Monday, April 22, 2013

John Gray, 40th., Ohio, Infantry.

It's not only important to find out if ones ancestor was in the Civil War, but how he may have lived or died in the service in this case there is not a lot of personal information on John Gray but you will find out how he died.

John Gray, Private, Co. C., 40th., Ohio infantry, Enlisted September 10, 1862.  Killed at Lovejoy Ga., September 4, 1864.

The following was taken from the 40th., Regimental History.

Battle of Lovejoy.

The order to charge was countermanded. Both divisions intrenched. On the 8d, 4th, and 5th, our regiment occupied a more exposed position than at any time in the campaign. In our immediate front there was a dense undergrowth which hid the enemy from view, but which did not prevent their bullets passing over and through our camp. The picket firing was incessant, and any exposure above the breastwork was hazardous, John Gray, of Company **C," was killed at this point by a bullett from the enemy's line, while standing on a slight elevation just in rear of our works.

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