Friday, January 20, 2012

A South Carolin Women.

Mrs Neal Horn, left her home and went with her husband and son to Virginia and shared their tent life with them.  She served through the war, not with guns, pstols, and swords, but even by their side to supply as far as she could, home comforts in cooking, and keeping their cloths clean and mended.  When the god of battle held high carnival, and the wounded and dying were all around her, her womanly ministrant were not confined  to her own loved ones, but many a mother's boy was comforted, and his dying hours made easier by her presence.

Author notes.  I was unable to learn her name.  I believe their son was ( William P. Horn ), although I have no proff.  There was a Neal Horn and a William P. Horn both men served in the Manigault's Battalion South Carolina Artillery and the Gregg's Company, S. C. ( McQueens Light Artillery.)  If you have answer to all this let me know.

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