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Soldiers, Soldiers, Soldiers.

The following information was put together from the following:
Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion, Volume 2., pt. 2. 
I didn't put in their medical history as some are very long, and some can be very gross. 

John Sweeney, private, 7th., New York, Cavalry, age 21, was shot in a quarrel at a brothel in Washington, about midnight, January 4, 1862.  He was standing with his side toward the man firing at about ten feet.  The pistol was a Colt's revolver second size, the ball entered about an inch below the last rib.

Eugene W. Field, Orderly Sergeant, 2nd.,Maryland rebel cavalry, was shot by a 73 year old patriot, July 13, 1864.  he was attempting to haul down the national colors from a flagstaff in Hartford county, Maryland, died July 15, 1864.

W. Tilan, private, Co. H., 1st Virginia Artillery, age 19, was stabbed while in camp at New Creek, Virginia, November 13, 1864, died November 14, 1864.

Daniel C. Moyer, private, Co. H., 5th., Pennsylvania, age 21, was wounded at Gaines's Mill, June 27, 1862.  He was taken prisoner and held until July 20, 1862, was paroled and put on the steamer Louisiana, and taken to Baltimore.  He was admitted to Camden Street Hospital.  Moyer had been wounded while lying down.  He was finely taken to Camp Parole, Annapolis, September 19, 1862, and cured.  He was discharged April 20, 1863, last pension paid December 4, 1872.

William Sneider, private, Co. I., 5th., Cavalry, Missouri State, Militia, admitted to the hospital, Rolla, Missouri, September 17, 1863, with a wound of the abdomen by a minie ball, received accidentally, died 8 hours later.

Edward Moorer, a colored teamster, was shot in the abdomen in a brawl at a grogshop in Georgetown, October 12, 1862.  Died 48 hours later.

John Glandell, private, Co. K., Mosby's troop, age 39, was wounded in a cavalry fight at Warrenton Junction, May 2, 1863, died May 5, 1863.

Stephen Moel, private, Co. K., 10th., Tennessee Cavalry, was admitted to the general hospital at Natchez, Mississippi, a half hour after midnight, April 8, 1865, from a wound by a pocket knife he received at 7 o'clock the previous morning.  Died April 8, 1865, 38 hours after receiving the wound.

M. Moran, Corporal, Co. H., 111th., Pennsylvania, age 22, was stabbed July 26, 1865, in an affray in camp near Washington, died thirteen day from receiving the wound.

Morris D. Tucker, Corporal,  Co. I., 15th., Massachusetts, age 26, was wounded at Spottsylvania, May 12, 1864, being struck in rapid succession by several musket balls.  He was taken May 26, 1864, to Lincoln Hospital in Washington. Still on the pension rolls.

George Armstrong, private, Co. I., 29th., infantry, was shot by a large sized revolver ball, August 23, 1868, whilst trespassing upon a fruit garden at night.

J. T. Hawk, private, Co. E., 15th., New York Cavalry, age 23, wounded at Green Spring Run, November 1, 1864, by conoidal pistol ball in the right arm and abdomen .  Died 10 o'clock that evening.

M. O'Shen, private, Co. M., 2nd., Maryland Cavalry, wounded by a revolver ball at South Bend, December 26, 1864.  Died January 15, 1865.

Nicholas Binn, private, 3rd., Kansas, was wounded at camp Hunter, March 20, 1862, by the accidental discharge of a pistol, died March 29, 1862.

A. Coffin, Corporal, Co. G., 6th., Kansas Cavalry, received a pistol shot wound of the abdomen at Fort Scott, Kansas, September 17, 1863, was admitted to the hospital at Fort Scott, died fifteen hours later.

T. Mullen, private, Co. B., 1st., Iowa Cavalry, was wounded at Rolla, May 27, 1863, while attempting to pass the guard, wound by a pistol ball to the chest and abdomen, died twenty-four hours later.

John Green, private, CO. H., 148th., Pennsylvania, wounded at Gettysburg, JUly 2, 1863, was taken to Seminary Hospital, later to McKim's Mansion Hospital at Baltimore, died August 15, 1863.

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