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Elias Cotton Jr. OF The Frigate Deane.

Mr. Eddie E. Scott, sent me some information on his fifth Grandfather.  It was to be a update for my page called ( The two ships called Deane.), but I decided he should have a page of his own.  Mr Scott would be interested in any information you my have on this family lines.  He has also given some information on a  Great Great Grandfather from Kansas as well.  If you have any question or information for any of these names he can be reached at the following.;

Elias Cotton, Jr. served in the Colonial Navy on the Frigate Deane. He applied for and received a pension for that service. Elias Cotton served in the Revolutionary War in the navy on board the Frigate Deane under Captain Samuel Nicholson. On 1 April 1818 Elias Cotton, a U.S. citizen, and resident of Boston, testified that in the War of the Revolution in April 1779 he entered the naval services of the United States from sometime in the fall of 1780 he served as a seman and topman on the frigate Deane commanded by Captain Nicolson, and left the services in fall of 1780. By reason of his reduced circumstances and poverty he was in need of assistance, being now age 62 years. (This would make his birth year about 1856.) Elias signed his name before William Westmore.

Joseph Moncreeff testified that he was a boy on board the frigate Deane and that he well knew that Elias Cotton had served for "more than nine months uninterruptedly." Dr. Peter Saint Medard of Boston also testified that he had been a surgeon's mate on the Deane and that Elias parties and credible witnesses.18 Elias Cotton again applied for assistance on 8 July 1820 stating that he was 71 (two years after he was 62), a rope maker living in Boston. He stated that he "enlisted in the month of June 1781 as nearly as he can recollect in the United States frigate Dean Commanded by Captain Nicholson and served on board said frigate until the Spring of 1783 in ...when he was honourably discharged but not in writing. The above dates are as near as he can recollect. He made his original application on the first of April 1818 and the number of his pension certificate is 11,003. This statement was sworn before John Davis, Judge of the Massachusetts District Court. Elias Cotton was granted a pension based on the Pension Act of 18 March 1818. He received $8 a month commencing on 1 April 1818; the pension was issued 24 May 1819 and was to be retroactive to 1 April 1818. He was paid $137.03 in arrears.

Boston Directory.

Elias Cotton, Jr., was a ropermaker in Boston in the 1700s and 1800s and is listed in the Boston Directory as a ropermaker on Lynde street and on Belknap street ( Now Joy street ).  Elias Cotton, Jr., served in the Colonial navy on the Frigate Deane.  He applied for and received a pension for that service.  Elias Cotton Jr., and his wife Elizabeth Cotton are buried in the Central Buring Ground, Boston Comm.

Elias Cotton Jr., June 30, 1846, age 97, years, tomb 133.
Elizabeth Cotton, March 1, 1841, tomb 9.


Benjamin Scott.

My Great Great Grandfather Benjamin Scott owned farms/ranches around Falls City, NE, Rulo, NE, and Brown Kansas in the 1880s. His son, my Great Grandfather Albert Scott was an Indian Agent for the Sax and Fox Indians at their reservation that apparently was near Falls City, NE but is now in Kansas.

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