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Myron P. Walker.

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Myron P. Walker.

Birth: 1847.
Death March 25, 1911.

Burial: Mount Hope Cemetery, Belchertown, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.

Walker, Myron P., (Mus.) b. Belchertown; 14, S.;------Belchertown ; June 4, '61; drummer boy for Co. D. 10th Reg't. M. V. M. When the war began, he was anxious to go with his fellows, but they being slow in enlisting, he accompanied a number of the Belchertown men to Springfield and enlisted, with parental consent in Co. C, where, the youngest member of the Regiment, he did his duty in a manly manner; when his enlistment was about half out, he conceived the idea of a trip home so, with his application for a furlough of twenty days in hand, he first obtained the consent of his regimental commander, thence to brigade and division commanders, and finally, to General E. D. Keyes, Commander of the Corps, all of whom consented, thus accomplishing in two hours what, through ordinary channels, would have taken as many days, possibly as many weeks; M. O. July 1, '64; went to California, '68; for ten years in the insurance business, returning to Mass. in 1878; in that decade he was actively connected with the National Guard of California, holding the Com. of Captain, June 6, '73; Major, June 10, '74; in Mass. he was Colonel and A. A. Gen'l. on the staff of Gov. George D. Robinson, '86; member of the State Senate '85 and '86; in '88 was Commander, Department of Mass., G. A. R.; in 1908, manufacturer, Belchertown, with office in Springfield

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