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William F. M. Hyder, 13th., Tennessee Cavalry

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Lieutenant Hyder belonged to an old and highly respected Carter county family. He was born in that county January 20th, 1824, and died at the place of his birth March 22, 1892.

He was an original and uncompromising Union man, a Lieutenant in the Carter county rebellion and a bridge burner.

Lieut. Hyder went out with the Thirteenth Tennessee Cavalry and was sent back from Strawberry Plains to recruit men for the Regiment. He sent in a number of men and was elected Lieutenant in Company H. He had recruited about 50 men in Carter county and had them concealed in the gorge of Gap Creek mountain, awaiting the opportunity to start through the lines with them when they were betrayed and were attacked by the rebels, one of them killed, twenty-two captured and the remainder scattered. He commenced recruiting again, but Longstreet's army being in East Tennessee and the country full of rebel soldiers he found it impossible to get back to the Regiment and w as compelled to hide m the mountains all

He went through the lines in March, 1864, with 20 recruits and rejoined the Regiment at Nashville, Tenn.  He found that in his absence another man had been mustered in his place. He was then appointed Brigade Ambulance-master. Later he was commissioned Second Lieutenant to date back to October 31, 1863, and assigned to duty with Company K. He did duty with that company on the march from Gallatin and in the campaigns in East Tennessee and the Stoneman raid into Southwest Virginia in December, 1864. He was in the fights at Greeneville, Carter's Depot, Morristown, saltville and Marion and all the marches and skirmishes up to March 20th, 1865, at which time he tendered his resignation, on account of an injury received while in the service. His resignation was not accepted and he was mustered out with the Regiment.

Dr. Nat. E. Hyder now (1902) Chairman of the County Court of Carter county, though a mere boy at the time, was with his father, Lieut. Hyder. in the army for more than a year. He was with the Regiment at Nashville and Gallatin and in the campaign in East Tennessee.but was too young to be mustered into service. He resides at the old Hyder homestead on Gap Creek, 5 miles south of Elizabethton, Tcnn.

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