Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Julian Wisner Hinkley

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Julian Wisner Hinkley, was born at Vernon, Connecticut, on March 1 2, 1 838, of a long line of New England ancestry; he was sixth in order of descent from Governor Thomas Hinkley of Plymouth Colony. Coming to Wisconsin in his eleventh year, Julian grew to young manhood on his father's farm at Waupun and in Portage County.  In 1 858, he left the farm and started life for himself  teaching school in winter, and working as a carpenter each summer.

On April 19, 1861 , Mr. Hinkley enlisted in the Waupun Light Guard for three months. But the services of the organization were not accepted for that short term by the State military authorities, so on May 8 they were proffered and accepted for the war, and the organization became Company E of the Third Wisconsin Infantry. Hinkley was at the organization appointed First-Sergeant ; but on February 6, 1 862, he was commissioned Second-Lieutenant of his company, became First-Lieutenant on November 1 following, and on May 4, 1863, took command of the Company as Captain.  He continued to serve the Third Wisconsin until its final discharge and payment in Madison on August 26, 1865, but during the last few months of this period was the acting Major of the Regiment.  Since the war, Major Hinkley has been largely engaged in erecting public buildings, and has a wide acquaintance throughout Northeast Wisconsin.
Side note.  His father was Lucius Hinkley, Mother was Laura Waterman.  His wife was Victoria Carrington, married May 8, 1866, Rockville, Tolland, Connecticut.

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