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Revolutionary Court-Martial's

Soldies some times make bad decisions and these decisions could cost him his army carreer or be kicked out of service with shams.  His bad decision could even cost him his life.  Many of the decisions they maded carried a sentence of death, but the court was not without mercy and many sentences were overturn and they were given other sentences.  Most all the men on this list was found guilty and ordered to be put to death, some of the sentences were carried out, will others were shown mercy.

June, 1777, Captain Jesse Roe was tried for insulting and ill-treating Mr. Coleclough, conductor of wagons, on the march from Morristown.  He was acquitted and released from arrest with honor.

August 19, 1777, Edward Wilcox, Quartermaster to Captain Dorsey's troop, charged with desertion and taking a horse belonging to Colonel Moylan's Regiment.  He was found guilty and sentence, to be led around the regiment he belong to on horseback, with his face towards the horse's tail, and his coat turned wrongside outwards, and that he be discharged from the army.  The sentence was approved and executed immediately.

June. 1777, The following men were found guilty for mutiny and desertion which carries a sentenc of death.  They were given pardons with mmercy.  They were of Colonel Moylan's Regiment of Light Dragoons.  Their sentenc was to quit the horse, and enter the foot service.

George Kilpatrick, Charles Martin, Sergeants, Lawrence Burne and Enoch Wells, Corporals, Daniel McCarty, Patrick Leland, Philip Franklin, Jacob Baker, Thomas Orles, Adam Rex, Frederick Gaines, Daniel Kainking, Christain Longspit, Henry Winer and Nicholas Walner, privates in Moylan's Regiment.

June, 1777, Thomas Farshiers and George House, of Colonel Moylan's Regiment, found guilty of mutiny and desertion, their sentence, to receive twenty-five lashes on their naked backs and to be dismissed from horse-service, their whippings was remited and they were disposed of in the foot service.

May 13, 1778, John Reymonds, artificer, in Major Pollard's Corps, was found guilty for striking Lieutenant Lemmet. Sentence to 100 lashes it was executed on the grand-parde at Guard-mounting.

May 13, 1778, Samuel Raymond, was found guilty for presenting a loaded musket at Lieutenant Lemmet, sentence was to be a whipping but of the mercy of the court, they sentence him to be reprimand by the commanding officer of his company.

May 13, 1778, John Coffin, found guilty for abusing Captain Gowerly who was attmpting to stop a riot on the other side of the Schuylkill, he was acquited.

May 27, 1778, Captain Edwar Hull, of the 15th., Virginia Regiment, found guilty for gaming and not being on parde. Sentence to be reprimanded by the commanding officer of the brigade in presence of all officers of that brigade.

May, 1778, Lieutenant Thomas Lewis, on and about the same charge, same sentence as that of Captain Edward Hull.

May, 1778, William Whiteman, found guilty of desertion, sentence to sixty lashes, sentence was executed the next morning on Garade parade, at Guard-mounting.

May, 1778, John Clime, of the 10th., Pennsylvania Regiment, tried for desertion and attempting to escape to the enemy,and for steling a horse, found guilty of both charges, and sentence to received 200 lashes, 100 for each crime. The sentence was carried out that evening at roll call, at the head of the regiment he belong.

May, 1778, John Wood, of the 8th., Pennsylvania Regiment, was tried for desertion and to escape to the enemy, found not guilty.

May 28, 1778, James Walker, of Colonel Gists Regiment, tried first for deserting a wagon which was in his charge and second for telling false hoods, sentence to cashiered which took place immediately.

May, 1778, John Lewis, of Colonel Angel's Regiment, tried for threatening to kill several officers of that regiment, found guilty and sentence to 60lashes, was executed that evening at roll call at the head of his regiment.

May, 1778, John Nevil, Sergeant of Colonel Lamb's Regiment, tried for losing a bullock by neglect, when was sergeant of the commissary's guard. He was acquitted.

May, 1778, Jonathan Gill, of Captain Brown's company, was tried for Drunknness, pleaded guilty, sentence to 60 lashes.

May, 1778, James Whaling, Drummer, in Colonel Proctor's Regiment, tried for desertion and attempting to get into Philadelphia, pleaded guity. This plead carried a sentence of death, but be cause of his youtn and not being paid but with the clothes on his back he was given mercy and sentence to 30 lashes.

May, 1778, Michael Nash, of Captain Kingsbury's company, tried for drunknness on duty and absenying himself from his guard, pleaded guilty, and sentence to 50, lashes.

May, 1778, John Gibbons, of Colonel Proctor's Regiment, tried for absenting himslf from camp without leave, was sentence to 50, lashes.

May, 1778, Thomas Shanks, found guilty of being a spy in the service of the enemy. Sentence to be hanged in the next morning at some convenient place near the Grand Parade.

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