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News from San Francisco, July 2, 1860-June 30, 1861.

Here are some News Paper stories from San Francisco, most of them are about deaths. This page is to help you learn how, where and when your ancestor died and one of the best places to find this information is in a News stories.

July 2, 1860.
J. A. Post, a well known citizen and a pioneer merchant of this city, committed suicide at the City and County Hospital, by cutting his throat in a fit of insanity.

July 2, 1860,
The trial of David S. Terry, for killing David O. ( C? ), Broderick, in a duel commenced at San Rafael, Marin County.

July 4, 1860.
Independence Day celebrated was marred by the accidental death of a lad of sixteen years, Willie Gauley, who was killed by a discharge of a pistol by James Seymour.

July 7, 1860.
Desperate encounter between police officer Rand and one Jacob Kenner, known as Steamboat Jack, whom the officer was attempting to arrest. Rand was severelly wounded and Kenner shot and mortally hurt.

July 7, 1860.
George Wyekoff, formerly a merchant of the city committed suicide by shooting himself with a pistol.

August 4, 1860
In the Fourth District Court, sentence of death pronounced upon James Whitford, for the murder of Edward Sheridan. Execution fixed for September 21st.

September 9, 1860.
Destruction by fire at the Potrero, of the residence of Bryan Donnelly. Mrs. Donnelly and one child were burned to death, and Mr. Donnelly and other child sadly burnt, the latter so severely as to cause it death on the 21st.

September 21, 1860.
James Whitford, hanged at the County Jail, for the murder of Edward Sheridan.

September 22, 1860.
John Renter, an aged German drowned in the dock at the foot of Market street.

October 3, 1860.
William H. Brown tried for the murder of Samuel H. Johnson, a colored man employed by him; Jury unable to agree.

October 23, 1860.
Horrible murder near Lone Mountain Cemetery of the wife of Theophilus Johnston, Margaret Anne, his daughter 12 years old and William Cook a hired man. All killed with the same instrument an ax, and apparently without motive. No clue to the perpetrators.

October 30, 1860.
Son of Antonio Lead killed on a temporary railroad track at the corner of Bush and Taylor streets.

October 31, 1860.
Michael Hargain Killed his wife, in a saloon at the corner of Drumm and Pacific streets in a fit of jealousy.

November 27, 1860.
John Campbell Johnson, a native of Glasgow, found drowned.

December 1, 1860.
Shocking murder of Caroline A. Park, mulatto girl, by John Clarkson a Negro.

December 11, 1860.
James Grannan killed on Pine street between Stockton and Powell, by the caving in of a bank of sand.

December 15, 1860.
Martin Votz, a Greman, shot dead by a countryman MalachI Kramer, at a brewery on Stockton street. Kramer was afterward to be insane.


January 1, 1861.
John Schwandau, a German, killed by being run over by a railroad car, which cut off both legs. Accident took place on Mission road near the junction.

January 1, 1861.
Samuel T. Nowell, a printer, mortally stabbed by Horaco Smith, in Sacramento Street, opposite With Cheer House.

January 9, 1861.
Rufus Higgins, clerk of the Antelope drowned at Rio Vista.

January 9, 1861.
Charles Lindcmann, committed suicide by means of a pistol.

January 10, 1861.
W. T. Stocktieth, merchant and consul for Hamburg, committed suicide by shooting.

January 12, 1861.
H. H. O’Callahan an infirm old man, nearly blind, run over on Montgomery street, by a grocer’s wagon and instantly killed.

January 13, 1861.
A. G. Hirsch, a merchant of this city, found murdered near San Antonio, E. W. Bonney charged with the crime, arrested on the 21st.

March 1. 1861.
Albert Lee colored man, executed for the murder of his wife.

March 1, 1861.
George H. Jenkins committed suicide by shooting himself through the head.

March 16, 1861.
Michael Hargain sentenced to death for the murder of his wife.

March 24, 1861.
Conrad Knus, A German, committed suicide by taken poison in a fit of mortification.

March 30, 1861.
William McNulty, a native of Mansfield Ohio, and a well known merchant of Sacramento, committed suicide at the Tehaman House by shooting himself with a pistol.

April 7, 1861.

Jas. Floak, a native of New York, was drowned off Meigg’s Wharf.

April 9, 1861.
Theodore Payne, a wealthy and popular citizen died at the Oriental Hotel, from illness contracted in crossing the Isthmus of Panarna.

April 12, Charles Rankin a carpenter died from injuries caused by falling from a roof in Hayes Valley.

April 21, 1861.
Thomas C. Burke, confirmed inebriate committed suicide in a small shop on Leidesdoff Street, by cutting and stabbing himself with a razor and knife.

April 24, 1861.
Mr. Thomas Cahill, seriously wounded, in fairing a salute in honor of the return of Senator Latham.

May 23, 1861.
James Robinson, a resident of this city, found murdered at his ranch in San Mateo.

May 24, 1861.
Two children a Boy and Girl accidentally shot by their father, Christian Aderbolt, a German residing on pacific street, near Davis, in the attempt to eject an intruder from his apartment. The little girl’s arm amputated.

May 25, 1861.
Charles W. Piercy or Pierey, killed in a duel, fought in Marin county, with Mr. Showalter, upon a difficulty which arose in the late Assembly of which body both were members.

June 10, 1861.
Henry Kull a will known musician died after a short illness.

June 13, 1861.
Two children, John Coffee and John Patrick, fell through trap door in houses on the Wharves and were drowned.

June 26, 1861.
Mrs. Margaret Bergeman committed suicide.

June 30, 1861.
Lawrence Strobin killed on the Mission Railroad, by being run over by a train while walking on the track. No blame attached to the officers of the road.

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