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Battle Between The Constitution & Guerriere 1812.

I well not give the account of the battle but I will list those who fought in the battle, and were either killed, wounded or came up missing.  One of the hardest thing as a surname rearcher is to find the names of those who fought for the other side.  We Americans of 1776 and 1812, always went into great detail of a battle, But rarely gave the names of the enemy who fall in battle even if they know who they were.  Of couse it was the  same for the British.  It's true a lot of names can be found on pay rolls rosters and so on, but to fine names of those that fall in battel is a lot harder.  I guess are forefathers thought it was more inportant to record these battles in great detail for future generations.  It's true these stories and reports are inportant to us for we can learn why these battles happen and what went on in these balltes.  But for generations after who are trying to find their roots.  The names are more inportant then the accounts of battle.

Captain Isaac Hull.


1. William S. Bush---First Lieutenant.
2. Jacob Sago---Seaman.
3. Robert Brice---Seaman.
4. John Brown---Seaman
5. James Read---Seaman.
6. Caleb Smith---Seaman.
7. James Ashford---Seaman.


1. Charles Morris---First Lieutenant, Dangerously.
2. John C. Alwin---Master, Slightly.
3. Richard Dunn---Seaman, Dangerously.
4. George Reynolds---Ordinary seanan, Dangerously.
5. Daniel Lewis---Ordinary seanan, Dangerously.
6. Owen Taylor---Ordinary seanan, Dangerously.
7. Francis Mullen---Marine, Slightly.

His Majesty's Ship Guerriere.
Captain James R. Dacres.


1. James R. Dacres---Captain.
2. Bartholomew Kent---Lieutenant.
3. Robert Scoot---Master.
4. Samuel Grant---Master's mate.
5. James Enslie---Midshipman.
6. John Little---Seaman.
7. James Miller---Ordinary Seaman.
8. Henry Verderie---Ordinary Seaman.
9. Hugh M'Kinley---Ordinary Seaman.
10. James Morris---Seaman.
11. T. Harrington---Armourer.
12. William Mee---Armourer's mate.
13. Peter Stempstead---Ordinary Seaman.
14. Peter Peterson---Ordinary Seaman.
15. Ralph Williams---Ordinary Seaman.
16. Henry Holt---Ordinary Seaman.
17. William Somers---Ordinary Seaman.
18. William Willington---Ordinary Seaman.
19. Patrick Murphy---Quarter Gunner.
20. J. Cromwell---Quarter Master.
21. Mat. Reardon---Ordinary Seaman.
22. John Campbell---Ordinary Seaman.
23. John Southgate---Ordinary Seaman.
24. Henry Dent---Ordinary Seamen.
25. Stephen Kelly---Boy.
26. John O'Hare---Ordinary Seaman.
27. Philip Dwyer---Ordinary Seaman.
28. D. Smith 3rd.---Seaman.
29. K. M'Donald---Seaman.
30. Alexander Ferguson---Ordinary Seaman.
31. George Meathers---Seaman.
32. James Crooker---Seaman.
33. David Lewis---Ordinary Seaman.
34. John Hibbs---Ordinary Seaman.
35. Joseph Lushwood---Ordinary Seaman.
36. Robert Taylor---Ordinary Seaman.
37. George Read---Seaman.
38. William Jones---Ordinary Seaman.
39. D. M'Meechen---Carpenter's Mate.
40. William Copper---Seaman.
41. Lawrence Norman---Seaman.
42. Emmerson---Sail-Maker.
43. J. Jameson---Seaman.
44. William Hall---Seaman.
45. John Bruntlot---Seaman.
46. J. Sholer---Boatswain's Mate.
47. R. Baily 1st., ---Boatswain's Mate.
48. J. Copeland---Seaman.
49. Samuel Miller---Seaman.
50. Roger Spry---Marine.
51. John Fake---Marine.
52. Melchis Archer---Marine.
53. John Goss---Marine.
54. Edward Daking---Marine.
55. William Cooper---Marine.
56. Samuel Long---Marine.
57. Thomas Chambers---Marine.
58. Joseph Fountain---Marine.
59. William Ryan---Marine.
60. Thomas Couther---Marine.
61. John Robinson---Marine.
62. William Jones---Marine.


1. H. Ready---Second Lieutenant.
2. J. Smith---Second Gunners Mate.
3. G. Griffiths---Quarter Gunner.
4. J. Tuck---Ordinary Seaman.
5. William Baker---Ordinary Seaman.
6. Alexander Cowie---Seaman.
7. Richard Chusman---Landsman.
8. William White---Seaman.
9. Henry Brown---Seaman.
10. J. A. Fox---Sergeant of Marines.
11. J. Wodcock---Marine.
12. T. Pratt---Marine.


1. James Johnson.
2. Moses Virgin.
3. Benjamin Hinworth.
4. James Greenwood.
5. William Cole.
6. James Johnson 2rd.
7. Corporal Webb---Marine.
8. John Griswell.
9. J. M'Gill.
10. James Batterwitch.
11. William Raysdon.
12. William Hammock.
13. Robert Mittwott.
14. A. Joaquin.
15. John Jacob.
16. James Pullman---Lieutenant.
17. Mr. Garton.
18. John Newman.
19. Robert Winn.
20. James Guy.
21. Robert Scott.
22. Robert---Lieutenant.
23. John Flavitt.
24. John Hosey.

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