, accidentally shot himself through the foot with a pistol-ball, and was compelled to leave his command.

7. Bugler [William H.] Leeser, of Company B, fifth U. S. Cavalry, accidentally shot himself while on picket.

8. Lieutenant [George F.] Crocker, 2nd., Colorando Cavalry compamy K., shot himself, accidentally, yesterday, and will be laid up for weeks.

9. Corpl. William K. Worth, 23rd. Mass., infantry, company I., accidentally shot himself through the hand. Home Ipswich, Soap maker, Enlisted September 22, 1861, Mustered in September 28, 1861. Wounded December 13, 1862, on the march. Discharged for disability May 12, 1863, at Boston Mass., as a Corporal.

10. Joseph C. Powell, private in Company H, 14th., Missouri Cavalry, who accidentally shot himself through the left hand, inflicting a dangerous wound.

11. Colonel Holiday. The death of Colonel Holiday was very sudden and very sad. He appeared greatly depressed when here about the condition of his regiment, which was then at Strasburg. He spoke upon no other subject while here. His officers say he had been nearly insane for three weeks, and attribute his depression of spirits to personal disappointments not connected with his profession. I do not know how this may be. His death occurred near Strasburg, while he was near the head of his column. He shot himself in the head, and died without a word. His body has been sent, with appropriate attentions, to his friends in New York.
Note. This should be Jonas P. Holiday?

12. James Round. Accidentally shot himself December 16, near Brown County line, Kansas, 1863.

13. Jacob Wingett. Accidentally shot by James Pickett, in White Cloud, Kansas, June 5, 1865.

14. Jonathan Rigby. Shot himself accidentally, near Geary City, Kansas, March 28, 1872.

15. Ed. Hayton. Accidentally shot himself near Wathena, Kansas October 20, 1880.

16. John Hines, Accidentally shot and killed himself on Wolf river, Kansas, January 6, 1882.

17. Fred Huff. Accidentally shot himself on Cedar Creek, Kansas, February 6, 1903.

18. Andrew J. Batty, Bugler, 7th., Kansas Cavalry Co. B., home Topeka, enlisted Sept. 9, 1861, mustered in Sept. 9, 1861, Killed accidentally shot himself, Holden, Mo., January 8, 1862.

19. Henry Vossick, recruit, 10th., Illinois, infantry, company F., home St., Louis Mo., shot himself, Aberrstion of mind.

20 James T. Dutton, recruit, 123rd., Illinois, infantry, company A., Enlisted March 16,, 1864, Mustered in April 19, 1864, Home Charleston, died, accidentally shot himself at Colombia Tenn., August 9, 1864.

21.Henry Snell, recruit, 11th., Indiana, cavalry, Co. A., Home Peoria, Enlisted March 31, 1864, Mustered in April 23, 1864. Shot himself died, at Memphis, September 10, 1865.

22. Henry H. Sherman, Sixth Corporal, Third Iowa, Infantry, Co. B. Age, 24, Enlisted May 31, 1861, Mustered in June 10, 1861, Home Knoxville, Nativity of Ohio, Killed, shot by accident July 24, 1861, Chillicothe, Mo.

23. William Schnemilch, Recruit, 58th. Illinois infantry, Co. G., Shot himself, died July 20, 1863.

24. Thomas Clifton, private, 13th., Illinois cavalry, company D., Enlisted January 29, 1862, mustered in February 20, 1862, home Cook county, accidentally shot, and killed himself.

25. Bernhardt Zink, Private, 16th., Illinois cavalry, company D., Enlisted March 10, 1863, Mustered in March 27, 1863, Home Chicago. Shot himself and died at Cumberland Gap, Kentucky December 13, 1863.

26. John C. H. Wiley, recruit, 16th, Illinois cavalry, company K., Enlisted August 20, 1863, Mustered in August 31, 1863. Returned prisoner. Accidentally shot himself, died June 4, 1863.

27. Alexander Anderson, private, First Illinois Light Artillery, company A., Enlisted July 16, 1861, Mustered in July 16, 1861. Shot him self in a fit of insanity at Memphis, June 27, 1862.

28. Abraham Brown, private 54th., Massachusetts infantry, company E., Home Toronto, Canada West, Age 20, Sailor, Enlisted April 4, 1863, Mustered in April 23, 1863. Killed July 12, 1863, accidentally shot himself at James Island, S. C.

29. Edward E. Moore, Private, First Massachusetts Heavy Artillery, company D., Age 18, Clerk, Enlisted and Mustered in December 11, 863, died of wounds August 20, 1863, Petersburg Va., Shot himself by accident, July 17, 1864.

30.Benjamin Estes, Private, First Regiment New Jersey, Handcock’s Corps., company G., Enlisted and Mustered in February 13, 1865, accidentally shot him self at Camp Handcock, Virginia, March 14, 1865.

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